Forex grid trading system explained step by step

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Forex grid trading system explained step by stepForex Grid Trading System Explained Step By Step

March 3rd, 2013

In the following video you will see a very detailed explanation of forex grid trading system. This is a very controversial strategy. Some forex traders like it and some consider it very risky.

Author of the video shows you in 5 steps how to use forex grid trading system. He talks about rules for establishing of grid sizes, lines and grip gaps. According to the video author, this system can by used for any investments with random market moves, with no stops because of full or partial hedging. There is no reliance on market direction. He consider it to be more an investment than trading and therefore it requires a trader?s paradigm shift. Also note that the system requires no charts or indicators and can be traded mechanically with low supervision. It should be noted that this strategy can experience a big drawdowns during trending markets and so it requires enough patience from traders. However, author also explains a risk management.

To see detailed step by step explanation of Forex Grid Trading System watch video below.