Advanced system#16(30min atr breakout)

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Advanced system#16(30min atr breakout)Advanced system #16 (30 min ATR breakout)

Time frame: 30 min

Currency pair: any.


EMA 14 set on ATR 14.

i-FractalsEx: period 3, max bars (500 or any other number - it doesn't matter here).

Steps to set EMA14 over ATR 14 properly:

a. put ATR on the charts as usual.

b. from the Navigator window (on your left) drag Moving Average on ATR and in the settings make sure to put:

To take a trade when the market prepares to accelerate.

This happens in a distinctive cycle where slow conditions by the end of the day (end of the New York session, through the Asian session) are changed by a fresh morning session (right after 00:00 EST).

ATR will help us to anticipate and prepare for that exact moment where the market is about to accelerate, while we'll focus on preparing a breakout range to catch the move.

The rules:

When ATR is reading above 14 EMA - the market is active - that's where we want to be trading.

When ATR is resting below 14 EMA - there isn't much activity going on - that's where we don't need trade.

Use Fractals to set a breakout range.

Set a pending order above and below the range when ATR approached the 14 EMA from below and is about to cross (approximate timing here).

Preparing for the first trade:

- Find the last occurrence where ATR went below 14 EMA.

- use colored fractals from iForexEx indicator to create a breakout range. Use only those colored fractals that fall withing the period where ATR is below 14 EMA.

- if there are several same color fractals found, use the most distant ones - those that will create a wider range.

- when ATR approaches the 14 EMA from below and is about to cross (it's always an approximate timing, rather an anticipation, but you'll learn to identify it quickly after a few days), set pending orders above and below the range. One of them will be triggered on the breakout.

- SL - the opposite side of the range.

- min TP target = the width of the range, after that you can:

a. keep a position as long as ATR is rising and its above 14 EMA.

b. close when ATR goes below 14 EMA.

c. if you took partial TP or have a second order in place, you can keep them running for the rest of the day, even when ATR goes below 14 EMA until ATR falls to 0.0014, after that initiate a trailing stop and let it close with a stop.

That's the strategy. Hope you like it.