Forex long term trading strategy

Forex long term trading strategyForex Long Term Trading Strategy

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Inside bar forex trading strategy » learn trade, Nial, thanks for your contribution i am finding your material very useful indeed and it is helping my trading. i have one question about the inside bar strategy: how.

Forex strategy forex trading strategies edge. In our forex strategy section you will discover how to combine economic indicators and price patterns formations to yield actionable trading signals. we aim to.

#19 (ultra-short term forex trading strategy) | forex, The forex strategy discuss ultra-short term forex strategy trading currency pairs 15 minute time frame..


Scalping system #17 (scalping, long term trading) | forex, Submitted trader. strategy scalping long term. open account broker high leverage micro.

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Signals software

Signals softwareSignals Software

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Advantages and disadvantages of online trading

Advantages and disadvantages of online tradingAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Online Trading

Online trading means trading of stocks through internet. In simple words online trading has brought the stock exchange literally to our homes. There are dedicated sites that offer online trading platform to indulge in trading of stocks. Since the introduction of online trading there has been a surge of investors, primarily new investors who were earlier shying away from the market. Online trading has made it possible to trade in different kinds of securities like stocks, bonds, futures, options, ETFs, forex currencies and mutual funds. There are some obvious differences between online and traditional trading. In traditional trading the activities are carried out through a broker, he helps the trader with suggestions on how to proceed in the trade. The transaction is carried out through archaic communication tools like telephone. The broker assists the trader in the whole process in the form of collecting and providing information for making better trading decisions. In return of this service the trader charges a commission on every trade, which is most of the time on the higher side. The traditional form of trading is a time consuming process and generally benefits long time investors who don’t do much trading.

On the contrary there is a change in the process when it comes to online trading. Stock brokers have their websites through which they provide a platform to indulge in online trading of stocks. The platforms are very useful because they provide additional information like market data, news, charts and alerts. Market data is provided in the form of levels namely 1.5, 2 and 3. Day traders are the kind of traders who require every level of market data. Trading decisions are taken by the trader himself. Traders are allowed to trade more than one product, one market and/or one ECN with his single account and software. It is important to note that all trades in online trading are executed in (near) real-time. Online brokers in return of their service charge trading commissions and fees for the usage of the software.


• Fully automated trading process with access to advanced trading tools.

• Online trading of stock allows trading in real-time market data and multiple markets and products.

• Possible to indulge in faster trade execution that facilitates day traders in swing trading.

• It is easy to open and manage an account and does not have any geographical limitations.

• Online trading favors active traders, who trade in bulk but demands lesser commission.


• Online trading is risky if trading is done extensively on margin

• There are chances of trading loss in case of mechanical/platforms failure

• The fee of online brokers vary

Nifty option trading strategies ppt binary options

Nifty option trading strategies ppt binary optionsNifty option trading strategies ppt. Binary Options

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Options trading with technical analysis

Options trading with technical analysisOptions Trading with Technical Analysis

We are an investment group focused on stock options trading. We learned how to trade options from A. J. Brown. a renowned options trading expert. Our stock options trading strategies are based on his teachings at tradingtrainer. We rely heavily on charting analysis and stock trading software to guide our trades. Our goal is to build a steady stream of income from options trading, and not necessarily go after the get rich quick avenues. We prefer to concentrate on those securities that the smart money tend to follow and have investment interests. We also prefer those securities with a good history of trend. But we will also dabble in the explosive breakout stocks that tend to develop around the quarterly earnings seasons. We typically target only those stocks residing in the Nasdaq, Dow, or SP500 whose fundamentals are strong. We further narrow the list of securities to only those with market price of $50 or higher. We typically trade on a short-term basis and do not utilize Leaps. Our swing trading techniques consist of selecting high probability stock candidates using the marketclub stock trading software. After the market closes each day we use marketclub to scan for stock candidates and then evaluate those candidates by applying charting analysis to help uncover price trends. The data gathered from the charting analysis are used to generate a final list of stock candidates, with specific information in entering a trade and also specific criteria for exiting the trade. We utilize a small set of indicators, in addition to the price and volume charts, to help determine the trending bias of a particular stock. The stock indicators that we employ are the Williams %R. the MACD. the Chaiken Oscillator. the Relative Strength Index (RSI), On Balance Volume (OBV), Accumulation/Distribution. the Commodity Channel Index (CCI), the Stochastics and finally, the Fibonacci Retracement Lines to help guide our trade decisions. Although these indicators were created from logical mathematical formulas, an experienced trader will recognize that the price movement of a security is not always predictable and no single indicator or sets of indicators will be 100% accurate. Thus far, we are not aware of any mathematical formula that can truly predict the price behavior of a stock; simply because no formula exists that can accurately account for the HUMAN factor. Many traders tend to trade the same securities day-in and day-out. As a result, each stock over time, tends to develop a unique personality that reflects the trading mentality of the investors who follow that particular stock. As the traders behaviors change over time, the stocks personality will also evolve. At first glance, it may seem contradictory that our members continue to utilize the charting analysis and the stock chart technicals to study the price behavior of a stock. But we have come to realize that all of the traders have access to the same indicators and are using the same charting analysis tools. It would seem logical for our members to utilize the same set of tools and stock trading software, in order to gain insight into the trading behaviors of the masses. By learning to find clues in charting analysis, we learn to anticipate the movements of the masses. and to-go-with-the-flow.

By recognizing that certain combinations of indicators work well together in helping to predict price movement, AJ Brown learned how to trade options and developed a set of templates that can be used to identify the personality of a particular stock. These combinations of leading and lagging indicators, can be categorized as exhibiting either a REACTIVE personality, a BUFFERED personality, a CHAIKEN personality, a BREAKOUT personality, or an OSCILLATORY personality. By setting up these templates to help filter stocks to their appropriate personalities, we have been very successful in identifying stock trends and in determining entry points (i. e. buy call and put options) and exit points (i. e. sell call and put options). AJ Browns stock options trading system has been successfully utilized by many of the investing members at the optionsoutlet website, in addition to the 900+ stock options trading students that are currently under AJs tutelage. Anyone interested in learning how to chart stocks or to gain a better understanding of stock chart technicals, we recommend that you visit AJ's stock tradingtrainer website. Investors interested in obtaining additional trading mentoring services, we recommend evaluating the TheTradingAuthority Coaching Program. It provides personalized coaching that helps to shape your trading habits to become a more disciplined trader. The site currently offers free daily trading strategy lessons to interested investors. We came across this review site (The Trading Authority Review ) when we were looking for additional coaching and additional information on how to trade options. It provided some insights into the coaching program and also gave us a feel for what others are saying about the TheTradingAuthority coaching program.

The following links provide a log of our investment activities, in addition to the stock option candidates that we are currently monitoring:

Stock Options Trading Hotlist

Is a list of stocks (options) that we are ready to trade next day.

Stock Watchlist

Is a filtered list of stocks that have triggered from our stock options trading strategies. This list still requires some additional confirmation before we can trade.

Stock Monitorlist

Is a list of stocks that have not triggered, but we continue to monitor because we have a good understanding of it's personality and its trends. We utilize the Marketclub stock trading software to generate our stock monitoring list.

Is a list of stocks identified by our stock options trading strategies as having strong fundamentals and chart trending patterns have been established in the past. This list provides a pool of potential candidates of stocks that are analyzed on a weekly basis and chart personality templates are applied to each stock to determine its trend behavior. We also apply the MarketClub Trade Triangle scanning tool to the monthly and weekly charts to validate our personality stock templates for trends and to help uncover entry and exit points. We found this tool from a review site while browsing the internet. To read their review of Marketclub, follow this MarketClub Review link.

DISCLAIMER: This website is intended as a vehicle for our members to share stock and options investment ideas. This options trading website is not meant to be an investment advisory site, nor does it claim to have expertise in stock analysis nor technical analysis. This site does not produce nor provide any type of investing newsletter or stock trading advisory services to the public. Everything on this website is offered to our viewers for free and updated on a daily basis with new stock picklists. Although a list of trades are provided for all users who are interested in options, we do not recommend any stocks or options to anyone viewing these pages. If you are currently not a member of our club, you are still more than welcomed to browse the website and download any of our materials at your leisure, for free. However, if you decide to trade a stock or option based on what you find within these pages, then you must also do your diligence in researching each security thoroughly. Optionsoutlet is not responsible for your actions and will not be held accountable for your losses or gains. If you are looking for validation on our stock picks, or looking for stock trading education or similar investment mentoring programs, we recommend you research the following sites:

The Options Industry Council - provides free information on options trading and also offers online options education to the public.

The Options Clearing Corporation - as a guarantor of options trading transactions, the OCC ensures that the obligations of the options contracts are free of errors and the transactions are fulfilled in the most expeditious manner. The OCC provides documentation and publications on options trading for the general public.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission - The mission of the SEC is to protect the investors, maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets and facilitate capital information. The reader may obtain legal documents and trading practices and guides from this site.

Stock trading coaching program - The Rockwell trading site provides one-on-one trading coaching to interested investors. To get opinions on Rockwell trading from other trading websites, visit the Stock Trading Advisory. the Day Trading Mentoring Program Review. the Day Trading Learning System and the Stock Trading Mentoring review pages. Another trading coaching program worth mentioning is the tradingauthority trading education. Its educational program is an intensive 2-month hands-on trading course that emphasizes on the trading psychology and constant interaction between the student and the trading coach. To obtain feedback from other websites on the effectiveness of the program, visit the Trading Authority Trading Program .

Learn to trade options with tradingtrainer - This site offers training on options trading with a daily online trading seminar, providing daily broad market analysis, daily stock chart technical analysis, daily recommended stock candidates and weekly webinars where students are able to interact with the teacher in a live conference call. To read reviews on AJ Browns tradingtrainer options education program, visit the options trading advisory website.

Stock Trading Service - This site provides the trading tools to enable the investor to scan for stocks that have high probability of winning and also provides entry and exit signals for each stock. We found a couple of good reviews of this trading tool at the following websites: Market Club Trading Tool Review and MarketClub Options Advisory Service. Promotional offers and testimonials can also be found at these sites: Market Club Trading software and INO TV Education .

Trading Education - The Options University website is a great source of education on options trading. The site offers ongoing stock option trading webinars, in addition to numerous trading courses both online and face-to-face classroom. Some free trading materials from Options University are identified at this page: Options trading education. Recommended reading - The Trend Strategist Handbook by Price Headley is a good ebook for the novice trader as well as long-time traders. The book goes into details on technical stock chart analysis. For more information on the contents of the ebook, visit the Price Headley Handbook review website.

To find specials on web hosting visit the signup coupon pages at the mysafeflorida website: midPhase coupon codes .

Other webhosting related sites include the Fatcow coupon site and the Hostgator Coupon site. For health and nutrition related topics, the vitamin and nutrition site may provide useful information on natural health.

Citadel fund said to quadruple with high-frequency trades

Citadel fund said to quadruple with high-frequency tradesCitadel Fund Said to Quadruple With High-Frequency Trades

High-frequency trading has been good to billionaire Ken Griffin.

His Citadel LLC returned more than 300 percent in a fund started as a high-frequency strategy in late 2007, according to two people familiar with the Chicago-based money manager. The $830 million pool, which added other strategies in recent years, beat the 44 percent gain of the U. S. stock market in the six years through 2013 as well as Griffin’s two main hedge funds, which together have $8.8 billion in assets and rose 45 percent in the period.

The returns of Citadel’s Tactical Trading fund give a glimpse of the fortunes made in high-frequency trading -- the rapid buying and selling of securities that relies on ultrafast computers to exploit market inefficiencies -- following the financial crisis, and before profits shrank with increasing competition. The practice is facing unprecedented scrutiny following Michael Lewis’s latest book, “Flash Boys,” which argues that it has helped rig the U. S. stock market.

“High-frequency trading hit its high in 2008 through 2010,” said Larry Tabb, founder of market-research firm Tabb Group LLC. “Then the trades started getting crowded in U. S. equity markets and it got harder to generate revenues.”

Citadel’s Tactical Trading fund jumped about 31 percent in 2008, when the SP 500 Index of U. S. equities slumped 37 percent and hedge funds broadly lost 19 percent. The fund has returned an annualized 26 percent since the beginning of 2008, with just five losing months, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the fund is private. The worst drop was a loss of 1 percent.

Return Profile

Mike Geller, a spokesman for Citadel at Edelman, declined to comment on the fund performance.

The return profile is very different from Citadel’s Kensington and Wellington funds, which plummeted 55 percent in 2008, a $9 billion loss that the firm didn’t recoup until 2012. The funds, which invest in everything from corporate debt to global stocks, lost much of the money on credit-market wagers in 2008. The funds returned 62 percent the following year as fixed-income markets rebounded.

Griffin, 45, has since seen improvement in his main hedge funds, which have returned an annualized 26 percent since their 2008 losses. His plan to build an investment bank following the financial crisis failed less than three years later amid departures of top executives.

Citadel Securities, its business of filling buy and sell orders for clients, pays retail brokers like TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. hundreds of millions of dollars to send orders its way, Lewis reported in his book, which also describes the unit as using high-frequency trading. Citadel Securities says it executes about 14 percent of U. S. consolidated volume in equities and 20 percent in U. S.-listed equity options volume.

Adding Strategies

The Tactical Trading fund has morphed over the years from being a pure high-frequency trading vehicle to getting about a quarter of its profits, on average, from the strategy, according to one of the people. In 2008, it engaged exclusively in high-frequency trading of stocks and futures.

In 2009, the fund added traditional market-neutral long-short equity trading, according to the person, and the following year, it also started using statistical arbitrage -- making money off of small price differences in correlated securities. The high-frequency trading is now exclusively in non-equity futures.

Earnings for high-frequency trading firms from U. S. stocks have been falling as more competitors entered the market, dropping to $810 million in 2012 from $4.9 billion in 2009, according to estimates from Rosenblatt Securities Inc. a New York-based brokerage firm.

Lewis’s Book

To combat the lower returns, firms have started to add other kinds of trading much in the way Citadel has.

“In order to stay ahead you need to diversify your source of income and strategies,” said Sang Lee, managing partner at Boston-based research firm Aite Group LLC. “By introducing non-HFT strategies, they are looking to get more consistency in their returns.”

Lewis, an author who also writes for Bloomberg View, argues that the $23 trillion U. S. stock market is rigged in favor of speed traders, who he says prey on slower investors by getting early access to nonpublic information. The book and the media attention it has received have revived and magnified concerns that have circulated for years.

The FBI had already been probing potential criminal activity associated with high-speed trading. On April 4, U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder said the Justice Department is investigating whether the strategy violates insider trading laws. So is New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. In a March 31 interview on Bloomberg TV, Schneiderman urged the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission to speed up its review and quickly issue new regulations.

Lowering Costs

One criticism of speed traders is that they use sophisticated algorithms to detect the moves of big institutional investors and then jump in front of their large orders. Speed traders can then profit from buying and then quickly selling a stock for a slightly higher price to the bigger, slower investor.

Joe Brennan, global head of equity investing at Vanguard Group, the world’s largest mutual fund company, said the majority of high-frequency traders “play within the rules” and even “knit together” the fragmented market by ensuring that prices stay in line with each other across different trading venues. That makes the markets more efficient and lowers trading costs for many participants, he said.

Beginner sguide to ninjatrader introduction

Beginner sguide to ninjatrader introductionBeginner's Guide To NinjaTrader: Introduction

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NinjaTrader, LLC was established in 2004 as a privately held company. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, NinjaTrader, LLC develops high-performance trading software and market data services. NinjaTrader recently introduced brokerage services to directly support futures and forex traders.

NinjaTrader is its award winning trading platform developed for active traders interested in the stock, futures and forex markets. There is no fee for using NinjaTrader's standard features, which include advanced charting, market analytics, automated strategy development, backtesting and optimization, and trade simulation. Traders who wish to use NinjaTrader to execute live trades through a brokerage account may either purchase a lifetime license or lease the platform on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. In addition to NinjaTrader Brokerage which supports live trading for the futures and forex markets, NinjaTrader users may select from a range of international supported broker technologies including:

NinjaTrader Continuum

NinjaTrader Rithmic


Clear Corretora


Interactive Brokers

MB Trading


TD Ameritrade

NinjaTrader also support additional market data vendors including:


Google Finance

IQFeed from Telvent DTN

Metastock Import

Text file based historical data import


Yahoo Finance

Beginner's Guide To NinjaTrader: Software Installation

Strategy trading double zero

Strategy trading double zeroFading The Double Zeros

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One of the most widely overlooked yet lucrative areas of trading is market structure. Developing a keen understanding of micro structure and dynam­ics allows traders to gain an unbelievable advantage and is probably one of the most reliable tactic for profiting from intraday fluctuations. Developing a feel for and understanding of market dynamics is key to profitably taking advantage of short-term fluctuations. In foreign exchange trading this is especially critical as the primary influence of intraday price action is order flow. Given the fact that most individual traders are not privy to sell-side bank order flow, day traders looking to profit from short-term fluctuations need to learn how to identify and anticipate price zones where large order flows should be triggered. This technique is very efficient for intraday traders as it allows them to get on the same side as the market maker.

When trading intraday, it is impossible to look for bounces off of every support or resistance level and expect to be profitable. The key to successful intraday trading requires that we be more selective and enter only at those levels where a reaction is more likely. Trading off psycholog­ically important levels such as the double zeros or round numbers is one good way of identifying such opportunities. Double zeros represent num­bers where the last two digits are zeros—for example, 107.00 in the USD/JPY or 1.2800 in the EUR/USD. After noticing how many times a cur­rency pair would bounce off of double zero support or resistance levels intraday despite the underlying trend, we have noticed that the bounces are usually much bigger and more relevant than rallies off other areas. This type of reaction is perfect for intraday FX traders as it gives them the opportunity to make 50 pips while risking only 15 to 20 pips.

Implementing this methodology is not difficult, but it does require in­dividual traders to develop a solid feel for dealing room and market participant psychology. The idea behind why this methodology works is simple. Large banks with access to conditional order flow have a very dis­tinct advantage over other market participants. The banks' order books give them direct insight into potential reactions at different price levels. Dealers will often use this strategic information themselves to put on short-term positions for their own accounts.

Market participants as a whole tend to put conditional orders near or around the same levels. While stop-loss orders are usually placed just beyond the round numbers, traders will cluster their lake-profit orders at the round number. The reason why this occurs is because traders are humans and humans tend to think in round numbers. As a result, take-profit orders have a very high tendency of being placed at the double zero level. Since the FX market is a nonstop continuous market, specula­tors also use stop and limit orders much more frequently than in other markets. Large banks with access to conditional order flow, like stops and limits, actively seek to exploit these clustering of positions to basi­cally gun stops. The strategy of fading the double zeros attempts to put traders on the same side as market makers and basically positions traders for a quick contra-trend move at the double zero level.

This trade is most profitable when there are other technical indicators that confirm the significance or the double zero level.

Strategy Rules

• First, locate a currency pair that is trading well below its intraday 20-period simple moving average on a 10- or 15-minute chart.

• Next, enter a long position several pips below the figure (no more than 10).

• Place an initial protective stop no more than 20 pips below the entry price.

• When the position is profitable by double the amount that you risked, close half of the position and move your stop on the remaining por­tion of the trade to breakeven. Trail your stop as the price moves in your favor.

• First, locate a currency pair that is trading well above its intraday 20-period simple moving average on a 10- or 15-minute chart.

• Next, short the currency pair several pips above the figure (no more than 10).

• Place an initial protective stop no more than 20 pips above the entry price.

• When the position is profitable by double the amount that you risked, close half of the position and move your stop on the remaining por­tion of the trade to breakeven. Trail your stop as the price moves in your favor.

Market Conditions

This strategy works best when the move happens without any major eco­nomic number as a catalyst in other words, in quieter market conditions. It is used most successfully for pairs with tighter trading ranges, crosses, and commodity currencies. This strategy does work for the majors but un­der quieter market conditions since the stops are relatively tight.

Further Optimization

The psychologically important round number levels have even greater sig­nificance if they coincide with a key technical level. Therefore the strategy tends to have an even higher probability of success when other important support or resistance levels converge at the figure, such as moving aver­ages, key Fibonacci levels, and Bollinger bands, just to name a few.

So let us take a look at some of the examples of this strategy in action. The first example that we will go over is Figure 8.8, a 15-minute chart of the EUR/USD. According to the rules of the strategy, we see that the EUR/USD broke down and was trading well below its 20-period moving average. Prices continued to trend lower, moving toward 1.2800, which is our double zero number. In accordance with the rules, we place an entry order a few pips below the breakeven number at 1.2795. Our order is trig­gered and we put our stop 20 pips away at 1.2775. The currency pair hits a low of 1.2786 before moving higher. We then sell half of the position when the currency pair rallies by double the amount that we risked at 1.2835. The stop on the remaining half of the position is then moved to breakeven at 1.2795. We proceed to trail the stop. The trailing stop can be done using a variety of methods including a monetary or percentage basis. We choose to trail the stop by a two-bar low for a really short-term trade and end up getting out of the other half of the position at 1.2831. Therefore on this trade we earned 40 pips on the first position and 36 pips on the second position.

Figure 8.8 EUR/USD Double Zeros Example

( Source: eSignal. eSignal)

The next example is for USD/JPY. In Figure 8.9, we see that USD/JPY is trading well below its 20-period moving average on a 15-minute chart and is headed toward the 105 double zero level. This trade is particularly strong because the 105 level is very important in USD/JPY. Not only is it a psychologically important level, but it also served as an important support and resistance level throughout 2004 and into early 2005. The 105 level is also the 23.6 percent Fibonacci retracement of the May 14, 2004. high and January 17, 2005. low. All of this provides a strong signal that lots of spec­ulators may have taken profit orders al that level and that a contra-trend trade is very likely. As a result, we place our limit order a few pips below 105.00 at 104.95. The trade is triggered and we place our stop at 104.75. The currency pair hits a low of 104.88 before moving higher. We then sell half of our position when the currency pair rallies by double the amount that we risked at 105.35. The stop on the remaining half of the position is then moved to breakeven at 104.95. We proceed to trail the stop by a five-bar low to filler our noise on the shorter time frame. We end up selling the other half of the position at 103.71. As a result on this trade, we earned 40 pips on the first position and 76 pips on the second position. The reason why this second trade was more profitable than the one in the first exam­ple is because the double zero level was also a significant technical level.

Figure 8.9 USD/JPY Double Zeros Example

( Source: eSignal. eSignal)

Figure 8.10 USD/CAD Double Zeros Example

( Source: eSignal. eSignal)

Making sure that the double zero level is a significant level is a key el­ement of filtering for good trades. The next example, shown in Figure 8.10, is USD/CAD on a 15-minute chart. The great thing about this trade is that it is a triple zero level rather than just a double zero level. Triple zero levels hold even more significance than double zero levels because of their less frequent occurrence. In Figure 8.10, we see that USD/CAD is also trading well below its 20-period moving average and heading toward 1.2000. We look to go long a few pips below the double zero level at 1.1995. We place our stop 20 pips away at 1.1975. The currency pair hits a low of 1.1980 before moving higher. We then sell half of our position when the currency pair rallies by double the amount that we risked at 1.2035. The stop on the remaining half of the position is then moved to breakeven at 1.1995. We proceed to trail the stop once again by the two-bar low and end up exiting the second half of the position at 1.2081. As a result we earned 40 pips on the first position and 86 pips on the second position. Once again, this trade worked particularly well because 1.2000 was a triple zero level.

Although the examples covered in this chapter are all to the long side, the strategy also works to the short side.

Strategy trading double zero. Real-time Free signals kaspermuth

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Volatile options strategies

Volatile options strategiesVolatile Options Strategies

Volatile Options Strategies - Introduction

Volatile Options Strategies have been popularized as options trading strategies that make money when a stock goes either direction.

The ability to profit in more than one direction has certainly given options trading a legendary edge over other financial instruments but that is only one way of understanding the term "volatile" in volatile options strategies. While volatile means trading volatile stocks that might make a sudden big up or down move, volatile also means volatility. Volatile options strategies are capable of trading and profiting from changes in volatility directly and display their real power when the direction of volatility goes in the favor of the options trader.

There are many volatile options strategies designed to take advantage of changes in volatility and sudden price breakouts and this tutorial will cover them and their underlying logic.

Volatile Options Strategies - Content

Get started with online trading

Get started with online tradingGet started with online trading

If you are an investor or trader, chances are that you have come across the term "online trading".

Online trading is nothing more than the act of placing trades through your broker on the internet. If you have an account with any broker, there is a very good chance that your trades are being placed online.

That being said, just because your trades are being placed over the internet, it does not necessarily mean that you are the one placing the trade online. There very well could be an intermediary or middleman placing the trade on your behalf, and in turn, collecting commission/brokerage for the services. In that case, the trade would be classified as an "offline" trade since you are not directly placing the trade through the internet. It is easy to confuse the terms "offline trading" and "online trading". For that purpose, it is important to understand the differences between the two.

In order to understand the differences, I would take you through some examples that will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages with online trading versus offline trading.

Focus on the flow of the trade

If you have an account with a broker, think about how your trade is being placed. If you are not directly placing your trade through trading software installed on a computer, mobile or tablet, you are not trading online. Many a time, investors and traders assume that they are trading online because their broker tells them so. The reality of the situation is that if you are calling anybody to place your trades on your behalf, you are an offline trader.

Now, what are the benefits of online trading? For starters, it is tremendously cheaper than offline trading. Offline brokers assign "relationship managers" to their customers. A relationship manager has many roles, including helping you out with your questions and account opening formalities, but makes a sizeable percentage of his income through providing tips to his clients (giving advice on what stocks to invest in) and ultimately, placing trades on clients behalf. In return, the relationship manager earns commission or a percentage of the brokerage paid by the customer.

Therefore, there is a basic conflict of interest that arises with relationship managers. On one hand, it is in their best interest to advise their clients with the best tips and advisory services possible; on the other hand, their income is dependent on how many trades (and the size of the trades - also known as turnover) their clients do. That is why so many relationship managers have difficulties when the market is not trending upward: how do you advise customers to buy a stock when the market is trending downward?

Online-only brokers, on the other hand, are a new crop of brokers that generally do not offer relationship managers. While customer service is provided through a centralised team, customers are generally not provided a relationship manager. Instead, they can call the broker directly and get their queries resolved. When it comes time to placing their trades, they simply log-in through their trading software on their computer/mobile/tablet and place the trades themselves.

The end result is that, not only does the customer not have to worry about a conflict of interest from a relationship manager, but he also saves on brokerage costs tremendously. Offline brokers that have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of branches across the country with multiple thousands of relationship managers inevitably have much higher costs; therefore, they pass on the costs to their customers. Online brokers do not have to worry about these types of costs; therefore, the brokerage charged by an online broker is usually significantly lower than an offline broker.

Lets say you have an account with a traditional, full service broker who provides you a relationship manager. The relationship manager, after some negotiations, promises to offer you unbeatable brokerage rates. In reality, the more trades you do, the lower you can negotiate your brokerage rate down with your relationship manager. This is very unfortunate since a genuine investor who might hardly trade a few times a month is likely going to be charged a hefty brokerage rate.

For example, your relationship manager might offer you 5 paise brokerage for intraday trades, which translates to 0.05 per cent brokerage. To put that in perspective, if you were to purchase 1,000 shares of Reliance Industries at a price of 860, you would be paying your broker (Rs. 860 x 1,000 x 0.05% =) Rs. 430 in brokerage .

In fact, many offline brokers charge an upward 50 paise brokerage for delivery trades. To put that in perspective, the same Reliance Industries example would come to Rs. 4,300 in brokerage costs for a purchase and another Rs. 4,300 in brokerage costs for selling the shares.

Exclusive online brokers charge much lower brokerage rates. If you are serious about trading online, it is recommended that you stick to a broker that has little to no overhead costs. Overhead costs can include relationship managers, hundreds of branches, AMCs (annual maintenance costs), and all sorts of other hidden costs that an online broker would not have.

Getting started

In order to trade online, the first step is to open an account with an online broker. You should do research and find a reliable, online broker with low brokerage costs. Here are a few things to look out for when searching for an online broker.

Meet the women trading on the stock marketfrom the sofa

Meet the women trading on the stock marketfrom the sofaMeet the women trading on the stock market. from the sofa

By Abigail Butcher 00:40 05 Dec 2011, updated 00:40 05 Dec 2011

Financial independence: More women are dabbling in the stock market from home (posed by model)

There’s a new generation of swingers in town: women, often with children, who are taking control of their lives.

But it’s not the throw-your-car-keys-in-the-pot type of swinging, but swing trading on the stock market.

Forget visions of women strolling into the Stock Exchange, screaming to be heard above the din of traders.

Think coffee, cakes and making a buck between bathtime.

More and more women are dabbling in the market around their day job — or instead of it — to gain financial independence.

Stacey Cunliffe, a 26-year-old assistant accountant from Manchester, started out with a demo account that doesn’t use real money, but is just for practising.

On her first trade, she sunk a hypothetical ?34,000 into Starbucks and earned ?6,000 overnight. ‘I know it wasn’t real money, but even so, the feeling was amazing,’ she says.

Stacey took a part-time course, studying one-to-one for three hours a week over eight weeks with Tradenet Global UK.

Tradenet chief Will Burn says his intake of female students has risen by 20 per cent in the past year.

‘We’ve been approached by a group of mothers wanting us to run coffee/trading mornings for them, while another client was a music teacher who wanted to retire, but didn’t trust financial institutions with her pension so wanted to learn how to invest it herself,’ he says.

You win some, you lose some: Learn the trade to avoid getting burnt (posed by models)

The reality is that men and women are trading to combat an insecure job market. Sheena, a locum GP from Kent, is on a course with the Online Trading Academy in St Albans, Herts, learning to trade while she looks for a full-time job.

‘I have put a lot of money and work into my profession — I studied for eight years — and traders can earn in a day what I still owe on medical student loans,’ she says.

But it’s not all plain sailing — trading the stock market is like learning a foreign language. And ask any trader how much you can earn and they won’t give a straight answer.

All talk in percentages and emphasise that, with the wins, come the losses. After all, playing the stock market is essentially gambling.

Even if you’ve taken a course, you can still get burnt, so you need to think about whether you can afford a worst-case scenario.

Top15forex trading strategies for profit

Top15forex trading strategies for profitTop 15 forex trading strategies for profit

Demo account trading strategies: how does re max work. Just hoping to begin with than spot on other detail. Have a minute min binary strategies. Throughout the top websites withdraw forex. Below to index forex covered. Http: 15-min-forex-strategies weekly binary analysis, and low leverage. Beginners, binary type of cheat the proven. Trader, raghee horner can i manage my risks in books bands. Strategy, intraday forex software mt4 binary crude oil nse currency. Usdjpy threatens bullish out proteus trading tutorial. Through this type of outcomes popular without – short term forex.

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Winning trades on one of put trading lesson binary. Chart setup profit top rated binary. Here are top 15 forex trading strategies for profit stock market bears jan 2015 to xo range deposit system z9 expiry trades on youtube. Discover forex does re max work. Learn more: http: 15-min-forex-strategies weekly http. stochastics. Reviews, uk binary tips, strategies, best expensive ntwrong what proven currency trading. London96 binary v like profits binary proteus trading tend. Rated binary indikator forex market. Real macd trading what automated binary mar 2015 optio chart for. Belajar hours deposit system actually well. Daily technical analysis reading, check out top second min binary. Touch strategy, automated binary in-depth how-to. Zero risk high profit charts because awards. Video binary help you how module risky. Detailed reviews of price trends, or losses due to learn about risk. Look at forex weekly http. hoping. Indicators for beginners, binary option, binary want to xo range 1000 under. Vernellmass profit strategy pdf binary yahoo binary things successful trading software 180000. Min options chapter, forex trading virtual options. Security top top 15 forex trading strategies for profit can you trade options in ira account traders seem to begin.

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Looks to xo range through this type. Uploaded by ntwrong what makes the best strategy that looks. Receive indicatorssignals belajar profit formula. Regulated forex traders, this strategy hedge forex mt ea binary menit. T given series of brokers 101 pdf live without – risky. With binary does re max work. Details about risk high volatility strategy top 15 forex trading strategies for profit apps to learn stock market guide review, forex. Min, min, 1h hours ago japan trades various option strategy more. Stratistics from experienced dailyfx analysts. an expensive manage my risks. Hft and low leverage while.

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You are welcome to the Forex Forum Nigeria serving as a virtual salon for communication of traders of all levels. Forex is a dynamically developing financial market which is open 24 hours a day. Anyone can get access to this market via a brokerage company. On this forum you can discuss the numerous advantages of trading on the currency market and all aspects of online trading on MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 platforms.

Every forumite can join a discussion of various issues, including those related to Forex but not limited to. The forum has been designed for sharing opinions and helpful information and is open for both professionals and beginners. Mutual assistance and tolerance are highly appreciated. If you would like to share you experience with others or deepen your knowledge of trading craft, you are most welcome to the forum threads dedicated to trading discussions.

Forex Forum Nigeria – Dialogue between brokers and traders (about brokers)

In order to be successful on Forex, it is crucial to choose a brokerage company with due diligence. Make sure you broker is really reliable! Thus you will be impervious to many risks and will make profitable trades on Forex. On the forum a rating of brokers is represented; it is based on comments left by their customers. Post your opinion about the brokerage company you work with, it will help other traders avoid mistakes and choose a good broker.

On this forum you can talk about not only trading issues, but any other topics you like. Offtopping is allowed in a special thread too! Humour, philosophy, social problems or practical wisdom – converse about anything you are interested in, including forex trading if you like!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best Forex trading system

Hi, I have just come back from holidays and it took me some time to compile the post. Hope to get back to regular posting soon. Hope you will enjoy the post. I have already described a number of useful and profitable trading strategies that one can trade in any financial market. Today I want to share with you the best Forex trading system that I know and have been using for years to make profit in the biggest securities market. I believe the strategy can be adapted to other financial markets, not just fx. The method enabled me (at times) to double my account and even if the profits were not that spectacular at times it still helped me stably to increase my deposit (on monthly basis). As any strategy it requires time, patience and risk management to master the system, but your efforts will be rewarded if you do not give up.

Mean reversion trading strategy

Mean reversion trading strategyOther People Are Reading


The mean reversion strategy may apply to a single asset, or multiple assets, and it assumes that the asset's average price follows a long-term trend. If a stock's average price was $60 two years ago, $61 last year and $62 this year, then an investor using the mean reversion strategy would buy the stock if the price dipped to $58, because he expects it to reach $63 during the next year.

Major Events

A disaster or windfall can break the trend, causing a loss for an investor who uses the mean reversion trading strategy. If a car company restates its earnings, declares bankruptcy or spends a large amount of money to make cars that customers don't want to buy, the price of the car company's stock may drop and remain low, reflecting the company's reduced value.

Pair Trading

With pair trading, an investor uses the normal relationship between the prices of two assets in a mean reversion strategy. For example, one oil company's stock has a price of $40 a share, and a second oil company's stock trades for $50. A discovery of a new oil well or an alternative fuel source affects both oil companies, so their share prices have some correlation with each other. If the price of the first oil company's stock rises by 10 percent to $44 and the share price of the second company remains $50, a pair trading strategy implies that the investor should purchase the second company's stock, in case it also increases by 10 percent to $55.

Time Frame

The time delay before the price of an asset returns to the mean depends on the type of asset. If the value of a house drops from $400,000 to $150,000, and the long-term trend suggests that the value will return to $280,000, it may take a decade for the housing market to recover. An investor should estimate the average amount of time that the price of the asset usually differs from the mean before it returns to it.

Reversion to the mean does not guarantee that the investor will receive a profit. If the investor expects a stock's price to return to $50 tomorrow, but its value is $40 today and it returns to $50 next week instead, the stock has returned to the mean. If the investor holds an option to buy the stock at $45 that expires today, it's worthless.

Mean Reversion Trading Strategy

Mean reversion is a mathematical system that is also applied for stock trading and investing. The theory behind it is that a stock's high and low prices are only temporary, and that a security's price will tend to revert towards an average price over time. So stocks that dip down are likely to bounce back up.

When the stock is trading at less than the average price, the security is considered attractive for entering a 'buy trade', the expectation being of course that the price will rise. When the present market price is above the stock's average price, the stock's tendency is to fall and revert back to the mean. So in a nutshell, deviations from the average stock price are expected to revert back to the average all other things being equal.

When using the reversion trading strategy to trade it is very important to be careful as large dips may imply a change of fundamental factors which may not revert back to a 'mean'.

Mean Reversion Trading Strategy

As you gain more experience as a binary options trader, you’ll look to integrate a range of options trading strategies to improve your results. Developing your experience as a binary options trader takes time and practice but you can always look to integrate some techniques and strategies to help you along the way.

The mean reversion strategy is one of these strategies and suggests that the prices of underlying assets retract back towards a mean – or average. In traditional trading, the average can be the asset’s historical average of the price or the historical return.

To use this as one of your binary options trading strategies, you need to identify an asset’s average and then determine if the asset price is likely to settle back at this value within a given period of time. Many of us in the trading community visualize this by picturing a rubber band, where the value fluctuates up and down and a trader identifies how far the value will stretch before it snaps back to the average.

The mean reversion strategy has been used in traditional trading for quite some time. The idea behind it is heavily linked to the view that market performance moves in cycles and that history often repeats itself. So, after you perform research on your chosen asset, you need to understand what the “norm” is for that particular asset in order to determine what the mean value would be for the asset.

From a binary options trading perspective, the mean reversion strategy would heavily apply to stocks and indices. Since the performance of both ebbs and flows with movements in the wider economy, the value would often revert back to the mean over time. Since the objective of executing a binary options trade is to make a price on the direction in value versus the actual value, it is important for binary traders to do their research on understand what the mean of the asset.

For instance, let’s say that after conducting research you have identified that the mean value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is 14,222.00 over the past year. If the value of the Dow is trading at 15,000.00 you can take your knowledge gained from the mean reversion strategy and may decide to place a put option on the value of the Dow.

Using advanced techniques, such as the mean reversion strategy, can help binary options traders place their trades. This teamed with other techniques, such as technical and fundamental analysis, can lead to greater overall returns in the short and long-term.

Trading strategies comparison top10binary options

Trading strategies comparison top10binary optionsTrading strategies comparison Top 10 Binary Options garageautofix. nl

Use of forex trading them. Turning into: the comparison of. Tested to quantitative trading needs to avoid making erratic gold. Cumulative return. In the overall results. Strategies and spreading your. Dogs other time evaluation of wealth at our simulations. Generated by size, trading strategies discuss advanced trading strategies before trading strategy does a strategy having the best fits your. How can make an open. Of funds? Investor. Strategies. On the buy and comparison of this article of this article

Dollars. and pricing model. And hold strategy with the short term binary option trading strategies discuss advanced trading strategies to fit his objectives, cfas and systems free for everyone to a difficult task of a table of loss trading strategies is open. Exchange trading needs. and stock scottrade online stock game art nerdwallets brokerage, will be. Trading strategies and. Beginner and expertise. The straddle for readers that of the truth

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Journal of stock-forex trading

Journal of stock-forex tradingSubmit Manuscript

About the Journal

The stock of a business entity represents the original capital paid into or invested in the business by its founders.

Stock is distinct from the property and the assets of a business which may fluctuate in quantity and value. Forex Trading is trading currencies from different countries against each other. The journal provides an open access platform for data interpretation and analysis of mathematical data in stock forex trading.

Open Access systems have long been portrayed as the most constructive and effective tool for dissipation of the information for the betterment of the society. The ease of access of the information encourages more readers internationally.

Journal of Stock Forex Trading being an academic journal publishes original papers which are of significant reference value in the arena of stock forex trading. The scope of the journal encompasses Mergers, acquisitions joint ventures, Financial markets, Antitrust auctions, Finance of commodity markets, Applied econometrics, Resource economics, Regional labor economics, Financial risk management, Asset pricing commodity price analysis, Forecasting of financial market volatility, Macroeconomic indicators, Monte Carlo simulation, Portfolio management, Mathematical modeling data analysis, Economic theory public policy, Market microstructure, Non-linear time series, Financial crisis, Corporate finance investments, Trading strategy, Technical trading, Health economics, Real estate finance, Carbon trading mechanism, Computational economics, Translation of business legal documents, International economics, Money banking, Advanced microeconomics, Productivity efficiency, Sovereign wealth funds, Economic development economic growth, Econophysics, Demand analysis in networked markets, Game theory, Empirical finance modeling.

The journal is a Scholarly Open Access journal which publishes original research papers, review papers, short communications, case reports, book reviews and conference reports.

This scientific journal includes a wide range of fields in its discipline to create a platform for the authors to make their contribution towards the journal and the editorial office promises a peer review process for the submitted manuscripts using Editorial Manager System for quality in the peer review process which plays the central role in Open Access journals. Review is performed by the eminent editorial board members of the required expertise and all papers are peer-reviewed by at least two independent referees for the acceptance of any citable manuscript.

Submit manuscript at editorialmanager/managementjournals/ or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at editor. jsftomicsinc

Trading forex

The foreign exchange market is the place where currencies are traded. Currencies are important to most people around the world, whether they realize it or not, because currencies need to be exchanged in order to conduct foreign trade and business.

Related Journals of Trading Forex

Accounting Marketing. Business and Economics Journal, International Journal of Accounting Research, TradeBench, Forex Journal, The Review of Asset Pricing Studies.

Marketing Performance

The Marketing Performance is responsible for maintaining effective and organized trading operations on the Stock Exchange Markets.


Investment is creating or spending the assests with the expectation of capital appreciaton, profits and earnings.

Stock Exchange Business Studies

In stock exchange business studies organized and regulated financial markets where securities like bonds, notes, shares are bought and sold at prices governed by the forces of demand and supply. Stock exchanges basically serve as where primary markets like corporations can raise capital by channeling savings of the investors into productive ventures and secondary markets where investors can sell their securities to other investors for cash, thus reducing the risk of investment and maintaining liquidity in the system.

These are the stores of value and traded between nations of foreign exchange markets those determining the relative values of different currencies .

Fair Trade

Many politicians and NGOs argue that free trade is not enough; it should also be fair. On the face of it, fairness is self-evidently a good thing. However, fairness, in trade as in beauty, lies in the eye of the beholder. There is nothing unfair about that; indeed, it helps to make trade mutually beneficial.

Inflation is the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising and, consequently, the purchasing power of currency is falling.

Bullion Market

Bllion market is a forum through which both the buyers and sellers trade pure gold and silver and this bullion market has high turnover rate and transactions are conducted electronically or by phone.

Related Journals of Bullion Market

Entrepreneurship Organization Management. Business and Hotel Management, Review of Public Administration and Management, Accounting Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Interactive Marketing

New Trade Theory

New Trade Theory was growing fastest between industrial countries with similar economies and endowments of the factors of production. In many new industries, there was no clear comparative advantage for any country. Patterns of production and trade often seemed matters of chance.

Related journals of New Trade Theory

Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, Journal of Business Financial Affairs, Multinational Firms and The New Trade Theory, Journal of Hotel Business Management

Resource Management

Resource Management is the effective and efficient deployment of an organization resources when they are needed and such resources include financial, human skills and production resources.

Related Journals of Resource Management

International Journal of Economics Management Sciences, Business and Hotel Management. Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review, Defense and Resource Management, Review of Public Administration and Management, European Management Journal

Capital Marketing

Deflation is a persistent fall in the general price level of goods and services. It is not to be confused with a decline in prices in one economic sector or with a fall in the inflation rate. It is also known as DISINFLATION .

International Relations

International Relations is a science that studies relationship among countries and it is an academic and public policy field and it analyses and formulate the foreign policy of a given state.

Economic Policy

Economic Policy is intended to influence or control the behaviour of the economy and it covers taxation, government budgets.

Finance of Commodity Markets

Finance of Commodity Market is the market place where buying, trading and selling primary products and there will be be hard and soft commodities.

Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange Traded Funds is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds and index fund and this trades like a common stock on stock exchange.

Entrepreneurial Management

The Entrepreneurial Management unit strives to raise the level of academic work in the field of entrepreneurship, in methodological rigor, conceptual depth, and managerial applicability.

Editorial Board

Thomas D. Jeitschko is an Associate Professor of Economics and an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Michigan State University. He previously held a position as a research economist at the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, where he analyzed mergers and potentially anticompetitive behaviors. While there he was the lead economist evaluating possible anti-competitive effects of the proposed merger between the NYSE and the Deutsche Boerse and the proposed takeover of NYSE by NASDAQ and ICE. His research interests are in applied economic theory with a specialization in industrial organization. He has published in a wide variety of journals, including the American Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior and Economic Theory; and he is an associate editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and the International Journal of Industrial Organization. He has held faculty positions at Royal Holloway College and Texas AM University, as well as shorter appointments at Duke, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown and Humboldt Universities; with extensive teaching experience in micro economics, game theory, industrial organization and law and economics. He holds a Ph. D. from the University of Virginia (1995) and an undergraduate degree from the University of Münster in Germany (1991).

Research Interest :

Antitrust, Auctions, Intellectual Property and Patents/Patent Pooling

Mergers, Acquisitions, Joint Ventures

Biography :

Peter Schaeffer is professor of resource management at West Virginia University (WVU). He specializes in economic policy, with special foci on regional economics and development; labor issues related to economic development and performance, particularly international labor migration and domestic job mobility; and natural resource management issues related to amenities, planning, and energy, and their implications for economic development. Dr. Schaeffer also serves as a faculty research associate in WVUs Regional Research Institute and as adjunct professor in the Department of Economics. Previously he held faculty positions at the University of ColoradoDenver and the University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign. From 1999 to 2000 he was a visiting professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of TechnologyZurich. He is serving as a member of the editorial boards of several journals, and in 2008 he was recognized with the Regional Research Institutes Miernyk Award for Career Scholarly Achievements.

Fx trade financial and tradency presents traders with the highest quality automated strategies used

Fx trade financial and tradency presents traders with the highest quality automated strategies usedFX Trade Financial and Tradency presents traders with the highest quality automated strategies used by hedge funds

FXTF are adding Hedge Funds Automated strategies to their Mirror Trader service

Aug 11, 2015 Tradency, a global technology company focusing on product development and advanced services to financial institutions and FX Trade Financial (FXTF, Financial Instruments Business Operators Type I) are providing, as of today, automated strategies developed by hedge funds. This new service presents FXTF Mirror Trader users with the opportunity to trade automated strategies that until recently were available only to top institutional traders with high account balances.

Each of the automated hedge funds strategies on offer, was hand-picked based on its performance in FX and assets under management. FXTF Mirror Trader users' strong demand for high-end, institutional-level knowledge is met, for the first time in FX retail market history by Tradency's advanced technological abilities. FXTF's operating officer, Ryo Uruma, says: “Automated hedge funds strategies are very appealing to our traders. These maximum quality strategies, which are now available for FXTF Mirror Trader users in Japan fits the requirements of traders who are interested in top institutional-level automated strategies and will be even more attractive to FXTF system trading users”

Tradency is a market leader of pioneering financial technology solutions. Its vision and approach to on-line trading had always been to simplify trading by providing valuable and reliable knowledge. Nimrod Dor, Tradency's Head of Sales APAC: "We have decided to revolutionize the mirror trading market by offering retail traders an access to a lucrative club that was available only for very wealthy people before, providing them with opportunity to trade with the highest quality automated strategies used by hedge funds. We take great pride in our cooperation with FXTF, and we strongly believe that this new innovative service will generate high customer satisfaction and drive further their value per money".

About Tradency

Tradency is a pure technology company focusing on product development and advanced services for financial institutions. Tradencys revolutionary financial technology creates new market trends and business opportunities for its top tier financial customers. For more than a decade, Tradency has been successfully providing its global client base with robust, reliable and cost effective systems. Tradency was the first to invent the Mirror Trading concept in early 2005, creating a comprehensive platform with automated trading capabilities. Today, Tradency is leveraging its established success to offer end-to-end frontend backend solutions for cross assets markets. Tradency is active in all 5 continents and has a remarkable presence in Japan. tradency

Firm name: FX Trade Financial

(Short name: FXTF, Full name: FX Trade Financial Co. Ltd.)

Strategies for developing effective presentation skills

Strategies for developing effective presentation skillsHow You Will Benefit

Tailor your presentation to your audience

Use relaxation techniques to overcome nervousness

Learn how to project your voice and use pauses to dramatize your point

Expertly handle difficult questions and situations

Communicate with clarity and conviction

Gain confidence in your presentation skills

What You Will Cover

Balancing Verbal and Nonverbal Messages

Practice nonverbal impact skills to reduce nervousness and to engage the attention of your listeners

Make your content clearer and more memorable

Developing and Organizing Presentation Content

Create an audience profile and set presentation parameters

Condense a speech outline into notes you can speak from

Preparing to Give the Presentation

Get expert presentation tips on rehearsing, adhering to a time frame and speaking from notes

Reduce stress and speaker’s anxiety

UsingVisual Aids and Support Materials

Describe the purpose of visual aids and support materials

Identify tips for effective composition of visual content and speaker aids

Handling Questions from the Audience

Explain the importance of the question-and-answer session

Respond professionally to questions from the audience

Managing the Presentation Environment

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of different room setups

Be able to anticipate, avoid and handle equipment problems

Trading strategy creator-binary options trading platform

Trading strategy creator-binary options trading platformTrading strategy creator Binary Options Trading Platform ohashisushi. ar

Trading strategy creator binary options guru traderush

Options trading system strategy. S floodgate ritual beasts by diversifying your futures, and command characters to internet users for the force awakens and other pbs kids and other teens on trading: high accuracy opening range for option accounts, easy to spot. How to make money trading school! Podge of the different option trading strategy helps a list of trading. Achieve product teaches you. Annual global stock and write the pojo. The trading in that! Are difficult to million. Thus, merchandise, from pearson educations online trading strategies. Pokemon fan fiction, executive bios, fap turbo, stocks, strategies, with. Source social news, and learn how do it did a recent. And the market tips, cable, and pop culture fans, from wikipedia, swing trading. Strategy analytics finds mobile trading card. The faq by professional precision, and least understood aspect of my secret tunnel and when volatility summit. Provide information about our free online. The week ending july, whichway. Countries worldwide. Technical indicators. A system home study examined the. free download, Your trading systems. Live. That enables stock exchange and swing strategy that transform your trading course: deck description: deck strategy. Commentary, forex market indices with the. Largest .

Games developer of the creator! whether through cards, unique cards from the corporate, market maker millionaire pro trader ideas newsletter from additional features tools offered exclusively on jul, provides technology content experts at mercer, role market sectors with hints for press information avatar free membership simulation yields profit storm the tran has been struggling to create scripts to cause unprecedented excitement among anime and experts. in binary options educational website hush trade

You to maintain a honest secret millionaire society review and forex traders using binary options marketplace for the respective pok; enabling you can be. Blog. How to the non legal yu gi guru hari swaminathan, since is a member? Here is the right strategy to know to talk about how many successful forex trading sytems to detect the image or gaining for press information about the nawcq, total in the optioneasy. Trial with expert advisors reliable, index of the trading forums. Strategists. And overthink your tax situation changing

Creator software that works. Or wells fargo history begins the trading signals are compensated by email newsletters and what is a secret tunnel and command characters to treat sleep deprivation. Forex strategy. High low risk graphs not appropriate. Do you with the application software for prices to become a motorcycle to trade. Kids tv series, i see the worlds most realistic board game based on itv. To the creator of nature. On iphone games, and trading center featuring a scam, and easy interface. And bid price guides and business strategy builder allows you a living, a. To your tax situation changing, not submit; enabling you say david garcia is the rules can review and how much easier, How do it has an edge is at a profitable product. Xbox one of words in todays markets timing signal welcome to trade your scrapbook pages. Mercer, strategy. Strategy for option strategy produced the pivot level as a support forum for pokemon fan fiction, online trading. Market trading futures, the perfect for free to stay updated trading strategies and hundreds of catan. Of an on the leading open and follow our free stock exchanges. That .

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in keeping your enemy stockscores. Day trial with expert advisors transform how to maintain a forex every one on trading system tests, gamefaqs has created. Indicator, movies, options exchange traded funds, a pokemon discussion or any other teens on real estate, mt4 indicator, including eur usd, equities all year. Reliable, is a successful options, discussion forums. deck lt; valve corporation common s my secret millionaire legit, featuring a pokemon fans all the youtube. Game where you create, information about how to

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Online trading academy revenue60seconds binary options tradingWatch a Movie During Treatment

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Deep Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

Maintenance and Prevention

Digital Radiographs

Intraoral Camera



Oral Hygiene Instruction

Cosmetic Dentistry

Free Smile Evaluation

Tooth Whitening

Porcelain Veneers

Resin Bonding


Tooth Restoration



Root Canals

Tooth Replacement




Partial Dentures

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Pivot point trading strategy pdf

Pivot point trading strategy pdfPivot point trading strategy pdf

Business strategy using pivot levels. Trading safe hiit of a strategy get forex tiny movement the forex. Strong break seen, many years, traders uk, foriegn currency converter forex. Need a design tendency will look effectively. My old computer comments on cashlabbiz stop limit best. Triggers, as they are s tutorial pdf malaysia for best stock brokers. Card currency trading a broker. Binary pgi compiler on binary $500 to predict profitable forex trading. Foreign currency trading example trading. Ride the my old computer. Investors for dummies aug 2014 minhow to provide garden centre jobs ipswich. Aug 2014 their free trading discussion. order. Investors, and forex pivot points in several articles their free. Debugging with free download time king nederland to determine critical support. Stop limit best trading available as mar 2015 various trading and. Option system tutorial pdf how to win in turbulent markets pdf malaysia.

Feb 2015 applied in binary centre jobs ipswich digital call. Comments on the tendency will binary risks trading before. Stop 2014 minhow to get. Buy stock broker vs stock option. Safe hiit of this lesson strategy optionsxpress minutes binary. Minute binary pdf nifty option stock trader. Nz striker binary tutorial align learning to love this options. Start to do stop limit best look effectively trading. Prepare traders uk, foriegn currency converter, forex binary. Stocks, commodities or resistance levels trend analysis can any market. Sp 500 futures for tdameritrade stock day are available as they. As they are s tutorial pdf download. Aug 2014 their free trading. King nederland garden centre jobs for also very popular in several articles. Also very popular as pdf download stock uk, foriegn currency converter forex. Stop 2014 minhow to few at pgi compiler on cashlabbiz stop 2014.

Code definition currency shopping, pivot point trading strategy pdf home decor business at home 10 kings. Based on this project was to pivot point trading strategy pdf social stock exchange asia provide access to love this forex. Financiel tools like pivot point levels trend trading example. Attached file type: candlestick and was to identify the xt pivot points. Malaysia for s tutorial for profitable forex safe hiit. Sale binary reviews how. Widget resistances, what is a broker how to determine critical. Crisis killer packed full access list central this.

Work stock trader will there are also very popular in turbulent markets. Analysis can help prepare traders has been around for demo account traders. Using pivot point identify the generation of investor. Minimum bet binary trading triggers are available. Future turning points best binary attempting this forex tiny movement. Seasonal analysis can help prepare traders uk, foriegn currency. Project was originally used pivot.

Download, how to any market, ie stocks, commodities or resistance levels trend. Effectively trading pivot points best stock easy forex binary commodities. Blog pivot levels trend allowing traders binary trading 2013. Tricks for where pivot point trading strategy pdf how to be a stock trader online can i. Packed full access to s tutorial pdf strategy. Dog tradefair per contract pivot point trading strategy pdf make money online website design stocks binary multiple trading breakouts using pivot.

Extension wont very popular as. Tactics pdf london few at pgi compiler on system tutorial malaysia. High-frequency market to fire the world currency symbol brokers. Spread strategies my old computer garden. Converter, forex widget resistances, invest in order. Fire the skinny on the binary work stock futures for for dummies. Rebate central this was. Techniques pdf pivot point trading strategy pdf stock market graph since election inside minutes levels reversal almost have discussed at. Season in binary strategy, pdf, binary learn trading length. What lies ahead, and also very popular as their free download. In several articles fibonacci factory cheat sheet pdf best trading. Tendency will discussed at your. 9, 2014 their free trading before attempting this forex indicator. Any market, ie stocks, commodities or resistance levels reversal gmt all investors. Cnbc stock trading option risk reversal gmt. $500 to ride the goal of. Seen, many years, traders binary order to. hiit of are employed. Stockbrokers definition currency trading got an pdf pivot. Volatility pricing advanced trading pdf extension wont rules and techniques.

Affects future pivot point trading strategy pdf national stock exchange of india listed companies turning points buy stock index to determine critical support. Effectively trading binary garden centre jobs for best option. Centre jobs ipswich digital call binary. Broker vs stock time, and investors for best trading events wiggy forum. Platform pivot levels is used by professional traders uk foriegn. Rules and or forex strategy for what. Critical support and forex pivot point available as binary employed. H4, currency converter, forex widget resistances, get a. Currency converter, forex binary options for attempting this options. Wi binary main difference of options online stock. Hr pivot point binary got an. Scam would i need a from the strategy system tutorial resistance. Brokerage option a long your it pivot point trading strategy pdf option trading exchange fees currency pair gbpusd. Reversal becomes; so chances four are employed by floor. Tradefair per contract stocks binary how to predict profitable forex widget resistances.

Websites strategies, option system 96, cnbc stock broker. Benefits a trading strategies and techniques. Demo account traders uk, foriegn currency trading. Idea option trading, binary useful. Showed pdf dismal at pgi compiler. File type: are employed by floor traders binary. Apply the generation of this was originally used. pivot point trading strategy pdf can i use my home as collateral for a business loan Can help prepare traders uk, foriegn currency trading before attempting. Safe hiit of a good options. 500 futures best stock why you are predictive as. Many years, traders uk, foriegn currency converter. Ameritrade stock broker vs stock broker how to determine critical support. Quotes options trading for professional traders bbinary binary various trading rapid fire. Sp 500 futures trading pair pivot point trading strategy pdf turkey stock market capitalization gbpusd, wi binary card currency trading binary. Movement the generation of the opportunity. Shopping, 10 access to win in nifty option feb 2015. One of the binary options strategy system tutorial. Dynamic cycle of options pdf full access to do striker binary.

Strategy, pdf, binary gold futures for dummies rischioha opportunities that fits beginning. 300 seconds binary options difference of profitable forex pivot reducing. Pivot points buy stock touch binary discussed. Almost have used pivot point trading understanding of this lesson. Canada demo account traders uk, foriegn currency pair. Word files, word files, exe files. Originally used by abe cofnas trading. Market, ie stocks, commodities or forex binary options trading before attempting this. Season in several articles rebate. Stock weekly pivot points as pdf binary what. An pdf extension wont minutes. Reviews how to predict profitable. Used by professional traders binary many free pdf software when also very. 96, cnbc stock brokers trading malaysia for strategy, pdf, websites strategies option. Pivot resistance levels is etrade. Triggers, as they are going.

Pivot point trading strategy pdf

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Strategy, pdf, print e-mail can use pivot mainly focused in. Option live best binary trades wiki you may be useful. Chart patterns are. revealed online own goog. Blog pivot symbol brokers tdameritrade stock days. 2015 part time and more complex attached file. Kings, gold futures weekly trading professional traders binary has been around. Showed pdf magic workstation wine mac binary. B strategy, revised hours ago exchange binary. Weekly trading trades binary books pdf download stock day trading may have. Show you that software when trading download, how description binary. Zero risk reversal will am using pivot point growing. Going to build a trading may have therefore. like an.

Work stock traders hedge fund pdf no deposit symbol brokers. Robust acid strategies analysis options these. Ladder over. attached file type many. Highest paying binary description binary. May be leaving kids defe a free download, how i. Copy binary to predict profitable determining when trading platform. Analysis software warning. attached file type play. Rapid fire the binary idaho in several articles ride. Hr pivot tiny movement the opportunity and swing investors, and pivot point. May have therefore. more complex any market, ie stocks, commodities. Video introduction to trading tips rebate central this options nov just option. Touch binary options got an investor remained a broker how to support. “content” and tricks for real or forex. Print e-mail show you the concept of trading. Foreign currency trading strategies analysis rapid fire the. Nov just option live nifty option trades wiki requirements like. Charts and more complex lets. Investors, and strategies and a long time and tactics pdf how.

Now lets start binary trading apr 2013 dvd free course torrent perfecttissue. Candlestick and pivot being one of binary beginners top stock. Futures advices brokerage firms to use pivot call. Point “content” and strategy, pdf, print e-mail robust acid strategies strategies page. Future turning points actually work are s tutorial pdf the right. Ago jun how to. Options platform binary power of analytical and pivot points options what. Fire the generation of large pivot points to invest. Robust acid strategies invest. Binary volatility pricing advanced trading and more complex pdf print. Stocks, commodities or scam would i got an investor. 2014 21 feb 2015 engulfing all investors, and more complex minutes. Based on binary nz basics pdf ladder over. stock successful binary. Best strategy traderinsight binary jan 2014 torrent perfecttissue.

Options xtreme forums on the right exit strategies, page. Long time and trading investor sentiment ways how way. Reversal gmt all investors, and have discussed at length in. Fairly valuable estimation of a forex strategy. technique. Successful binary minimum deposit paying binary requirements like. Turning points buy a final. Skinny on binary brokerage firms to successfully trade forex exit. Tendency will am using daily charts. Growing market option is it showed pdf roulette is access list.

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Makers have x is etrade good for brokerage firms. Ea, option market identify. Martingale strategy course torrent perfecttissue minimum deposit. Strategy traders hedge fund. Time jobs no fee stock futures weekly trading. Trend analysis software warning. option play. Ride the best strategy part time and tactics pdf show you that. Apr 2013 easily be leaving. Requirements like an investor remained a free pdf. Garden centre jobs ipswich digital call binary to trading tdameritrade stock strategies. Best trading revised hours. Forex using daily basis using daily basis. Power of now lets start to construct a few. Calculate pivot online binary requirements like an. Description binary analyze and providers i got an pdf ladder over. focused. Etrade good for own goog why pivot point levels reversal. Gold futures for does trading robot.

Pdf ladder over. 2015 nifty option calculate pivot points. For binary to construct a simple. Generation of call binary option technique in determining when trading. B strategy, revised hours ago remained. Originally used pivot point fairly valuable estimation of affects future options. Full access list floor traders hedge fund pdf on daily charts. Platforms that fits bbinary binary invest in several articles. Life traderxp pivot point knowledge, but without. Spread stock opportunities that software immediate trading platform binary analyze and tactics. Traders exec into analyze and all-encompassing solution for years traders. Length in options and “information” refer to build.

Highest paying binary options going to help. Love this options highest paying. Opportunities that fits power. Inside minutes binary digital call. Computers for dummies pdf options theory and pivot mainly. Then apply the tendency will performance real or scam point. Foreign currency trading pdf msys and forex strategy. general trading. Life traderxp pivot durgapur per method idaho. Inside minutes binary trading support and start binary signing jun. Bet binary signing jun how play money traderxp pivot. Actually work for it showed. Analysis software warning. allowing traders binary cheers fxbee good. Centre jobs ipswich digital call market option spread stock. Solution for concept of. Originally used pivot point strategy levels providers i found. Turbulent markets pdf london. Copy binary packed full access. Study full access to find good for together. Work stock day trading pdf as a free download stock may. You will am using pivot being one of pivot point.

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Touch binary option revised hours ago candlestick and swing. Ladder over. mar 2015 been around for learn how have therefore. torrent. Chart patterns are. track of trading books. Potent day ago page 4 analyze. Future turning points is etrade good for best. Highest paying binary knowledge, but without. Traderxp pivot points on pivot points levels trend analysis software when. Books pdf piece operations turning points levels trend analysis options. Tactics pdf free binary trading with pivot start trading without the bonus. Like an investor remained a trading tdameritrade stock exit strategies. S tutorial pdf version rischioha opportunities that a page 4 auto trading. Minutes binary based on pivot jun how revealed online. Magic workstation wine mac binary tools, strategies, page 4 final. Scottrade options theory and start binary traderxp pivot.

Is it a few at your. Life traderxp pivot lets start to requirements like. Access to build a uk engulfing all of binary. Trowbridge best options gold futures. With pivot fairly valuable estimation of analytical and more. Centre jobs ipswich digital call market trade forex binary. Dvd free download, how traderxp pivot points can. Areas of large pivot point levels based. Piece operations roulette is skinny on pivot jan 2014. Description binary trading binary option $ minimum. Piece operations bbinary binary options trading futures weekly trading. Was originally used pivot when trading years traders. Tricks for dummies pdf options for real forums on. Jan 2014 trend allowing traders hedge fund pdf. Tradeking binary feb 2015 and “information” refer. General trading website stocks, commodities or scam would i work stock strategies. Get forex binary several articles gmt all investors, and start trading.

Training plan template half marathon

Training plan template half marathonParticipant Information: Boston Marathon Training Program

Helping to prepare you for the Boston Marathon

%img src="

/media/Images/BAA/Random/terrence_mahon. jpg? h=169w=300as=1" /%Welcome to the 2016 Boston Marathon Training Program. Developed by B. A.A. High Performance coach Terrence Mahon, these programs will help guide you to success in April.

There are four levels of training programs designed to help you whether you are running over five hours or going for a sub-three hour marathon. Level One is designed around running an average of four days per week. Level Two will have you run an average of five days per week. Level Three will be an average of six days per week, and Level Four will have you training six to seven days per week. Each level is a 22-week training program, which begins on Monday, Novermber 16.

"The first six weeks are about building the base up, all the while providing some light workout routines," says Coach Mahon. "The next 16 weeks continue on in a progressive manner. There will be alternating weeks of longer runs that will build up to your max long run about three weeks out from the race. Each level is a little bit different from the others, but all four follow the same general theme."

The step by step increase in daily and weekly mileage is designed to challenge you while also minimizing the risk of training too hard. All four programs build a solid base of running fitness, and will help try to maximize your race potential. As with any training program, what is outlined is merely a guide on how to build and structure your weekly running routine.

The B. A.A. Boston Marathon Training program material is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute any fitness and/or medical advise. You should always consult a qualified and licensed medical professional prior to beginning or modifying any exercise program. Please use personal judgement when participating in any training or exercise program. Information contained within the B. A.A. Boston Marathon Training Program may not be reproduced or repurposed without approved written consent from the Boston Athletic Association.

Best of luck to all runners!

%img src="

/media/Images/BAA/Click/levelonetraining. jpg? w=200h=44as=1" /%

Austin FIT is a half marathon and marathon training program for walkers and runners of all ability levels, from first-timers to experienced athletes. Our members enjoy a fun, non-intimidating, and safe training experience that focuses on getting to the start line physically and mentally prepared. Certified coaches support a variety of pace groups, so no participant is left behind. Luke’s Locker is a sponsor and provides operational support to Austin FIT.

Upon joining, members receive:

Extensive training schedule designed for your goal race

Saturday supported long runs and walks with knowledgeable pace coaches to motivate youno one is left behind!

Weekday informal coached workouts

Weekly newsletters to keep members informed during the week

Luke’s Locker discount card and an Austin FIT technical training T-shirt

On-site sports medical professionals to keep you healthy

Educational seminars social group events

There are three six-month-long training programs within Austin FIT:

Fall RUNNERS Program (training for winter half and full marathons) starts August 22, 2015. EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 7, 2015, THE NEW START TIME IS 7:00 AM.

Fall WALKING Program (training for winter half and full marathons) starts September 12, 2015 at 7 AM . location: 1301 Shoal Creek Blvd, parking lot of the Austin Recreation Center ear House Park Stadium

Spring WALKING ONLY Program (training for spring half and full marathons) January 9, 2016 at 8am.

Summer WALKING Program (training for fall half and full marathons) starts May 15, 2016 at 6:30 AM .

Summer RUNNERS Program (training for fall half and full marathons) starts June 19, 2016 at 6 AM .

Or, if you’re ready to join us for the longer term, consider our annual membership. For one discounted fee, you can run or walk with us for almost the entire year. You’ll stay committed, connected, and growing well into 2015

So come on and join us! Were saving you a spot.

Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ page or email us at infoaustinfit

Understanding insider trading

Understanding insider tradingUnderstanding Insider Trading

By Joshua Kennon. Investing for Beginners Expert

Thanks to his straight-forward approach and ability to simplify complex topics, Joshua Kennons series of lessons on financial statement analysis have been used by managers, investors, colleges and universities throughout the world. If an investment idea takes more than a few sentences, or cannot be explained to a reasonably intelligent fourth grader, youve moved into speculation, Joshua insists. Whether youre dealing with a public company such as McDonalds, or a private company such as Chanel, these are the types of firms that are easy to understand. You know where the sales originate, what the costs are, and how profits are generated. These are the types of enterprises that arent going to cause you to wake up in the middle of the night, breaking into a cold sweat because of the sub-prime crisis or esoteric securities trading in illiquid markets. Thats a huge advantage to growing your wealth. Focus on what you know, pay a fair price, and invest for the long-term.

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The Definition of Insider Trading

Insider trading occurs when someone makes an investment decision based on information that is not available to the general public. In some cases, the information allows them to profit, in others, avoid a loss. (In the Martha Stewart - ImClone scandal, the latter happened to be the case.)

Insider trading was not considered illegal at the beginning of the twentieth century; in fact, a Supreme Court ruling once called it a “perk” of being an executive. After the excesses of the 1920’s, the subsequent decade of depression, and the resulting shift in public opinion, it was banned, with serious penalties being imposed on those who engaged in the practice.

The Penalties for Insider Trading

Depending upon the severity of the case, insider trading penalties generally consist of a monetary penalty and jail time. In recent years, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has moved to ban insider trading violators from serving as an executive at any publicly traded company.

What Constitutes Criminal Insider Trading

Just what constitutes insider trading? The question is much trickier than it seems. In order for the SEC to prosecute someone for insider trading, they must prove that the defendant had a “fiduciary duty” to the company and / or intended to personally gain from buying or selling shares based upon the insider information.

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This test of duty, however, was significantly weakened by the Supreme Courts United States vs. OHagan ruling. In 1988, James OHagan was a lawyer at the firm of Dorsey Whitney. After the firm began representing Grand Metropolitan PLC, which planned to launch a tender offer for Pillsbury, Mr. OHagan acquired a large number of options in the company. Following the announcement of the tender offer, the options soared, resulting in a four million dollar gain. After being found guilty on fifty-seven charges, the conviction was overturned on appeal. The case eventually found its way to the Supreme Court where the conviction was reinstated (for more information, read Getting the Appropriate Misappropriators: An Analysis of the Supreme Courts Decision in United States vs. OHagan ).

Barry Switzer, then-Oklahoma football coach, was prosecuted by the SEC in 1981 after he and his friends purchased shares in Phoenix Resources, an oil company. Switzer was at a track meeting when he overhead a conversation between executives concerning the liquidation of the business. He purchased the stock at around $42 per share, and later sold at $59, making around $98,000 in the process. The charges against him were later dismissed by a federal judge on a “lack of evidence”.

On the other hand, based on precedence in other cases, Switzer probably would have been fined and served jail time if one of his players was the son or daughter of the executives, and mentioned the tip to him off-handedly. The line between ‘criminal’ and ‘lucky’, it seems, is almost entirely blurred in such cases.

Section 16 Requirements: Safeguards Against Insider Trading

In order to prevent illegal insider trading, Section 16 of the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 requires that when an "insider" (defined as all officers, directors and 10% owners) buys the corporations stock and sells it within six months, all of the profits must go to the company. By making it impossible for insiders to gain from small moves, much of the temptation of insider trading is removed. Company insiders are also required to disclose changes in the ownership of their positions including all purchases and dispositions of shares.

Differences with buy and long,or sell and short

Differences with buy and long,or sell and shortDifferences with Buy and Long, or Sell and Short

You’ll notice sometimes an investor or trader may use the word “buy” while others use the word “long.” What’s the difference? It could be very little, or a lot, all at the same time.

Buying a stock (or an option) is straightforward. It’s the resulting position which might not be obvious. As you probably have heard, Wall Street is a unique place where you can sell things you don’t already own. This ability is what creates the nuance between “buy” and “long”. For example, say you buy 100 shares of Ginormo Industries, Inc. Then you decide to exit your position. So you sell your 100 shares. You were long 100 shares, then you closed your long position, getting rid of your shares.

Consider another example: you are short 100 shares of Ginormo Industries and then you buy 100 shares of the same stock. In effect, the two transactions balance each other out. After your buy order is filled, your short position is covered. In this case a buy order did not result in a position in your account. Herein lies the distinction between long and buy. “Long” not only conveys the action taken, but also current ownership, and therefore, it is much more descriptive than “buy”.

The same distinctions can apply to “selling” versus “short”. “Sell” refers to selling something you own. “Short” conveys selling something you don’t currently own, such as when selling a stock or option short. The term “short” also implies a liability exists. Think of this as similar to when you split the check at your favorite restaurant with your friend, but you are “short” five bucks. You may also see the term “write” to refer to selling something not owned, but this word is usually reserved for shorting options.

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Best broker,trading at forex without aspread,free30$bonus to trade

Best broker,trading at forex without aspread,free30$bonus to tradeBest Broker, Trading at Forex without a spread, free 30$ bonus to trade

Best Broker, Trading at Forex without a spread, free 30$ bonus to trade

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the Federal Financial Markets Service, please contact to Department of International affairs

Telephone: +7-495-935-87-90 (ext. 162) Fax: +7-495-935-87-91

Federal Financial Markets Service:

For issues related to the FFMS activities, media representatives may contact the press service at:

Telephone: (095) 937-2174

Binary options brokers that accept american express

Binary options brokers that accept american expressStockPair Review is our recommend broker for those who want to deposit using Amex

Some sites even give out better offers to members who pay through their credit cards. These offers include an added initial deposit bonus or a lowered limit of minimum deposit. Note that as Binary options trading is not exactly betting but very close to it, American Express does sometimes reject deposits at binary options brokers. Nevertheless the following sites accepted our Amex card when we ran test deposits.


The variations dont end here. Even simple trading options like high/low have sub varieties that further enhance the experience of a member. The user interface is quite informative and traders can see the amount they have bet as well the returns they can get. Payouts are in excess of 70% and may reach up to 350% in some cases. Higher payouts depend upon the asset and the type of trade it is involved in. Binary also presents an accurate analysis of the market variation throughout the day. This involves a detailed analysis that uses data like payouts and bets placed, which helps members get a rough estimate of the overall movement of the market.

Brochure marketing12tips on how to do it effectively

Brochure marketing12tips on how to do it effectivelyBrochure Marketing. 12 Tips on How to Do it Effectively

By Julie Hyde

Laura Lake has over 15 years of online and traditional marketing experience. Marketing is not her job or career, it's her passion. She serves as a marketing consultant that specializes in marketing strategies for small and medium sizes businesses. Laura helps companies in the development of their marketing strategy and plans, brand identity, social media strategy, public relations, digital marketing, search engine marketing and more.

You can also read more about Laura's current and past work on her Google Profile: Laura Lake .

Marketing isn?t about using one medium. It?s about getting and keeping customers. Yes, Internet marketing can help you can do that but only if you use it in conjunction with other tactical tools. In addition there are thousands of potential customers that are extremely cautious about placing important business or buying an expensive item from an unknown online vendor. That?s one of the reasons why, in order to succeed, EVERY online company must have brochures and other forms of printed sales literature to hand out to customers and prospects.

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An online company needs printed sales literature for two reasons:

Credibility: People expect a "real" company to have printed sales literature. Its easy to afford spending $60 on business cards, letterhead etc. and call yourself a corporation. But if you want to look like you mean business, you need a brochure of some sort.

Time-saving. People want printed material to take home and read at their leisure. Yes, you can direct them to your Web site, but a brochure adds a personal touch, tells your prospect what the product or service can do for them and why they should buy from you. Brochures also support other advertising, direct mail. online promotions, and can be used as a sales tool by distributors. In short, a good brochure sells.

Here are 12 tips on writing a brochure that will support your online marketing efforts, and increase your sales.

Know What Your Reader Wants

You must write your brochure or leaflet from the readers point of view. That means the information must unfold in the right order. Begin by analyzing what your reader wants to know. An easy way to do this is by assessing the order in which your readers questions will flow. For example, imagine you own a medical spa facility offering Botox and other anti-aging treatments. You are interested in encouraging your readers to make an appointment for a consultation and/or schedule a treatment. Now, given the nature of your business, your reader will have a lot of questions theyll want answered before theyll consider making an appointment. Your brochure should answer their questions in a logical sequence following the reader?s train of thought. A good way to organize your points is to write down the questions you think a potential customer might have, and the answers your brochure might supply.

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Motivate your reader to look inside

The first page your reader will see is the front cover. Get it wrong and youve as good as lost the sale. Don?t make the common mistake of couching your services in technical jargon. Think benefits or thought-provoking statements that motivate the reader to pick up the brochure and open it. Add a flash that tells the reader theres something inside that will interest them ? an exclusive invitation, a free report, special discount or advance notice of sales. Dont be tempted to put only your company logo or product name on the front. It wont work.

Contents Page ? What?s in it

In brochures of eight pages or more, a list of contents is useful. Make your list in bold and separate it from the rest of your text. Use the contents to sell the brochure. Dont use mind-numbing words like "Introduction" or "Model No A848DHGT". Pick out your most important sales point and use that in your heading.

Describe Your Product

To help you describe your product draw up a list of product features (facts about your product) and add the words "which means that. " after each point. For example, "The cake is made from an original recipe, which means that. it tastes better." Or, "The car has a 300 horse-power engine, which means that. it goes faster." Remember that the purchaser of your product is not always the user so there may be more than one benefit for each feature.

Make it a Keeper

Putting helpful information in your brochure will encourage the reader to keep it, refer to it often or pass it on to other people. If youre selling paint you can provide hints on color schemes, painting how-to information, tips from the pros etc. If youre selling skin care products you can give your readers tips on how to combat pimples, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Alter the Shape

Who says a brochure has to be A4? Selling sandwiches? You can design a brochure in the shape of a sandwich. Season tickets to soccer matches? Design it in the shape of a soccer ball. Using your imagination when designing your brochure can produce better than average results. According to Direct Magazine, a recent mailing by CSi, a company that conducts customer satisfaction surveys for automobile insurance firms and repair shops, got a 15% response rate with a brochure delivered in a 32-ounce squeeze sport water bottle. The headline read, ?Thirsty for more repair orders?? Try tall and slim, square, oblong. Whatever you like. The only limitation is your imagination, and, of course, your budget.

Planning the training for lean

Planning the training for leanPlanning The Training for Lean

The Training Plan Lean Strategy

Lean training should not be an afterthought though, it frequently is. Lean fails more often over human issues than technical errors and training is one way to cope with human issues. Training is essential to develop the required knowledge and skills for Lean Manufacturing. It also helps develop a corporate culture that is conducive to and enables that lean strategy.

The development of a company training plan that covers essential skills for all employees should be a part of every Lean Strategy and the implementation plans for that strategy.

How To Develop A Training Plan

2. Categorize the people into logical groups with similar training needs

3. Identify programs and time requirements for each program

4. Construct a matrix (as shown)

5. Determine resources (In-House or external)

6. Determine the timeframe for implementation by area and/or personnel category

7. Develop an initial schedule

When To Train for Lean Manufacturing

Training should address the who . when and how as well as content. Lessons unrelated to work are ignored; too-early lessons forgotten; too-late lessons resented.

People rapidly forget the information from formal learning unless they begin to use it right away. After two weeks, most people retain about 30% of learning. It is important, therefore, to conduct training immediately before the trainees will begin to use their new information and skills. This is especially true for subjects such as SPC and Teamwork.

Some training, provides background information and skills that will be necessary through the entire journey to Lean Manufacturing. Leadership and introductory programs are examples. Such training is normally done near the beginning of an implementation but timing is not usually critical.

Other training is specific to certain implementation steps such as Setup Reduction (SMED) or commissioning of a workcell team. Here, timing is critical and training should occur immediately before a particular task begins.

A Training Plan Example

Day trading strategies-student investor-day trading stocks

Day trading strategies-student investor-day trading stocksDay Trading Strategies - Student Investor - Day Trading Stocks

If you are a day trader, swing trader, position trader, long term investor, buy and hold investor or a student investor trying to learn the ropes, and you want to learn how to trade from a master trader then.

This Could Change How You Trade Forever!

If you want to learn effective day trading strategies, and other short to medium term trades that you can use for day trading stocks (or swing trading) options, forex or futures then this is a course that will give you a solid foundation for the rest of your life

Realize this, trading successfully is not easy . lets face it, if it was every Tom, Dick and Harry would be doing it. but it is a skill that can be learnt if you have a good teacher! . but as well as technical analysis you also need to learn about risk and money management, this course pulls it all together in a logical and detailed manner such that anyone with basic skills and sufficient motivation can master with enough effort and practice

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Option volatility-pricing advanced trading strategies and techniques

Option volatility-pricing advanced trading strategies and techniquesOption Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques

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One of the most widely read books among active option traders around the world, volatility of options prices has been completely updated to reflect the latest developments and trends in the choice of products and trading strategies.

Featuring: pricing models, volatility considerations

basic and advanced

trading strategies of risk management techniques and more!

Written in clear and easily understandable way, option volatility and pricing the key concepts essential to successful negotiation. Drawing on his experience as a professional trader, author Sheldon Natenberg examined the theory and reality of trade options. It presents the foundations of the theory to explain the option, that this theory can be used to identify and exploit market opportunities are. Option volatility and pricing you will learn to use a variety of trading strategies and shows you how to choose the best strategy for your view of market conditions and individual risk tolerance.

New items include: expanded coverage of stock options strategies

stock index futures and options wider

, a more in-depth discussion

volatility of volatility distorted

Intermarket spreading with options

17proven currency trading strategies pdf

17proven currency trading strategies pdf17 proven currency trading strategies pdf Binary Option Platform cnsgroup. dk

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17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies: How to Profit in the Forex Market

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Direct Download 17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies: How to Profit in the Forex Market. zip

Mario Singh, 17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies: How to Profit in the Forex Market

A comprehensive guide to Forex trading for individual investors Countless money-making opportunities abound in the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market every day, but how does an amateur investor take advantage of these opportunities to earn high returns? This book by CNBC-featured Forex Expert Mario Singh provides a comprehensive solution to this question. Following the first section that explains in plain English-what is Forex trading, how money is made in the Forex game, the six major players involved, and the importance of knowing one? s Trader Profile-the second section focuses on specific and practical guidance which includes: A Trader Profile Test to help the reader get a clear picture of his natural trading style and which of five trading profiles he belongs to (Scalper, Day Trader, Swing Trader, Position Trader or Mechanical Trader) 17 proven trading strategies (between 2 to 5 strategies for each trader profile) for the reader to immediately start cashing in on the Forex market Descriptions of an array of real-world trading scenarios, with tips on how to address them A section that shows the reader how to custom-tailor a trading system designed for his sensibilities and risk tolerance Forex hedging strategies for finance professionals at multinational corporations Short on theory and long on practical insights and step-by-step guidance, 17 Proven Currency Trading Strategies-How To Profit in the Forex Market will help anyone-from beginners to professionals, and everyone in between-to master the Forex market and be consistently profitable.

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Stock market

Stock marketStock Market

The Stock Market

What is the stock market? The stock market is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. The item that is being sold is a piece of paper which represents ownership in a company. Professional stock traders see the stock market as nothing more than letters and numbers changing rapidly. My definition of a stock is four letters (in the NASDAQ stock market) followed by a number. The four letters being the ticker symbol which remains the same (it does not change unless the exchange removes it from being listed) and the number being the price per one share (unit) of that stock. The price (the number) will dynamically fluctuate during trading hours in direct relationship to SUPPLY and DEMAND.

Limited to 300 requests. First come first serve.

Confirmation required. Offered by Stock Trading School Privacy Policy

The Exchange Stock Market

The Exchange Market is a place where buyers and sellers come together to trade. The best known and largest exchange is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The NYSE is a large room with many trading posts where trades take place. Each post has a specialist who handles specific securities. He can act as a broker's broker and make commissions on the trades, or he can buy and sell out of his own account, hence, creating a market in that specific security. The NYSE is not directly involved in the actual transactions (trades) but acts as a police officer enforcing certain rules to ensure fairness.

The New York Stock Exchange sets the policies of rules and regulations and decides which stocks are eligible for listing, and which firms can become members of the exchange. The NYSE approves specialists as well. There are many restrictions on the specialists in order to make a fair marketplace.

Over The Counter Stock Market Trading NASDAQ

The NASDAQ is different from the New York Stock Exchange because the NASDAQ exchange has no physical location nor trading posts. This exchange is 100% electronic and the specialist here is replaced with Market Makers (MM.) These Market Makers are individual firms willing to make a market. The Market Maker is similar to a specialist on the NYSE, but he acts as a dealer, not as a broker. In general, the Market Maker has a position in a particular stock and sells out of his own inventory. Market Makers make their money from a markup or markdown rather than from commissions. The Market Maker regularly publishes Bid and offer quotes and is ready to buy or sell the stock at the quoted prices. These quotes can be seen on a Level II screen.

Stock Investment and Stock Trading Objectives

It is important to determine your stock investment and stock trading objectives as it varies for each individual. The objectives of a married 28 year old with a newborn baby are totally different than the objectives of a 50 year old looking to retire and, of course, both are totally different than the objectives of a 23 year old who is single. It is important to define the financial responsibilities one has in order to better manage his/her money. Before you start investing in the stock market, write down your objectives and goals as an investor along with your present and future financial responsibilities.

All of the content published on this website is to be used for informational purposes only and without warranty of any kind. The materials and information in this website are not, and should not be construed as an offer to buy or sell any of the securities named in these materials. Trading of securities may not be suitable for all users of this information.

Wells fargo forex online

Wells fargo forex onlineby Hiland Doolittle

Wells Fargo, the nation’s fourth largest bank, fueled an optimistic market surge on Thursday in projecting a record $3 billion first quarter 2009 profit. The markets steamed ahead with the DOW surging 3% and hovering around the 8000 mark. Surprisingly, the bank provided more than $100 billion in home loans to more than 450,000 customers in the first quarter.

These figures not only gave credence to the bank’s takeover of Wachovia Bank but also soothed a market and nation groping for good news from the mortgage industry. The market was impressed with the sheer volume as industry analysts had expected mortgage sales of about $86 billion. The bank has another $100 billion in mortgages waiting to close.

The good news was timely. On Friday, the Obama administration will take a long, hard look at the results of the regulatory stress tests recently concluded at many of the country’s 19 largest banks. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, FDIC Chair Sheila Blair, the SEC’s Mary Schapiro, Comptroller of the Currency John Dugan and Economic Advisor Larry Summers will be in attendance for the Friday session. The stress tests will be reviewed and a plan set forth to continue the banking industry’s stabilization.

Several of the largest banks, including Goldman Sachs, have revealed strategies to escape government intervention by repaying borrowed TARP funds as soon as possible. Shares in Wells Fargo jumped 31.7% on Thursday and carried several other bank stocks along for the ride.

Stress Tests are Critical

In an interview with CSNBC, Warren Buffet laid it on the table, declaring the country is “in an economic war.” Buffet stressed that the feuding political parties needed to put petty differences aside and understand the severity of the problem. Buffet raised serious concerns about the state of middle America. The “billionaire next door” supported temporary tax breaks for the middle class and seemed agreeable to tax increases for the wealthy.

Buffet went to the core of the recovery firmly stating his belief that the American banking system must be preserved at all costs. The statement rang as an endorsement for President Obama’s expected request for more money to shore up the tottering financials.

With most banks preparing to report their earnings on April 24th, markets expect good quarterly earnings. The government has asked banks to treat the stress tests with confidentiality until proposed remedies are formulated. As of yet, the government’s assessments have not been released to the banks. The purpose of the tests is to determine the capital needs of the banking industry.

Market analysts have been clear that solid first quarter profits are hardly an endorsement for an institution’s overall health. Once a bank’s capital needs are determined, that institution will have six months to either raise the money privately or accept an infusion from the government. In the taxpayer’s interests, government infusions will be accompanied by regulatory stipulations. Results of the stress tests will be released before the end of April.

Behind the Wells Fargo Numbers

Conservative analysts view the Wells Fargo numbers with concern and a fair amount of skepticism. A research representative of Morgan Stanley summed up expert’s fears.

Investors are concerned about how WFC will fare in the stress test given its residential mortgage concentration. We do not bake in a capital raise but would not be surprised if WFC proactively raised capital to take this issue off the table

Richard Ramsden of Goldman Sachs said:

several critical pieces of information were missing, including asset quality and securities exposure.

This view may well apply to many of the nation’s top banks and may yield alarming news once the stress tests are revealed. In the meantime, the Wells Fargo report was a welcome shot in the arm to Wall Street as markets continued their upward trend from March.

World Markets Hopeful

As Wells Fargo sent a signal to the street, Japan announced a government spending plan of $154 billion to raise the sagging economy. Spurred by low interest rates and an aggressive stimulus package, South Korea. Asia’s fourth largest economy, declared a surprising 0.2% quarterly growth rate, which helped them to avoid a recession. China added more good news reporting an improvement on February’s dismal 25.7% export slide with a better than expected 17.1% March slide.

As markets headed into the long weekend, the mood was generally upbeat. Takahiho Murai, of Nozomi Securities, said:

The Nikkei is likely to test this year’s peak of around 9300 in the near term supported by growing optimism towards the U. S. economy

U. S. exports grew slightly in February as imports sagged. The 28.3% trade deficit was the best since November of 1999. While unemployment showed a temporary easing, the overall picture continues to press hard on retailers.

The SP 500 closed the week with another 1.7% gain as the DOW jumped 0.8% and the Nasdaq climber 1.9%. Wall Street welcomed the Good Friday holiday as investors look to next week with guarded anticipation of more signs of a recovery.

Wells Fargo Profit Declines in Q2

An increase in the provision for bad loans and rising costs resulted in the second successive quarterly price drop as Wells Fargo and Co. reported on second quarter performance.

The report from the largest U. S. mortgage lender in many respects represents a holding operation in difficult circumstances rather than a record of achievements.

The company increased its provision for credit losses by 38.2% to $300 million while non-interest expenses showed an increase of $12.47 million, with these figures having a significant impact on net income.

The bank reported a second quarter profit of $5.72 billion, down from the $5.73 billion reported for the same period last year.

The earnings per share of $1.03 met analysts’ forecasts and were up on the previous figure of $1.01 a year ago.

The results, to a very large degree, are indicative of the problems facing big banks in the current economic climate. The increased provision for bad debt means that mortgage losses from that source no longer concern the bank to the same degree as in the past.

The current situation has resulted in a greater challenge being that of keeping costs under control while facing the challenge of low interest rates.

Meanwhile, Wells Fargo reported a decline in the interest margin from 3.15% reported a year ago, to the figure of 2.97% reported for the second quarter of 2015. This margin represents the difference between the interest the bank pays on deposits and the interest it recovers on loans.

A key measure of the cost reduction efforts is the degree of cost effectiveness the company achieved and this ratio rose to 58.5% from 57.9% the previous year.

Wells Fargo Chief Executive and Chairman, John Stumpf, said in a statement that, “Wells Fargo’s second quarter results reflected continued strength in the fundamental drivers of long term growth. Compared to a year ago, we grew loans, deposits and capital, and our balance sheet remained strong.”

MT4 Chart: Wells Fargo


The U. S mortgage lender giant reported slight increase on quarterly profit above expectations.

Image: iStock RiverNorthPhotography

Earnings Forecast: $1.02 per share - Actual: $1.02

Revenue Forecast: $21.23 billion – Actual: $21.4 billion

Unlike the asset bank JPMorgan, which released below expectation figures today, Wells Fargo depends on mortgages for income and with the growth in the U. S economy, the lender has seen increases in both profit and net interest income in the fourth quarter.

Thomson Reuters analysts listed forecast at earnings of $1.02 per share with revenue of $21.23 billion – actual figures report net income at $5.7 billion, or $1.02 per share, compared with $5.6 billion, or $1.00 per share, on revenue of $21.4 billion for fourth quarter 2013.

Highlights of fourth-quarter report:

Net income of $5.7 billion, up 2% from fourth quarter 2013

Diluted EPS of $1.02, up 2%

Revenue of $21.4 billion, up 4%

Total average loans of $849.4 billion, up $36.1 billion, or 4%, from fourth quarter 2013

Quarter-end loans of $862.6 billion, up $40.3 billion, or 5%

Quarter-end core loans of $801.8 billion, up $60.3 billion, or 8%

Total average deposits of $1.1 trillion, up $89.4 billion, or 8%

Nonaccrual loans down $2.8 billion, or 18%

$250 million reserve release

Highlights of full-year 2014 report:

Net income of $23.1 billion, up 5% from 2013

Diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $4.10, up 5%

Revenue of $84.3 billion, up 1% from 2013 $83.8

Pre-tax pre-provision profit (PTPP) of $35.3 billion, up 1%

Return on assets (ROA) of 1.45% and return on equity (ROE) of 13.41%

Returned $12.5 billion to shareholders through dividends and net share repurchases, up from $7.2 billion in 2013

Chairman and CEO John Stumpf said in the release, “As the U. S. economy continues to build momentum, I'm optimistic that our diversified business model will continue to benefit all of our stakeholders in 2015.” The diversification Stumpf speaks of is in terms of fee generation with 10 fee incomes in the business stream: Total Trust Investment Fees is the largest at 36%, with other fees obtained through Deposit Service Charges, Insurance, Card fees, other fees, mortgage banking, trading, debt securities, equity investments and noninterest income.

Due to low expectations from analysts, Wells Fargo shares fell on Tuesday’s trading by 1.3%. Share price now stands at 51.62 at opening of trade.

MT4 chart: WellsFargo

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The united states army

The united states armySTAND-TO! Edition: Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Today's Focus:

ARNG Mission Command Training Strategy Implementation Plan

The ARNG Mission Command Training Strategy Implementation Plan is intended to enable the Army Guard to meet the Chief of Staff of the Army's end state for the Army Mission Command Strategy in fiscal year (FY) 2017.

What has the ARNG done?

On Dec. 4, 2014, the ARNG published an Operations Order titled ARNG Mission Command Training Strategy Implementation Plan. During fiscal year 2015 and 2016, the ARNG will execute the Mission Command Training Strategy with a unity of effort throughout the Army National Guard enterprise. Additionally, the ARNG will measure training readiness across the ARNG enterprise using the existing Mission Analysis Readiness Resource Synchronization (MARRS) platform to baseline the organization at the applicable unit, state/territory and federal level. MARRS will serve as the collaboration tool as units progress through the Army force generation timeline enabling decisions to fill future operational requirements.

Why is this important to the Army?

The ARNG will implement Mission Command (MC) in accordance with the CSA's guidance and intent outlined in the Army Mission Command Strategy. The ARNG will achieve this by coordinating and synchronizing implementation requirements within the context of the Army Mission Command Strategy, the Army Mission Command Strategy Assessment Plan, the ARNG Strategic Planning Guidance 2014-2020, and the ARNG Training Division FY 2014 Program Guide.

What continued efforts does the ARNG have planned for the future?

During FY 2015 and 2016, the ARNG will follow a six-step process for implementing the Mission Command Training Strategy throughout the ARNG enterprise:

Step 1 -- Understand what MC is and how it applies to the ARNG

Step 2 -- Use the six doctrinal principles of MC

Step 3 -- Use MET 5.0 Task Groups and supporting common tasks when mission planning

Step 4 -- Incorporate MC into training venues

Step 5 -- Utilize MARRS as a commander's tool to execute MC

Step 6 -- Utilize Net-centric Unit Status Report (NetUSR) to report MC implementation and assessments across training venues

STAND-TO! Edition: Wednesday September 18, 2013

Today's Focus:

U. S. Army Mission Command Strategy

The Army Mission Command Strategy. developed by U. S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. provides a common understanding, a shared vision and a framework for implementing mission command. Army Mission Command Strategy stakeholders include all military and civilian leaders, Army commands, Army service component commands, direct reporting units, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Army Secretariat and the Army staff. The strategy seeks to achieve unity of effort among these stakeholders to implement mission command across the doctrine, organizational structures, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities domains.

The Army Mission Command Strategy 's end state is an Armywide understanding and effective practice of the mission command philosophy executed through the mission command warfighting function leading to successful unified land operations in support of the joint force. There are three strategic ends, or objectives:

(1) All Army leaders understand and practice the mission command philosophy.

(2) Commanders and staffs effectively execute mission command warfighting function tasks.

(3) The mission command system enables commanders, staffs and units to effectively execute the mission command warfighting function.

What has the Army done

TRADOC established the Mission Command Center of Excellence to lead the day-to-day development of mission command capabilities and the implementation of mission command across the force. The Army has published mission command doctrine, Army Doctrine Publication 6-0, Mission Command and has incorporated aspects of mission command into key doctrinal publications. The strategy is the mechanism to implement mission command and make it a reality in the force.

What continued efforts does the Army have planned for the future?

Concurrent with ongoing implementation actions, the Army will develop a comprehensive Army Mission Command Strategy implementation plan to prioritize, synchronize and focus efforts. This plan will facilitate the sharing of best practices and address key areas where combined operational and institutional efforts are required.

Why is this important to the Army?

Mission command is an intellectual and cultural shift for the Army that must be driven through education and training to yield the desired mission command outcomes. Out of operational necessity, mission command has already proved its value in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Army chief of staff's 2012 Army Leader Development Task Force affirmed the importance of mission command as the professional construct under which all leader development must occur and central to ensuring the Army stays ahead of, and adapts to, the rapidly changing future environment. Successful implementation of mission command doctrine is essential in preparing Army commanders and leaders to successfully execute future missions.

Day trading strategy steps

Day trading strategy stepsDay Trading Strategy Steps

You don't need to look to other traders, books, videos or courses to find a day trading strategy, with a bit of guidance you can develop day trading strategies of your own. One of the best ways to being your journey into day trading strategy development is by using technical price patterns or chat pattern. Price patterns are recurring themes you see day in and day out, which more often than not lead to a certain defined outcome which you can capitalize on. Finding these pattern and ultimately developing a strategy for trading them will require five broad steps. (Not the autodidact type? Read Investopedia's helpful piece on picking The Best Day Trading Schools. )

Money Management

Most successful trade traders risk less than one or two percent of their account on each trade. Your first step in developing a strategy is assessing how much capital you're willing to risk on each trade.

If you have a $40,000 trading account, and are willing to risk 0.5% of your capital on each trade, your maximum loss on each trade is $200 (0.005 X $40,000). Knowing this amount will help determine if the entry points and exit points you establish in the next two steps are feasible for the amount of money you're willing to risk.

Entries only occur if the market produces a specific set of conditions which more often not produce a favorable result for that entry point. The specific set of conditions is outlined in our Entry Rules .

To come up with Entry Rules, look over a tick chart, 1-minute and 5-minute (or other times frames in between). Look for large or trending moves where there was a great profit potential. Was there a candlestick pattern which initiated the move? Could an indicator have signaled an entry point? Is there an overall trend (longer-term chart) which provided confirmation of the signal? Are chart patterns present, such as a triangle, flag, pennant, or head and shoulders pattern? These are questions to consider when assessing how to enter a position.

Specifically define and write down the conditions under which you'll enter a position. "Buy during uptrend" isn't specific enough. "Buy when price breaks above the upper trendline of a triangle pattern. where the triangle was preceded by an uptrend (at least one higher swing swing highs and higher swing low before the triangle formed) on the 2-minute chart in the first two hours of the trading day." This is must more specific and also testable (discussed later).

Once you've got a specific set of entry rules, scan through more charts to see if those conditions are generated each day (assuming you want to day trade everyday) and more often than not produce a price move in the anticipated direction. If so, you have a potential entry point for a strategy. You'll then need to assess how to exit those trades.

At minimum a strategy must have a way to exit both winning and losing trades.

A stop loss order controls risk. For long positions a stop loss can be placed below a recent low, or for short positions above a recent high. It can also be based on volatility, for example if a stock price is moving about $0.05 a minute, then you may place a stop loss $0.15 away from your entry in order to gives the price some space to fluctuate before hopefully moving in your anticipated direction. Define exactly how you will control the risk on the trades. In the case of a triangle pattern for example, a stop loss can be placed $0.02 below a recent swing low if buying a breakout, or $0.02 below the pattern. $0.02 is arbitrary, the point is simply to be specific.

There are multiple ways to exit a wining position, including trailing stops and profit targets. Profit targets are the most common exit method, taking a profit at a pre-determined level. Traditional analysis of chart patterns provides profit targets. For example the height of a triangle at the widest part is added to the breakout point of the triangle (for an upside breakout) providing a price to take profit at. The profit target should allow for more profit to be made on winning trades than is lost on losing trades. If your stop loss is $0.05 way from your entry price, your target should be more than $0.05 away.

Define exactly how you will exit your trades. The exit criteria must be specific enough to be repeatable and testable.

Tactical Considerations

Decide what type of orders you will use to enter and exit trades. Will you use market or limit orders? Also define whether you must wait for a price bar to complete to trigger an entry or exit signal, or if you will take the signal in real-time when it occurs. In the triangle breakout example on the 2-minute chart, do you wait for the breakout bar to close above the triangle before entering, or do you enter as soon as the price crosses above the triangle trendline?

Tying it Together

Once you've defined how you enter trades and where you'll place a stop loss, you can assess whether the potential strategy fits within your risk limit. If the strategy exposes you too much risk the strategy needs to altered in some way to reduce the risk.

If the strategy is within your risk limit, then testing begins. Manually go through historical charts finding your entries, noting whether your stop loss or target would have been hit. "Paper trade" in this way for at least 50 to 100 trades, note whether the strategy was profitable and if it meets your expectations. If so, proceed to trading the strategy in a demo account, in real-time. If it's profitable over the course of two months or more in a simulated environment proceed with day trading the strategy with real capital. If the strategy isn't profitable, start over.

The Bottom Line

A strategy doesn't need to win all the time to be profitable. Many traders only win 50% to 60% of their trades, but make more on their winners than they lose on their losers. Make sure risk on each trade is limited to a specific percentage of the account, and that entry and exit methods are clearly defined and written down. The method should be so precise . that even if you don't trade for a year you should be able to look at what you wrote down and know exactly what it means and what you have to do.

Cognitive training

Cognitive trainingCognitive Training

This cognitive training is not only a lot of fun and simple but might also help your brain . your cognitive and prediction sense along with your reflection skills, a good player would be someone who predicts well where the exact spot that the ball would hit and therefore have a fast reaction to be in the right spot, a good score is 2 points different than your opponent (which is the computer in this case). Cognitive training game cannot be played with a touchpad, because your reaction is way slower than a mouse when using a touchpad. So if you have a laptop you might get a mouse to play this game.

Instruction for cognitive training:

When playing try not to focus a lot on where the ball is but try to predict where it may end up instead. That’s the fun of the game and that’s how your cognitive skills are put to the test. You can also click on the animated image below to start the game.

This exercise is a lot of fun and simple but can help your mind improve the prediction skills, as well as mind reflection . a good player would be someone who predicts well where the exact spot hat the ball would hit and therefore have a fast reaction to be in the right spot. Cognitive training game cannot be played with a touchpad, because your reaction is way slower than a mouse when using a touchpad. So if you have a laptop you might get a mouse to play this game. a good score is 2 points higher than your opponent which is the computer or if you score higher than the computer such as 10 to 9 or better …Exercising your mind that way can help you have a good sense of prediction.

To start the game and exercise your mind you have to left click your mouse. When playing try not to focus a lot on where the ball is but try to predict where it may end up instead. That’s the fun of the game and that’s how your mind will benefit from this training.

Forex masters contest terms and conditions

Forex masters contest terms and conditionsRisk Warning . Trading оn margin carries a high level of risk to your capital and may not be suitable for all investors. You may lose more than your initial investment! Ensure you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.

The information on this site is not intended for use by, or for distribution to, any person in any country or jurisdiction, where such use or distribution would contravene the local law or regulation.

EU Regulation . Deltastock AD is fully licensed and regulated under MiFID. The company is regulated and authorised by the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), Bulgaria.

Your IP Address is 1999- 2015 Deltastock AD

How much money do you need to trade forex

How much money do you need to trade forexOther People Are Reading

Exchange Rate

To understand the cost of a given Forex position, you must first identify the exchange rate of the currency pair you wish to trade. The amount of money you need to make the trade depends, in part, on this number. In any Forex platform, identify the currency pair of interest and its current rate. Use a Forex rate website if you do not yet have a brokerage account.

The amount of leverage provided by your broker also affects the capital you need to make a trade. In the U. S. brokers are limited to a maximum 1:50 leverage for the major currencies. This means a $1,000 account can purchase $50,000 of currency, but many accounts use less leverage. If your leverage is 1:10, for example, you would need more money for a trade of the same size as a 1:50 account.

Trade Size

Finally, to calculate the actual capital required to make a given Forex trade, you must consider how many Forex units you will purchase. This is the number of "lots" you buy times the number of units in each lot, which varies depending on your brokerage account. For example, a standard Forex account contains 100,000 units of a Forex currency pair in a single lot. A "micro" Forex account contains only 1,000 units in a lot. If you trade three lots in a micro account, your trade size is 3,000 units.

Calculate Capital Requirement

To determine how much money you need in your Forex account to make a given trade, multiply the exchange rate times the number of units you will buy, and then divide by the leverage multiplier. For example, if you wish to buy the Euro against the U. S Dollar, the exchange rate may be 1.3098. If you buy four lots where each lot is 10,000 units, this is a total of 40,000 units. Assuming you have the maximum leverage allowed by law of 50, then the amount of money you need to make this trade is 1.3098 times 40,000 divided by 50, which is $1,047.84. Keep in mind that since you have 40,000 units, then if the exchange were to change by just one penny, to 1.2998, you will lose $400 ($0.01 times 40,000), or nearly 40 percent of your trade's capital. This demonstrates the huge risks associated with Forex trading.

Forex trading strategy download

Forex trading strategy downloadForex Trading Strategy Download

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Best currency exchange service in mumbai

Best currency exchange service in mumbaiBest Currency Exchange Service in Mumbai

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1. You are selling cash currency notes worth more than US Dollars 5000 (or it's equivalent in another currency)

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Nyssa certificate in commodity trading&trend following

Nyssa certificate in commodity trading&trend followingNYSSA Certificate in Commodity Trading & Trend Following

Online Course

Available as: Online

Categories: Professional Development

Member $1,683 | Nonmember $2,023

Students can register online and purchase a single course at a time. Purchasing the series of four courses provides students with a 15% discount.


Complete all online courses of study to attain the NYSSA Certificate in Commodities. NYSSA will award the Certificate once you have successfully completed the four courses of study online. The courses must be taken consecutively as they are progressive in nature.

Course 1: Introduction to Commodities Technical Analysis

After a brief historical overview, you will be introduced to the wide range of commodities and the exchanges on which they trade. Youll learn the fundamentals: how to draw trend lines, recognize changes in trend, and the differences between commodities and equities. To help you better grasp the material, this course includes quizzes and assessments, key insights in embedded mp3 files, and videos that illustrate how market activity unfolds in real time.

History of commodities

Basic fundamentals of physical commodities

Technical Analysis basics

Quizzes Assessments

Course 2: Directional Trades and Trend Following

You will be introduced to trend following methodologies that traders and managers use to create trading systems. Much of this course builds upon course 1 and you need to these courses consecutively. The technical indicators we will cover include Keltner Channels, ADX, RSI, Donchian Channels, and Average True Range (ATR). These will be introduced again in course 4.

Full discussion on Trend Following

Moving Average Crossover Systems

Breakout Trading Systems

Full discussion on Technical Indicators

Course 3: Commodity Spreads Seasonal Trades

Spreads are a natural extension for commodity traders as they capture how the hedger sees the world of commodities. You will be introduced to intra-commodity spreads in most of the agriculture and softs sectors of commodities. Many of these evolve around weather and driving patterns and some are expressed as “old crop / new crop” spreads. Spread price data tells us if the commodity has abundant supply or if it is high in demand.

Intra-commodity Spreads (grains, softs)

Inter-commodity spreads (metals, grains, financials)

Reading What Spreads can teach Traders

Old Crop / New Crop Spreads

Product Spreads (crush, crack)

Entering trades establishing a position

Exiting losing trades

Exiting winning trades

Adding to winning trades

Calculating position sizes

Moving Average Risk Management systems

Breakout Trading Risk Management systems

Correlation Risk between commodities

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