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Online trading academy-free-$995day session should igo!Online Trading Academy FREE $995 Day Session: Should I go?!

Updated 10-21-2010 at 09:42 AM by DREBG

OK, so, I got this invite from the Boston franchise of the Online Trading Academy . to a FREE 1 Day Session, supposedly normally valued at $995 .

I'm THINKING of going but it's from 8a-5p on a Friday, and it's 1.5 hrs from my home (each way), and it's in Boston-weekend traffic!

I'd be happy to report back my findings here on IT but I need some feedback on the following first:

- Has anyone attended before?

- If so, how was it?

- Should I go?

- IF I go, is there genuine interest in hearing my review?

They mention Sam Seiden but I doubt he will actually be there - I would go if I knew he was presenting as I am a fan.

My hang-up is obviously that it's a VERY long day - away from my "real" work - and I'm really unsure if it'd be worth it. So what's YOUR take, IT?!