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2tradeking#2 TradeKing

Smart Money ranked TradeKing no 1 in 2010

Long Term Investing 4 Stars by Barrons 2011

“Best For Options Traders” by Barrons 2009-2010

Best Browser online broker 4 stard by Barrons 07-11

“Terrific” customer support

Service Review

As far as services offered by TradeKing are concerned, you can expect the following from this online trading platform. Competitive pricing It has structured just a flat rate to carry out trades and for contracts pennies. In the event you have to increase your trade, you continue paying the same.

You will not be required to make any minimum level of investment to trade. Also you don’t have to maintain a minimum balance in your account. As per reviews, TradeKing excels in customer care. It has occupied the top place in customer care for two years continuously. Customer service is through secured online chat messages, email, and phone calls. By opening an account with TradeKing, you are able to access all the research and trading tools needed for trading. Last but not the least, offering customer education pertaining to trading is an additional feature of this trading platform.

Types of Investments

TradeKing offers Mutual Funds, Options, and Equities.

Commission and Fees

As far as fees and commissions are concerned, it is listed below -

Margin rates 8.75% to 4%

Platform fees USD$50. You will be required to shell out this amount if you have an inactive account

Broker assisted - USD$4.95

Mutual Funds USD$14.95

Options USD$4.95 plus 0.65/contract

Equities USD$4.95


TradeKing has an online Trader Community that forms one of the most extensive networks of traders. With the help of the online community you are at liberty to exchange and share ideas and knowledge about trading with the other traders that are present in the network of TradeKing.

If you want to know how many types of accounts are available with TradeKing, they include LLC Account, Individual, Custodial, and Joint Account, Simple IRA Account, Coverdell Account, SEP, Traditional Rollover IRAs, Roth Accounts, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Investment Club Account, Corporate, Trust Account, and Transfer on Death Account. You also have the provision to trade from your Blackberry or your iPhone.

Investing and Trading Tools

Other trading tools that you get access for free when you sign up for an account include Profit and Loss Calculator, Options Pricing Calculator, Options Chains, Trailing Stops, and Volatility Charts. Free real time quotes are also available at TradeKing.

Owing to the excellent customer service, commission rates that are competitive, and the fact that it has an online trading community surely allows it to enjoy an edge over the other online brokers.