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Thread forex buy-sell trading signalsThread: Forex Buy Sell Trading Signals

Forex Buy Sell Trading Signals

Hello DailyFX Traders,

I am a Short Medium Term Experienced Trader who enjoy gaining from the market quick pips( bt. 10 and 30) as bouncing trading for the Short Term Strategy while from 50 above pips for the Medium Term Strategy relying on daily charts for start of up or downtrend movement of many pairs, besides Gold Oil, using my advanced indicators as a whole system to figure that.

Short Term Strategy Take Profit is bt. 10 and 30 pips while stop loss is 30 pips, and very important note for this bouncing trading strategy(crucial resistance, support, psycological price levels) is you do not enter an order if a pair price hit few pips(bt. 6 and 10) before my buy or sell signal but only if it directly hit it at first intact you enter a trade.

While for Medium Term Strategy Take Profit is 50 pips increased to 100 then 150 and so on. as a certain pair continues its up or downtrend movement each day and I'll daily update you about that, while stop loss is 50 pips from the start of daily candle taken order Take Profit can be used as stop loss, if a pair moved with more than 50 pips gain but reversed before the 100 pips, you set stop loss at 50 pips gain from entry of order,

another example is if a certain pair wasn't able to gain fast 50 pips from start of daily candle and you realized that its moving sideways then you TP bt. 10 and 50 pips,

3rd example which is as the first one, if a pair reached 200 pips gain and reversed you can set stop loss at 150.

Ofcourse, After days of reading my posts you'll learn well how both strategies work.

Tommorow, I'll start posting my signals for you to start a shining week with 100s of pips gain.

Have Great Trading Days

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