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Cmc markets review of high leverageCMC Markets Review Of High Leverage

CMC Markets is a UK based firm founded in 1980 and partly owned by Goldman Sacks.

They are the best forex broker for intermediate forex traders as they have:

Market Leading High Leverage

Guaranteed Stops

What Leverage Does CMC Markets Offer?

The best forex broker leverage levels in Australia are 500:1 while firms like OANDA only offer 50:1.

CMC Markets offers the market leading 500:1 leverage which is also known as a margin level of 0.20%. By having this forex leverage level traders can have more efficient use of their funds as a lower percentage of the overall value needs to be held by an Australian forex trader while full exposure occurs. This means that higher profits can be achieved but on the flip-side larger losses can be incurred as well. An example of a 500:1 forex leverage strategy at work would be having $200 as underlying equity which would ultimately provide traders with $100,000 worth of funds for trading currency. Any changes in the currency pairing will amplify the losses or gains incurred which is a critical issue as explained below and must be understood when using our forex broker comparison. They also offer this same leverage for CFDs trading .

Who Offers Guaranteed Stop Loss Technology?

The best forex brokers in Australia not only need to offer high leverage for brokers but also help forex traders manage their risk.

Guaranteed stop losses are an excellent way to ensure you dont lose more then a predefined amount and is offered by CMC Markets.

As the only Australian forex broker to offer both 500:1 leverage and guaranteed stop losses this is the ideal platform for intermediate forex traders who require high leverage. It should be noted that without a guaranteed stop loss feature a broker can lose more then their deposit, especially when high volatility occurs such as during interest rate announcements.

Another nice feature of CMC markets is their trailing stop losses. This ensures stop gaps are moved when a currency pairing moves in the predicted direction leading to profits. When the currency then moves the other way by a certain amount of points the stop loss will come into force at the more favourable price.

How Does CMC Markets Compare On Spreads Fees?

The best forex brokers all universally offer competitive spreads and low fees. As the table below highlights, these charges can very dramatically impacting any Australian forex traders long-term profits.

CMC Markets has highly competitive spreads and fees but they are not the best forex broker in this area. The table below shows how the minimum spread for AUD/USD is 0.7 with a typical spread of 1.127 in the second week of September 2015.

Now compare this 0.7 minimum spread to IC Markets or Pepperstone. Its evident that these fx brokers offer lower spreads but it should be noted when you compare their typical spreads the difference is considerably closer. Overall, therefore, there is a balance an Australian forex traders needs make between the requirements for leverage, the peace of mind associated with guaranteed stops and the requirements to have low spreads.

Platform Offered

Unlike more of CMC Markets competitors this best forex broker Australia doesn’t offer a range of forex trading platforms to choose from. Instead they focus on their own propriety forex platform called the Next Generation platform . This platform has features such as 100% automated execution, accurate pricing and performance and customisable platform layouts.

On the plus side, they do have apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android which can be helpful for those on the go but most traders will want a mainstream platform for their office.

Forex Broker Comparison Of Customer Service Reputation

As one of the worlds oldest currency traders its no surprise that our CMC Markets review found the broker was one of the leaders in customer service.

The broker has won several Canstar outstanding value awards and has positive reviews from experts in the field.

Not only is their strong customer service but there is extensive training including on-demand videos, events across Australia and trading smart series. For intermediate and beginner traders these free services can have strong appeal to improve their trading strategies.

CMC Markets has a financial services licence and meets Australias guidelines for training, capital requirements and other requirements.

Overall, Authors CMC Markets Review

Our CMC Markets review found it was the best forex broker for intermediate Australian forex traders. This is because it offered high leverage, competitive spreads a strong trading platform and guaranteed stop loss options.

The only reason that CMC Markets in our best forex broker comparison was voted higher for experienced forex traders was due to that brokers marginally lower spreads which is noticeable when day-trading or adopting automation trading techniques.

Overall, this broker should be considered by 90% of traders in Australia looking for high leverage.

CMC Markets Review

CMC Markets is an established player in the world of Forex trading, trusted for over 22 years and one of the best forex broker Australia finalists 2015.