Commodity trading strategy

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Commodity trading strategyCommodity Trading Strategy

Commodity Trading Strategies are determined by the traders according to their personal objectives and requirements. There can be many types of Commodity Trading Strategy, but the most popular of them are the Trend Following Strategy and the Range Trading Strategy.

Commodity Trading Strategy can be of various types. It totally depends on the traders that which Commodity Trading Strategy that want to undertake in order to reap the benefit of the Call Option or Put Option.

But, for determining the optimal Commodity Trading Strategy, every trader is required to consider the following issues:

the level of risk tolerance

the level of comfort with the chosen Option

the market trends

important parameters of commodity trading system

After considering the above mentioned things, traders can develop their own trading plan and can construct a personal Commodity Trading Strategy, according to his requirements. But, here, we will discuss the two most popular Commodity Trading Strategies -

Trend Following

Range Trading

Other than the two above discussed strategies, a trader can construct a strategy of his own. He can even go for a combination of Trend Following Strategy and Range Trading Strategy.