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Kevin greenKevin Green

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Kevin Green brings a wealth of first-hand experience to the training and trading floor. Actively trading since 1994, Kevin has spent the past 16-years involved with the trading industry. As a self-taught active trader, he traded on one of the largest trading floors in the country, alongside some of the best-in-class active traders of the time, where he developed and refined his trading knowledge and skills.

Kevin is one of the architects of Online Trading Academy from 1997, and its senior Instructor. He participated in the writing and developing of Online Trading Academy's original content to today's latest curriculum. Recognizing the need for continuous trading and investing education, he and his associate developed and implemented the first live, real-time, interactive, internet-based, audio-and - text mentoring program, which is now the Extended Learning Track (XLT), Online Trading Academys premier continuing education mentoring service.

Kevin is a visionary, innovator, project leader and an educator. As a Master Instructor. he possesses the natural ability to make what looks complicated, seem simple. He constantly emphasizes the importance of building skills on a strong foundation, one brick at a time. He has the ability to lead and teach in a straightforward, down-to-earth manner; instilling confidence through the gaining of knowledge and first-hand experience. He has a passion for his Students and their success.

Kevin is recognized for conceptualizing, operationalizing and marketing "first-of-a-kind," cutting-edge projects. He has been consistently regarded throughout his career as the pioneer who "makes it happen." Kevin is considered to be one of the more respected and foremost Instructors in the active-trading industry. As a five-time nominee for Instructor of the Year through Online Trading Academy, and awarded their highest award, Instructor Excellence Award, Kevin is one of the most recognized and respected Instructors in the active-trading community.