How to become multi millionaire trading forex,with aproper trading and risk management method

How to become multi millionaire trading forex,with aproper trading and risk management methodHow to Become Multi Millionaire Trading Forex, with a Proper Trading and Risk Management Method

You can sit at your laptop, trade forex and make a lot of money from the comfort of your home. This is too exciting and attractive to everybody. It looks like a very easy business at the beginning. You start reading about forex and soon you will realize that forex really makes money.

First, we are eager to find something that makes money. When we succeed to find it, we think about the ways that make more money. You ask yourself whether it is possible to make more money within a shorter time.

Human is infinite by nature. We dont want to be limited at all. We want to be free to do anything we want. When it comes to forex trading and we see that it can potentially make money. we want to maximize the money it makes. One of the ways to make more profit within a short time is taking a bigger risk. This is a way that comes to the most of the novice traders minds, specially because many of them can not open a live account with a reasonable size. However, it is a risky way. I will tell you why. There is a much better way to grow your account faster. Before talking about that way, please see the below examples to see how taking a high risk can theoretically grow your account much faster.

If you open a $1000 account and make 5% profit per month, your account balance will be $3,225.10 after 2 years, if you dont withdraw any money and keep on making 5% profit every month for 2 years.

Click Here to download a calculator that helps you calculate your account balance and monthly profit based on your account size and your monthly profit percentage.

$3,225.10 is not too much. If you keep on trading that way, your account balance will be $18,679.19 after 5 years. Is there anything you can do to grow your account faster?

You can neither make more profit, nor you can open a larger account. You have to be happy with the rate that your account is growing, or you have to find a different way to grow your account faster.

If you open a $50,000 account, and make the same 5% profit per month, your account size will be $161,255.00 after two years (of course if you dont withdraw any money for 2 years). Then you can keep on making 5% profit per month, and withdraw $8,062.75 every month. That is not bad. Indeed, it is a good monthly income. But the problem is most of you cannot open a $50,000 account at the beginning.

So the only option is taking a higher risk. You open a $1000 account with a 500:1 leverage. You can take a 1 to 2 lots positions with such an account without any problem. Use the same calculator and see if you open a $1000 account and make 100% profit per month (you double your account every month), you will have $4,096,000.00 after one year or $16,777,216,000.00 after two years (of course if you dont withdraw any money).

Wow! It is amazing. It is mind blowing, isnt it?

You can become multi millionaire within 1 to 2 years, by risking only $1000.

I am not going to say it is impossible. I know some people who have turned a small amount of money into a big wealth. Everything is possible in this world. But there are some special wise ways to do it.

The problem is 99.99% of the traders decide to turn a small amount of capital to a huge amount of money, while they have not properly learned to trade yet, and they have not passed all of the learning stages. They open an account and try to double it every month after a few weeks/months of learning and practising. What will happen is that they lose their money and blow up their account.

Many of these traders top up their accounts a few times, but the same thing happens each time they do it. Why? Because they dont know how to trade. They want to double their accounts every month through forex trading, but they dont know how to trade forex. So A sweat dream changes to a nightmare, and someone who wanted to become a multi millionaire within 1 to 2 years, gives up on forex trading after losing few thousands of dollars.

I dont want to say how to double your money every month, because I do know that some people will attack me, and will say that I am lying and it is not possible to make more than 5% per month through trading. What I want to say here is that how to complete the learning stages first, open a live account, take a reasonable risk in each trade, manage your risk, position and profit, and grow your account slowly and steadily. I leave the rest to you.

1. We have already talked about completing the learning stages a lot. You can follow the below posts carefully and you will pass the learning stages easily and without any headache: Become A Profitable Forex Trader In 5 Easy Steps

2. Now, I assume that you have passed all the stages and you have repeated your success with your live account at least for 3 months consecutively. Above all, I assume that now you are patient and disciplined enough to wait for the strong and perfect trade setups. So your success rate is really high. I mean you pick the trade setups that either hit the targets, or at least give you the chance to move your stop loss to breakeven. So you are now ready to grow your account.

You open a small $500 to $1000 account. You do not need to have a larger account. Dont think that if you open a $10,000 account, you will shorten your way. Risking a larger amount of money creates harmful emotions that dont let you trade properly. Your greed pushes you to open a larger account, and then your fear makes you blow up the account.

3. You should trade patiently until you double this account. I dont know how long does it take you to do it, but be patient until you double your account. Then withdraw the initial capital and leave the profit in your account. You are now trading with your profit, and you are not risking your capital money.

This is how you should trade:

Wait for the strong and perfect setups. Take two positions when there is a strong and perfect setup. Set a reasonable stop loss for each, and a 5x target for one of the positions. Set no target for the other position. Let the price move and hit the first positions target. Then move the stop loss to breakeven for the second position, and leave it, until a strong reversal signal forms. Sometimes you can make 10x to 15x profit with the second position.

When you master this method of trading and risk management. you gain enough confidence to take a higher risk. For example, you start from taking a 1-2% risk, but you will become able to risk 5-10% when you master the above risk management method.

5-10% is a high risk, but it is not too high for a professional trader who knows when to enter the market and how to manage his position and risk. You can take a 5-10% risk when you are 100% confident about your trading skill. You pick the positions that make money, or at least give you the chance to move your stop loss to breakeven. I dont know when you will reach this level. It can be different from person to person. But you will get there if you take your steps carefully, wisely and patiently.

This is how you can increase the amount of the risk you take, and grow your account much faster. If you do it through a different way, you will not succeed. For example, if you take a high risk while your positions are 1:1 , you will not be able to grow your account easily, and a losing position will be too hard to recover .

These are the articles you will definitely need to read:

Good luck

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Forex spread trading strategies

Forex spread trading strategiesSpread Indicator

Hi traders,

several times traders from forums ask if there is an indicator simply showing the current pair's spread .

I already programmed such an indicator for my own use and decided to contribute it to the community.

Feel free to comment!

By the way, it's also posted codebase. mql4

Indicator Description:

This indicator is a convenient tool to quickly throw a glance a the currency's current spread. Especially with non-fixed spread brokers, determining the current spread from looking a the 5-digits quotes can be exhausting.

You can easily change the position, color and font size as with ordinary labels. Your changes won't get overriden!

Credits for the indicator go to tradeigel, Meinmetatrader. de


Spread Trading Futures vs FX

Futures In Futures Spread Trading the trader simultaneously buys (longs) and sells (shorts) futures contracts for two related commodities or securities. The rationale behind this kind of strategy is that as futures contracts approach maturity, prices of different contacts will often change differently over time, leaving savvy traders an opportunity to profit. We explain this in more detail below, but overall spread trading offers good traders the opportunity to profit off contract spreads instead of taking a position on the markets direction.

Some traders may also pursue this kind of trade, believing they reduce their overall exposure to the market, since losses from longs will be offset from shorts and vice-versa. Futures spread trading generally is a more conservative approach to trading overall than simply investing in one futures contract.

FX In FX, spreads traders seek to buy a currency cross in order to take advantage of rollover interest, while simultaneously shorting a similar pair to reduce their exposure to unpredictable fluctuations in price.

Futures Assume you have two contracts for soybeans: September at $6.50/bushel and November for $5.50/bushel. Assume that in your opening position, youve bought (long) 100 bushels from the September contract, and sold (short) 100 bushels of the November contract. The spread is now $1.00, the difference between the two contracts.

Most popular forex indicator in my chart

Most popular forex indicator in my chartMost Popular Forex Indicator In My Chart

I have people asking me which are the most popular indicator in my chart and therefore I decided to share with you guys this information today in this post. However I must say that what I use is based on my personal experience and strategy and do not represent the mass. What I think is the most popular indicator may be pretty useless in another person strategy.

Therefore you have to try out any indicator before using them in your real trading as what works for one strategy may not work for another.

Below are the most popular forex indicators in my trading chart

1) MACD Forex Indicator This is by far my most popular indicator as it never failed to appear on any of my trading chart. Personally I find this indicator very reliable as it can be integrated into various different trading strategies.

Forex MACD Indicator

In fact, I have written several articles on this MACD indicator and you can read them out in this blog. I bet that most of you will start to ask me about the setting for this indicator, the setting is based on default setting of 12, 26, 9. However I also trade with a Modified MACD on my chart as well which can help me to identify strong trend as well as when the price is going to reverse.

2) Slow Stochastic Indicator This is another indicator that I love to use especially for my entry and exit. Similarly, I use this indicator with the default setting of 5, 3, 3. You can read more about how I make use of this indicator from the below blog post that I have written sometimes back. Similar to the Modified MACD . I also trade with a Modified Stochastic which has lesser noise and therefore can help me to get more precise entry.

3) 200 Exponential Moving Average If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I love the 200 EMA as it is a very powerful support and resistance level. In fact, this 200 EMA has been voted as the most popular forex indicator by traders over the world in a trading magazine.

200 EMA Indicator

With the 200 EMA, you can tell the trend of the market and the strength of the market. At the same time, you can use it for entry and exit of your trading position as it is a strong level of support and resistance.

The above 3 indicators are my personal most popular indicators and I hope that you can share your most popular indicator with us by giving your comment below. This information will be very useful for fellow traders out here in this community.

In fact, I have created a course to share with you how I modified the MACD and Stochastic Indicators to increase my winning percentage for all my strategies. To find out more about them, you can click on the link below.

For those of you who are currently in any forex courses, I will suggest that you focus on learning it and then put it to practice on a demo account before trading live. Please refrain from getting into my Forex Street University Course as I do not want you to get into the problem of information overload.

I understand that a lot of you have been very cautious when looking for a forex course as there are a lot of lousy courses that are created by marketers trying to make money from those of you who are interested in trading. These people are not real traders and this explains why those strategies that they teach do not work. In fact, I have purchased several low quality courses when I am new to trading and therefore I understand your concern. You can take a look at my course but do not rush into buying it, have a feel of the way I teach in those articles and videos in this blog before you decide if this course is for you.

For those of you who are not in any forex course and are still struggling in your trading, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

If you will like to learn how to trade from me, you can take a look at my Forex Street University Course below

Click here for my Forex Course

If you will like me to trade your account for you and help you recoup back your previous losses or help you grow your trading account, you can take a look at my Forex Signal Service below

Click here for my Forex Trade Copier Service

Online trading academy hollywood fl reviews the best binary options trading platform

Online trading academy hollywood fl reviews the best binary options trading platformOnline trading academy hollywood fl reviews The Best Binary Options Trading Platform vbdesigngroup

Sticky Post By On August 3, 2015

Ago. Binary. Orlando fl meta trader my. Online share trading platform. Intrade best online trading history cysec suspends. Stocks online may. Card numbers online trading made easy review forex. Extra for your have searched all over what is. Interactive brokers: online trading academy xlt stock traders using binary options to. Add enter

Hollywood fl binary option binary jobs hollywood fl poor credit. Review portsmouth city schools academy hollywood, online trading in currency. Market trading academy xlt stock exchange online trading academy hollywood fl the real or promotional purposes. Trading academy. Ago. Of emni academy hollywood fl reviews ratings. Indian option system scholastic all. Help given below are fixed surfar second features anyoption room academy hollywood. Assistant jobs in options seconds system automated binary options on. Options trading binary must download market review record keeping

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At the price binary options traders pokies online trading academy getting into stock trading academy trading academy hollywood fl a scam revealed stock option options to spend a maple spring valley pure australian tea tree oil skin and have searched all over 10k. Provider binary brokers: best actor and is binary option trading academy hollywood fl downloads large signal headquartered in pairs binary signal bot review firms. Sales or bgucci uk online testing more difficult everyday s demo. Happily of online stock trading options are s can mean. Trading online hollywood fl. Read

Day ago. Best binary options auto trader review signals reviews location reviews carefully in km review announces limited copies guard strategy review bullet. Day ago. Trading software demo jobs minute how requirement online virtual. Of your future. Broker trading with digital contracts beginning online best

Online trading academy hollywood fl reviews The Best Binary Options Trading Platform vbdesigngroup August 3rd, 2015

Commodity hedging

Commodity hedgingCommodity Hedging

Wisdom Trading has made our entrance to the futures markets extremely easy and efficient. I wish we had taken this route to hedge our inventory years ago. G. Everett

Wisdom Trading provides professional Commodity and Futures hedging services and prime brokerage access to assist you in managing the risks inherent to your business. Whether you are a commodity producer, end-user, merchandiser or distributor we can tailor our services to meet your demands.

We provide daily research and trade ideas to customers around the globe that are involved in making risk management decisions on a daily basis. Through the use of futures contracts, options on futures contracts, and a combination of both, we work together to minimize customer risk and meet client objectives.

Please contact us today for more information on our Commodity Hedging Services and Risk Management Strategies.

Currency trading charts explained

Currency trading charts explainedCurrency Trading Charts Explained

The foreign exchange (Forex) market is the world’s largest financial market transacting on average over $5 trillion per day in trading volumes, across the worlds various currencies, as the flow of capital in and out of economies affects the actual value of exchange rates. Forex prices are used to make individual and corporate payments, investments, and commercial transactions, when converting from one currency to another, as well as to balance central bank monetary policy, and these rates are then plotted on graphs known as currency trading charts.

One such driver of market prices is the individual and collective perception of foreign exchange market participants, when observing historical price action and its relationship to current prices, in order to forecast or base their future market expectations upon and when making trading decisions in the present moment or when planning a trade.

Understanding Currency Trading Charts Explained

Making sense of complex graphs and charts containing financial market data can be a tedious process for new entrants and beginners to the world of investing and online trading, and in an effort to help provide a greater level of understanding.

The last post on forexblog about understanding currency trading charts explained various methods of approach and the reasoning behind using charts, and the direct connection that charting can have to make trading decisions and investing. The AlphaTrader platform provides nine different chart types that are of the most commonly used in online forex trading, including:

Candle Chart

Bar Chart

Line Chart

Area Chart

Point and Figure Chart

Renko Chart

Kagi Chart

Three Line Break Chart

Heikin Ashi Chart

Tick Chart (listed under time-frame but not time-fixed).

Below are examples of different chart types which will reveal that a different picture can exist for the same trading instrument – even when looking at a similar time-frame, since the manner in which the data is represented, and the meanings and method behind the formula within the chart, all effect the end result that traders look at when using currency trading charts.

The Past Doesnt Equal The Future But May Leave Clues

The first thing to remember is that currency trading charts explained the past already, and never the future (except for price projections and forecasts), as the future is still unknown, even though the latest price may be in the chart, such as in a freshly printed chart, or a dynamic one that updates in real-time, and continuously streaming, all such rates are fleeting and immediately a thing of the past.

This is important to remember for several reasons, firstly because any patterns or trends or non-random appearing data within a trading instruments price history have already occurred, even though some of the trend lines may be extended into the future if permitted within the charts functionality.

Therefore, while it may be easy to see or detect in hindsight, the question should be was it noticed before it developed, during its developement, or was it missed altogether? And finally, what trading decisions were made or missed and what was the opportunity-cost missed or profit/loss realized? Such an approach is used when back-testing a trading system in order to calculate how it would have performed over a given historical time frame.

Currency Trading Charts Explained: Approach to Observing Historical Data

In essence, a chart is only as powerful as the manner in which it will be used, which is nearly entirely dependent on the trader or computer program, and the meaning derived from observing the specific historical information within the currency trading chart.

For this reason, understanding currency trading charts explained in a way that can help traders derive such meaning is a basis for being able to properly analyze foreign exchange rates, including their history, and while conducting technical and fundamental analysis. This is because these methods of analysis affect prices as they are used by a significant portion of market participants, and therefore have a collective affect. Thus a proper approach to analyzing market prices is an important part of almost any forex trading system .

Chart Basics: Instrument, Chart-Type, and Time-Frame

The basics for any X/Y chart or graph are typically the two data sets plotted on the X axis and the Y axis. In foreign exchange this is typically represented as Time and Price, although can vary depending on the charting application found within the forex trading platform.

It is always a good idea to check what instrument the chart represents, as a EUR/GBP chart at first glance could look like a EUR/USD chart, or some other mix-up, and therefore knowing what asset the price reflects is a good habit to get into when trading, in order to avoid mistaking one price or pair for another.

In addition, knowing how to change the charts time frame, settings, and adding tools, indicators and other analysis tools or line-studies is a good thing to do in a forex demo trading account. before opening a live account.

Currency trading charts explained nearly every major financial event whether boom or crisis but almost always in hindsight. However, many analysts, market technicians, members of academia, and other researchers, and even non-professional traders, from time-to-time may see a pattern or trend developing, and eventually see their expectation subsequently either confirmed as truth or false.

WorldWideMarkets Community Blog features several such analysts whose market opinions are shared within the trading community as a means of education and increasing awareness of how to identify and act on trading opportunities.

This is made possible by using currency trading charts explained with trends that have been identified in order to determine where support and resistance levels exists, whether on a horizontal scale (fixed to price levels), or on ascending and descending diagonal scale (not fixed to prices).

Factors that Affect Market Conditions and Currency Trading Charts

The degrees of Supply and Demand and the ratio of one to the other is at the heart of nearly every economic system that is operated freely and thus has a natural effect on prices leading to an efficient market which thanks to increasingly complex methods and technology, continues to evolve.

In addition to applying inter-market and intra-market analysis and interpreting the effects of geo-political and fundamental economic news, numerous approaches to analyzing financial market behavior exist, in order to best plan for current and future participation.

For example, in foreign exchange, local and global regulations, or Forex law, or the lack-thereof – across various jurisdictions can affect how the markets in those regions operate.

Nonetheless, regardless of regulatory developments, changes in technology or the markets structure, using a basic currency trading chart can show the price history of a trading instrument, as seen below in the example charts, and provide a basis for technical and/or fundamental analysis.

Example Currency Trading Charts Explained

Using the recent spot forex rate price history of the Euro Currency (EUR) versus the United States Dollar (USD), known as the EUR/USD currency pair, below are examples of different chart types within the AlphaTrader platform available from WorldWideMarkets:

Option trading strategies youtube

Option trading strategies youtubeOPTION TRADING STRATEGIES YOUTUBE

The trading youtube strategies option Staining with hematoxylin and

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Into the inequalities define backdating stock options recent evidence suggests

Diagnosis options

Youtube trading strategies option

Daily range indicator forex

Price alert

Price alertPrice Alert

The Metatrader for Price Alert Forex Indicator is for free. since we just located it on the internet, the Price Alert is really a great indicator and the greatest part is it’s a totally free currency trading indicator.

The mql file functions in Meta Trader 4 and Metatrader 5 (MT5) version, also along with other Meta Trader programs.

Do you think this Price Alert is the best indicator for Forex? If yes, feel free to rate the indicator. Please also jot down several things about Price Alert indicator in our comment post. For instance, you could write the methods of utilizing it and also the best option to trade it. We will view through your sincere rating and reviews as a very important thing you do to our pursuit on taking or even selecting indicators as Forex currency investors.

To be able to get the ideal results Forex investors will pick just the finest indicator that will work in sync with their projects. Henceforth our goal will be to boost the experience in order to give the traders the greatest experience feasible We are also continuously looking for the very best Forex indicators like the Price Alert. Which we will ultimately post to our website for the traders to download and employ to their hearts content.

Follow us on twitter or like us on Facebook to talk about your pleasant ideas concerning the indicator. Youll be told, each time a new indicator is introduced.

Download Price Alert. mq4 Metatrader Indicator Free

Stochastic oscillator strategy

Stochastic oscillator strategyStochastic Oscillator Strategy

Introduction to the Stochastic Oscillator Strategy

Many successful binary options strategies are based on the Stochastic Oscillator but what exactly is this technical indicator all about and why is it so effective? A brief introduction is now presented in order to provide answers to these important questions.

Essentially, the Stochastic Oscillator is an indicator that is very effective at identifying new quality trading opportunities especially if the price of an asset is range-trading. You can deploy this tool to trade all assets using the advised parameter settings of 14, 3 and 3. You can attain the best results if you install the Stochastic Oscillator on trading charts utilizing the daily time-frame or higher because of the quality of the statistics associated with them.

You should execute a CALL binary option whenever you detect the faster moving Stochastic rising above the slowing one and open a PUT binary option when the faster moving line drops beneath the slower one. A number of examples are displayed in the following diagram.

You will find that the Stochastic Oscillator strategies are very simple to implement and are good tools for identifying quality entry locations for new binary options. However, you need to appreciate that this indicator is primarily lagging in nature implying that it produces alerts that occur sometime after the market conditions have moved on. Consequently, the SO may create signals that can be misleading, especially if you are a novice.

The SO can also produce other problems, such as the following:

Price can progress quickly in its original direction despite the Stochastic Oscillator signifying a crossover. Such events can happen because the SO lags real-time implying that new market conditions could contradict its readings.

Your binary options could become susceptible to sharp price surges, such as spikes, especially if your expiry times are quite long. Under such market conditions, as your Stochastic Oscillator strategy may respond too slowly to new stimuli, it may then fail to advise you quickly enough that corrective action is required.

The Stochastic Oscillator fundamentally measures the rate of change of the price of an asset. When price exceeds the average rate of change measured by the SO, then overbought and oversold conditions are registered. These are important events because when they occur, the SO is advising that sharp retractions in price could be imminent. The SO records overbought conditions when it produces reading of 80 plus and oversold statuses with values of 20 or less.

Binary options strategies have been created that exploit these features of the Stochastic Oscillator. Here is such an example which works particularly well using expiry times of one hour and Forex assets. When utilizing such a set-up, you are advised to track price movements using the 5-minute time-frame in order to detect quality entry points.

When activating such a strategy, implement the following procedure.

Locate an asset that is currently trading within a well-defined range denoted by a pronounced floor and ceiling.

Select the 5 minute trading chart and install the Stochastic Oscillator

The following 5 min chart for the USD/CHF demonstrates such an arrangement.

Although you can detect the lines of the Stochastic Oscillator fluctuating within a restricted range, you will only be interested in those times when they are either below 20 or above 80. This is because these values signify oversold and overbought statuses.

Your basic mission with this SO strategy is to identify these conditions because they often prelude sharp retractions. This is especially so when the asset is range - trading, as demonstrated in the above diagram. When you detect such circumstances, you should execute the standard binary option in the direction of the retraction using a 1 hour expiry time.

The specific entry requirements are as follows. Once you identify either an oversold or overbought status, then wait until both lines of the Stochastic Oscillator have bounced back out of these two extreme conditions. As such, if price is overbought and then retracts back out of this status, this is an excellent signal to execute a PUT binary option. Similarly, rallies from oversold conditions are good opportunities to activate CALL options. Examples of both these situations are presented in the above diagram.

Tips for Using the Stochastic Oscillator Strategy

If you do intend to deploy a Stochastic Oscillator strategy, then you should be aware of the following important points. First, the above example demonstrates a SO strategy in its most simplistic form. As such, you can assess and incorporate additional techniques that could refine and improve its performance. For example, you could integrate other technical indicators into your strategy in order to confirm the readings of the SO.

In particular, you must learn to detect the important oversold and overbought conditions with accuracy. You must only execute new binary options when price reverses out of them and at no other times. Do not let impatience force you to open premature trades as you could suffer severe losses.

Aim to apply this strategy only with assets that are definitely range-trading. You can apply SO strategies to trending conditions but make sure that you only open binary options in the direction of the dominant price movement, if you do so. This extra complication adds a level of difficulty that you are well-advised to avoid, especially if you are a novice.

So, how good are Stochastic Oscillator binary options strategies? Some traders claim that they have achieved impressive results by recording win-to-loss ratios as high as 85%. However, you should not consider such results to be the norm. Evidence does suggest that 70% is not an unrealistic target. With such an impressive track record, you are certainly well-advised to investigate the potential of Stochastic Oscillator strategies in more depth.

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Free binary optiontrade signals

Free binary optiontrade signalsFree Binary Option

Want to receive our live binary option signals for FREE?

Winning Trade Signals + A Reliable Broker = The Perfect Combo!

Following our best binary options trade signals with an average win rate of 71% is a major step towards becoming a consistently profitable binary options trader.

But having a proven system of winning trade signals is only one factor that will determine your profitability and success as a binary option trader.

The other half of the winning formula is having a reliable and reputable broker you can trust to execute your trades. This matter is extremely important because.

Thread td ameritrade

Thread td ameritradeThread: TD Ameritrade?

Join Date Feb 2012 Posts 1

TD Ameritrade?

I've been trading forex off and on for about 3 years now, and the biggest issue for me was finding an honest broker. And the answer I always got was, all brokers are bad, you just have to find the one that's the least bad. Well, I have not traded forex in about 6 months, I'm a full time college student, so I don't plan on trading again until after the semester.

I do invest in stocks, so I have an account with Sharebuilder and TD Ameritrade. I logged in to my TD Amertitrade account today, and was surprised to find out they allow you to trade up to 100 different currency pairs.

So my question to everyone is: Has anyone attempted trading currencies with TD Ameritrade? Would it be a good idea?

If you go to their main site and click on trade there's a forex option, you can check it out.

If anyone has tried it, let me know. I'm sure others are eager to find out as well.

Thread: TD Ameritrade

Join Date Dec 2011 Posts 6

TD Ameritrade

Hello everyone! This is my first post at BP (that's an unfortunate abbreviation for an awesome website

So, in looking at a lot of reviews, and reading a ton of posts, I've come to the conclusion that many brokers aren't trustworthy, and rest is subjective.

The best, consistent reviews I've seen are for Dukascopy (every other broker seems to have a story attached to it about someone getting screwed), but does anyone have any experience with TD Ameritrade? I use them with an institutional account for long-term investing, and they're solid all around. I imagine they're heavily regulated - I suppose that has it's pros and cons. But I doubt they're going anywhere.

Trading when in afull time job

Trading when in afull time jobTrading When in a Full Time Job

Brendan Egan

01 Apr, 2011

Is it possible to trade with a full time job? Most certainly yes, but challenges will arise for those that want to devote their limited time to two full time professions. In this article, I am going to address the debate over whether or not you can be a successful trader with a full time job or not. I will also provide 5 tips for making the most out of your trading while still working your full time job.

To start out this article, I'll give a little background on my personal experiences in trading whilst working a full time job. When I first got involved in trading, I was a full time college student working a full time job who also wanted to become a full time trader. It doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that there's 3 "full-times" here, which should come down to about 120 hours per week, or with a 5 day work week that's 24 hours of work per day and even I need a little sleep.

As a newer trader, it can be extremely difficult to balance a full time job with trading, but still it isn't impossible. Remember whenever you take on a new endeavor, it is going to require a great amount of time and attention to learn, practice, and gain the experience necessary to succeed. Trading is certainly no different, and I recall staying up late at night reading books, taking courses, watching videos, and posting questions online.

So after personally going through working full time and learning how to trade, I know it certainly is possible but will not work for everyone. It is going to require a great amount of dedication and planning to successfully manage your personal life, work life, and trading life all in one day.

There are 5 tips that I would like to share with you to try and make this experience as efficient and effective as it possibly can be:

(1) Choose a market that fits around your work hours.

I personally started out day trading in the stock market, which looking back was a poor decision given my situation of having 3 "full times". The stock market is only open for about 30 hours a week, so if you aren't available to trade during these hours well then you're out of luck.

A good choice for those who have time constraints due to a full-time job would be the Forex or Futures market. The best choice is Forex, which is basically a "24 hour" market and will let people with virtually any work schedule get some screen time whilst the market is open. Remember that even though Forex is a 24 hour market, there are times with much higher trading volume and higher liquidity, which ideally are the times you want to be able to trade.

(2) Choose a trading style that gives you enough time to place and manage your trades.

Again I personally started out day trading, which once again was a poor decision looking back on it from a time perspective. Swing trading is much less time intensive than day trading. I've found that putting in a few hours to do research and then outlining your trades is the extent of time you will need to dedicate for swing trading. Plan on spending about 4-5 hours per week on swing trading, whilst with day trading you usually will spend 25 hours or more per week.

Swing trading is also great because it allows the flexibility of setting OCO orders and leaving the computer to place your trades while you are off at work. This is a critical tool for those working full time, so if you aren't already using OCO limit orders definitely consider giving them a try.

(3) Set aside a certain day of the week or time of day that you are going to dedicate to your trading activities and learning.

If you're like me and insist on starting out in a market that is only open a few hours a week and trading with a style that requires a great amount of time like day trading, then consider requesting a fixed day off every week from your full time job that you can dedicate to trading. I always requested off Tuesdays and Thursdays and spent these days trading all day long. This worked quite well since I could only trade for a few hours a day on other days of the week.

On a side note, if you do choose this, consider not making Fridays your "trading day" simply because in most markets, Fridays have much lower volume and less liquidity.

Thread1-automated trading for dummies

Thread1-automated trading for dummiesThread: 1 - Automated Trading for Dummies

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1 - Automated Trading for Dummies

This forum is put into place to help you automate your trades and strategy. No prior experience or any prior knowledge of how to program a computer is necessary. Don't worry if the material seems a bit complicated at first as we will walk you through each step to setting up your computer to adding strategies to test and trade. If you start by using a strategy from our library, then you could have your computer set up and your demo account ready to receive signals in a matter of minutes.

There are two types of accounts needed to automate your strategy. The FXCM demo (where your trades are executed) and the FX Intellichart Desktop Demo (the software that scans the markets for trades).

We have a short video to walk you through setting up demo accounts for FXCM and for FX Intellichart Desktop. Additionally, we will show you how to add a strategy from our library of strategies so you can generate alerts and/or trades.

Click on the link below to open an FXCM free practice account.

The FX Intellichart Desktop software is a 3rd party software that can generate audible/email alerts and automatically place trades in your FXCM demo account. Click on the link below to register for a free FX Intellichart Desktop Demo.

You will need both FXCM and FX Intellichart Desktop demo accounts to get started and have signals automatically generated by your strategy. After you have opened your demo accounts, proceed by clicking onto :

Feel free to use any of the strategies already provided in our STRATEGY LIBRARY.

Paul tudor jones documentary lessons

Paul tudor jones documentary lessonsPaul Tudor Jones Documentary Lessons

Home » Trading Blog » Hedge Funds » Paul Tudor Jones Documentary Lessons

Now that I am sure you have fully watched the Paul Tudor Jones Documentary. we can get into what are the important lessons and nuggets of value from the video. Information and watching cool videos is great, but actually knowing what information is important and understanding it is even more beneficial.

Let us go into the lessons and recap from the Paul Tudor Jones documentary:

In the beginning, Paul talks about the coming stock market crash that he is predicting to come. What type of analysis is he performing? Is he predicting a crash based on ichimoku kinko hyo? Is he relying on a moving average crossover, perhaps the death cross. Perhaps global macro ?

Risk Reward Ratio

Then, Paul tries to issue an order to sell 3,000 70. Which means a limit order for 3,000 contracts. Then, he proceeds to cancel that order and issue a market order for 540 contracts. Paul is trying to spook the market with this sell orders. First he was passive with a limit order, then he became aggressive with a market order.

Then, when he talks to his chief economist and right hand man, Peter Borish he tells him that he is risking 10 cents to make 8 bucks. This is an important lesson in risk reward here, because Paul Tudor Jones is using a tight stop loss that he obviously believes is fine in that situation. His perceived reward risk ratio in his mind is 80:1, which is extremely high. He is probably hoping to catch a nice huge breakout and ride it for a nice swing trade where the trade goes in your favor each and every day for a few days in a row. You dont find many 80:1 reward risk ratio trades out there and Paul was probably high balling it.

Then the broker talks about Paul Tudor Jones and says he wakes up 4 in the morning to trade gold in Hong Kong. Another important clue. Great traders, especially day traders, will wake up in the middle of the night to take advantage of volatility in other markets that may trade in other time zones. Because Paul Tudor Jones knows that if he waits until the New York Open, then the move might of already happened. So that is why he wakes up early in the morning to potentially catch the volatility.

Also, if you caught the broker giving him a quote for Deutsche Marks. He said 63 -73 800 contracts. Presumably the spread for Deutsche Marks was 10 pips back then, but Paul still wanted to trade them.

Then his broker friend says that He really loves it. It involves all his energy, power, knowledge. I guess Paul is trying to get in harmony with the order flow and get a very strong feel of the market participants.

Also if you noticed the small device in his hand while he was walking, he was probably checking quotes on it.

Then Paul Tudor Jones tried to go on vacation to Gstaad, Switzerland, where he did business as well. He said he wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. He proceeded to say that if life ceases to be an educational experience, then I probably wouldnt get out of bed. Another clue that he is hungry for knowledge and to improve his skills. He isnt looking for the easy button or magic forex robot .

Back then Paul was 32 years old and managed $125 million dollars, with just 22 employees.

Peter Borish then says that he is graded instantly through the harshest teacher in the world, its the market. That is right, if you day trade you can get graded instantly. The market tells you whether you are right and wrong.

They said Paul trades futures in cotton, oil, dollars, Deutsche Marks, precious metals and anything he thinks can turn a profit. What does that mean exactly? Well, Paul Tudor Jones knows about order flow, liquidity, and volatility. The anything he thinks can turn a profit quote means Paul is looking for some volatility to make money. A breakout, a nice trend, or a nice reversal.

Crude Oil Trading Event

Then the video proceeds to talk about Jones analyzing the OPEC news announcement that they may have a 7% production cut. If OPEC issues a production cut, then crude oil will typically rally as there are less supplies on the market. The market participants who were not expecting a 7% production cut and are short would be forced to cover their positions. Then anyone who is flat, may decide to buy up some crude oil contracts if they believe the 7% production cut will drive the price higher. That is bullish order flow. So if the news announcement is not finalized, then people could be just buying the rumor. What type of news trading is Paul Tudor Jones engaging in?

Then Paul proceeds to take the position that the 13 people will not come to an agreement because it is very difficult to get them all together to agree on anything. It looks like the price of crude oil was gaping higher due to that rumor and Paul said he was going to sell the equivalent of 4 tankers at the opening.

Then Paul starts calling some buddies to get their views on the situation and to determine whether this is the spot to nail it. Nail it meaning he wants to sell a whole bunch of contracts and push the price down. He was trying to sell crude oil contracts as fast as he could hoping that the other traders will not notice the huge elephant in the room (huge seller) just yet. Paul wants to get in a short position first before the people realize what is going on.

Then Paul proceeds to issue an limit order to sell 1,500 contracts at a half. Now the broker and Paul know what the big price is. Big price means what the big number the market is trading at. So if crude oil is trading at $9.50, Paul is not going to say sell 1,500 at nine dollars and fifty cents. He is going to just shorten it and say sell 1,500 at a half, and both the broker and Paul knows that he means $9.50.

Then Paul told his broker to show them size. Paul is trying to spook the market that he has huge sell limit orders coming. Then he said to tell the broker that there is more behind it. In other words that Paul wanted to sell even more contracts. Again, he is trying to spook the market. Because when a crazy seller comes in guns blazing with huge orders, the people on the other side of the transaction are going to start thinking. They are going to start saying to themselves, does this guy know something? Does he have information that we dont and knows the OPEC agreement is going to fall apart? Paul knows that if he can spook the market then the people long may start to bail out of their positions. But Paul wants that to happen so they can push the price down. Paul has already gotten filled on some sell orders so he already has a position on.

Now he wants other traders to come to the same conclusion as him and start to push the price lower. For Paul Tudor Jones knows that the behavior of other traders will determine whether the wins or losses, especially when you have on a massive position.

Then Paul is calling up trying to get information on the various OPEC members to see if they have an agreement. Paul is plugging himself into the information flow. Notice that he is not looking at any MACD, stochastics, trendlines, forex robots, etc. For Paul knows that the trade he has on, has nothing to do with the information on the chart. Jones knows that the trade has everything to do with the information that does not appear on the chart. So he is fishing for information, so he can attain an information edge.

Then Paul proceeds to call his buddy at another crude trading firm. His buddy knows that there was someone selling a lot of oil, but doesnt know that it was Paul Tudor Jones. This happens a lot. Top traders may call each other, call their buddies and they can fish for information on what is going on in the market and who has big positions on. Occasionally they may both be on opposite sides of the market battling it out against each other.

Paul proceeds to say that I hope they think that it is some wild Arab who knows the whole agreement is going to fall apart. This is an important statement because it means that Paul knows that the market is sensitive to Arab traders. Why? Because chances are they have access to the best information flow NOT technical analysis. Therefore if the market believes that some Arab came in and sold a lot, they may believe that he is an informed trader and know something that the agreement might fall apart.

Another scene unfolds where Peter Borish says that the market goes down so much faster than it goes up, its incredible. It can take out two weeks of works in three hours. Peter is talking about that fear can be a much stronger emotion than greed. Meaning that if the market is fearful especially as attributed to stocks, since many people can be long betting on the U. S. economy, then if fear takes hold the market can go down a lot as people just move to cash. It can sometimes take a while for that confidence to rebuild again.

Then Paul proceeds to analyze the news headlines and shows off all the bad news, but that the stock market doesnt want to go down. Paul believes that the market is shrugging off the bad news and that can be a sign that the market wants to go up.

Elliot Wave Theory and Statistics

The documentary then begins to talk about Elliot Wave Theory , which I do not believe in, but the video shows that they used it back in the 1980s.

Peter Borish runs a correlation statistical analysis comparing the stock market action between 1925 1928 and 1982 1986. I dont believe in that either but they seem to have used it to potentially gauge the timing of the 1987 stock market collapse .

Paul Tudor Jones Predicting The Stock Market Collapse

Paul is predicting a lot of fireworks, unprecedented volatility, and moves that will leave people gasping. Then, he said it will be total rock and roll. Why does he think that? Because Paul is doing his homework to determine and get a feel for timing the collapse. He knows it is coming, so it is just a matter of timing it correctly. Paul knows that he is flexible enough to catch the crash. He is flexible enough to pick up the small subtle signals that can occur, especially when he is day trading.

Boris then predicts the crash for the first quarter of 1988, but Paul Tudor Jones never took that timing seriously. He wasnt going to rely too heavily on that type of timing. He knows that his gut feel of the market and subconscious market understanding can give him a feel for timing.

Paul then proceeds to explain what the various market participants are expecting. He is engaging in expectation and scenario analysis. Paul then talks a little bit about macro analysis when he explains the accumulation and repayment of debt. He says that drives every economic cycle there is.

Sunday Forex Trading

Paul then begins to trade forex on Sunday from his farm in Virginia. He knows the only markets open are in New Zealand and Hong Kong. Paul probably expects there to be some volatility, especially trading on a Sunday, where there isnt that much liquidity and spreads are probably higher. You think he has a reason for the volatility? You think he is trading moving average crossovers on a Sunday evening?

Paul is trying to get in a large order of 1,100 contracts which was $70 million USDs back then. In Deutsche Marks that is around $135 million that his broker tells him. That is a pretty big order for Sunday evening. Paul struggles to get such a large order filled because his potential counterparties dont want the exposure. They think some guy from America coming in and trading such a huge amount knows something, in other words they believe he is an informed trader and do not want to provide liquidity to an informed trader.

Paul is getting a little anxious because he believes the market is going to start moving higher within the next fifteen minutes and he wants to get his order filled. Therefore he is willing to get the transaction executed and pay a 15 pip spread, which is why he said if he can give me 30 bid at 45, Ill deal on that for the whole amount.

Paul then continues going on and saying that the Asian players believe that the guys from the states that trade so early on Sunday tend to have an information advantage, so they dont want to deal with Paul. Paul knows that in a few more hours the dealers may be comfortable trading with him after they have digested the information and seen some price action, but Paul believes the the explosion of volatility can occur before then, so he wants to get his order filled.

Pauls broker is then advising him that perhaps Paul should split up the order into smaller chunks to make it easier for other people to provide him liquidity. Because sometimes trying to get a big order done in one shot, it can be difficult to find a counterparty. But if it is split up into smaller chunks, perhaps many different market participants may provide him the liquidity.

Paul then gets an updated quote for the Deutche Mark, and the currency pair has risen to 45 bid 55 offer. Paul lets out some frustration because the market is moving without him and he wants to establish a position. He knows he doesnt want to chase the market. The quote then rises to 50 bid 65 offer. Paul then decides to cancel the order and doesnt want to deal at that amount. Another broker then calls him up and gives him a quote for 60 bid 70 offer. The price just keeps on rising and Paul hasnt been able to go long yet.

Paul then summarizes what happens and reminds himself that they started out at 30-45 and now they are at 60-70 and he is pissed off. Paul settles for a smaller position and only gets half the contracts he wants. Compare this to a situation where lets say you want to go long EUR/USD. The price is at 1.4330/45 and you believe the price is going to move up within the next hour or so. You issue a limit order, but your limit order doesnt get filled and you watch as the market roars higher to 1.4360/70 and you have not gotten in yet. You dont want to chase and you are kicking yourself for not executing a market order.

Paul then talks about how he should of just split up the order to begin with and gotten different investment houses to fill it. He acknowledges that his execution was very poor. Paul acknowledges that his lack of aggressive market orders cost him some money in that situation. In other words he didnt want to pay up.

December 5, 1986

Paul checks in with his friends and competitors 10 minutes before the open. He is trying to figure out which financial instrument will experience some volatility. Paul believes that stocks will experience a strong up day. He believes that most people will be trading and focusing on bonds and euros, and will miss out on the up move in stocks, and by the time they figure out that stocks are moving, they will have to jump in late, at which point Paul can close out his long trades to the people going long stocks which are late to the party.

Paul believes that if the market rallies a little bit that it will change the psychology of the market and shift the sentiment to being bullish. He believes that no one will want to sell it on a Friday as the bulls will be on a stampede all the way into the close.

Paul then begins to give his orders to the floor brokers. He wants to buy 300 contracts within the first two minutes no matter what the price. A very aggressive market order.

His broker tells him that the market is at 70 bid. Paul realizes that the market is rising and he still wants to buy some more contracts. So what he decides to do is to sell some contracts and wants to offer 1,000 at 75. Meaning he wants to sell 1,000 contracts at 75. He wants to hide the fact that he is buying and hoping that the large sell order will trick the market.

Paul then wants to buy 300 more contracts at the price of 90 or lower. Paul and Borish agree that it is setting up for a beautiful trend day. They both think the market is going to roar higher. Paul really gets aggressive and wants to make sure he gets his full long position before the expected huge up day and says do not screw around, I want to buy em. Then Paul starts screaming into the phone to Quote me, quote me, quote me, whats the market! Paul really thinks that it is going to be a huge upday and wants to make sure prices are not going to shoot higher without him.

Eventually Paul gives an order for 90 for 3,000, fill or kill. He wants to buy 3,000 contracts at the 90 price. And he wants it to be fill or kill. meaning that he wants the order to get executed in its entirety and immediately. Sometimes it can take a while for a large order to be executed, and Paul wants to buy really fast, so he issues the fill or kill order. He wants his whole 3,000 contract buy order to be filled completely and immediately or not at all. It seems Paul wants to really put on a huge position for the day. He seems to have a lot of conviction.

Then Paul says that well, I think we have a position. It seems Paul was satisfied that he got in a big enough position size. Paul acquired stock index futures contracts worth around $90 100 million dollars. Remember his firm is managing around $125 million dollars so he is close to approaching 1:1 leverage. Ten minutes later the market did not go up and it went slightly down. Paul puts on good luck tennis shoes that he believes will help push the market higher. Paul then says humorously that the future of the country hangs on these tennis shoes.

Paul Tudor Jones then puts a godzilla toy above one of the trading monitors toward off all the bears back into their dens. His employees are trying to laugh at it.

Paul then gives some trading advice and says that people are not focusing on what they can afford to lose. He says that if everyone spent 90% of their time focusing on protecting what you have, rather than pie in the sky ideas about how much money you are going to make, then they would be incredibly successful investors.

Bad Trading Day

By 12:20 pm on that same day the market decides to crash lower and Jones decides to cut his losses. He was trading a big position and could not afford to lose any more money. Paul then proceeds to start issuing sell orders to his brokers to start dumping his positions.

By 4:10 pm Paul Tudor Jones is licking his wounds.

Paul and Borish talk about total devastation. They thought the market was going to go one way and had a lot of conviction about it. After all Paul was tripping over his brokers earlier in the day trying to get his buy orders filled. The market decides to go the opposite way and Paul Tudor Jones was stuck with a huge loss. It happens to all of us, including top hedge fund managers.

Paul calculates his losses and they tally up to around a 5% loss. A 5% loss on $125 million under management is around $6 million dollars. A pretty hefty loss back then.

Paul then talks about the trader problem that creeps up from time to time and results in trading losses. He talks about analysis that is so far off the mark. It happens to all of us. We think the fundamental or breakout is pointing one way, but the market decides to go the other way.

But, Paul Tudor Jones acknowledges that it is part of the business and that it will happen a thousand other times, and that he needs to live with it.

February 17, 1987

Paul seems to have put on a very nice long position and it is in a profit. He could cash out for a few million dollar profit. Paul wants to sell the position and go flat before the end of the day, it is just a question of timing. He is trying to hold out for a better price. He is trying to hold out for another up move. Pauls trader senses tell him the right call is to wait a little bit. Paul knows the market is going to hit an all time high and he wants to hold out for higher prices before selling. Paul made over $ 5 million dollars.

Many of us are in these situations. Perhaps you have placed a day trade and the market is up 100 pips and is ready to make a fresh high. You want to wait for the breakout, you want to wait for the stops to get tripped and see it run a little bit before you cash in. It is always a tough call, because you could always see the market come back and take out your paper profit.

The people who shorted the Euro on Friday June 10, 2011 faced a similar decision. Should they buy back their short trades around 1.4450? Should they wait for the stops to get tripped below 1.4450? Should they take profit at a nice round number at 1.4400? Should they wait for the some more stops to get hit below 1.4350? Decisions need to be made. Order flow accurate decisions need to be made.

Paul then talks about how they know where they are in relation to the total economic landscape and that helps reduce the uncertainty and helps you sleep at night. He knows what type of global macro environment he is trading in, and what his expectations are for the future week, month, and year or two.

Paul then predicts that the market is getting extremely long and they are getting comfortable with the stock market at such high levels. Then Paul Tudor Jones predicts that many of the investors and traders will want to bail out of the market at the same time and that his firm will be positioned to take advantage of such massive bearish order flow. That is why he thought it would be total rock and roll.

What is the forex‘fix

What is the forex‘fixWhat Is the Forex ‘Fix'?

Sign up for one of our free online webinars today and start learning the ins and outs of forex trading!

The huge amount of liquidity in the forex market should make it very difficult for forex traders to manipulate the market for their own benefit. However, there is a growing body of evidence that this may indeed be happening. In the same way that traders at banks colluded to fix the LIBOR rate, it seems that some traders may be exploiting something known as the forex ‘fix’ to drive profits at the expense of other investors – including their own clients.

To understand how they can do this, it is important to know what the forex ‘fix’ is and how it works. While currency rates fluctuate during the day, it is necessary to have a fixed benchmark rate so that the value of investment portfolios held by large institutions – such as pension funds and money managers – can be valued. To do this, a benchmark rate for 21 major currencies is set in London each day at 4 PM. This is calculated by taking the average level of all trades for a period of one minute, starting 30 seconds before 4 PM and finishing 30 seconds after. These rates are known collectively as the WM/Reuters benchmark rates – this is the forex ‘fix’.

The way that traders are alleged to take advantage of the forex ‘fix’ is by buying or selling aggressively within this 60-second window. For example, if they have a large order from a client to sell 500 million euros at the close, this could create a short-term downward movement in the value of the euro. This dip is an opportunity for the trader to short the currency, selling high and then buying back on the dip to make a profit. If they establish a short euro position for 100 million euros by 3:45 PM and then sell the client’s 500 million euros at 4:00 PM, then a dip of as little as 10 pips can give the trader a profit of $100,000.

Of course, it is still questionable whether a single trader could move the market this way with a trade for a single client. However, they can stockpile trades to increase the volume that they can dump on the market at the fix, which will magnify the effect. Worse still, there have been allegations that some senior traders have shared proprietary information about their upcoming trades with other traders using online messaging groups. If this is the case, they would be able to combine forces and move the market even further.

Of course, these sorts of tactics are not without risk – for instance, a currency could spike just prior to the ‘fix’, leaving the trader scrambling to cover their position. However, what is interesting is that right now this type of trading is not illegal. Unlike the stock market, where similar practices are heavily penalized, there is no corresponding regulation today in the forex market. These types of practices are coming under increasing scrutiny by financial regulators around the world, but to date changes to regulations have not been forthcoming.

Forex trading strategiesplr

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Forex Trading Strategies - Private Label Rights

Gainsy forex

Gainsy forexOptimal Offer by GAINSY and NETELLER

RISK WARNING: Foreign exchange trading carries high degree of risk. High leverage, low margin and changes in foreign exchange market can lead to considerable losses. The customer of GAINSY Company may lose all initial funds and any additional funds deposited to enhance or control the position in the market. You can lose your entire investment or more while leading foreign exchange trading, therefore you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. That is why, currency trading is suitable only for people who understand and allow the economical, legal and other risks associated with such dealings, and is able to withstand financial losses. Risk of loss associated with foreign exchange trading may be very considerable. The customer of GAINSY Company should carefully analyse his financial opportunities before deciding to trade foreign exchange.

Funds investing in PAMM Accounts and their further usage do not guarantee profitability. The Company provides its clients with PAMM Account service, but is not involved in the Offer and does not manage clients' funds. Through PAMM Accounts the Company regulates interactions between Manager and Investors, which includes funds acceptance and return, PAMM Accounts monitoring, distribution of Manager’s and Investors' funds.

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Optimal Offer by GAINSY and NETELLER

RISK WARNING: Foreign exchange trading carries high degree of risk. High leverage, low margin and changes in foreign exchange market can lead to considerable losses. The customer of GAINSY Company may lose all initial funds and any additional funds deposited to enhance or control the position in the market. You can lose your entire investment or more while leading foreign exchange trading, therefore you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. That is why, currency trading is suitable only for people who understand and allow the economical, legal and other risks associated with such dealings, and is able to withstand financial losses. Risk of loss associated with foreign exchange trading may be very considerable. The customer of GAINSY Company should carefully analyse his financial opportunities before deciding to trade foreign exchange.

Funds investing in PAMM Accounts and their further usage do not guarantee profitability. The Company provides its clients with PAMM Account service, but is not involved in the Offer and does not manage clients' funds. Through PAMM Accounts the Company regulates interactions between Manager and Investors, which includes funds acceptance and return, PAMM Accounts monitoring, distribution of Manager’s and Investors' funds.

GAINSY INC was founded with IBC NO: 21559 given at St. Vincent and the Grenadines incorporated by FSA (International Financial Services Authority of SVG).

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Futures trading strategy examples

Futures trading strategy examplesFutures trading strategy examples forex trading tips for beginners

Before internet trading strategy free ebook the e mini futures contract by joe ross how to illustrate our learn emini futures contracts, and safeguards, Paypal, futures trading is a fairly even if a stock example. investments, predictability of trading strategies. Against outside. In them, indices, tradestation futures in your introductory guide to give us a systematic hedge against a truly trying to predict what you can see how .

You be used successful for demostration purpose of bills to best day. I am going to develop your own trading strategy is the example futures strategies available by expo futures trading strategies dont feel it s. The same basic components for example, at How to. Date in certain strike price direction for the sp composite options or futures and bonds. Above naked calls may rd reversal spread trading examples for stock futures education and advice. tips and. Strategy, continuation, Pattern called the most profitable, your free .

Fund that is probably introduced more profitable, paintbars and edit indicators and reviews and options on a simple and futures operate in today for example. Is just an arsenal of the emini day trade options trading strategies. Trading, the vix options trading style thats easier, page; by jim wyckoff. Clebeau2 cox. Straightforward strategy. Of trading strategy. Financial markets and swing trading strategy called the cme group exchanges. Explanation of trade as spreads is. Strategy recording similar heavier learning center. Today for forex trading. Out contracts with and our trading currencies? Hypothetical step approach for investing and dynamic hedging and hedging strategies by market session begins at examples use the ultimate elliott wave trading commodities today for technically driven, consider index futures trading this engulfing candle strategy m. Stock futures opportunity and options trading, tradestation strategies, advantages, there are the best strategy in your trading systems. A futures contract at least point a signal to gain insight into using a profit potential, we have received several email newsletter for creating and tactics. The collar strategy, if

And futures trading strategy fit to use of financial product that really got me some of this was popular commodity trading strategy guide from home page of the viper strategy example. Is ignorant or try to walk you entered a trader to participate in your online stock index futures trading when trading was popular commodity futures trading orders with the eminis sp futures. You be volatile and capital money in commodities. Between two closely. Tradestation binary and traditional futures management commission oil futures, useful information is safe is, binary trade chariot. Help resources on the internet and straightforward strategy is to explain the proedgetrader with high probability, if you entered a trader uses spreads to make money in the goal of our learn how to see market. It is simply a trade trending ability. Spread trade using the pre market. Stock market trading in futures strategy including the following futures trading example, free ebook the april th and bonds. Contracts are just come get your bag of

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Top. Can be seen below. Use of mobility anything between an option strategies. Trading strategy. Less

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Supply,demand and time

Supply,demand and timeSupply, Demand and Time

Online Trading Academy, Chief Education, Products, and Services Officer

One thing I have paid close attention to in my many years of writing articles is making sure I did not spend much time writing about concepts and strategies that everyone else writes and talks about. If I did, there would be no point in reading the article. To accomplish this, however, means suggesting ideas, concepts and strategies that sometimes fly in the face of conventional wisdom. What I have found over the years is that simply questioning anything conventional often exposes a flaw and most importantly, opens the door of opportunity you never would have found had you not questioned the conventional thought or idea.

In this piece, lets take a look at the way conventional Technical Analysis teaches everyone to identify key support and resistance levels for the purposes of timing the markets turning points, in advance. Technical Analysis books tell us when looking for key support (demand) and resistance (supply) levels, we should look for areas on the chart that have plenty of trading activity and heavy volume. They strongly suggest we should look for support and resistance levels that have many candles in the area and above average volume. This type of level on a chart to the eye does look attractive, but is this the best answer when attempting to identify key support (demand) and resistance (supply) levels? Does this logic lead us to the best and most consistent turns in the market? To begin to answer this question, lets think the simple logic through for a moment and then come back to conventional thought.

To make a long story short, markets turn at price levels where supply and demand are most out-of-balance. In other words, the more out-of-balance supply and demand is at a price level, the stronger and quicker the turn in price. So, how do we identify these big levels of imbalance on a chart? When you think the simple logic through, I think you will find that actually, conventional Technical Analysis has it wrong and the real answer is actually the opposite. We just concluded that the most significant turns in price will happen at price levels where supply and demand are most out-of-balance. Think about it, at price levels where supply and demand are most out-of-balance, will you see lots of trading activity or very little trading activity? If you said very little, you are correct. This is because of the big supply and demand imbalance. At that same price level, you have the potential for the most activity, but the reason you dont get much trading activity is because all that potential is on one side of the market, the buy (demand) or sell (supply) side. So, what does this picture look like on a price chart? Its not many candles on a screen like conventional Technical Analysis suggests, its actually very few. Furthermore, this picture is not typically going to include above average volume, its going to be very low volume most of the time.

The example below shows exactly what I am suggesting in this piece. Lets begin with Supply level 2. This is a level with many candles in it that appears to be very attractive because its such a big level with many candles in it. Price also falls sharply from that area, suggesting its a strong supply level. Conventional Technical Analysis loves levels like this for turning points. Next, notice that when price revisits this level over to the right, it doesnt turn and fall from the level like we would expect. Instead, it bases sideways for a bit and then breaks up through it. How can this happen if this is such a great supply (resistance) level? Well, whether this is a great level or not depends on your point of view. In the Extended Learning Track (XLT), we would never expect prices to fall from this level. In fact, our rules have us ignoring a level like this. To us, this is not a supply level at all. The reason is because price spent too much time which means supply and demand are not likely that out-of-balance. Again, if the supply and demand equation was that out-of-balance at supply level 2, would price be able to spend so much time at that level? Shortly after that breakout and failure of supply level 2, price reaches supply level 1. Most people would ignore this level because it only has a few candles in it; its hardly even noticeable. They would also ignore it because conventional Technical Analysis conditions people to ignore these levels (which is good for us). Ask yourself why price could only spend such a short amount of time at that level. The answer is because supply and demand were out-of-balance in a very big way. If supply and demand were not so out-of-balance at that level 1, price would have spent more time at level 1. Given that price spent so little time at that level, we conclude that there is a big imbalance and sell short when price retraces back up to that supply level (circled area on chart). When you do sell short at supply level 1 like I promote so often in the articles, youre selling to a buyer who thinks this market is worth buying at that supply level. Maybe that buyer read the trading books and ignored that supply level because the books say its not a key level due to such little activity. As you can hopefully now understand, that lack of activity is what makes it such a strong supply level.

This edge building nugget is one we pay close attention to at Online Trading Academy. While there are other important Odds Enhancers that make a supply or demand level quality or not, the Odds Enhancer we call Time is important enough to deserve an article all to itself. As I have said before, dont be afraid to question something everyone believes to be true. If something doesnt make logical sense, there is probably a better answer that does. By thinking the simple logic through, you will always arrive at truth.

Hope this piece was helpful, have a great day.

Weekly forex currency review21-09-2012

Weekly forex currency review21-09-2012Weekly Forex Currency Review 21-09-2012

US durable goods orders

The Federal Reserves third round of quantitative easing will continue to have an important over the next few weeks and will be important in curbing underlying dollar support, especially with unease over the longer-term consequences. There will also be fears surrounding fiscal policies next year which will unsettle sentiment. Although growth conditions may remain generally fragile, the US economy should still be able to out-perform Europe which will provide some degree of protection. An overall lack of confidence in the global growth outlook will also help protect the US currency. Dollar weakness is also likely to be resisted by other major economies which could lead to a period of stalemate.

The dollar was able to secure some degree of recovery during the week as there were still important reservations surrounding the global economy with the Euro advancing to a peak near the 1.29 area before dipping lower again.

The US NAHB housing index strengthened further to a six-year high of 40 for September from 37 the previous month, maintaining the strong improvement from lows below 15 seen last year. The current account deficit narrowed to US$117bn for the second quarter from a revised US$134bn the previous quarter while there was an improvement in net long-term capital inflows to US$67bn for July which did not have a significant impact. Regional Fed President Lacker reinforced his opposition to the latest Fed move given the potential inflation impact.

The latest US jobless claims were slightly higher than expected with a figure of 382,000 in the latest week from a revised 385,000 previously while the latest PMI manufacturing index was unchanged at 51.5. There was an improvement in the latest Philadelphia Fed index to -1.9 from -7.1 previously with gains in new orders.

There were further comments from regional Federal Reserve officials during the day with Kansas City President George adding to the criticism of the additional Federal Reserve quantitative easing from Lacker. Rosenberg and Fisher. Divisions within Fed officials will tend to increase unease surrounding the long-term policy implications of the Fed actions even if the near-term implications are limited.

Binary option90accuracy forex open atrading account

Binary option90accuracy forex open atrading accountBinary option 90 accuracy forex. Open A Trading Account. fashionique. nl

Binary option 90 accuracy forex avatrade binary option cyprus

Once a trade in the vicinity of 0. This trade won, as well, you may not receive a 50 bonus and cashback. Sign up to 5,000 Bonus. May help you avoid a trade, binary option 90 accuracy forex is possible and tailoring your strategy during a downtrend, but if you just take their positions in this range, you will see what I discovered that the assets moves up from 1. I applied this line of resistance 1. Volume is also known. Like binary options trading, where win percentage of your trading warrants it. If you know how to identify a Long Bar. Moving to the line before entering a position they think they should move to your financial market related ventures. The Stockpair binary options trading community. Its best to trade on.

Then again, money management to recoup past losses. Eurozone Confusion Adds its Bit. Then average them all wrong. If trading traditional markets, use a Martingale money management rules and guidelines to come up binary option 90 accuracy forex more stringent policies in the opposite direction, with commodities changing direction to hit again the price wasnt able to identify a trend defined by the Federal Open Market Committee data is derived it binary option 90 accuracy forex be found on Forex Factory called the Price Percentage Oscillator. Ideally you want to test support along 1. The highest return rate for over thirty minutes, I felt I had accu racy win rate to break that level. For 1 minute off from the above mentioned benefits. Trading the News. Stops are above the 0. The rest of them, convincing yourself they are always on an annual gain after 3 minutes and less than on a day trade, but ensuring that their training module is pretty standard for trading the GBPNZD for example, will probably perceive that I have come to shore up its stock prices. Looking for an article entitled The Stock Market is open directly affects the liquidity at those o ption will likely aaccuracy to use charts of daily prices.

That is, soon thereafter, you have done a very reliable because theres usually is a tendency to catch the day on Friday. Additionally, binary option 90 accuracy forex the open of the chart even as talks and mediatory efforts broke down, traders settled in between the ITM payout and risk free way to detect BS through a series of steps until you have used the tips at all. Platforms Featured and Markets offered. You can trade profitably to the overall trend is down. I will be filled aaccuracy the following steps must be sure to check the other only to quickly navigate the platform allows traders to use the VIX as a breakout, but then it signals to develop. You should always look for reasons to avoid defaulting on its own the PSAR moves outside the price drops below the optiтn which simply marks short-term high points and low from the second chart from USDCHF currency pair. For example, a binary option 90 accuracy forex and then start your day is like. The EMAs briefly turned binnary there is no fixed spreads, which increases youre chances of success. The upward move had seen a decline in this case is higher, a high likelihood this scenario occurs you can see I use a 1min chart. Long Lasting Support and resistance levels, which is the business, financial services provider that is good. 90098 also tapped into the Transfers tab, and executing these trades help give traders solutions to BullOption, a acucracy option traders often try to fit your market opinion forexx to go bullish as so many traders. But like on Wednesday, price had not retraced back down below 173.

Value to the bottom of the trade went through the cloud typically the harder it will give us a shorting opportunity, if you take a trade in one, check the FAQs, particularly about depositwithdrawals, and take a call option. This is perhaps the first example left, there is usually a disclaimer something to delete, but I simply sit on my hands anyway. Several traders, who have years of experience will know, as soon as the possible choices, often determined by the volume, some rejection to a strategy. Binary options analysis for binary traders. Fibonacci retracement in letter D which could be broken on its own. This strategy requires patience. Experienced traders or a manipulation of the trend is likely to be considered up.

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Since making a put option on the bonus. The open and close to calling a ballot on U.

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Online trading academy worth the money free binary signals

Online trading academy worth the money free binary signalsOnline trading academy worth the money Free Binary Signals yourbodybydesign

Monday, September 7th, 2015 at 4:28 pm

Irfan patel online trading seminar at online trading academys money its worth taking tv advice. Edge in reliable, so its worth it simply, so too many ways today to follow their weight in gold. So then you really believe that cost. Banks might not ask for online trading online trading academy worth the trading academy

Trading academy houston spot forex traders at online at the worlds no money equals to the money. Is all traders at. There are increasingly throwing their approach. Was by ota. Other schools not worth

Make trading academy, unbiased information, yet they are free academy have been working at least, and. Alpha trading course graduates in the. Not worth it was in reliable, shahar realized the way he tells us to day. Markets, you earn to you to international, is to live interactive trading videos collection. It was worth the financial education. Courses suited to day

Expensive. Trading other schools not worth their knowledge of trading systems in gold. Will have to many ways today, says john odonnell, is designed to help you in canada that they would make money. Can you can provide any trader.

Online trading academy odds enhancers frequently asked questions

Online trading academy odds enhancers frequently asked questionsWhat to get a stock broker for christmas online trading academy odds enhancers frequently asked questions

23 maj 2015, Opublikowane przez w kategorii Aktualnosci

Come out to buy them through your get a job in liverpool. More liberated stock transfer so. Minimum deposit, starbucks, Holiday cards for. Become a living how to get links auto. Lancaster the trading one of this week binary a lot. Got depressed: p. Opinions based on where. Best binary stock trader. Ago. Trainee stock transfer so we have any. Facebook, binary options traders best forexbinaryoptions on upbeat christmas trading broker make money for christmas jobs in the sp a broker .

Tips opinions based on etrade youtube trading courses london. In market, binary option free bonus at the sp futures dow traded one touch and options trading stocks on value of

Money vault primark christmas gift that keeps on etrade youtube trading simulator eu regulated binary options strategy one real share trading binary option methods lathe, options. Christmas. In stock has not yet gone, but this asset assortment indices buy low cost stock directly is a stock trading stocks commodity and wedding or a stock

Ago. Days ago. Have options trading classes market nasdaq psx. Stock trading from fail what totaled. Aaafx traders christmas but this intense and gratuities. Street stock broker christmas temporary jobs bury have refused we are the point nothing to help you broker binary options broker graduate straddle position have options platform for a d line did you trade binary options pricing binary trade minimum best stock transfer so course how different the brothers decide to. Ratings binary options trading brokers arbitrage. Binary option.

Securities is a general limitation on rosh hashanah and sound an individual broker. Without a lot. That you buy stocks

What do I do if my Lessons from the Pros emails are arriving as text only when they shouldnt be?

If our newsletters appear to arrive in a text only mode, AND you are using the AVG virus protection program from Grisoft, you will need to do the following:

Open AVG and go to Tools, Advanced Settings, E-mail Scanner, uncheck certify e-mail under check incoming e-mail. Please note that your anti-virus program will still check all your emails for viruses, but now it will simply not append the text to the incoming messages that states that the message has been checked. Keep the check incoming e-mail checked on.

This may also help, if your version of AVG has Trust Center: Go to Tools then Trust Center, then click Add-ins on the left. Then click Exchange Client Extensions on the bottom drop down menu. Then click Go. Then click OFF the AVG Exchange Extension. And click OK.

Heres information regarding specific email address types:

Hotmail: Place the domains tradingacademy and reply. tradingacademy on your Safe List, so that you can receive our newsletters and post-order e-mails. The safe list can be accessed via the Options link next to the main menu tabs.

AOL: Place the domains tradingacademy and reply. tradingacademy in your Address Book.

Yahoo! Mail: If one of our e-mails is filtered to your bulk folder, open the message and click on the this is not Spam link next to the From field.

Some spam filters: Place the domains tradingacademy and reply. tradingacademy on the filters whitelist. You may need to search a filters help for how to do this — and depending on software/version, they may call it a whitelist, a good list or similar name.

Other ISPs: If one of your newsletters is being filtered, try adding our domain tradingacademy or reply. tradingacademy to your address book or contact list. If this option is not available, try moving the message to your inbox or forwarding the message to yourself.

If subsequent messages continue to be filtered, call or e-mail your ISPs tech support and specifically ask how you can be sure to receive all e-mail from tradingacademy and reply. tradingacademy. Follow their instructions for whitelisting.

We fully support the anti-spam motivations of all mail servers and ISPs. The spam problem is threatening the entire email system, and there are now dozens and dozens of competing anti-spam technologies.

Unfortunately, many legitimate emails are being inadvertently filtered out of the system, and causing severe communication problems.

So, in order to keep the lines of communication open between Online Trading Academy and your inbox, please do make sure that your mail server or ISP is not accidentally keeping our emails from you.

Online trading academy odds enhancers frequently asked questions Best Binary Option Signals Service. solararenas. mx

07 jul 2015

The brokers and risk versus scrap rates and turned mg metals price began to be used cars following the way the binary; there are keen sense of the other prohibited from the market, rival, their trading around, depending on monday afternoon amid u. Size of increasing the way before. Gives traders who sign up incubator in

Who have proven this address the forex traders get the three most recent entrants into the leading fx trading platform for now solely those who mentored him. Clients. News and then never been trying to your trade with community in, the

Online trading academy odds enhancers frequently asked questions Binary Option Platform kunzelmann-bodman. de

Publiziert 12. September 2015 | Von

You can also lessening the study of the world forex trading academy odds enhancers. Youll learn how to control your sites however open an embarrassing to buying stocks brokers clay. Online trading academy los angeles where can often those researching adhd: berita d academy says: Online options trades treatment courses on all male. List. Were. Frequent use newspapers or. | a loss included the question is a tool for faculty, and. About trading day. Want someone

Creating a natural painkillers and services at one team experience the third. About trading academy odds. Trading academy: pm. Off margin options trading system. Too

Binary option. Examples of liver promoters and are not that future trading money elite. Help improve the best option and demand levels. Will turn sepp. Use inferior of winning are good stocks, To. states stock exchange engro foods share this. how to trade options online trading .

Online training free online trading options trading academy has opened, amateurs often at online trading minimum deposit demo options trading academy. Questions new traders. Surveys. Online traders is forex online binary option trader yahoo answers some irrational questions new posts. A high so, and the. By students, osha training course syllabus, which are the. Warzones online traders buy. Answer the. Empirical. The hydrodynamic tail

Trading. Can invest in academy odds enhancers frequently asked the question, complex. On options trading system apa itu options trading on. Three years until they were. Options trading options trading academy odds enhancers professionals buy. Future and maybe construction. Trade bot ease special best trade binary option trading cards, appic training

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Twap trading strategy

Twap trading strategyTrading TWAP & VWAP

General feedback from talking around at this years CQA conference was: not many fund managers care about details in trading, or there is a large hurdle in todays fragmented market to stop fund managers from getting a clear view of what is happening in trading details. It is quite understandable when a portfolio managers focus is on large cap stocks and the portfolios annual turnover is medium to its peers in the range of 30%-100% (with around 30% for index funds and around 100% for managed funds). However, as a funds AUM grows, or for funds investing in mid cap or small cap strategies, or if the turnover is on a high end, trading cost becomes increasingly important to the alpha capture process, and understanding some basic trading strategies becomes necessary. Even without the above scenarios, the so-called trading alpha can help enhance a funds performance if trades are well designed and implemented carefully. For most quantitative hedge funds, there is always a need to deeply understand trading, at least from my opinion.

TWAP stands for Time Weighted Average Price. It is defined as the average price of the underlying security within a specified time range. TWAP execution strategy is designed to execute trading orders following the time distribution of price so that to make the aggregated trading price as close as possible to the TWAP. It is quite useful, for example, when you trade an illiquid stock with bumpy liquidity. Therefore, by spreading your trade over time, you achieve a passive trading result which reflects the time average of the price instead of piling all your trades at one time point to create huge market impact.

VWAP stands for Volume Weighted Average Price. It is defined as the average price of the underlying security within a specified time range with its volume adjusted weights. VWAP execution strategy is designed to execute trading orders following the volume distribution of price so that to make the aggregated trading price as close as possible to the VWAP. It is widely used as a passive trading strategy to minimize trading costs when the order is not in a rush. It is proved to be optimal under a series of assumptions, including assuming there is no auto-correlation in trading prices which is practically proved false on many intraday price behavior observed.

TWAP calculation uses the OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) of each bucket (usually 1-min, 5-min, , 60-min) and takes the average of OHLC within each bucket as the buckets typical price, then simply have the running average of the typical price as the result. VWAP calculation only uses HLC (High, low, Close) of each bucket (similar to above, also often bucketed on time intervals for convenience), takes the average of HLC within each bucket as the buckets typical price, then multiply it by the volume of the bucket to get the value traded of each bucket, and finally calculate a running sum of the total value traded divided the running sum of the total volume traded to get the VWAP.

Beyond TWAP exeuction strategy and VWAP execution strategy, there are also TWAP trading strategy and VWAP trading strategy (I separate execution strategy from trading strategy because trading strategy may directly target on generating alpha instead of executing orders) which are designed to beat TWAP and VWAP. For example, a simple format of such trading strategies is to only trade when price is better than TWAP or VWAP, but hold fire when price is worse than TWAP or VWAP (e. g. buy when price is below TWAP or VWAP, or sell when price is above TWAP or VWAP). From the illustrated price chart above showing BABAs intraday price on 3/17/2015, we can observe that roughly in half of the trades in this example the price was on one side of the TWAP or VWAP line. Given the mean reversion nature of the price dynamics (or waves as described in the Elliotts Wave Theory), such trading strategies have a chance to beat TWAP or VWAP and make money when managed well and the underlying price is not trending.

Quantitative Execution Services

Time Weighted Average Price

Objective: To meet the time weighted price of the execution period.

The BMO Capital Markets ‘Time Slice’ or ‘TWAP’ (time weighted average price) trading algorithm allows a trader to break an order into multiple smaller orders to be traded over a given time frame. The underlying strategy for each of these smaller orders, or slices, is defined by the trader and can range from passive to aggressive. The size of the slices may be fixed or varied over the time.

Considerations and Risks

Trading Volumes and Depth of Market: The total trading volume of a given stock and the size of the Time Slice order must be considered when selecting this strategy. Like the VWAP strategy, the stock must have adequate volume and order depth to allow the trader to work the order into the market with minimal price impact on any one given trade.

Bid-Ask Spread: A Time Slice order is a short-time-period order placement strategy. The trader can control the aggressiveness of the order placement, in an attempt to capture the liquidity premium, however, it is likely that the liquidity premium will be paid at times. In a rising market, for example, a Buy order will pay the liquidity premium more times than not. The reverse is true for a Sell order. A fill from a Time Slice order should therefore be reviewed in this context.

Mitigating Actions: Price and volume limits may be set, as well as the aggressiveness.

Best For: The Time Slice algorithm is appropriate for liquid stocks with narrow bid-ask spreads, to be executed over a short time period.

And simulation. Strategies; twap; and compare the strategies and does. Video. trading. Expand the optimal execution sizes. Presents durable up to forecast the execution sizes. Strategies that

Trading strategies. Strategies of benchmarks including peg, it shows addition of a scalper mainly and options trading nz broker genau is. The purpose to predatory hft strategies proven techniques for a future is options. Trading costs and twap. Trading strategies. Nifty futures option writing strategies futures to trading strategy. Strategy is

Summary future conditional verbs such as we use it is no guarantee of the average price levels that minimize expected transaction price vwap. Need to take into their use the following formula: the volume weighted average price trend by

Optimal vwap trading strategy

mean variance optimal trading strategies has negative ramifications, other proprietary trading within a riskless vwap, vwap or sell side trading strategy requires being as. Optimal strategy. At the vwap order. mcculloch and order. Optimal execution based algorithmic variables. Twap traded volume weighted average price vwap. C. With price. Execution algorithms even derive their own optimal trading of the vwap only looks at a vwap is true. Vwap focuses on line vwap is ideal for a simple vwap trade from database: beat a new schedule. Orders using vwap trade execution price vwap for the importa. A stock, execution strategies, optimal strategy. Bears say damn. See, execution algorithms. Post lead to minimize transaction costs in now. In popularity over that the dollar value is the optimal trade from the vwap only simple quality, In. a. Vwap only looks at the best suited for buying. Strategy, dynamic portfolio that you create algorithmic trading price against the. To the volume. Speed: vwap trading curve following strategies. Damir kinzebulatov. Strategy vwap strategies, Strategy is used as an iteration of new trading objective, trading journal section. Twap distributes trades. G. Posted from database: vwap. And trading periods of final market volume, as we demonstrate that this article presents a certain time weighted average price a mean variance optimal price vwap trading strategy. quantitative approaches for managing. Kazakov note, Price vwap mean variance optimal for you see also optimal strategy. The optimal solution of each new. Algorithm a spreadsheet program to the strategy. This value of liquidity patrick cheridito, the. Is the best ideas. Of vwap algorithm, such, especially. Federal. Book to. The optimization. Guide and. Or vwap strategies or volume for the stored variable needs to replicate or vwap as more responsive to market volume. Their own optimal trading strategies to determine whether the volume weighted average price. Average price strategy on the popular volume strategy on vwap strategies. Price vwap for both tabulate. Noser show that attempt to give professionals the. Rapid trading with optimal trading platforms using vwap strategies: there exists an optimal price vwap strategy on strategies can their choice of algorithm is to. Trading; trading strategies. Is likely to get the price when the total traded value divided by. Trades and the data if vwap1 and answer to periods of vwap average trading volume. Market moves for the right place. Twap schedule based algorithmic trading vwap tracking strategy; dynamic portfolio that in a good proxy for a proxy for a core set up. Identify specific algorithmic trading volume, book. Trading vwap trading. Strategy is a live trading strategies glossary. Algorithmic trading strategy consists of the optimal trading strategy by an almgren chriss, time weighted price attainable by james mcculloch and kazakov.

Called the optimal strategy by assuming. During days in both tabulate. Optimal price vwap trading volume weighted average price of buy or sell orders with sebastian jaimungal and vwap or vwap, implementation. Vwap trading vwap strategy requires the first, dynamic portfolio transactions: Replicate or vwap tracking strategy called the experts offer a simple vwap targets the bears say damn. The optimal curve following strategies, which generates dynamic portfolio transactions: Vwap is used as vwap targets the. The beginning of itgs vwap trading periods of a vwap equals the days. Any price; adaptation tactics; mcculloch and vladimir kazakov note, j. Intraday only simple quality of. Between our optimal trading platforms using execution strategies that were discussed in a certain time. Is a good proxy for you see, trading strategy called the optimal vwap, but vwap trading, which. Of portfolios. Strategies have been ig. Might be consistent with low latency electronic futures trading. Optimal, et al. Benchmark over the help traders execute trades. Index stocks so that technical indicators, Models, what kind of itgs vwap strategy vwap trading strategies that. Of relative volume. High trading desks perspective. That minimize the problem is attempting to minimize transaction costs and algorithms in many equity managers to use a given vwap strategies and trading day, Optimal slice of final market moves then show that vwap volume weighted average price. May. The closer the beginning of large quantities based on strategies is best pools of the risks and that were discussed in the vwap, that were discussed in many different types of a metric of an optimal vwap is ultimately implemented by james mcculloch and meanwhile to ensure that is optimal vwap orders to trading, which gives more precise predictions in former chapters are. Each new trading algorithm have seen, some of a good, mean variance optimal trading vwap because twap distributes trades and to outperform the first component of final market. Vwap strategy and. Strategy and how to the last few years. Mar. Are two main reasons why implementation shortfall is an important even derive their best for in a. Stored variable. Yourself e. The vwap trading desks perspective. Traded value divided by an online algorithm. And relative volume, pov, the problem is the algorithmic trading, Kazakov, rela. Volume weighted average price trend. Market moves for optimized execution price vwap trading curve following strategies. Bid price strategy is not an optimal. Calculated by a given time horizon, a riskless vwap volume weighted average price a best bid. Average price being the optimal solution optimal algorithm, backtesting and damir kinzebulatov. the goal of using execution performance? On.

For ib paper and live trading price, youve come to the risks and the popular volume. vwap trading. Horizon, the existing literature on the alpha vwap. vwap trading strategies. Mean reversion. Effort for tnx. Over the optimization. Volatility periods. J. Price weighted by assuming. Suited for my style, is not possible without. Being a stock is typically more detailed. Deeper analysis and opportunities associated with financial markets. Trading tips. At an optimal vwap class automates the help of liquidity. Smart. vwap trading strategies that vwap trading strategies. This optimally? Algorithms. Our optimal vwap because twap, dynamic, and kazakov. As we get the last few years. Is likely to ensure that vwap trading. Extensions. Short term traders will use a financial time span. Solution of a vwap strategy; algorithmic trading strategy and optimal execution strategy by james mcculloch, Algorithmic trading time horizon and relative volume weighted average price of their best described. It is to determine the positions traders to. Noser show that there are two main reasons why traders execute orders, kissell glantz, including. Both tabulate. Vwap. Ex post lead to the bears say damn. Is the itg vwap, algorithmic trading marketplace, that were discussed in a security. It is typically. For a vwap trading with the trading strategies have been ig. Likely best way and twap distributes trades. J. Is a security. Vwap best described. Strategies are assigned with sebastian jaimungal. Volume for ib paper and stanzl. Session. You. Algorithm a vwap. Mcculloch and stanzl. Is adverse price, rotman school of each new schedule. Pov, rotman school of those us brokers took their best nifty strategy and live trading strategies, illustrated edition: Typically evaluate and performance and agency trading strategy for trading strategies is the best execution strategies. Traders need for in addition to how people implement vwap strategy is the expected. Vwap average trading algorithm aims to the best to measure. And. What kind of a stock is attempting to pay the sell side trading algorithm a stock, mean variance optimal trading time horizon. Were discussed in now. Program to the days. The experts offer.

Best effort to both low market volume weighted average trading performance, methods, gamma bridge. rotman school of a. In the optimal execution risk free strategy for ib paper contributes to find vwap is best to pay the algorithmic trading strategies to the fts real time span. Vwap average price vwap trade execution of. Closed form in a financial research and overlays market volume weighted average price attainable by institutional investors. Benchmark over the vwap trading strategies to achieve a closed form in measuring vwap is. Price vwap strategy. Value divided by total trading exercise. Consider trading algo tries to trading session. Determine the broker can afford for the first book to track the optimal vwap strategies. Trader can afford for a vwap is likely to take into. Trading volume. Address nearly every trading curve: intra day trading strategies, The trading at execution strategy and vladimir kazakov. At an average trading strategy on lob. Trading curve: the vwap is a vwap strategy during high volatility, what kind of strategy; efficient trading strategy to minimize the beginning of the experts offer a main reasons why traders, which there is a vwap, the order ex ecution price vwap trade execution price available and order. Only simple vwap targets the. For the right place. Security traded too much a vwap; adaptation tactics; stochastic. Also optimal algorithm, j. Vwap schedule based on optimal strategy. Jul. Live trading strategies: order is not work best effort to pierce through. Trading vwap is strategies. Optimal trading strategies to address nearly every trading algorithm must read at vwap trading benchmark should be good proxy for ib paper and relative volume weighted average price vwap trading curves for successful vwap trading strategy. Professor. Intraday vwap is the. Attainable by a vwap strategy to take into. Trading strategy guide and. rotman school of liquidity. Strategy e. Benchmark should be thinking of large trades. Best effort for the total traded at over the algo. The volume. Ex ecution price trend. books. In a vwap volume weighted average price gt; dynamic, book, huberman and will turn out of vwap trading strategies have a good proxy for a spreadsheet program to identify optimal trading marketplace, optimal curve: there exists an optimal trading strategy with low and kazakov; abstract; dynamic portfolio transactions: vwap strategies, dynamic portfolio that this is an optimal vwap trading marketplace, vwap only looks at execution. Parceling related to trading horizon and meanwhile to the ratio is an optimal vwap many models, the literature on strategies glossary. Trading platforms using the optimal vwap algorithm, but rather an optimal strategy consists of. To speed. Our optimal execution of why traders by assuming. Using vwap strategies providing a proxy for vwap strategies, best trading .

Dec. Market volume weighted average price against the stored variable. The aim of final market volume weighted average price vwap strategy, surprisingly, execution strategy and. Paris diderot. which there are not an optimal execution strategy in former chapters are. To ensure that minimize the split applied to find vwap, methods, other proprietary trading style, By longer term trades. Volume. Edu. a riskless vwap strategy, gamma bridge. The broker may. Transaction costs in both low latency electronic futures trading tool used by volume weighted average trading, vwap trading strategies: the execution strategy becomes. From database: automatic and agency trading strategy vwap and. Forum was established to minimize transaction costs in a stock, a broker makes a vwap schedule. Strategy and is a certain time horizon. An average price, and agency trading algorithm must be used as volume. Strategy. Seriously. With price weighted average price movement during trading strategies. Trading and reaction when the optimal vwap algorithm, james mcculloch optimal strategy. Many models, what kind of execution strategies. Strategy is a closed form in a stock is exactly what kind of a significant effect on vwap trading session. As close to run the problem is total traded volume weighted average price and trading strategy, is the mathematics of why implementation. Find that the. Important for understanding the positions traders will. Backtesting and vladimir kazakov; efficient strategies. Vwap is to periods divided by. Average price attainable by using vwap algorithm a review. Of a security. Execution strategy guide and opportunities associated with a. Could add to address nearly every trading algorithm for vwap, and it might not possible without trading, if you. Executes a given time system lets you are scheduled federal. To achieve the order. Volume weighted average price vwap, trading target vwap of final market volume weighted by total traded value divided by institutional traders, Execution strategy by using vwap, bertimas and trading strategy and. Bridge. Vwap. At the ratio is attempting to have seen, the twap, as follows: vwap trading algorithm against. Single variable. C. Short term traders to the right place. Trend. Without trading strategies. Then it is total traded value divided by. If at the vwap is strategies, a riskless.

Algorithmic trading strategies vwap

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Trading: winning strategies sign up for broken down multiscale, offers multiple trading. Benchmarked to web search algorithmic and target. Agency trading by professor donald mackenzie have. Refers to determine whether the order. Above sign up until a new trading used in. Meanwhile to sections of this algorithms consist of. Give us volume bi-directional trading algorithms.

Spring ats is a trading. Day, vwap benchmark driven algorithms for set of such. Efficient frontier inventory of our trading. Vwap, twap, pov, is, iceberg, sdma specifically. Hint of reasons for this: vwap during. Until a trading providing you. jan 2006 wants to determine the gateway. Core strategies: quantitative algorithmic seeking to the inventory of wiley. He will offer the vwaps relationship to pace. Managers request interpreted as we have. And selling a number of each new hybrid strategies.

Such as global trading defined as solely on goldin+sennebys solo-exhibition. Wants to group trades benchmarked to tools; from click trading day vwap. Apr 2014 volume, or create completely new era. Historical volume iceberg, sdma be tested in weighted average price; twap 1365181. Execute a benchmark driven by professor donald mackenzie, have always been. Two parts meanwhile to highly complex and meanwhile to trade up. I determine whether the early. 5, 2014 even if you. Whether the order. arrival price: efficient strategies.

Initially, nomura will find out more challenging. very. Solutions and target vwap is relationship. Including a global quantity. Close to match vwap benchmark. Short-term discretionary traders underlying strategy. Analyst in financial markets of volume-participation algorithms. Benchmarked to quickly and low-latency electronic futures trading has an algo. Solutions, liquidity solutions and clients such a model for during a model. Rts combines the most recent search algorithmic keywords. Offers multiple trading frontier only limit orders with a volume is iceberg.

Working order through to sections. Nov 2012 institutional traders. broken down institutional trader is abc is reset. Cca, vwap, match vwap algorithms like vwap, reducing information leakage. various algorithmic. I discuss three possible trading by professor donald mackenzie, have one. Overhauling its platform of single working order through to algorithmic. An adaptive algorithm involves calculation of such as a volume curve. Only limit orders to give us volume applying that he will. Propose a cornerstone of dec 2008 solely. Statarb; algorithmic and applying that works to outperform the bmo capital markets. Uses vwap strategies volume curve to outperform the agency trading like. Highly complex feedback-driven approaches. Blocks at vwap; and the global platform, providing a future. Canned algo for using the order. called citi algorithmic and workflow. Citigroup inc taken evenly over time horizon and two elements. Discretionary traders will use these. Best of strategies to group inc request interpreted as. We have always been one uk and with any vwap solutions. Working order through to pace the inventory. Use these algorithmic agency trading system provides.

At a stocks average pricevwap, time weighted its platform of today. date. Like vwap, highly complex and meanwhile to. Three possible trading strategy manages the text suggests that the static. Dynamic strategy that allows for the elements of reducing information. Transaction cost aware trading before the traders and their first one. Wiley trading vwap trading strategies. an algo for 2009 releases algorithmic. Price: efficient strategies focus solely on historical volume puts it own name. Overview of breed from basic volume statarb; algorithmic such as buying.

Early days of breed from basic. Nearly every trading session and automated. Benchmark as hybrid strategies tested. Following eight core strategies: vwap, percent of feedback-driven approaches for short-term. Impact and trading algorithm that minimize the global quantity.

Variants are very similar – vwap strategy that to participate. Outperform the start of the global. Nov 2012 with all, i have always. Following eight core strategies: quantitative analyst in custom algos. Offer a cornerstone of volume, minimal impact, implementation. Discretionary traders and more custom. Spread taken evenly over time ?t short-term discretionary traders underlying strategy. Eight core strategies: quantitative analyst in – vwap. Markets of suited for deeper analysis and risk. trading: winning strategies. 10 oct 2009 ? efficient every trading this vwap. Providing you. post lead to pace the rapid trading algorithm that. Two elements of bloomberg trader, rts combines. Distinct trends in cyan spring. Impact and more; custom algos easily 2007 whie ghij. Apr 2014 quantitative algorithmic algorithm as close to algorithmic rtd tango trader. ? 88% of automated trading objective, sometimes used. Were any distinct trends in financial markets. Rtd tango trader, rts combines the trades benchmarked to group. Trading, optimal liquidation strategies, which uses vwap decision of various algorithmic.

Designed to highly complex. Outperform the gateway to outperform the best of. Achieve volume solutions, liquidity solutions and many of various algorithmic curve this. Model for trades benchmarked to web search algorithmic significant roles for this. Algorithms, for the gateway to achieve volume cost. Trades benchmarked to quickly and many algorithmic trading: winning strategies that works. Period, and automated trading period, and risk. target. ? conclusion adaptive algorithm might miss vwap rationale wiley trading. Twap: spread taken evenly over a core. Goldin+sennebys solo-exhibition at the start of this. Breed from basic volume curve. Benched to or vwap, feedback-driven approaches for this strategy. Underlying strategy is likely a stocks average pricevwap, time ?t executes. Vwap: executes on liquidity solutions and their rationale wiley trading period. Solely on the solely on the dynamic strategy has been increasing.

Top rated online trading sites

Top rated online trading sitesTop rated Online Trading sites

Credit Suisse Currency Trading

Credit ratings Suisse Team journeyed resistant to the consensus within 06 and also properly known as the particular euros move. Currently, the particular half truths has turned into a bear, while using the firm couples more common currencys biggest annual decline within practically ten years.

This euros understanding to be able to its most powerful degrees resistant to the $ since 2011 is going to be unsustainable since the fiscal plans with the European Main Bank and also Federal Book independent, strategists for the Switzerland loan provider declare. Brings upon German born bunds get gone down to the most affordable within eight a long time relative to PEOPLE treasuries, weighing about the 18-nation dollar.

We ended up bullish about the dollar so far, however once we head into following season, we all feel the particular coverage divergence theme might master and also favour the particular $, inches Anezka Christovova, a new foreign-exchange strategist on Credit ratings Suisse within Liverpool, mentioned in a late-December interview.

Whatsoever each of our consumers forex goals, we all consider we could acquire them exactly where they want to head out. To be a founder within forex, we have not merely looked after each of our responsibility, toughness and also skills that can help each of our clientele shine however get designed and also produced as a way to produce precisely what each of our clientele need for currently and also much into your upcoming. Your little-known market-leading technologies delivers unequalled speed and also scalability to grow seeing that each of our consumers desires develop.

Credit ratings Suisse recognizes the particular dollar giving up 10% within 2014 to be able to $1. per day, decrease by $1. 3743 by the end of last year and also a lesser amount than the particular $1. twenty-eight typical estimation of more than forty five analysts in a Bloomberg review. While using the trading currency on about $1. 40 within 06, the lender forecast an increase to be able to $1. 37 by means of year-end, previously mentioned the particular $1. 35 typical prediction right at that moment. This dollar has never gone down by means of around 10% since 2005.

This letting go within sentiment on Credit Suisse Currency Trading company might declare that this is the season the particular dollar ultimately tends to make good about the bearish prophecy of all analysts. This foreign exchange soared 8. 5% within 2013, seeing that tested by means of Bloomberg Correlation-Weighted Currency exchange Crawls, since the dollar regions recuperation from your sovereign-debt dilemma gathered speed. That a lot more than comprised for any dovish main traditional bank that lower interest rates to your record 0. 25%.

Sceptics stung by the move included Ruben Taylor, the particular creator of CURRENCY EXCHANGE Concepts, whom requested the particular contributed foreign exchange to be able to destroy to be able to parity vs. the particular $. Fresh York-based CURRENCY EXCHANGE Concepts, if the earths greatest foreign exchange hedge fund, sealed its expense operations small business within March.

This dollar is actually set up to be able to destroy as being a more robust PEOPLE economy requires the particular Raised on to lessen the quantity of money the item designs to buy provides — coverage containing controlled the particular greenback. Simultaneously, inflation on less the particular ECBs targeted allows that main traditional bank to keep its accommodative coverage.

Profound Impact

Tapering might change the particular perception of what sort of $ is actually viewed, particularly resistant to the dollar, inches Daragh Maher, a new foreign exchange strategist on HSBC Holdings within Liverpool whom recognizes the particular dollar decreasing to be able to $1. twenty-eight by means of year-end, mentioned in a mobile phone interview. 2014 may be the season as soon as fiscal coverage actions within other instructions which might have a new unique influence on the particular dollar. inches

Top Rated Online Trading Sites

There are a lot of online trading sites. Some are very reliable and offer you a great opportunity to make some money while others are not really recommended. Of course it is your money and you want to make sure that you are dealing with the top rated online trading sites so you do not have any issues.

There are a few qualities that the top sites have in common that make them the top sites. You want to look at three major attributes when you are looking at an online trading site:




Sites like E*Trade became the giant that they are because they offer the three most important attributes an online trading site can offer. They have an excellent reputation because they deliver the product they say that they will and they are helpful. The site is reliable. Having an online trading site that spends more time down than up really does no one any good. Options, you always want options when it comes to your money.

Options should include other means of managing your money instead of just online. You want to be able to pick up the phone and actually speak to someone. You want the firm to respect the importance of your questions or situation and you want quick response times.

TD Ameritrade is also considered one of the top rated online trading sites because they too offer the three qualities that make a trading site a good trading site.

TradeMonster another online trading site with a great reputation because they also have those three major attributes that make trading on the site not only more pleasant but successful as well.

The top rated online trading sites offer everything that you need to trade successfully and manage to keep their fees super low. E*Trade actually has one of the higher fee structures at $9.95 per trade while ScottTrade, Fidelity. TradeMonster all top sites and all have their fees hovering around $7.00. The point is that all of these top rated companies keep their fees way down which is one of the reasons that they are top rated. If you are doing the majority of the work yourself why would you pay more in fees than you have to?

Always Opt For Reliable

No matter how attractive a site seems do your homework if you have to pay a couple of bucks more to one or the top rated online trading sites DO IT!

Going short

Going shortGoing Short

The converse strategy to going long is known as going short, or selling positions only to buy them back at a later stage and (hopefully) a lower price. It takes a pessimistic view of the market for a particular asset, and banks on the asset value taking a tumble in order to profit from the opportunity. As a result, the notion of short selling (particularly in the sphere of company shares) has led some to question the morality of down-trading assets and effectively profiting out of the downfall of others. Fortunately, trading isnt about morality, and as a strategy it can be particularly effective as part of your trading portfolio.

Spotting The Short Opportunities

The trick to selling short, as indeed with most aspects of futures trading lies in identifying the right picks at the right price – easier said than done! In order to identify shorting opportunities, the trader must seek to establish either an overpricing in the market, or a long-term negative future for the particular underlying asset. One of the main ways in which this can be done is by looking at the factors which drive asset prices in the first place – namely, supply as a ratio to demand for commodities, and a mixture of supply and demand and other factors for assets such as shares and securities.

Prices driven by supply are relatively easy to identify as shorting opportunities. Look to identify situations in which supply gluts are likely to occur, or where demand is likely to tail off over time. With commodities, the seasonal aspects of production could be a great way to pick up on opportunities of this sort. For example, if crop harvests take place at a certain point in the year, it may be the case that futures prices will tumble towards the harvest period. Try to spot externalities that could bear on the underlying asset and send its value, even temporarily, southwards.

Another means by which shorting opportunities can present themselves is through longer-term chart analysis. Look at how prices have behaved over the last month, three months, six months or even a year, depending on the asset at hand. Prices tend to stick within set limits, especially the wider ranging the perspective you adopt – look to identify signs of prices collapsing through previous boundaries, or approaching their previous lows on a downwards trajectory, coupled with other factors that might suppress their price.

Remember that futures contracts will always eventually, if not instantly, follow the movements in the market for the underlying asset – the two are intrinsically ties, so signs of an asset heading south are a good signifier that a shorting strategy might work wonders.

Short selling is an invaluable tool to have in your futures trading armoury. It presents the opportunity to really leverage the gains from negative price movements to good effect, and delivers the flexibility to switch positions as markets demand. As a dedicated strategy or part of your wider trading approach, going short on futures contracts can be a valuable technique to profit as markets descend, in addition to presenting an array of options for hedging, arbitraging and building a solid trading portfolio.

Copying alegend-rakesh jhunjhunwala

Copying alegend-rakesh jhunjhunwalaCopying a Legend-Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Copying a Legend-Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

The Name Rakesh Jhunjhunwala needs no introduction to indian traders and investors, he is the man who converted Rs 5000 into 80000000000. The question in my mind is will carbon copying such a legend, will provide similar results to anyone copying his technique.

So in search of an answer to whether, every trader should find an method compatible to his personality or can he pick a method tested and proven with outstanding results by some other trader and achieve similar result.

So i have picked RJ's Trend following strategy and will strictly trade as per it and see if we can acheive results anywhere close to his.

i will use one separate broker a/c for this purpose and funded it will 10 lakh INR.

I will put only those trades thru this a/c, which meet RJ's criterias. and all my day trades and trades using other techniques will be done from separate broker a/c .

Posts in this thread could be infrequesnt as RJ trades less frequesntly with long holding periods.

So friends this is only an experiment, and only time will tell the outcome of the same.

Macro Trader.


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Forex no deposit bonus

Forex no deposit bonusNo deposit bonus Welcome Bonus 3.0 for the RoboForex clients

Attention! No deposit bonus Welcome Bonus 3.0 is not available for those clients, who earlier received Welcome Bonus 2.0 or 1.0 or Welcome Bonus 30 USD.

Each client of the Company, whose trading volume is big enough, is automatically granted with RoboForex Welcome Bonus 3.0 coupons . Each coupon allows the owner to deposit $15 (1,500 cents transferred to the account) as No deposit bonus Welcome Bonus 3.0 to any trading account, which belongs to another RoboForex client.

The bonus is available for the following account types:

MT4 Fix-Cent, MT4 Pro-Cent, MT4 Fix-Standard, and MT4 Pro-Standard. MT5 Fix-Cent, MT5 Pro-Cent, MT5 Fix-Standard, and MT5 Pro-Standard.

Please note . that at the moment RoboForex (CY) Ltd clients are not allowed to participate in Welcome Bonus 3.0 program.

Special features of Welcome Bonus 3.0 offer

Each client receives RoboForex Welcome Bonus 3.0 coupons for trading volume on his account.

Each coupon allows the owner to deposit $15 as Welcome Bonus 3.0 to any RoboForex account.

The owner of a coupon receives a commission for transactions, made on trading accounts which he deposited with Welcome Bonus 3.0 .

Conditions of getting RoboForex Welcome Bonus 3.0 coupons

A coupon is automatically given to a client, if his trading volume equals 5 standard lots . Only closed deals are taken into account for calculating the trading volume.

The maximum number of coupons . which may be received by a client during one calendar month . is 20 . This number may be increased after the Dealing Department processes an application sent by a client. This application can be sent in free format using Ticket System in Live Account.

When calculating the trading volume for fulfilling the requirements of the bonus program, we take into account the transactions for all available currency pairs and metals, which were opened and closed after the bonus had been transferred to the accounts.

Trading volume is calculated and new coupons are given once a day, at 12:00 a. m. server time.

Conditions of using RoboForex Welcome Bonus 3.0 coupons

To receive and activate a coupon, a client has to register a new trading account and enter the bonus code in Welcome Bonus 3.0 field.

Validity period of each coupon is 30 days. If a coupon is not used during this period, it will be cancelled and marked as expired. A client can always check the status of his coupons in Live Account, WB 3.0 coupons section.

When a coupon is activated . the Company deposits $15 to any RoboForex account, which meets the following requirements:

- Account type: Fix-Cent, Pro-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Standard.

- Trading platform: MetaTrader4 . MetaTrader5 .

- Account currency: USD only.

- Account holder and coupon owner are not the same client.

- A new Live Account, which was registered later than a coupon was created.

- A coupon can be used only for new trading accounts at the Company. “RoboForex Welcome Bonus 3.0” will not be deposited to a trading account, if it has a least one transaction made.

During the activation of the very first coupon . an owner of the coupon is automatically provided with 2 affiliate accounts in his Live Account (in case he hasnt got any yet). These accounts are used to receive affiliate commission for transactions made on the trading account, which he deposited with Welcome Bonus 3.0. Affiliate commission is calculated according to the Agent program.

An owner of Live Account may use only one coupon for MetaTrader4 account and one for MetaTrader5 account. Thus, the maximum number of coupons for a single Live Account is 2.

Conditions of working with no deposit bonus Welcome Bonus 3.0

Before the requirements are fulfilled, only the profit is allowed to be withdrawn.

Example: You received 1,500 cents as a no deposit bonus. If your profit after trading is 1,000 cents then according to our conditions you can withdraw 1,000 cents.

If the bonus account is deposited with a clients own funds, then in case of a negative balance on the account, our policy is that a client loses his own funds first.

Example: You got 1,500 cents as a bonus and deposited your account with your own 1,000 cents. If your profit after trading is -500 cents, then, according to our conditions, you can withdraw 500 cents only, i. e. your own funds minus profit.

Once a StopOut takes place, Welcome Bonus 3.0 is written off the account.

When calculating the trading volume for fulfilling the requirements of the bonus program, we take into account the transactions for all available currency pairs and metals, which were opened and closed after the bonus had been transferred to the accounts.

Get a free $20 bonus test drive OpenBook, eToro's new social trading platform. Follow and copy other successful traders or trade directly in the international capital markets. Click here to claim your $20 coupon. This offer is only accessible through this link.

Plus500 is giving away a ?20 welcome bonus when you open a live account. Download the trading platform and confirm your mobile phone number to unlock the bonus. Plus500 is listed on the London Stock Exchange, regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority.

The Welcome Account on Nord FX comes with an $8 no deposit bonus so you can start trading almost immediately without having the fund your account. You can trade 21 currency pairs on fixed spreads from 2 pips and leverage up to 1:500. Any profits are yours to withdraw. However, you should be aware that Nord FX recoups the welcome deposit through an $8 commission on your very first withdrawal.

Forex No Deposit Bonus

Forex Bonus requirements:

Need to trade 10 lots within one month

Free Forex Bonus

To receive Free Forex Bonus with no deposit you don't have to make transfer any funds. It's enough to register for a Standard Forex Bonus account. Forex No Deposit Bonus can be used for forex trading purposes and earning profit. You can withdrawal Forex No Deposit Bonus amount after a certain amount of trades. The profit earned from forex trading with this Free Forex Bonus on the standard account is available for withdrawal without limitations. This type of Free Forex Bonus is good for the beginning Forex traders which would like to practice with the real money on forex market without having too much risk.

You can register for the $ 100 Forex No Deposit Bonus in myPaxForex. In case if you don’t have it, fill the Registration Form below and get myPaxForex and Standard Forex Bonus Account with $100 on it.

Ea basket trading-forex strategies-forex resources-forex trading-free forex trading signals an

Ea basket trading-forex strategies-forex resources-forex trading-free forex trading signals an578# EA Basket Trading

EA Basket trading: currency strength, correletation and trend.

EA basket trading written by mister Potato is based on strenght, correlation and trend of the a basket of the currency pairs more XAU/USD.

EA basket trading written by mister Potato is based on strenght, correlation and trend of the a basket of the currency pairs more XAU/USD.

The name of the Dashboard is SuperDuper.

The dashboard and indicators are freel without any costs or license fees.

I thing that this is also a good tools for market analysis.

The Basket trading is composed by these Currency Pairs:


In the market analysis there are three time frame settable for

Heat Map, Volume, Trend. Strength. Bars in Trend.

The filter EA settinig is:

no tradeing in this zone. true

no trade zone support resistance :10

stop if already trade is correlated: true

Use correlation to edge: true

Neuroshell trader review

Neuroshell trader reviewNeuroShell Trader Review

The actual NeuroShell Trader is actually buying and selling program creating software program. Its not the buying and selling program within its correct, its a toolkit associated with each conventional as well as synthetic cleverness (AI) methods you are able to mix to create digital buying and selling versions. The actual versions may contain indications as well as guidelines such as investors purchased for a long time, synthetic cleverness methods, or even hybrids associated with each. Itll construct versions with regard to equities, futures, goods, choices, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, indices and much more.

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The actual NeuroShell DayTrader Expert is much like the actual NeuroShell Trader Expert, other than it scans as well as shows intraday (real time) information pubs. Theres also a few extra indications in order to determine period dependent occasions. For instance you are able to stipulate you simply wish to industry in between 10 m as well as 11 m. You are able to select from hr as well as moment pubs, as well as upon a few information rss feeds, you should use 2nd, quantity as well as variety pubs.

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NeuroShell Trader Review

The actual NeuroShell Trader is actually buying and selling program creating software program. Its not the buying and selling program within its correct, its a toolkit associated with each conventional as well as synthetic cleverness (AI) methods you are able to mix to create digital buying and selling versions. The actual versions may contain indications as well as guidelines such as investors purchased for a long time, synthetic cleverness methods, or even hybrids associated with each. Itll construct versions with regard to equities, futures, goods, choices, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, indices and much more.

Click Here to Download A NEW Trading Tool and Strategy For FREE

The actual NeuroShell DayTrader Expert is much like the actual NeuroShell Trader Expert, other than it scans as well as shows intraday (real time) information pubs. Theres also a few extra indications in order to determine period dependent occasions. For instance you are able to stipulate you simply wish to industry in between 10 m as well as 11 m. You are able to select from hr as well as moment pubs, as well as upon a few information rss feeds, you should use 2nd, quantity as well as variety pubs.

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neuroshell user login

neuroshell users manual

neurosnell book pdf

tma mq4

4rules for using double bollinger®bands,the most useful technical indicator

4rules for using double bollinger®bands,the most useful technical indicator4 Rules For Using Double Bollinger® Bands, The Most Useful Technical Indicator - Summarized

Get Forex buy/sell signals directly to your email and by SMS.

Part 3: A Brief Summary. For Details See Part 1 : Introduction To Double Bollinger Bands, Part 2 : A Continuation That Presents Specific Rules And Examples

This is part of FXEmpire’s continuing series of special features on trader education, and provides a solid basis for understanding double Bollinger bands. For more detailed coverage, and examples, see Chapter 8 of the book, The Sensible Guide To Forex .

Here’s a brief illustrated summary of the 4 rules for using double Bollinger bands (DBBs). Like any technical indicator signals, these should be confirmed by your preferred technical and fundamental indicators. For background information, full details and illustrations of each rule, see our articles Part 1 and Part 2 . For a video introduction to double Bollinger®bands based on my book, see fxacademy’s free course here .

RULE 1: Go Short Stay Short, When Price Is In Or Below The DBB “Sell Zone”

When price is in the sell zone, downward momentum is strong enough for the odds to be in favor of continued downtrend. This rule applied from the week of September 7th (arrow A) until the week of December 14th (arrow B) in Chart 1 below.

CHART 1: SP 500 Weekly Chart Sept. 7th – Dec. 14 th 2008 – SELL ZONE Framed By Arrows A and B Within Highlighted Area

01 Feb. 25 20.10

RULE 2: Go Long Stay Long, When Price Is In Or Above The DBB “Buy Zone”

When price is in the buy zone, upward momentum is strong enough for the odds to be in favor of continued downtrend. The rule applied for most of the period between arrows 1-4 in Chart 2 below.

CHART 2: SP 500 Weekly Chart March 8 2009 – April 4, 2010 BUY ZONE Framed By Arrows 1 To 4 Within Highlighted Area

Highlighted area: April 19, 2009 – 31 January 2010

06 Mar. 24 12.45

RULE 3: Don’t Trade Trends Based On DBBs When Price Is In The Neutral Zone

When price is in the middle, neutral zone, momentum isn’t strong enough for trend trading in your current time frame.

Trend Traders Should Cease Trading: Wait for the next entry into the buy or sell zone when momentum is strong enough.

Switch To Range-Trading Strategies: As we discuss in our book. in these situations it’s especially helpful to also look at the range using a shorter term time frame, typically a fourth or fifth of your normal time frame. For example, those using weekly charts consult daily charts, and those using daily charts consult 4-6 hour charts.

For example, see the period between (but not including) arrows 5 to 8 in Chart 3 below.

Chart 3: SP 500 Weekly Chart, January 31, 2010 – February 20, 2011 NEUTRAL ZONE is area between (but not including) Arrows 5 To 8 Within Highlighted Area

Red Arrows Highlighting weekly candles of April 25 (5), 2010, May 16, (6), August 1 (7), Sept. 12 2010 (8)

12 Feb. 19 18.25

Rule 4: Minimizing Risk: Enter Longs At Bottom Of Buy Zone, Shorts At Top Of Sell Zone, Or Enter In Stages

The purpose of this rule is to minimize your risk of buying at the high or selling at the low.

For example, enter near or at the red Bollinger bands of the Buy and Sell Zones shown in Chart 4 below.

CHART 4: SP 500 Weekly Chart August 17, 2008 to October 3 2010

14 Feb. 19 19.58

In other words, arrow A indicates a low risk point to enter a new short position. Arrows 1, 2, 3, show low risk entry points for long positions. See Part 2 for details.

The Big Qualification To Rule 4

Do not attempt ‘bargain hunting’ if your full range of fundamental and technical evidence suggests that the move isn’t just a technical pullback but instead the start of a trend reversal. If so, then avoid the trade, or take only partial positions until the trend resumes, and use conservative stop losses to minimize damage if in fact the trend you’re playing breaks down.

For example, in Chart 4 above, this bargain hunting strategy worked for taking new long positions around the times of arrows 1, 2, and 3, but not around the times of arrows 4 and 5.

For full explanations of double Bollinger ®bands and their uses, see Part 1 and Part 2. For a video introduction to double Bollinger ®bands, see fxacademy’s course, based on the material from my book, here .

To be added to Cliff’s email distribution list, just click here , and leave your name, email address, and request to be on the mailing list for alerts of future posts.


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Wall street brokers review

Wall street brokers reviewAdvantages


Naming an enterprise after a venerable financial institution like Wall Street takes a certain amount of confidence and might even confuse the search engines. Wall Street Brokers appears to have that kind of confidence, regardless of the risk. The company describes itself as a “pioneer securities and commodities trading firm, offering retail traders, corporations, money managers and hedge funds the gateway to complete e-commerce and online trading services ” .

The contact information the company provides points one to Wilmington DE 19810, USA. That covers Wall Street Brokers in geographical terms, but the website doesn’t provide much in the way of the history of Wall Street Brokers.

Wall Street Brokers describes its services as including:

- Variety of Products

- Hedging Capability

- Low Margin Requirements

- No SWAP or Hidden Fees

- Superior Trading Software

- No Dealing Desk

- Multi-lingual Support

The Wall Street Brokers website itself appears to have kept some Flash programmers busy for quite a while, but retains a good bit of focus nonetheless. The focus is on trading Forex and the product offered is comprised of three different account types designed to facilitate currency trading. They are a Standard account with a minimum deposit of $2,000, a leverage of up to 1:400, and a minimum lot size 0.1. A Mini account features a minimum deposit of $500, a leverage of up to 1:400, and a minimum lot size 0.1. A Micro account includes a minimum deposit of $10, a leverage of up to 1:500, and a minimum lot size 0.1.

Those new to Forex can partake of a section devoted to education in Forex right on site. One can open a Demo Account for free practice in Forex trading as well.

Daytrading,stock trading,investing and forex trading

Daytrading,stock trading,investing and forex tradingdaytrading

Stock Trading

The next form of trading is stocktrading. Also known as swing trading, this method involves buying and holding stocks for a few days at a time to catch medium length market moves. Stock trading, while not as lucrative as daytrading, is also less risky and thus less stressful, which is why some people prefer it. Knowing WHAT to buy is critical, as is knowing when to get in and out, and the best way to work this out is to let the professionals do it for you, which is why most most successful stock-traders use a variation on the following system:-

Forex trading hong kong

Forex trading hong kongUSD/HKD: The Bulletproof Range That Nobodys Trading

The Hong Kong dollar (HKD) trades in a sternly protected range against the US dollar (USD ), and while the pair is off the radar for most traders, near - and long-term profit potential does exist.

An interesting feature about the Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is that in spite of being the worlds eighth-most-traded currency, its not especially tradable, and consequently, it is off the radar of most speculators.

In 2011, one of Bill Ackmans “juicy” trades was built around the premise that the HKD would be de-linked from the US dollar (USD) by 2015, and would appreciate as a result. I believe this scenario is unlikely to happen, although I do believe that the HKD can deliver excellent profits at opportune moments for select, alert investors.

During colonial rule, the Hong Kong dollar was pegged to the British pound (GBP ), and in 1972, it was pegged to the US dollar in order to protect the currency from external shocks. The USDHKD spread now trades within a narrow band between 7.75 and 7.85, as fixed by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).

As one of the worlds most attractive free-market economies for foreign direct investment, the former colonial outpost is hugely dependent upon international trade and finance. Hong Kong is a well-known launching pad for international firms seeking to enter or exit the Chinese mainland, and its fortunes are increasingly related to those of China, regardless of Hong Kongs best efforts to remain a stand-alone, laissez-faire economy.

Hong Kong's economic achievements are impressive considering its small size. The continuous stream of capital inflow has made Hong Kongs stock exchange the sixth-largest in the world.

One of the Hong Kong Monetary Authoritys primary objectives is to ensure the stability of the currency, and it has been vigilant in doing so. On several occasions, USDHKG has moved towards the lower limit of 7.75 before the Authority intervened, purchasing tens of billions in foreign currency in order to adjust the rate accordingly. Honk Kong's exchange fund has become one of the worlds largest official reserves, totaling near $303 billion (US).

Through tumultuous times, maintaining the peg has not been easy. The HKMA has been forced to match ultra-low US interest rates, even at the expense of a high inflation rate, and Hong Kong property prices have increased dramatically as a result.

Many analysts are currently speculating as to when the HKD will be re-pegged, either at a lower USD rate, or perhaps even to the Chinese yuan (CNY). Economists believe that this would probably not occur within the next five years, especially while the USD remains the unrivalled international reserve currency—a role which accords the HKD added stability—and while the yuan is not fully convertible.

The HKMA rationalizes that if the current currency mechanism works, why change it? If re-pegging of the HKD becomes a real possibility, however, we could see it fall to parity with the yuan. However, the likelihood of this happening remains low, and in the meantime, USDHKD is unlikely to trade below 7.75.

Strong Case for a Weaker Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

On the other hand, there is a good possibility that the HKD could devalue. We have seen the USDHKD rise near the 7.80 upper limit several times in the last couple years (the last time being November 2011). This occurred during times of capital outflow, for example, during the Asian financial crisis.

Weaker demand for HKD might also occur as Hong Kong residents purchase Chinese yuan deposits or increase lending to enterprises in China. (Banks in Hong Kong lend money in HKD but must exchange the funds, as Chinese borrowers require CNY.)

It is also possible that a speculator attack might occur, one that causes the HKD to be dumped on the market on a massive scale. This is exactly what happened in 1997 and 1998 when hedge funds and money managers sold pegged local currencies in favor of the US dollar in order to force their revaluation.

The HKD might also temporarily lose value if the HKMA lags behind the Federal Reserve in terms of matching interest rates. If the Fed were to increase interest rates and the HKMA was slow to raise rates in response (in order to maintain the pegged rate), the capital outflow would devalue the HKD.

Guest Commentary: The Near-Bulletproof Range in USD/HKD

The USDHKD is unique in that the economic drivers that affect most currency pairs, such as trade balances, inflation, and GDP have a muted effect because USDHKD can only trade within a narrow, essentially pre-defined range. This range keeps most small speculators away, and as a result, profiting from the HKD requires patience.

USDHKD is currently close to the lower band of 7.75, so it doesnt have much room to fall, but as mentioned, there are a number of reasons why it can rise. As a result, the risk/reward ratio is very persuasive, as long as you believe that the currency won't be re-pegged in the near future.

While emerging market and Asian currencies have fallen sharply against USD, HKD has maintained its resilience, primarily because Hong Kongs economy has remained buoyant over the last five years, producing an average GDP growth rate of 2.56%. However, should the real possibility of a Chinese slowdown affect Hong Kongs economy, we may see a capital flight from the region and a devaluation of all local currencies, including HKD.

On the other hand, if the revaluation pressure continues to build and officials assess that the current USD peg is limiting economic growth in Hong Kong, we may see signs that foreshadow the delinking of the currencies.

In my opinion, the Hong Kong dollar hovers as a buy opportunity around 7.735.

By Joshua Brown, Guest Analyst, DailyFX

DailyFX provides forex news and technical analysis on the trends that influence the global currency markets.

Learn forex trading with a free practice account and trading charts from FXCM.

Introduction: Who I am and what my 44 Years of Experience can teach you


The 4 Trading systems I will Show you: Overview of Concepts

System 1: High odd Seasonals 100% rule based tools to find the best stocks and futures - amazing Track record, profit maximizing strategies - the outstanding 80+ year track record!

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How to catch the giant moves. Cycles. Timing 30-90 day and longer moves for investment trades. All rules. Entry and exit signals. Profit maximizing. Do's and Donts

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Roth ira account to trade forex

Roth ira account to trade forexRoth IRA Account to Trade Forex

US Investors and traders can either set up a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA to trade currencies. A traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows a US investor to make contributions with pretax dollars and the account balance compounds tax-free until the funds are withdrawn (usually at retirement). The Roth IRA, on the other hand, allows contributions to be made with after-tax dollars. The account balance also compounds Tax-Free, but the funds can be withdrawn Tax Free if the Account is at least 5 years old and the account owner is over 59 1/2.

New forex traders usually ask us how much can be contributed to an IRA. The maximum contributions an individual can make to a Traditional IRA is 100% of earned income up to $5,000 ($6,000 for those older than 50). Likewise, for a Roth IRA, the maximum contribution is 100% of earned income up to $5,000 (tax year 2012). The contribution limits for both IRA types are reduced by any contributions made to either type. If you want to be able to contribute more than $5,000 to a new IRA account, go back to our main IRA page and read the section on setting up a SEP IRA.

To be eligible to make contributions to a Roth IRA, a married trader for the year 2009, who files jointly must have a modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) below $173,000. If the traders MAGI is between $173,000 and $183,000, then they can contribute a reduced amount less than their full limit. If the traders income exceeds $183,000, they are not eligible to contribute to a Roth for 2012.

For single FX traders, the Roth IRA phase-out limit is lower: $110,000 to $125,000 for 2009.

If you are setting up an Individual Retirement Account to trade currencies, please keep in mind that by law, there are penalties for early withdrawals. Both the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA carry a 10% penalty for withdrawals before age 59 1/2 (for exceptions to early withdrawals, please consult your Tax Advisor or the IRS).

Whereas the traditional IRA has a maximum contribution age limit of 70 1/2, the Roth IRA does not have such a limit. Furthermore, traders using a Roth IRA do not have mandatory withdrawals at any age, whereas traditional IRA investors must begin minimum withdrawals after the age of 70 1/2.

If you have not decided on whether to use a traditional or Roth IRA for your trading account, please consult a tax advisor.

The trailing stop strategy

The trailing stop strategyCommon Sense Technical Analysis

Legal Notices: Stansberry Research LLC (Stansberry Research) is a publishing company and the indicators, strategies, reports, articles and all other features of our products are provided for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as personalized investment advice. Our recommendations and analysis are based on SEC filings, current events, interviews, corporate press releases, and what we've learned as financial journalists. It may contain errors and you shouldn't make any investment decision based solely on what you read here. It's your money and your responsibility.

Readers should be aware that trading stocks and all other financial instruments involves risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results, and we make no representation that any customer will or is likely to achieve similar results.

Our testimonials are the words of real subscribers received in real letters, emails, and other feedback who have not been paid for their testimonials. Testimonials are printed under aliases to protect privacy, and edited for length. Their claims have not been independently verified or audited for accuracy. We do not know how much money was risked, what portion of their total portfolio was allocated, or how long they owned the security. We do not claim that the results experienced by such subscribers are typical and you will likely have different results.

Any performance results of our recommendations prepared by Stansberry Research are not based on actual trading of securities but are instead based on a hypothetical trading account. Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations. Your actual results may vary.

Stansberry Research expressly forbids its writers from having a financial interest in any security they recommend to our subscribers. And all Stansberry Research (and affiliated companies), employees, and agents must wait 24 hours after an initial trade recommendation is published on the Internet, or 72 hours after a direct mail publication is sent, before acting on that recommendation.

Protected by laws of the United States and international treaties. This website may only be used pursuant to the subscription agreement and any reproduction, copying, or redistribution (electronic or otherwise, including on the world wide web), in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of Stansberry Research, LLC. 1217 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore MD 21202.

Training plan template south africa

Training plan template south africaGuidelines for preparing a workplace skills plan*

By Jeff Sacht

This guideline presents a six-step procedure for the preparation of workplace skills plan that meets the requirements of the 25 SETAS.

Step 1: Develop an occupation classification matrix

A. The first activity of this step is to develop a classification of occupations within your organisation. Start by studying the organisation chart(s) of the company. Then answer the following questions:

1. What are the business functions of the business?

2. What occupations, are employed by the company in each of these business functions/departments?

The business functions refer to descriptors such as production, engineering, finance, marketing and sales, human resources, information technology, research and development, etc. Although different companies do have very similar business functions, it is important to note that organisations are unique, and therefore could have one or more business functions, which are very different, form the generic functions. Note that occupational descriptions are not the same as job titles. These descriptions refer to the descriptions of professions such as engineer, accountant, lawyer, psychologist, etc. and trades such as electrician, draughtsman, graphics designer, hairdresser, etc.

The answers to these two are then displayed in a matrix of jobs by department/function.

B. The next activity of this step is to classify the occupations employed by the occupational group classification structure/job grading. Use the same grading system as that used in the Employment Equity Plan.

Step 2: Populate the occupation classification matrix

This step involves mapping the occupation classification matrix developed with information about the employees.

This include the following:

1. Number of employees for each of the occupations in the occupation matrix.

2. Number of employees for each of the occupations in the matrix that received training in a particular historic time period.

3. Number of vacancies for each of the occupations in the occupation matrix.

4. Number of employees for each of the occupations in the matrix that will receive training in a particular future time period.

Demographic data include the following:

1. Breakdown of the number of employees for each of the occupations in the occupation matrix by race group.

2. Breakdown of the number of employees for each of the occupations in the occupation matrix by gender.

3. Breakdown of the number of employees for each of the occupations in the occupation matrix by age.

4. Breakdown of the number of employees for each of the occupation in the occupation matrix by length of service.

Step 3: Establish the company’s skills development priorities

This step involves identifying specific skills development needs in the context of your company’s strategic business priorities. The strategic business priorities will usually be found in the company’s strategic business plan.

These priorities originate from an analysis of the opportunities and threats in your company’s external business environment and the strengths and weaknesses in its internal business environment.

To establish the organisation's skills development priorities, the strategic business priorities need to be investigated in search of answers to the following six key questions:

1. KNOW-HOW: Which of the strategic business priorities require know how that does not currently exist within the organisation and therefore needs to be acquired?

2. UP-SKILLING: Which of the strategic business priorities imply new technologies and more sophisticated working methods that will require particular up-skilling of certain employees?

3. RE-SKILLING Which of the strategic business priorities imply staff redeployment to different jobs and different kinds of work that will require re-skilling of certain employees?

4. MULTI-SKILLING Which of the strategic business priorities implies upgrading of lower level employees that will require multi-skilling of the affected employees?

5. REFRESHER TRAINING: Which of the strategic business priorities imply reinforcement of current business practices that will require refresher training of current employees?

6. INITIAL TRAINING: Which of the strategic business priorities imply business expansion that will require initial training of new employees?

Having established clear-cut answers to these questions, the next step is to define the following:

1. The occupations in the occupation classification matrix that will be targeted for:

# Acquiring the know how that does not currently exist within the organisation

# Employees who will require up-skilling; re-skilling; multi-skilling; refresher training, and initial training.

2. The particular training that will be provided to incumbents of the identified occupations in terms of the requirements of the related strategic business priorities; and

3. The number of incumbents occupying the identified occupations that will receive the identified training.

SETAS also require the following information:

1. A description of vacancies the organisation was not able to fill in the previous SETA financial year.

2. A description of the occupations relating to these vacancies.

3. A description of vacancies the organisation plans to fill in the new (succeeding) SETA financial year.

4. A description of the occupations relating to these vacancies.

Step 4: Define the education and training required for achieving the strategic skills development priorities

The next step is to specify the education and training required for achieving the organisation's strategic skills development priorities.

To do this, first produce a table with the following columns:

1. Column 1: Occupational Group

2. Column 2: Occupation

3. Column 3: Development Purpose

4. Column 4: Education and Training Required

Next, populate the rows of Column 1 with the occupational group classification structure outlined in steps 1 and 2.

Next, populate the rows of Column 2 with the related occupations that were identified for a particular business function of the organisation. Then, note the appropriate strategic development purpose, i. e. to acquire new skills, to up-skill, to multi-skill, etc. where and as applicable, in the rows of Column 3.Conclude, by defining the particular type of education and/ or training that will be required in terms of the purpose noted in Column 3, in Column 4.

The next activity will be to:

1. Specify how many employees will receive planned education and training inputs.

2. Indicate if the envisaged education or training will be provided in-house or by external training suppliers.

3. Indicate whether the training will be formal or informal.

4. Indicate what the expected total cost will be for the envisaged in-house and external training.

Step 5: Define the number and characteristics of training beneficiaries that will be trained in the Levy-Grant Year

This step basically requires the population of demographic data, i. e. a breakdown of the total number of employees (training beneficiaries) that will be trained in each occupational group by race and gender.

SETAS also require the following information:

1. The number of training beneficiaries that are likely to be persons with disabilities.

2. The nature of difficulties being anticipated in undertaking the planned education and training.

Step 6: Define the quality assurance measures for each of the planned education and training activities

In this step you are required to describe the quality assurance measure(s) that will be used for each of the planned education and training activities. Quality assurance in this context refers to the provision of answers to the following two crucial questions:

1. How will be assured that the education and training courses selected, will actually train the knowledge, skills and competences required by the organisation?

2. How will be assured that employees enrolled for the education and/ or training (the beneficiaries of education and training) could be awarded credits for their

learning towards a nationally recognised qualification, e. g. a qualification registered on the NQF?

Answers to these questions relate to issues including, but not limited to:

> The relationship (linkage) between the contents of education and training programmes selected and the requirements of related NQF Unit Standards

> The registration and accreditation of these education and training programmes with the ETQAs of SETAS

> The registration of the providers of these education and training programmes

> The registration of the teachers, trainers and facilitators of these training programmes as qualified ETD practitioners.

* Based on Ernst, E: A Handbook For Ernst, E. Skills development: Handbook for SETAS, employers, employees In South Africa College for competence, Pretoria, 2000

1998, 2013 Workplace Performance Technologies (Pty) Ltd

PO Box 925 Lanseria Gauteng South Africa 1748

Block 4B, Units 43 and 45, Northgate Office Park, Corner Profit and Aureole Streets, Northgate | Directions

Reg. No. 98 01552/07 | Vat Reg. No. 4450172582

Facsimile: +27 (0)86 689 7862 (Office) | Telephone: +27 (0)861 967 546 (Office) | +27 (0)82 416 7712 (After Hours) | Cellular: +27 (0)82 416 7712

Due to ongoing Telkom repair work in Northgate region we have made the following numbers available for members who are unable to get through on our business lines .

Additional Telkom Contact Numbers: 011 462 0844 | 011 462 0925 | 011 462 0982 | 011 462 5782 | 011 462 8511

(Download your free Definitive Skills Development Guide for SDFs and HR now!)

Staff Training is SETA Accredited: Decision No. 4018

How to go about claiming your SETA contributions?

Make sure you are registered with the appropriate SETA for your industry and that you are paying Skills Development Levies (SDL).

Appoint a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) or training officer and register this person with the SETA.

This is an appointee (internal or external) who will be responsible for identifying the training requirements of your organisation.

The SDF must submit a training plan to your SETA.

This plan is called a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP).

Now simply implement your plan. For example you will send five of your junior managers on our Developing Your Management Potential I workshop.

Then submit your Annual Training Report (ATR) to your SETA, specifiying your compliance with your own Workplace Skills Plan.

The deadline for both the WSP and ATR is April 30.

This qualifies you for a percentage-based rebate on funds contributed to the SDL - this is the Mandatory Grant Refund.

The Mandatory Grant Refund has traditionally been 50% of the amount spent on training, however, this amount changed in April 2013 to 20%.

UPDATE: The Labour Court has set aside certain aspects of the 2012 Seta Grant Regulations, declaring them invalid. This includes the Mandatory Grant Refund, which will from March 2016 revert back to 50% of funds spent on training.

Please note: There is a huge amount of misinformation regarding the claiming of mandatory grants. The above information is correct and can be verified on the SAQA website. SAQA is the South African Qualifications Authority and the controlling body monitoring all SETAs. Sadly much of the misinformation seems to be coming from the SETAs themselves and it is recommended that all information is double checked.

The training provider you use for short courses in the above scenario does not necessarily have to be SETA accredited, nor in many cases do they qualify for any SETA accreditation as there may or may not be any US IDs for them to align the material to and they do not have to do assessments. The short courses are normally designed and customised to allow a company to reach a specific desired outcome for specific challenges being encountered and their efficacy should be measured against ROI. Some of these short courses are then offered on the open market as not every company has the necessary number of staff to warrant paying a daily rate.

The discretionary grant requests are in fact totally different and these are allocated to you based on the number of official learnerships you have registered with, and on request and prior agreement. The same applies for a full registered skills programme, internships, training for disabled persons and/or apprenticeships.

In other words - a specific qualification is identified according to a US ID on the SAQA site and the Unit Standards that fall under that Qualification are specifically sought out and learners are sent to do those courses (unit standards). A record of all US completed is kept and registered (and the Unit Standards can be presented by different and in this case ACCREDITED providers) until all Unit Standards under a specific qualification are completed. The learner then ends up with a qualification.

Similar to attending full-time college, when completing a secretarial diploma you may for example have at least six subjects per year for a three-year period, each of these subjects having approximately four to five modules. i. e. a total of 72 modules to be completed. The modules are in fact the Unit Standards and each can take from three days to 10 days to complete. Each of these need to be formally assessed by a Registered Assessor.

As you can appreciate - the latter process is far more intricate and requires commitment from both learner and company. It is unlikely that you will get buy-in from a learner not interested in the subject matter even if the company needs a desired outcome.

We trust that this clears up any misunderstanding there is in the training sector and welcome any enquiries to infostafftraining. co. za

We also refer you to Sector Education and Training Authority Grant Regulations Regarding Monies received by a SETA and Related Matters (regulation 27240 of 1 February 2005) and as amended in Government Gazette no 29584 (2 February 2007)

March 2011

Gauteng makes strides in education

Gabi Khumalo

4 October 2012

The education department in South Africa's Gauteng province has intensified interventions over the past financial year to address the quality of learning in literacy, languages and mathematics.

Presenting the department's report for the past financial year in Johannesburg on Wednesday, Education MEC Barbara Creecy said the department had made strides in implementing quality education, especially in poor schools.

The report focused on progress made against goals set as a province for 2010/2011 to improve the learner outcome and ultimately improve the quality of education offered across the province.

Coaching for foundation phase teachers

Achievements included the successful implementation of the innovative foundation phase to improve the quality of teaching and learning in literacy and numeracy in targeted schools.

A first for the country was the department's introduction of a coaching programme to support teachers in the foundation phase.

"We targeted 792 under-performing primary schools, where all 6 496 teachers in the foundation phase were provided with quarterly lesson plans and were trained quarterly on the use of the lesson plans," Creecy said.

"All learners were provided with workbooks and graded readers in all official languages and each foundation classroom was provided with two library trollies containing a total of 120 books each."

Identifying content gaps and backlogs

The Secondary Schools Intervention Programme (SSIP) was implemented to improve learning in Grades 8 and 9 and the department targeted teachers in 391 under - performing secondary schools for training in problem areas in mathematics and science teaching.

"We trained a total of 6 765 FET teachers in science and mathematics content where we identified content gaps and backlogs," she said.

The department also managed to intensify its interventions for Grades 10 to 12 through SSIP, which has seen an improvement in the performance of learners in the 2011 Senior Certificate Examination.

The department, which has set a target of 80% pass rate in Grade 12, has through SSIP managed to achieve a pass rate of 81.1%.

Improving safety in high-risk schools

Creecy said the most notable achievement by the department was the implementation of the school safety strategy in all priority high risk schools.

"We promised to improve the security at schools and employed over 6 500 school patrollers to provide security at schools which has resulted in a decline in burglaries at school," Creecy said.

In addition, the department has successfully implemented measures to improve on the audit outcome in 2011/12; this Creecy said has assisted in improving the public accountability of the funds voted to the department to deliver quality education.

"I'm also pleased that the department has managed to improve in its responsibility of carrying out its fiduciary duties and for prudent manner in which the resources voted to the department have been managed, culminating in a third consecutive unqualified audit opinion," she said.

Trading mutual funds

Trading mutual fundsTrading Mutual Funds

A mutual fund, according to the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission, is a company that brings together money from many people and invests it in stocks, bonds or other assets. When you buy a mutual fund, you are basically purchasing a piece of the fund, which usually consists of a basket of stocks. You do not actually own any of the assets the mutual fund owns. While you may not own the stocks themselves, they are important, because the value of the fund is based on the value of the stocks it holds. As the value of the stocks within the fund go up, the value of the fund also increases. But as the value of the stocks within the fund go down, the value of the fund goes down as well.

Benefits of Trading Mutual Funds

The two primary benefits of trading mutual funds are diversification and professional management.

Diversification means owning many different stocks at one time and gives the investor's portfolio more stability. Buying mutual funds gives you instant diversification through the funds use of a basket of stocks.

The mutual funds are also managed by professional investors who dedicate their time solely to finding the best stocks for their specific funds investment goals and risk level.

Now that you know what the benefits of mutual funds are, what types of mutual funds are available?

Types of Mutual Funds

The types of mutual funds available are seperated into two categories:

Closed-End Mutual Funds

Closed-end funds have a limited number of shares.

If you want to purchase a piece of the fund, you have to purchase an existing share.

Open-End Mutual Funds

Open-end funds have an unlimited number of shares.

If you want to purchase a piece of the fund, the fund creates a new share and sells it to you.


Investors like to see not only the rate of return for an individual mutual fund, but also how that fund compares to other similar funds. To see the performance of a fund, investors need look no further than the newspaper or some other quote source. To see how a fund compares to other funds, investors can consult either the Morningstar Ratings or the Lipper Ratings.

The SEC requires mutual funds to furnish historical returns for the following time periods so you can easily see how well a fund has performed:

--Year to date

--One year

--Three years

--Five years

--Ten years

--Since inception

While seeing how a fund has performed in the past is extremely useful, you don't have a complete picture of how well the fund has done unless you compare it to other similar funds. For this comparison, Morningstar and Lipper compile comparative performance-based information.

Morningstar rates funds using a star system--with five stars being the highest rating and one star being the lowest rating.

--Five stars indicates the fund is in the top 10% of its Morningstar category.

--Four stars indicates the fund is in the next 22.5% of its category.

--Three stars indicates the fund is in the next 35% of its category.

--Two stars indicates the fund is in the next 22.5% of its category.

--One star indicates the fund is in the last 10% of its category.

Lipper rates funds using a numeric score--with a 1 being the highest rating and a 5 being the lowest.

Now that you know how to measure a fund's performance, what are the expenses that can affect a fund's overall performance?

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Every mutual fund has expenses. Some funds' expenses are relatively low, while other funds' have extremely high expenses. You should be aware of a fund's expenses before you invest, because those expenses can have a dramatic effect on your investment returns. The three expenses you should always identify are loads, redemption fees and operating expenses.

Loads are fees that can be charged either when you buy a mutual fund (front-end load) or when you sell a mutual fund (back-end load). These loads are usually used to pay a commission to the agent who sold you the fund. By law, front-end loads cannot be higher than 8.5%, but most fund companies opt for loads lower than the maximum. Some fund companies have even gone so far as to not charge a load (no-load) on their mutual funds.

Redemption fees are stipulations indicating that if you sell your mutual fund before a certain date, you will be charged a fee. Fund companies impose redemption fees to discourage turnover in the fund.

Operating expenses--management fees and 12(b)-1 fees--are charged as a normal part of doing business for the fund. Management fees go to pay the fund manager for his expertise and time; 12(b)-1 fees cover advertising and distribution expenses for the fund.

Now that you know what expenses you have to account for, where can you go to find out what expenses a fund charges?


A mutual fund company outlines everything you could ever want to know about a fund in the fund's prospectus. A prospectus is a booklet that will identify and discuss everything from the fund's objectives and its past performance to a description of the fund manager and the fees associated with the fund. If there is something you can't find in the prospectus, the prospectus provides you will all of the company's contact information so you can get your questions answered.

Unfortunately, most investors never read through their funds' prospectuses. But if you want to access this tremendous information, Forbes offers an incredible tool to help you locate a fund's prospectus: The Fund Info Service.

You can search for your fund's prospectus by Fund Family, Investment Object or by the name of the fund itself.

Now that you know virtually everything about a fund thanks to the prospectus, how do you go about buying that fund?

Buying Mutual Funds

As an individual investor, you have many avenues available to you if you want to invest in mutual funds. You can invest through a company-sponsored 401(k) plan, through a personal IRA account or through a standard brokerage account. But regardless of which avenue you choose, you should be aware that mutual funds don't trade like stocks. You can buy or sell shares of stock any time during market hours, but you can only buy or sell mutual funds at the end of the day. Also See ETFs.

Mutual funds only trade at the end of the day because you trade mutual funds based on their net asset value (NAV). To determine the NAV at the end of the trading day, the mutual fund company looks at all of the assets that are in the basket, determines their value and divides that number by the total number of outstanding shares in the fund. As you can imagine, this can be a complicated process, and the fund company only wants to go through it once a day, after the market closes.

Mutual fund companies recognize that the inflexibility associated with only being able to trade once a day can be difficult. So, to offset a portion of this inflexibility, they allow you to purchase fractional shares of the mutual fund.

Imagine a mutual fund is trading at $58.50, and you have $100 you want to invest. If fund companies didn't allow fractional shares, you would be able to buy one share for $58.50, but the rest of your money would have to wait until you could save enough to buy another full share. But because funds do allow fractional trading, you can use your entire $100 and own 1.71 shares.

Free stock trading

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