Etraining strategy maps and balanced scorecard

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Etraining strategy maps and balanced scorecardeTraining: Strategy Maps and Balanced Scorecard

In the second part of the training you will learn how to define your strategic goals and how to create strategy maps. The duration of the training part: 31 min. Coaching part includes 1 exercise.

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In this part of the BSC training we will talk about your strategic goals and the creation of strategy maps.

The purpose of the Balanced Scorecard is to put your strategy into action, which is exactly what we explain in this part of the training:

Why businesses need strategy maps? We talk about strategy maps as a visualization tool.

What steps you need to do take in order to go from vision and mission statements to the strategy maps.

In the coaching part of the training, we answer questions about Strategy Maps:

Who should design strategy maps, who should be involved in the process of creation?

How often should the strategy map be reviewed?

Can we simply use the Balanced Scorecard or should we combine strategy maps and BSC? ?

What stages of strategy map design we need to pass in order to create a great strategy map;

In this part of the training we also discuss the algorithm involved in the design of strategy maps:

How to define strategic goals;

What time frame should we use;

How can we link strategy map to indicators;

How to automate the creation of strategy maps with software.