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Company's Mission

To cater to all your "Balikbayan" Cargo needs from Germany, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg Austria to any location in the Philippines (except Batanes).

To deliver your "Balikbayan" boxes in a fastest possible way with a guarantee that your parcel will be in a good condition upon arrival at your consignee.

To be able to collect as many as possible goods and money (income from each box that was sent by the client) to help us fill the free “Balibayan” boxes that will be donated to the less fortunate and/or spend it for relief goods to be given to those who are affected by the calamities in the Philippines.

Company's Vision

To be the most reliable and accommodating "Balikbayan" Cargo Service in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Luxembourg Austria.

We envision a fruitful relationship with our clients that will continuously help us achieve our goal to provide a free Balikbayan boxes to the people whore in need and dese rving.

We visualized that on every successful shipments we made we will be able to gain the trust of our fellow “Kababayans”; thus, we will be able to cater to most of the countries in European Union.

We foresee that with the continuous patronage of our clients we will be able to stay longer in this industry. Hence, we will be able to provide a good quality of service our clients deserve.