Equity trading strategies

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Equity trading strategiesEquity Trading Strategies

I've been trying to google some equity trading strategies, as I'm trading 3000 (basically all of my savings, I'm a college student), but I haven't found very much.

Thanks for all the great input!

I'm sure you're all terribly passive-aggressive as you come across as, but you don't need to prove it to me.

1. Don't really care about my savings. I'm a college student dependent on family and would rather put on my resume that I traded 3k of my own money than have it sit in a money market account (I don't spend much money).

2. I'm talking about strategies like pairs trading, market neutral strategies that are interesting and have some literature backing them.

3. As you may be able to tell from 1, I don't really care whether I have 2,500 or 3,500 in my account by the summer, and I'll get some of the jokes I expect out of the way for those of you who think you're funny (give the 3k to me! buy a hooker buy some crack etc.). Hysterical.

I'm asking to see if anyone knows of any good equity trading strategies or textbooks on equity trading strategies beyond typical technical or fundamental analysis. I'm not coming on here telling you what to do or proselytizing about some get rich quick magic bullet. If you're claiming that equity strategies do not exist and are a waste of time, I'll point you in the direction of many money managers who do pretty well.

If you'd prefer to just be assholes, go ahead, the only people you're hurting are those that take this forum community seriously.