Nifty trading strategy-today-s nifty futures tip

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Nifty trading strategy-today-s nifty futures tipNifty Trading Strategy Todays Nifty Futures Tip

This is not a familiar Nifty Trading strategy, today it earned very decent return and the trade lasted less than 2 hours. It isnt the duration of trade that matters as much as what the strategy is and how it was executed.

Here is a screen-shot of todays activity in the live support section

*Stop and Risk has been edited out of the screenshot above.

You can see that we have a fixed exit point, this is by far the second most important thing to me after getting a fair grip on your entry strategy. The market has still a little over half hour to go before it closes but

Nifty Trading Strategy Exits

when exiting a stock/futures or any trading instrument you must have a fixed plan of action for things to be consistent. Now it goes without saying that without a plan you cannot expect consistent and progressive results.

The world of quantitative trading relies of numbers and lots of them. The biggest hedge funds in the world trade relying on data and its analysis.

You need to take one route either.

Fixed Exits

This is the underlying basis on which MarketScientist alerts its premium members to exit. It relies on heavily tested Risk Reward ratios over hundreds if thousands of bars. You can and should do this yourself, if you dont know how consider googling or visiting popular forums on the internet to get an idea of how this is to be done. Alternatively if you require a professional suite you can take the MarketScientist webinar course

1) Look for an ideal exit point. For example you can see that 35 points seems to be a sweet spot for nifty using the newton method. However during less volatile times this number decreases to 18pts. Could you construct a method which could partly/full take profits at these levels?

Trailing Stops

1) Ask yourself if you are a patient man willing to walk over months of trading with just a few trades.

If you are then you should consider trailing your stops to the latest swing lows (for longs).

You will need to experiment with lower timeframes, special exits such as reversal bars etc. This is the most rewarding but probably the most difficult way to exit, it requires tons of patience and ability to not miss a single trade.

I remember 5 years ago when I was trailing my stops for 400 pts in Nifty but missed 1 trade out of 5 trades in that month. The trade I missed yeilded 550 pts profit.

In the End

What matters most is that you find your niche, your setup, your comfort zone and then stick to the plan.

Keep risk below 1% per trade and trade for 3 months before you change your strategy.

I guarantee you will have to change before that, chances are you overlooked something,

Learn change evolveAll the best

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