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Training plan template half marathonParticipant Information: Boston Marathon Training Program

Helping to prepare you for the Boston Marathon

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/media/Images/BAA/Random/terrence_mahon. jpg? h=169w=300as=1" /%Welcome to the 2016 Boston Marathon Training Program. Developed by B. A.A. High Performance coach Terrence Mahon, these programs will help guide you to success in April.

There are four levels of training programs designed to help you whether you are running over five hours or going for a sub-three hour marathon. Level One is designed around running an average of four days per week. Level Two will have you run an average of five days per week. Level Three will be an average of six days per week, and Level Four will have you training six to seven days per week. Each level is a 22-week training program, which begins on Monday, Novermber 16.

"The first six weeks are about building the base up, all the while providing some light workout routines," says Coach Mahon. "The next 16 weeks continue on in a progressive manner. There will be alternating weeks of longer runs that will build up to your max long run about three weeks out from the race. Each level is a little bit different from the others, but all four follow the same general theme."

The step by step increase in daily and weekly mileage is designed to challenge you while also minimizing the risk of training too hard. All four programs build a solid base of running fitness, and will help try to maximize your race potential. As with any training program, what is outlined is merely a guide on how to build and structure your weekly running routine.

The B. A.A. Boston Marathon Training program material is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute any fitness and/or medical advise. You should always consult a qualified and licensed medical professional prior to beginning or modifying any exercise program. Please use personal judgement when participating in any training or exercise program. Information contained within the B. A.A. Boston Marathon Training Program may not be reproduced or repurposed without approved written consent from the Boston Athletic Association.

Best of luck to all runners!

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Austin FIT is a half marathon and marathon training program for walkers and runners of all ability levels, from first-timers to experienced athletes. Our members enjoy a fun, non-intimidating, and safe training experience that focuses on getting to the start line physically and mentally prepared. Certified coaches support a variety of pace groups, so no participant is left behind. Luke’s Locker is a sponsor and provides operational support to Austin FIT.

Upon joining, members receive:

Extensive training schedule designed for your goal race

Saturday supported long runs and walks with knowledgeable pace coaches to motivate youno one is left behind!

Weekday informal coached workouts

Weekly newsletters to keep members informed during the week

Luke’s Locker discount card and an Austin FIT technical training T-shirt

On-site sports medical professionals to keep you healthy

Educational seminars social group events

There are three six-month-long training programs within Austin FIT:

Fall RUNNERS Program (training for winter half and full marathons) starts August 22, 2015. EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 7, 2015, THE NEW START TIME IS 7:00 AM.

Fall WALKING Program (training for winter half and full marathons) starts September 12, 2015 at 7 AM . location: 1301 Shoal Creek Blvd, parking lot of the Austin Recreation Center ear House Park Stadium

Spring WALKING ONLY Program (training for spring half and full marathons) January 9, 2016 at 8am.

Summer WALKING Program (training for fall half and full marathons) starts May 15, 2016 at 6:30 AM .

Summer RUNNERS Program (training for fall half and full marathons) starts June 19, 2016 at 6 AM .

Or, if you’re ready to join us for the longer term, consider our annual membership. For one discounted fee, you can run or walk with us for almost the entire year. You’ll stay committed, connected, and growing well into 2015

So come on and join us! Were saving you a spot.

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ page or email us at infoaustinfit