Project management certification

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Project management certificationProject Management Certification


 Instructor-led Training

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Build your Project Management Certification on individual experiential learning with an expert PM. Working with your instructor, you actually manage a project from the first meeting to the last report. You meet with the sponsor to define the scope, then interview the stakeholders for their requirements. Your instructor is coaching you as you go. When you have a misstep, your instructor will stop the meeting to explain where you went wrong . Then hell back things up and let you try it again. Next youll take that information, apply what you have learned in the reading/lectures and build your plan and schedule . You will use several estimating techniques with the team and present your work to the sponsor in another live meeting. Finally, you launch the project and get actual status data from your team. You spot problems . take correct action and make another live presentation to the executives. Your instructor gives you coaching and mentoring at every step in your project management certification 303-596-0000 

Master These Techniques

We make scheduling, budgeting and estimating easy with our project templates and click by click software instruction videos. You practice developing your plan and schedule, then get your instructors feedback and coaching on each step. You learn how to optimize schedules and accurately predict completion dates. You also master tools for spotting problems early so you can solve them when they are small. These are the skills executives value in their project managers. 303-596-0000 

There are special techniques you will learn for managing a team that produces high-performance results. One leadership style does not fit all team members. So you learn several styles and master the ability to read each team member. Then you learn to use the right leadership style for each person. You will also master techniques to stimulate high productivity and quality standards on all your projects. You practice these leadership skills in live online simulations with your instructor.303-596-0000 [/twocol_one_last]