Thread forex market hours in local time

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Thread forex market hours in local timeThread: Forex Market Hours in Local Time

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Forex Market Hours in Local Time

I wanted to know that what is the market hours for the following four cities in their respective 'local time' (not GMT or EST).

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In terms of local time, every location in the world is the same:

Normal business hours in most locations are 8am-5pm local time.

All retail banks, most commercial and investment banks, most stock exchanges, and most other non-retail businesses open and close for the day sometime between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

The forex market is open 24 hours per day (except for approximately 48 hours on the weekend) everywhere in the world.

But, the volume of forex trading coming from a particular location varies greatly throughout the 24-hour day. In every location in the world, including the cities you asked about, more than 80% of each day's forex trading volume occurs in the 8am-5pm local time period.

So, for all of the cities you asked about (and for almost any other city you might care to mention), the answer is: