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Sbi forex card online loginQ. 1: What is Remittance Service?

A. 1: Remittance Service of State Bank of India, New York branch means the service for transferring money in USD or any other currency for which you can directly apply to the New York branch.

(The service where you apply to your own bank for transferring money via SBI, New York is called Funds Transfer Service (FTS) of SBI, New York. To know more about that service,

Q. 2: What is Instant** Transfer?

A. 2: Instant** Transfer is a free* rupee remittance facility from SBI, NY branch to your / beneficiarys account maintained with over 14,000 branches of State Bank of India.

If your or beneficiarys account is in any of branches of State Bank of India then provide the 11 digit core banking account number and avail of this facility.

For beneficiary accounts in Banks other than SBI of India please provide us the Banks name Branch name, Account Holders Name address, Account number. Indian Financial Systems Code (IFS code) of the branch to avail this facility.

Q. 3: What are the ways in which I can remit money by applying to New York branch?

Remittances to India

Followings are the modes through which remittances can be sent.

1. Remittances to INDIA

(a) Rupee Remittance to Account: Rupee remittances for the credit of the account of the beneficiary can be sent by us to any branch of any bank.

(i)To over 14000 branches of State Bank of India, remittance can be sent instantly, thru Instant** Transfer. There is no ceiling on such remittances.

(ii)To over 50000 branches of other banks, the remittance can be sent and the beneficiary's account is credited usually in 1 banking day, after the remittance is processed from New York.

(b) Rupee Drafts . You can purchase rupee drafts from us payable at a SBI branch. Drafts issued by New York branch have the MICR band and, therefore, can be collected by any bank through the clearing system in any city in India.

(c) Dollar Remittance to Account: U. S. dollar remittances for the credit of the account of the beneficiary can be sent by us to any branch of State Bank of India in India. All such remittances, unless these are for credit to dollar accounts (FCNR/EEFC etc) will be converted to Indian rupees by the Indian branch to or through which the remittance is sent.

(i)To 450 branches of SBI, the remittance is sent directly by wire transfer (SWIFT), and the beneficiary's account is credited usually within 1 or 2 banking days, after the wire transfer is sent.

(ii)To other branches where remittance cannot be sent directly (no SWIFT facility), the remittance will be sent as wire transfer to a nearby branch with SWIFT facility, with instruction to forward the remittance to the beneficiary branch by mail.

(d) Dollar Official Checks . You can purchase U. S. dollar official checks (called Remittance Official Checks) from us which are payable at par at one of the nearly 450 foreign exchange dealing branches of SBI in India.

(e) Other currency . Remittance to the beneficiary account in Euro / Great Britain Pound / Australian Dollar / Canadian Dollar/ Swiss Franc/ Singapore Dollar / Bangladesh Taka/ Sri-Lankan Rupees/ Nepalese Rupees/Japanese Yen can be sent through our correspondents around the world. We can send these remittances to 450 branches of SBI in India as well, which are authorized to handle foreign exchange. The remittance is sent directly by wire transfer (SWIFT). Value date for such remittances is generally 2 banking days after the date of transmission. Such remittances are usually sent by customers who wish to save in these currencies in India.

Q. 4: What are the ways in which I can pay money to New York branch for remittance?

A. 4: Account Debit . If you maintain an account with us at New York branch, you may authorize us to debit your account. (Form RMT 2I). All applications received before 4 p. m. shall be processed on the same business day. Prior to executing of the instruction, the Bank, may at its discretion, and only if it considers necessary, reasonable and practicable, verify the payment order by telephone call to the number registered with the Bank. Applications received by mail/email/fax shall be processed by the Bank only if it is reasonably satisfied that the instruction is in order.

Q.5: What is the date of sending the remittance for different modes of funding of remittance? What is the form that I must use?

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