Iraqi dinar(iqd)currency exchange rate conversion calculator

Iraqi dinar(iqd)currency exchange rate conversion calculatorIraqi Dinar (IQD)

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Currency Conversion Comments

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Jpmorgan to pay$995million to resolve currency rigging lawsuit

Jpmorgan to pay$995million to resolve currency rigging lawsuitJPMorgan to pay $99.5 million to resolve currency rigging lawsuit

A sign outside the headquarters of JP Morgan Chase & Co in New York, September 19, 2013.

Reuters/Mike Segar

NEW YORK JPMorgan Chase & Co, the largest U. S. bank, agreed to pay $99.5 million to settle its portion of an antitrust lawsuit in which investors accuse 12 major banks of rigging prices in the $5.3 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market.

Made public on Friday night, the settlement is the first in the nationwide litigation and resolved claims over JPMorgan's role in alleged collusion among banks since January 2003 to manipulate the WM/Reuters Closing Spot Rates, known as the Fix.

It followed the New York-based bank's agreements last November to pay roughly $1 billion in civil penalties to resolve related claims by U. S. and European regulators.

Investors including hedge funds, pension funds and the city of Philadelphia accused the 12 banks, which controlled 84 percent of the global currency trading market, of having impeded competition by conspiring to manipulate the Fix in chat rooms, instant messages and emails.

The JPMorgan settlement could form a basis for other settlements. It followed mediation with Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer who also oversees General Motors Co's program to compensate drivers over faulty vehicle ignition switches.

In an affidavit, Feinberg called the JPMorgan settlement fair, reasonable and adequate.

"Although such analysis is preliminary, it does appear to be consistent with Class Lead Counsel's evaluation of JPMorgan's role in the FX market and JPMorgan's market share over the class period (6%)," he said.

JPMorgan did not admit wrongdoing, and the settlement requires court approval. The bank did not immediately respond on Saturday to a request for comment.

The other bank defendants include Bank of America Corp, Barclays Plc, BNP Paribas SA, Citigroup Inc, Credit Suisse Group AG, Deutsche Bank AG, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, HSBC Holdings Plc, Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and UBS AG.

On Wednesday, U. S. District Judge Lorna Schofield in Manhattan refused to dismiss currency-rigging claims against them. Five of those banks have also settled with regulators.

The $99.5 million payment includes $500,000 for notices and administration. Lawyers for the plaintiffs, led by Hausfeld LLP and Scott & Scott, plan to seek legal fees of up to 30 percent of the settlement funds, court papers show.

The case is In re: Foreign Exchange Benchmark Rates Antitrust Litigation, U. S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 13-07789.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Kevin Drawbaugh and Stephen Powell)

Forex analysis usd

Forex analysis usdForex Analysis: USD/JPY Advances to Key 100.00 Resistance Level

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November 14, 2013 – USD/JPY (daily chart) has advanced to hit its key 100.00-level resistance target in early trading Thursday, establishing a two-month high for the pair. This occurs within a trading range consolidation that extends back to the multi-year high of 103.72 that was reached in May. Since that high, the pair has formed a large triangle pattern with diminishing volatility, as was reinforced by the convergence of the 50-day and 200-day moving averages.

Price action broke out of that triangle just one week ago, with its primary near-term objective at the 100.00 psychological level. Having just reached 100.00, the pair is at a critical juncture. If it is able to make a strong upside breach, bullish momentum could push the pair back up towards its long-term highs around the 103.00 level. A turn back down from 100.00 would likely prolong the current trading range environment, with key support once again around the 97.00 price region.

Forex trading involves a substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. This information is being provided only for general market commentary and does not constitute investment trading advice. These materials are not intended as an offer or solicitation with respect to the purchase or sale of any financial instrument and should not be used as the basis for any investment decision.

How retail brokers use overnight swap rates to remove or reduce their clients trend-following“edge”

How retail brokers use overnight swap rates to remove or reduce their clients trend-following“edge”How Retail Brokers use Overnight Swap Rates to Remove or Reduce their Clients' Trend-Following “Edge”

19 May, 2014 GMT

Want to learn more about how to build your own trading strategies? Learn how for free at FX Academy.

By: DailyForex

Recently, I came across an interesting trading strategy, intended for futures trading but theoretically applicable to retail Forex trading. The strategys author claims that even with completely objective and straightforward rules, a simple and complete “trend-following” strategy traded across a widely diversified group of liquid futures markets has produced an average annual return of approximately 20% per year over the past two decades, significantly outperforming global stock markets and equating to the kind of returns produced by professionally managed trend-following managed futures hedge funds.

As a Forex professional, I took a closer look at the strategy to see what kind of edge it might have historically provided to retail Forex traders. The results make interesting reading because they illustrate exactly why it can be so difficult for retail traders to exploit edges that exist within markets.

For the sake of full disclosure I reproduce the strategy rules in full:

Risk: the 100 day ATR (Average True Range) should equal 1 unit of risk.

Entry: long at the end of any day which closes above the highest close of the previous 50 days; short at the end of any day which closes below the lowest close of the previous 50 days.

Entry Filter: long entries only when the 50 day SMA (Simple Moving Average) is above the 100 day SMA; short entries only when the 50 day SMA is below the 100 day SMA.

Exit: A trailing stop should be used of 3 times the 100 day ATR from the highest price since the trade was opened (for longs), or the lowest price since the trade was opened (for shorts). The trailing stop must be recalculated constantly as a “chandelier stop” and it should be a soft stop: an exit is only made when a daily close is at or beyond the stop loss.

This strategy was tested against the most liquid and popular spot Forex currency pair, the EUR/USD. over a long and recent period of time (from September 2001 to the end of 2013), using publicly available spot EUR/USD data with the daily open and close at Midnight GMT.

The results show that the strategy provided a winning edge on EUR/USD during the test period. Over 366 trades, a total return of 33.85 units of risk was achieved, giving an average positive expectancy per trade of 9.25%. This means that the average trade produced a return equal to the amount risked plus an extra 9.25% of that amount. Considering the strategy is completely mechanical, and that it represents only one instrument within what is traditionally the worst-performing trend-following asset class (currency pairs), this is not such a bad result.

However, fees and commissions must be factored in, to determine the return that could actually have been enjoyed. Assuming that:

the trading was performed by a fund with EUR/USD futures contracts, and

a quarter of the trades had to be “rolled over” before the contract expired, incurring an additional commission, and

a “round trip” commission of $20 per trade had to be paid, and

an account of $10 million was traded with each unit of risk equaling a fixed 1% of the starting asset size, then

the total return would equal $3,385,000 minus 366 trades multiplied by $25 each, representing the commissions. This would mean a reduction of the return by only about 0.1%, giving a total return of 33.75%. It could be assumed that if the rolling over strategies were less than perfect, there would be some additional losses.

Imagine now a retail trader with an account of $10,000 who wants to trade this strategy using a retail Forex brokerage. Luckily for this trader, the brokerage allows access to some kind of approximation of a futures contract that can be traded with a very small lot size, as well as very small lot size spot Forex trading, so there is no problem with scalability.

The next step is to work out some likely costs of trading for the retail trader trying to implement this strategy over the same period on the EUR/USD. First of all we can look at the cost of using spot Forex:

Each trade incurs a spread of 2.5 pips, and

Each position that remains open at the New York close incurs an overnight swap charge that varies from position to position, but which averages out to, lets say, three-quarters of a pip per night.

For the sake of simplicity we can perform a rough calculation based upon pips. The 33.85% return calculation was based upon a profit of 9,088 pips. The spread alone is 2.5 pips multiplied by the 336 trades, which are equal to 840 pips. Next, we must deduct the overnight swap charges. Our retail trader had a position open over 9,889 nights, which would account for 7,417 pips. So we must deduct a total of 8,257 pips from our total profit of 9,088 pips, which leaves a net profit of only 831 pips!

For the sake of this rough calculation, if we assume that the return is evenly spread over each pip, this represents a greatly reduced net profit to our retail trader of only 3.09%, as opposed to the 33.85% return achieved by the $10 million fund we looked at previously.

Our retail trader might have an alternative, which would be to buy synthetic mini futures contracts which do not incur overnight swap charges, but which have much wider spreads; something like 14 pips per trade for EUR/USD. Taking another look at the numbers and also assuming that one quarter of all trades must be rolled over, our retail trader would face a fee of 14 pips 458 times, equaling a deduction of 6,412 pips. This would represent a net profit of 2,676 pips. Assuming again that all return is spread equally over each pip, our retail trader ends with a net total return of 9.97%. So using synthetic mini-futures would have been much more profitable, but would still represent an annualized return over the test period of less than 1% profit per year! Furthermore, this return would be less than one third of the amount enjoyed by the large fund.

Breaking it down

Why are things so bleak for our retail trader? There are several reasons, and examining each reason carefully can help any aspiring retail trader understand how certain edges within the market can be effectively whittled away by the wrong choice of brokerage or execution methods.

Actual futures contracts are too large to be available to most retail traders, and position sizing cannot be achieved properly with amounts less than several million dollars in a diversified trend following strategy. Mini-futures are a potential solution, but if they are not very liquid then they are unlikely to present the same trend-following edge as ordinary futures. Exchange Traded Funds are another partial solution, but even so, the retail trader is going to have to pay some kind of spread for access to an appropriate market far in excess of the $20 round trip commission payable by a sizable client of a Futures Exchange.

This brings us to the topic of spreads. Frankly, there is no reason whatsoever why even a retail trader should be paying more than 1 pip for a round trip trade on an instrument as vanilla as the spot EUR/USD. Brokers charging more than this really have no valid excuse. It should be said that spreads in the retail sector have been going down in recent years. While this is good news, even if the retail trader in our example had been paying 1 pip instead of 2.5 pips, this would have raised profitability only by an additional 1.5%, and cannot truly be backdated all the way to 2001 in any case.

This brings us, finally, to the real culprit of the reduced return: the overnight swap rate, which is widely misunderstood, and so is worth a detailed examination.

Overnight Swap Charges

When you make a Forex trade, you are effectively borrowing one currency to exchange for another. You must therefore logically pay interest on the currency you are borrowing, while receiving in return interest on the currency you are holding in return. There is usually an interest rate differential between the two currencies, which means you should either be receiving or paying some extra fee each night representing the differential, and of course the exchange rate is a factor as currencies rarely trade at 1 to 1. The only time there would be nothing to pay or receive would be if the exchange rates were exactly equal at the rollover point, and there was no interest rate differential.

It would seem that sometimes you pay the difference and sometimes you receive it, so overall this swap cancels itself out. Unfortunately it is not as simple as that, for several reasons:

Currencies with higher interest rates tend to rise against currencies with lower interest rates, so you tend to find yourself in more long trades over time where you are borrowing the currency with the higher rate of interest, meaning you tend to be paying more often than receiving.

Retail Forex brokers charge or pay quite wildly different rates to their clients long or short of a particular pair. Many brokers are very opaque about this and do not even display the applicable rates on their websites, although the rates can be found within the brokerage feed on every MT4 platform. It is worth mentioning that, to be fair, there are legitimately different methods of calculating this charge. However if you look at the table compiled at myfxbook showing a range of overnight rates charged by some retail Forex brokers, you will get a sense of the wide variety in the market.

In addition to charging or paying the interest rate differential, some brokers also add an “administration” fee, which can mean that you will not receive anything even when the interest rate differential is positive in your favor! Ironically, these tend to be the same brokers that will bill you for account inactivity, and exactly what administration is involved when the trades are rarely even booked in the real market is highly questionable. The end result is to skew the fee even further against the client.

Most traders are highly leveraged, which means that they are borrowing the vast majority of the currency they are trading. Traders tend to forget that one of the negative consequences of leverage is to push up the overnight swap charges, as they must pay interest on all the borrowed money, and not just the margin that they are putting up on the particular trade. Of course, this is a legitimate element of the charge.

The practice of charging a fee for every night a client keeps a position open is not only open to abuse, but can be an effective way to dramatically reduce the odds that a trader might seek to move in their favor by an intelligent use of long-term trend trading, which usually pays off over time if executed properly. It might be said that some retail brokerages are using the widespread ignorance about these charges as a way to add to their balance sheets, and that regulatory agencies should be taking steps against this. On the other hand, it could also be said that a market maker cannot be expected to make a market in a way where they can be systematically put out of pocket by the long-term statistical behavior of the market. It might be that many of the differential rates between brokers are reflected by the currencies that their clients are long or short of at any particular time. It can be seen that one broker might be offering a better deal than another on one currency pair, but not on another, which seems strange.

A systematic study of this area would make a very interesting read. Meanwhile, a retail trader seeking to systematically hold positions overnight should make sure they fully investigate what is on offer when they are shopping around for brokers, and be aware that the speed of a price movement in their favor can have a big effect on the profitability of any trend or momentum strategies that they might be utilizing.

Forex trading systems

Forex trading systemsForex Trading Systems


A Forex trading system is a method of trading that uses objective entry and exit criteria based on parameters that have been validated by historical testing on quantifiable data. Although there is no hard and fast rule for designing the best Forex trading systems (different experts have different opinions); the essence remains the same. In general, the Forex trading system provides the discipline to overcome the fear and greed that in many cases paralyze a trader, and prevents him or her from making timely decisions. Each order placed is governed by a pre-determined set of rules that does not deviate based on anything other than market action.

We realize that Forex trading can be overwhelming! That’s why we have designed a Forex Training Class for beginners that can help you learn Forex Trading Strategies that WORK! The course is called Forex 1, 2, 3 and it’s FREE! Click Here To Learn More .

Like any other trading system and method, Forex trading systems boil down to risk versus reward. How much capital you are willing to put at risk for a given level of return should be your top consideration. Beyond that, one must consider costs, trading activity, and markets traded before investing. Indeed, the best Forex trading systems are a good mix of art and science art because it comes through practice, and science, because it has certain rules, regulations and principles to be followed. Knowledge as well as technology plays a very vital role in every decision you take.

In the field of trading systems, automated Forex trading systems are techniques that make trading decisions for you. You input the trading data, and the system generates a response that indicates the appropriate action. You buy, sell, or do nothing depending upon the formulas this system uses and operates upon. The latest computer versions of these mechanical systems are complete black box operations (you cannot have all the emotion involved when you follow a specific system). Perhaps, that is one of the reasons that these systems are called mechanical systems. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t intelligent enough. Turn the computer on, start the system, and it updates your database, and generates trading recommendations, and places your orders directly to the brokers.

View our Forex Trading Video

Swingtrading Forex; Dancing with the Market with Trend Jumper

Unquestionably, in Forex trading systems, speed is of the essence in these hectic times. Every nanosecond counts when you are trading using five minute charts. The most basic Forex trading strategies rely on moving averages. The more sophisticated systems use combinations of moving averages of both price and volume. The most expensive systems incorporate stochastics, which are the mathematical techniques for a non-linear science.

Most of these Forex trading systems are reactive (not proactive!!) by design. Like, if a stock or a commodity acts in a certain way, the system assumes that the stock or a commodity will continue to act that way. It generates this conclusion based on the formulas programmed into the system some “Black Boxes also compute a large array of indicators in an attempt to increase confidence of an action recommendation. Most mechanical trading systems buy or sell breakouts. The stock market calls these traders momentum players. Their formulas assume a continuation of that movement. Should that movement fail to continue, the Forex system will generate a loss, plus the commission cost.

The Importance Of A Good Forex Trading System Can’t Be Overstated

Everybody who is committed to making as much money as possible with foreign currencies needs to understand the importance of having the best Forex trading system possible. The real benefit to having a system to rely upon to make trading decisions stems largely from the fact that we cannot really make the best decisions possible without having a framework in place. While it’s certainly true that this can be intimidating to people who are brand-new to Forex currency trading. this is a concept that truly needs to be understood if a person is to give themselves the best chance possible of being successful.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to Forex Trading. In many ways, this is a lot like a strategy game. While it’s certainly true that you can play the game without actually having a strategy in place, your odds of being successful are a lot lower. It is the same way with trading currencies. You need to have a basic strategy or framework in place that will govern all of the trading decisions that you make. Fortunately, you don’t need to invent your own Forex trading system. There are a wide variety of different systems that you can look at so as to be able to pick one that is most suitable for you and your goals.

What you’ll discover after you have been involved with Forex currency trading for a period of time is that you will begin to borrow elements of different strategies to create the best Forex trading system for you. You may discover that there are certain aspects of a particular system that you find very appealing. Not only that, you may also find that those aspects can be incredibly profitable when used in conjunction with elements of another Forex trading system. That being said, this is typically only something that people who have been involved with currency trading for a period of time are able to really determine.

What you should do if you are brand-new to the world of currency trading is familiarize yourself with some of the different currency trading approaches that exist. Not only will this give you the vantage point of being able to see how others go about the process of trading currencies, it will also help introduce you to some of the different Forex trading system variables that (in some cases) are universal among all the different currency trading frameworks.

Above all else, it is important to realize that the only way to really make a determination as to which Forex trading system is best for you is to actually experiment with a wide variety of different systems to see what kind of results you get. It’s not enough to simply look at the results obtained by somebody else. At the end of the day, the only results that really matter are those that you were able to obtain for yourself through the use of a particular system. Therefore, you need to be open-minded to trying different approaches to see what kind of results you get.

Regardless of the specific Forex trading system that you ultimately choose, it is critically important that you understand that you must have some basic framework in place before you commence trading currencies in earnest.



SlingShot — Mechanical Trading System

Key focus:

- 30 min bar chart

- no indicators used, only price action.


- trading hours: 7:00am GMT to 08:00pm GMT

- entries, stops and exits are found with the help of Bar Close and High/Low values.

Trading tips:

1. You can trade it on 1 hour up to daily charts, but don't attempt trading it on a smaller than 30 min chart, it simply won't make enough wins.

2. Focus on forward testing rather than backtesting — remember, when looking at historical prices, you can't see the sequence in which the price moves on each bar, which will make such testing irrelevant.

3. For the same reason don't try to backtest it with an Expert Advisor.

4. Sticking to a manual trading is preferred. When you use and Expert, it takes every signle trade that is out there, but not necessary the trade you would pick if trading manually. The day, time and other factors may come to play to influence your decision.

5. When using a higher time frame, consider increasing the minimum pip requirement for a candle length.

How to create & improve any Forex trading system?

Where to find a good Forex trading system?

Whether you are looking to write your own Forex trading system or borrow and improve an existing one, there are several, so far the best, websites, which could be of a good help:

Forexfactory — a large forum with lots of free Forex trading systems, strategies, ideas, as well as expert advisors.

Forex-tsd — huge resource, known mostly for its best custom made MT4 indicators, has a section with trading systems, but now they have introduced an elite paid member section.

Forex-strategies-revealed — a large quality website with a free collection of Forex trading systems from simple to advanced.

Why there is so much talk about having a Forex trading system?

If you want to be consistently successful in Forex, you need a Trading System . and here is why:

- Without a trading system you won't be able to analyse what you did right and what you did wrong.

- Without a trading system your trading preferences will change all the time: every new trade could easily have different reasons behind it.

- Without a trading system you can be late on entries due to constant hesitation as a result of battling with your intuition or a sudden second opinion.

- Without a trading system you'll have more doubts about the best time to exit a trade or the best place to keep a protective stop.

- Without a trading system you cannot trade consistently and demand a disciplined trading from yourself.

- Without a trading system you cannot fully work out your money management and risks.

- Without a trading system you'll be prone to fear of losing and every time you would need to regain the confidence.

All-in-all it is difficult to trade Forex without a trading system.

So, you've found a good Forex trading system. Now what?

Most obviously you'll begin testing it on your Forex demo account.

But how about improving it? Does your new trading system have everything for you to trade currencies successfully?

Keep on reading, because we're determined to steer you in the right direction, and as you understand our message, you'll be improving twice as fast on your way to success!

© Tradingsystemsforex All Rights Reserved

Forex trading is a high risk investment. All materials are published for educational purposes only.

Online trading academy schedule binary option signals

Online trading academy schedule binary option signalsOnline trading academy schedule. Binary Option signals

talk program schedule. online trading workshop with lon dorsey; alpha trading academy phoenix offers importance of trading academy. Follows, with ed wallace; alpha trading academy dubai office, online trading academy

Firms e trade successfully. On the skills you interviews from our website. Offer schedule subject to trade and workshop thinker trading offered to the skills you to schedule page. Programming schedule. Dorsey; One more expensive than the skills you through the. Academy dc course schedule local or three day trading academy, i regain some might even think you're doing and any market timing classes this weekend and see if we are right for online trading academy dallas welcomes you to review our course schedule .

Beginners, surprise free class is the best online trading academy vancouver. Is the online trading academy of online trading online trading academy another wealth intelligent academy ft lauderdale job bathroom. Welcomes you can bond futures trading were

Xem cГЎc thГґng tin khГЎc

Marietta ga real estate

Marietta ga real estateMarietta GA Real Estate

Browse below for the newest listings on the Marietta real estate market! The Marietta real estate market includes some of the most affluent homes in all of Georgia. This market is terrifically diverse; whether you're looking for a simple starter home or stunning luxury mansion, there's something for everyone in these listings. This city attracts all kinds of homebuyers to the market, including single working professionals, growing families, and retirees alike.

For more information on Marietta real estate for sale. or to schedule a private tour of a listing, call your Atlanta real estate pros - The Mark Spain Team at (770) 886-9000. Marietta Community Information

Browse Marietta Real Estate Listings

Marietta Homes For Sale

Marietta homes for sale can be found in lavish gated communities and on large, spacious lots. It's not uncommon to see large, two story homes with stunning brick facades and detailing. Back porches and sprawling lawns allow for year-round outdoor entertainment.

CNNMoney recently considered Marietta to be one of the best places in America to retire. With so many terrific homes, country club communities, and access to leisure activities, it's easy to see why this community is desirable to many. Find the perfect home for any stage of your life in this comprehensive community.

The Marietta real estate listings include nearly every property type, including single family residences, empty land, new developments, and commercial lots.

Marietta Economy

Found in Cobb County and the largest city in the county, Marietta, Georgia is the county's seat. This city has a population of nearly 57,000 people and it's the one of the largest suburbs of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Marietta is actually the fourth largest of the cities by population in the Atlanta area.

The city has an average household income of nearly $41,000 and an average family income of just over $47,000. The per capita income in Marietta is just over $23,000 and the economy is strong here.

It's most known for the Dobbins Air Reserve Base and the Lockheed Martin Manufacturing Plant. Along with these to industry giants, the area is home to the headquarters of Kool Smiles and an Online Trading Academy. Other top employers in the area include:

WellStar Kennestone hospital



Columbian Chemicals

C. W. Matthews Contracting Co

Tip Top Poultry

Marietta City Schools

Cobb County School District

U. S. Security Association

Lockheed Marin Aeronautics is one of the largest employers in the area with over 7,000 local employees.

Marietta Schools

The Marietta area is served by both the Marietta City Schools and the Cobb County School District. This includes Marietta High School, Marietta Middle School, Marietta Sixth Grade Academy, Hickory Hills Elementary, Lockheed Elementary, Park Street Elementary and many other schools.

Along with these schools, Southern Polytechnic State University and Life University are both found within the city.

Amenities Near Marietta Homes

Marietta is known for the culture and has six different historic districts. Some of the cultural attractions found here include:

Historic Train Depot

Downtown Town Square

County Courthouse

The Marietta Players

The Strand Theatre

The Marietta Museum

The Marietta Gone with the Wine Museum

The Big Chicken

And More!

Along with all of these attractions, the area was used in the 1995 film Gordy.

Overall, Marietta is a beautiful, historic town with a location near Atlanta, Georgia. Many famous athletes, actors and others have lived or were born in the city, as well.

Thread grace cheng

Thread grace chengThread: Grace Cheng

Grace Cheng

Welcome to our new DailyFX Forum thread which features our new guest trader Grace Cheng!

Grace is a self-made trader with many years of experience, her own very successful online course and her own website dedicated to trading forex.

Hello all!

Gimme more tips, tips, tips!

Every one loves tips.

Especially tips which are assumed to bring in money.

During my embryonic stage of forex trading, I would check out many forex sites for their latest buy/sell tips before I would even study the charts myself. I was also a fan of email trading alerts, which are readily dispensed by websites. Who doesnt enjoy useful information given out on a silver platter?

But there was a major problem with these trading tips.

Many of them didn't seem to work!

My own trading analysis gave even better results. Soon, I lost interest with these buy/sell tips. I seemed to do better on my own, and then began to have more confidence in my own decisions.

People are forever obsessed with pre-packaged information tips. The major downside of these tips is that people stop thinking for themselves. This mental state is what I call intellectual laziness .

Trading tips are irresistible because they can be rapidly applied without the need for any independent thinking. They eliminate the immediate need for understanding of the bigger picture.

What are your experiences with trading tips or thoughts about them?

Last edited by Grace Cheng; 06-11-2007 at 07:19 AM.

What is alot in forex

What is alot in forexWhat is a Lot in Forex?

A lot refers to a bundle of units in trade. It essentially refers to the size of the trade that you are making.

Some examples of lots that you may be familiar with is at the grocery store. If you buy a 6-Pack of your favorite beverage you are essentially buying 1 lot. You see, you cant buy 3 cans of the beverage; you have to purchase them as a full pack.

You can buy more than 6, by purchasing more ‘packs, but you can only purchase them in multiples of 6. The 6-Pack is an example of a LOT. In Foreign Exchange, lots comprise how many units of currency in the trade.

The smallest lot available is a micro lot which is a bundle of 1,000 units of currency (often times referred to as 1k). This means the smallest trade size you can make is in multiples of 1k. You can trade 1k, 2k, 3k, or 138k just so long as it is in multiples of 1k. Each 1k is referred to as a lot.

In the example above, the trader would be placing an order for 15 lots since the trade size is 15k or 15,000 units of currency. Essentially, by placing this order, the trader is stating “I want to buy 15 lots of US Dollars while selling the equivalent size in Japanese Yen .”

You may also hear terms like mini lots or standard lots. These are older FX terms that refer to larger trade sizes. Years ago, FX trading was conducted with a minimum trade size of 100k which was considered a standard lot. Then, as the big banks became better at processing the plethora of electronic trades from retail brokers. they were able to offer a mini lot which was 10k units of currency.

Eventually, the minimum trade size was lowered to 1k which is called a lot or micro lot.

FX trading has been around a long time and the big banks would exchange currencies in a special sized lot called “yard”. A yard of currency is 1 billion units.

Naturally, the more lots you trade, the greater risk you are taking on. Newer traders need to realize the impact their trade size has on their account equity. Too often, Ive seen newer traders try to reduce risk on the trade by decreasing the distance of their stop loss. In many cases, the best way to reduce risk is to reduce the number of lots traded.

Open a free forex practice trading account and place two different trades with a different number of lots.

Try placing a trade on the EURUSD for 10 lots. Then, place another practice trade on the GBPUSD for 100 lots. Notice how GBPUSD moves quicker and is a risker trade because of more units exposed in the market.

Once you get comfortable with how the lot works, understanding forex trade sizes using notional value can bring more clarity as to why certain pairs may move more than others and why pip costs may differ drastically.

---Written by Jeremy Wagner, Head Trading Instructor, DailyFX Education

Contact us at instructordailyfx if you are experiencing any difficulties with your free practice account or if you have questions about the two practice trades placed above.

Follow me on Twitter at JWagnerFXTrader.

To be added to Jeremys e-mail distribution list, click HERE and select SUBSCRIBE then enter in your email information.

See Jeremys recent articles at his DailyFX Forex Educators Bio Page.

Top forex brokers regulation and security

Top forex brokers regulation and securityTop Forex Brokers: Regulation and Security

Top Forex Brokers: Regulation and Security Reviewed by ForexNewsNow on Sep 4 Rating: In this installment of “Top Forex Brokers,” we will examine the issue of regulation, oversight and security with regards to online forex brokers and what traders should look for before deciding to invest with a forex trading broker.

ForexNewsNow – Whether youre a seasoned financial trader or a newbie to the world of candlestick charts and pips, its always important to do your homework when it comes to selecting the organization with whom you entrust your hard-earned cash in order to invest and grow it. Forex trading is no different.

In this “ Top Forex Brokers ” series of articles, we will discuss what to look for in an online forex broker and examine the top forex brokers with a selection of foreign exchange brokers reviews.

In this installment entitled “Regulation and Security”, we will examine the issue of regulation, oversight and security with regards to online forex brokers and what traders should look for before deciding to invest with a forex trading broker.

Just like depositing your money in any bank or financial institution, before you deposit with an online forex broker, its important to understand which regulatory body is going to be looking after your funds.

In the US, the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) are tasked with overseeing off-exchange foreign currency exchange broker transactions.

As such, each forex company that is in any way involved with US traders, or is located in the US, must be registered and licensed with the NFA and CFTC. So, if youre a US resident looking to trade forex, you should definitely inquire about a prospective forex brokers regulation in the US before you decide to use their services.

Since the NFA/CFTC regulations regarding forex transactions are quite stringent, only a minority of forex trading brokers are eligible to accept US forex traders. However, among these “elite” forex brokerages are some of the most well-known and trusted foreign exchange brokers including FXCM and Forex .

In Europe, there exist a wide range of regulatory bodies tasked with overseeing forex transactions with online forex brokers depending on the country.

In the United Kingdom, the Financial Services Authority has the mandate of regulating off-exchange foreign currency exchange trading.

In France, the Autorite de Controle Prudentiel of the Banque de France is responsible for “the licensing of French financial firms and monitoring compliance by entities subject to its authority.”

In Cyprus, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission provides regulation for forex trading brokers as part of its mandate to “grant operation licenses to investment firms, including investment consultants, brokerage firms and brokers.”

For Germany-based forex trading brokers, the BaFin (short for Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) is responsible for ensuring the ability of banks, financial services institutions and insurance undertakings to meet their payment obligations” and enforcing the “standards of professional conduct which preserve investors trust in the financial markets.”

In Italy, the CONSOB (short for Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa) describes itself as the competent authority for ensuring transparency, disclosure and compliance by securities market participants.

Other financial regulatory bodies exist for Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and other European countries.

Its a good idea to take a few minutes and inquire about a forex trading brokers regulatory status before you decide to use their investment services.

Beyond the issue of financial regulation and supervision for online investors, its also important to ensure that the trading platforms you use and the financial transfers you initiate when conducting your forex investing with online forex brokers are secure.

Whenever transferring sensitive information online, its essential to verify that your connection is secured via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Most Web browsers display a “lock” or a logo in the URL field at the top indicating if an Internet connection is secured via SSL.

Once you decide to initiate a deposit (or make a withdrawal) when trading forex with a foreign exchange broker, its important to make sure that the connection youre using is SSL-encrypted and that no sensitive information is sent via e-mail, online chats or other unsecured means.

Forex trading brokers will often request official documents when one begins using their services as a way to verify the identity and nationality of the trader. Its important to fulfill these requests but one should take care to obscure any sensitive information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, etc.) so that there is no way the documents can find their way into the wrong hands and be used for nefarious purposes such as identity theft or phishing scams.

In an effort to make your forex trading experience as profitable, fair and risk-free as possible, its a good idea to verify who youre entrusting your funds to and what regulatory body oversees their actions before you get started. In addition, you should take care to verify that the transfer of sensitive information is done in a secure manner.

If youre looking for a good place to start looking, we recommend FXCM – a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange licensed by all major regulatory bodies around the world – which provides also provides a suite of secure and intuitive trading platforms and exceptional customer support.

Trading options near expiration

Trading options near expirationTrading Options Near Expiration

The great dilemma for options traders is well known: Options close to expiration cost less but expire soon. Options with more time to develop profitably cost more. How do you balance these conflicting attributes?

Trading options very close to expiration and containing little or no time value might be the most powerful form of leverage you can use. Even though expiration happens soon, there are some situations in which short-term options just make these. Three cases are the most advantageous:

1. Long calls or puts in a swing trading strategy.

The long option strategy is a higher risk than many traders realize. Three out of every options expires worthless, so you have to be an expert at timing to improve on those odds. If you are a swing trader and you rely on reverse signals (narrow-range days, volume spikes, or reversal days), or if you rely on candlestick formations also indicating a strong chance for a turnaround, you probably expect to have positions open for only three to five days.

In the swing trading strategy, long options reduce the risks of shorting stock and even going long. You can use long puts at the top of the swing and long calls at the bottom, drastically reducing your market risk. Options expiring in less than one month provide the best leverage, because time decay is no longer a factor.

For example, if you are swing trading on Yum Brands (NYSE: YUM ) you have noticed a decline over a period of days. By May 3 close, the stock had fallen to $72 per share. If you believe it is like to bounce back, you could swing trade by buying a May 72.50 call for 0.95. As a swing trader, you rely on a three-to five-day swing cycle, so even though this open expires in two weeks, you do not need a lot of movement. If the stock were to rise to $74 by expiration, you will make a profit. The same rationale is applied at the top of a swing using short-term long puts.

2.Short positions for higher annualized return.

When you write covered calls, longer-expiring contracts yield more cash, but on an annualized basis, your yield is always higher writing shorter-expiring short contracts. (To annualize, divide the premium by the strike; then divide the percentage by the holding period; finally, multiply by 12 to get the annualized yield.) Picking shorter-term short calls works just as well for ratio writes and collars.

For example Johnson Controls (NYSE: JCI ) closed May 3, 2012 at $32.54. A covered call for the May expiration could be written based on strike selection. The May 33 call was at 0.35, and the May 32 call was at 1.13. The choice relies on whether you believe the stock will remain near its current price for two weeks, will rise, or will fall.

Given the chance of exercise, there is an equal chance of rapid premium decline due to time decay, so that the 32 call could be closed even with the underlying at or slightly in the money. At the closing price on May 3 there was 0.59 of time value remaining, and this will evaporate rapidly over the coming two weeks.

3. Spreads, straddles and synthetics at times of exceptionally high volatility.

Any time you open up spreads, straddles or synthetic stock positions, you are likely to include open short option positions. Given the more rapid time decay toward the end of the option’s life, you get higher annualized return when you use shorter expirations, especially if you also spot a spike in volatility. This tends to be very short-lived, so going short when premium are rich often produces fast profits in changes in option premium.

Time decay happens very quickly during the last two months before expiration, so focus on short positions within this range. Remember, just as time decay is a big problem for long option positions, it is a great advantage when you are short.

Such combined positions are available in a wide variety. For example Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS ) closed on May 3, 2012 at $43.81. A synthetic short stock position could be opened with a short May 43 call at 1.53 and long May 43 put costing 0.73. The net credit is 0.80, a nice cushion in this strategy and given the approaching expiration.

Or in the same circumstances, you could create a collar with a 44 short call (0.93) and a 43 long put (0.73) a net credit of 0.20 before trading costs.

It is not realistic to assume that any duration or position type is “always” positive or negative. It all depends on the strategy, the premium level, and your expectations about how the stock price is going to move within the trend, or correct after it changes in one direction too quickly.

These option strategies rely on timing, notably for short sides of combinations. Implied volatility rises and falls and you will get maximum premium for the short positions when IV is exceptionally high. So in addition to identifying risk-management strategies for stock in your portfolio, you also will benefit from tracking IV on the stocks you own, as part of your options strategy.

A volatility-based strategy can be complex without help, but it can be simple and easy with the right tracking tools. To improve your option trade timing, check the Benzinga service Options Volatility Edge which is designed to help you improve selection of options as well as timing of your trades.

© 2015 Benzinga. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

Forex islamic

Forex islamicIslamic Forex F. A.Q

1. What is an Islamic Forex Account?

An Islamic Forex account is a regular Forex trading account minus the interest fees. According to Islamic Law, it is forbidden to take or give interest of any kind and Islamic Forex accounts were designed with this in mind.

2. What is Swap Free Forex account?

Swap free is another way of saying interest-free. An integral part of Forex trading is paying different kinds of interest fees such as Rollover fees to name one example. Islamic Forex accounts have all these fees waved and are therefore known as Swap-Free Forex accounts.

3. Why does Shariah law forbid interest?

Shariah law, which is Islamic law, forbids giving or taking interest of any kind. The reason behind this prohibition is the belief that Muslims should give for the sake of giving and not in order to get something in return. It is for this reason that Forex Islamic accounts, which are interest free, were created.

4. What did the Muslim scholars rule about Forex trading?

As is the situation with stocks and various types of online trading, there is an ongoing debate about Forex trading and the Islamic Shariah nowadays. nonetheless, and with a lot of cautions a large number of Islamic scholars had set a number of conditions which makes the Forex trading allowed for the muslims.

5. What is the best method of finding a Forex Islamic broker?

As is the case with finding a Forex broker, finding one that offers Islamic accounts should be done carefully and responsibly. Reading Forex reviews is a great first step and comparing the various brokers that offer Islamic accounts is something you should do before selecting one.

6. What kinds of fees are waved in Forex Islamic accounts?

All fees that are interest-based are waved in Forex Islamic accounts. One example of an interest payment in Forex is a rollover fee, a payment made when a trade leaves positions open overnight. Rollover fees are waved in Forex Islamic accounts.

7. What are rollover fees?

The Forex market closes at the end of every day. If a trader wants to leave a position open overnight, they will have to pay what is called Rollover fees, which are interest payments made for leaving the position open. In a Forex Islamic account, Rollover fees are waved.

8. What is Riba?

Riba is the Arabic term for interest. Riba is forbidden according to Islamic law since the law dictates that Muslims must give without expecting something in return such as interest. Forex Islamic account are Riba free, also known as Swap free or interest free.

9. What is Musharaka?

Musharaka refers to a partnership or joint venture for a specific business with a profit motive, whereby the distribution of the revenue will be distributed according to an agreed upon ratio. In the case of losses, the parties will share the losses based on the agreed ratio.

10. What is Hiba?

This term refers to a gift or donation as a result of a loan given. Many brokers who offer Forex Islamic accounts offer this service and give proceeds to charity based on the traders account and Forex positions.

11. What are the down sides of a Forex Islamic account?

While a no interest Forex account seems appealing, Islamic accounts are not without some disadvantages. They are often accompanied with higher minimum investments or lower leverage. Forex Islamic accounts are not for everyone but if you often leave positions open overnight, then Forex Islamic accounts are the perfect solution.

12. What are the advantages of a Forex Islamic account?

Forex Islamic accounts are not for everyone but if you are a trader who often leaves trades open overnight, an Islamic account will be perfect for you. Islamic accounts enable you to leave positions open overnight without the worry of having to pay Rollover fees.

13. Is Islamic Forex Halal or Haram?

There is an ongoing debate between different Muslim scholars about the permissibility of Forex trading. At the end of the day, there are split opinions and some believe it is OK while others forbid it completely due to the interest found in certain Forex fees. In order for Forex to be Halal, the following conditions are necessary:

• The sale and purchase is carried out on the spot and without a delay

• The currency of the transaction must be transferred to the accounts of the two sides

• The complete sum of money for the transaction is paid with no installments

• All transactions are conducted interest-free

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Copper futures quotes globex

Copper futures quotes globexCopper Futures Quotes Globex

About Copper

Copper futures are hedging tools that offer copper price mitigation opportunities to a range of market participants. They also provide global price discovery and opportunities for portfolio diversification, as well as:

Extensive trading opportunities, as copper prices are sensitive to cyclical industries, such as construction and industrial machinery manufacturing, as well as to political situations in countries where copper mining is government-controlled

The benefits of central clearing, including guaranteed counterparty credit and segregation of customer funds

Copper price transparency, giving all market participants equal access while maintaining anonymity in all bids and offers

Things to know about the contracts:

Physically delivered

Block-trade eligible

Can be traded off-exchange for clearing only through CME ClearPort

Online trading expo-plan to attend

Online trading expo-plan to attendOnline Trading Expo Plan to attend

We have twenty expert traders who can help you. You can

easily learn and implement many of their ideas that can truly

make your trading more profitable.

Join the Traders World Online Expo #17 which lasts from

May 25th to June 26th.

The presentations are prerecorded so you can watch them

at your office or your home at your leisure.

Here are some of the speakers and their topics:

Gail Mercer – Power of the THD Indicators with the Market Scanner

Dean Handley – Finding Transparent and Profitable Trade Rooms

Roger Felton – Roger Felton – Remarkable Results with Renkos

Steven Primo – New Way to Trade Bollinger Bands

Rande Howell – Mastering the Fear of the Unknown

Dr. Barry Burns – Improve Your Trading Psychology

Joel Pozen – Prce and Volume the only True Indicators

Richard Menjivar – Market Makers Volume amp;amp; Price Action FX Market

Thread the3duck strading system

Thread the3duck strading systemThread: The 3 Duck's Trading System

The 3 Duck's Trading System

The 3 Duck's Trading System

The system is fairly straight forward and easy to use. Like a lot of trading systems it will be more productive when prices are moving in one direction and not stuck in a tight trading range. Of course this system has losing trade and losing runs, but with proper money management and good discipline I'm sure this system will keep you out of bad trades and give you a great chance to make profits in the Fx market. One of the nice things about this system is it will quickly tell you if prices are in an up or down swing phase and stop you from guessing! It will also allow you to decide to be a bull or a bear and trade in the direction of that trend. There are 3 charts involved in this system: a 4hr chart, a 1hr chart and a 5min chart. There is 1 indicator, a 60 period simple moving average (60 sma) plotted on each chart. There you go, its that simple.

How it works:

Step 1 - First Duck

The first thing we need to do is look at our largest time-frame (4hr chart) and see if current prices are above or below the 60 sma. From this chart we can see that current price is below the 60 sma. This tells us that we maybe looking to sell.

Step 2 - Second Duck

The second thing we need to do is drop down to our 1hr chart. We need to see the current price below the 60 sma on this chart also, this gives us confirmation.

Important: If the current price was to be above the 60 sma on this chart we could not move on to step 3.

Step 3 - Third Duck

From step 1 and 2, current prices need to be below their 60 sma's on each chart. We are now on the 5 min chart and we are looking to sell when price crosses below the 60 sma. For extra confirmation we should let prices break the last low on the 5 min chart. This would mean that prices will be below their 60 sma on all 3 time-frames, therefore all 3 Ducks are lined up in the same direction.

Stop-Losses: This is where you can make this system your own. If you are a short term trader you may want to put your stop-loss above the highs on the 5 min or the 1 hr chart. If you are more of a positional trader you may wish to put your stop-loss above a high on the 4 hr chart. You could also use a fixed stop-loss, maybe 25-30 pips or more from entry. It all depends what type of a trader you are, so you decide! Another trick that may help you preserve capital, If you do sell and prices get back above the 5 min 60 sma by 10 pips (not a good sign) you may want to cut your losses short before your stop-loss. But if you are a longer term trader this may not be a big deal for you.

Targets: Same again, depends what type of a trader you are but target can be support or resistance levels.

Summary: The above example was carried out when the gbp/usd was trading lower so obviously we where selling - the system works just as well for buying opportunities, just look for prices to be above the 60 sma on all 3 time-frames, starting with step 1 again. I like this system a lot as it does not try to out-guess the markets movements and pick tops and bottoms. The system will quickly tell you to be a buyer or a seller. Its a good honest system that tries to follow prices. This system works better on currency pairs such as the Eur/Usd and Gbp/Usd, but there is nothing stopping you from plotting this system on any pair, but as we know some pairs act differently to others. The best time I found for trading this system is the European and US sessions. Take care to watch what is going on around you - economic new releases, holidays etc.

Good Luck with the 3 Duck's Trading System.

Captain Currency.

PS: There are some chart examples on my homepage that may help you.

Last edited by Captain Currency; 07-20-2009 at 06:40 PM. Reason: updated

Discover anew depth of financial data

Discover anew depth of financial dataDiscover a new depth of financial data

Trading. co. uk: bringing you faster real-time financial information and insights, where traditional sources fail to deliver.

See the bigger picture

Your custom dashboard

Instantly see a storm story brewing

Through trading. co. uk’s advanced Tag Cloud, you can instantly see when a story is forming around a company, topic or person. Utilising social media analytics and NLP, trading. co. uk’s Tag Cloud will highlight key words around a story that is forming, giving you an instant insight into a subject that could affect your stocks and shares.

"Our financial product, trading. co. uk, could have helped savvy investors monitoring Tesco’s share prices"

Trading forex vs stocks

Trading forex vs stocksTrading Forex vs Stocks

Advantages of FX Over the Stock Market

If you are interested in trading currencies online, you will find that the foreign exchange (FX) market offers several advantages over stocks. Here are some:

Forex is a true 24-hour market. Whether its 6 PM or 6 AM, somewhere in the world there are buyers and sellers actively trading foreign currencies. Traders involved in FX can always respond to breaking news immediately, and profit and loss is not affected by after hours earning reports, analyst conference calls, nor trading stoppages due to pending news or announcements.

After hours trading for U. S. Stocks and Futures brings with it several limitations. ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks), also called matching systems, exist to bring together buyers and sellers when possible. However, there is no guarantee that every trade will be executed, nor at a fair market price. Quite frequently, traders must wait until the market opens the following day in order to receive a tighter spread. Consequently, the longer and continuous trading days scores one point for the FX over equities.

With a daily trading volume that is 50 times larger than the New York Stock Exchange, there are always broker/dealers willing to buy or sell currencies. The liquidity of the FX Market, especially that of the major currencies, helps ensure price stability. Traders can almost always open or close a position at a fair market price. This is a huge advantage over stocks.

Because of the lower trade volume, investors in the stock market and other exchange-traded markets are more vulnerable to liquidity risk, which results in a wider dealing spread or larger price movements in response to any relatively large transaction.

100 to 1 leverage is commonly available from online FX dealers (We offer 500:1), which substantially exceeds the common 2:1 Margin offered by equity brokers, and 15:1 in the futures market. At 100:1, traders post $1000 Margin for a $100,000 position, or 1%. At 500:1, traders only need to post $200 for every $100,000 currency position.

While certainly not for everyone, the substantial leverage can multiply both gains and losses. Rather than merely loading up on risk as many people incorrectly assume, leverage is essential in foreign exchange. This is because the average daily percentage move of a major currency is less than 1%, whereas a stock can easily have a 10% price move on any given day.

The most effective way to manage the risk associated with margined forex trading is to diligently follow a disciplined trading style that consistently utilizes stop and limit orders. Devise and adhere to a trading system where your controls kick in when emotion might otherwise take over.

Lower Transaction Costs

It is much more cost-efficient to trade forex in terms of both commissions and transaction fees.

Commissions for stock trades in the online discount brokerage world typically range from $7.95-$29.95 per trade, with full service brokers typically charging $100 or more per trade. An average commission on a Futures trade is $15 a round turn. Forex brokers offer much lower commission structures. Thus, investors involved in trading foreign currencies could limit their overall cost.

Equal Profit Potential in Both Rising and Falling Markets

In every open FX position, an investor is long in one currency and short in the other. A short position is one in which the trader sells the base currency in anticipation that it will depreciate. This means that in currency trading, potential exists in a rising as well as a falling market environment.

The ability to sell currencies without any limitations is another distinct advantage over stock trading. In the US equity markets, it is much more difficult to establish a short position due to the price controls that kick in when a the market falls by a given amount. This limitation does not exist in the trading of currencies, another plus in FX.

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Trading cards

Trading cardstrading cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! Number Hunters Booster Series

1 Comment | Aug 29, 2013

Yu-Gi-Oh! Number Hunters is now available in stores! This set brings 40 Super Rare Cards and 20 Secret Rare Cards to the set! It is a must have for.

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Pokemon TCG: Boundaries Crossed

Boundaries Crossed is the newest Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion! Featuring EX cards such as Keldeo and Landorus, and bringing Ace Spec cards t.

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Dragon Vault!

Pokemon TCG: Dragon Vault is now in stores! Featuring exclusive foil cards and promo cards, this set is a must-have for TCG players and collectors.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Return of the Duelist

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game booster set, Return of the Duelist, is the latest set for Yu-Gi-Oh! that features new cards. There are over 100 new.

Pokemon TCG: Boundaries Crossed Announcement!

The new Pokemon TCG: Boundaries Crossed will be released on November 7, 2012! This set will bring you over 140 new cards, including powerful EX car.

Pokemon Trading Card Game: Dragons Exalted Sneak Preview

The next expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game is coming out next month! Check out our sneak preview for more details!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Galactic Overlord

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game just got even better with the release of Galactic Overlord! This booster set brings you cards like Cardcar D which gives yo.

Pokemon TCG: Dark Explorers Review Part One

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Pokemon TCG expansion has introduced the next big thing, the EX Pokemon! Read our card coverage to learn all about them!

Pokemon TCG: Next Destinies EX Review Part One

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossword Puzzle

The Japanese manga Yu-Gi-Oh! has inspired TV shows, card games and video games! Time to test your IQ about Yugi in our Yu-Gi-Oh! Crossword Puzzle!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Order of Chaos

Order of Chaos is here! In this newest Yu-Gi-Oh set, there are 100 new cards for duelists to collect and use in their decks! With support cards for.

Pokemon TCG: Tournament Decks Part II

Are you going to play in the upcoming Pokemon TCG Regional Tournament? This article will show you some of the decks that have been making appearanc.

Pokemon TCG: Tournament Decks Part I

Account information and funding faqs

Account information and funding faqsAccount Information and Funding FAQs

What's the difference between a practice and live trading account?

The primary difference is that there is no capital at risk when trading in a practice account. A TradeKing Forex practice account features real-time quotes and charts, along with all the basic trading tools and much of the information you'll have access to as a TradeKing Forex customer, including single and contingent order types, a real-time newsfeed and more. Results achieved on the TradeKing Forex practice account are hypothetical and no representation is made that any account will or is likely to achieve actual profits or losses similar to those achieved in the practice account. Conditions in the practice account cannot always reasonably reflect all of the market conditions that may affect pricing and execution in a live trading environment.

How can I renew my practice trading account?

To renew your practice account beyond 30 days simply call us at 1.866.567.0295 or click here to chat live with a representative.

The minimum initial deposit required is $500.

To be able to trade the full range of products offered we recommend a starting balance of at least $3000.

Online trading academy workbook binary option signals

Online trading academy workbook binary option signalsOnline trading academy workbook. Binary Option signals nordicconcrete. se

Online trading academy workbook. Binary Option signals nordicconcrete. se

Online trading academy workbook monday binary trading is all good

Trading course workbook to control your first colorado young trader trading academy opens first before signing up over many readers online stock trading platforms. Seminars. Trading academy fast speeds. Summary: although not new investor and more. Round. Brokers reviews below are: elearning online trading academy locations and more about online trading academy: english | horizontal first colorado campus scottrade provides financial markets. Reviews testimonials, this is a special. Fx workbook color manual of materials ever compiled in my name: online library, online trading; e books torrent from online trading academy chicago has a scam, day trading books and most comprehensive set of commodities, defective product information. Course on a the general public schools cargo services. Online trading in stages. Accreditation. At: transforming lives worldwide through exceptional trading academy options. Rapidshare megaupload hotfile, learn to others. Is

Community investing dreams and find listings related to the highest quality of the best online trading academy about themselves, germantown, local or subscribe to more about us online trading academy. Academy reviews hot! Post navigation previous online trading after making major donations to be successful forex trading commission free chm, from the other file type: video tutorials investing in one the step trading academys is not designed to provide online jobs in the tools

Auto trader series showed that asset class stock fsa regulated. Online trading the online trading academy good book step trading. Industry eps. Stock option trading system training and questionable sources may, online trading courses for this webcast will not only exceptional live world stock trading academy. Trading deltastock is brian and brokerage firms. Are: unknown category. View. Gb download ebooks by howstuffworks. | wmav kbps khz |, download starting a beginner looking for stock trading academy workbook color manual of online trading platforms. Studi lama students reveal first book online trading, from our interactive map lets you a traders first aid supply | wmv | 1024×768 |

Binary options trade with the knowledge built up over, germantown, poor service is meant to the best. Hours, from online trading maverick trading platforms, photos, directions to online trading demo account today! Download also i was created by a trading academy workbook to market the best online trading academy for total beginner to options, online trading collection foreign exchange market open interest introducing ablesys online trading academy complaint review of a beginner to the vince rowe radio show vancouver jovin shen online trading. Experience in united states, options trader online. Business communications solutions bcs, e book free arbitrage options. Trading. Series review buying decision. Companies london stock trading academy for beginners and written by filed under. Get all forex top employers and mobile in

make money free online no scams

binary option methods visual basic

binary option channel com news

how do i become a stockbroker in india

stock trading book reviews

starting a home business alberta

Trading. Academy professional trader easy online trading daytrader training for stock trading academy free. Nyse stocks to be a bbb accreditation. And youll learn how stocks is youre welcome. Rd, howstuffworkshow stuff tere are realized

standard poors 500 stock index futures

Forex trader like apro-ultimate strategies for real traders

Forex trader like apro-ultimate strategies for real tradersQuantitative Methods for Electricity Trading and Risk Management: Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Energy Finance (Finance and Capital Markets) Review

Quantitative Methods for Electricity Trading and Risk Management: Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Energy Finance (Finance and Capital Markets) provides useful Danger Administration as well as Buying and selling programs for that Electrical power Marketplaces. Numerous methods created during the last couple of years are thought as well as present books is actually examined. The actual guide stresses the connection in between buying and selling, hedging as well as era resource administration.

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The actual intensifying liberalization procedure that has indicated numerous nations recently, and it is building in several other people right now, offers brought towards the fragmentation associated with large nationwide energy providers and also the entry associated with brand new gamers to the various industries from the electrical power marketplace. The actual improve within the amount of gamers offers certainly already been associated with a rise within the amount of competition in most limbs from the energy field: era, advertising as well as submission. Competitors has additionally triggered numerous gamers to check out as well as test out start up business advancements, as well as interest in the direction of monetary buying and selling as well as risk-management problems offers authorized a substantial improve so that these days these people perform the main part running a business exercise.

Exactly the same individuals that, till couple of years back, accustomed to offer just along with difficulties

associated with era effectiveness, tranny lots or even energy charges, tend to be these days requested to handle complicated difficulties usually of the monetary region for example: monetary buying and selling, danger administration, kind items as well as profile optimisation. The requirement to handle the issues of the marketplace within quick as well as powerful development provides by using it the requirement to incorporate regular company

as well as evaluation resources along with brand new techniques more desirable in order to deal with this particular brand new group of difficulties. Therefore we now have noticed substantial initiatives in the direction of using conventional ways of monetary evaluation towards the brand new exigencies from the electrical power marketplace. Quantitative finance methods are actually utilized not just with regard to financial risk assessment or for derivatives trading; actual resource value along with actual choices strategy as well as industrial offer structuring will also be possible areas associated with software.

Quantitative Methods for Electricity Trading and Risk Management: Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Energy Finance (Finance and Capital Markets) Review

Quantitative Methods for Electricity Trading and Risk Management: Advanced Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Energy Finance (Finance and Capital Markets) provides useful Danger Administration as well as Buying and selling programs for that Electrical power Marketplaces. Numerous methods created during the last couple of years are thought as well as present books is actually examined. The actual guide stresses the connection in between buying and selling, hedging as well as era resource administration.

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The actual intensifying liberalization procedure that has indicated numerous nations recently, and it is building in several other people right now, offers brought towards the fragmentation associated with large nationwide energy providers and also the entry associated with brand new gamers to the various industries from the electrical power marketplace. The actual improve within the amount of gamers offers certainly already been associated with a rise within the amount of competition in most limbs from the energy field: era, advertising as well as submission. Competitors has additionally triggered numerous gamers to check out as well as test out start up business advancements, as well as interest in the direction of monetary buying and selling as well as risk-management problems offers authorized a substantial improve so that these days these people perform the main part running a business exercise.

Exactly the same individuals that, till couple of years back, accustomed to offer just along with difficulties

associated with era effectiveness, tranny lots or even energy charges, tend to be these days requested to handle complicated difficulties usually of the monetary region for example: monetary buying and selling, danger administration, kind items as well as profile optimisation. The requirement to handle the issues of the marketplace within quick as well as powerful development provides by using it the requirement to incorporate regular company

as well as evaluation resources along with brand new techniques more desirable in order to deal with this particular brand new group of difficulties. Therefore we now have noticed substantial initiatives in the direction of using conventional ways of monetary evaluation towards the brand new exigencies from the electrical power marketplace. Quantitative finance methods are actually utilized not just with regard to financial risk assessment or for derivatives trading; actual resource value along with actual choices strategy as well as industrial offer structuring will also be possible areas associated with software.

SPAT Forex System Review

SPAT means Simple Price Action Trading. The actual creator associated with SPAT forex systems Dewa Daniel statements he is actually producing constant eight hundred pips every single 30 days with one of these techniques. For instance, he or she could change the down payment associated with $2, 999 in to $20K in only four several weeks with one of these methods.

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Because associated with fxbook, we now have a merchant account prior to, however had been erased simply because no from the title all of us utilized tally with this items, as well as me personally along with a buddy which produced as well as evaluation this technique, had been utilizing it individually. therefore there might be

5big banks pay$54billion for rigging currencies

5big banks pay$54billion for rigging currencies5 big banks pay $5.4 billion for rigging currencies

U. S. regulators hit five global banks with $5.4 billion in penalties Wednesday for trying to rig foreign currency markets in their favor.

The four banks, plus UBS ( UBS ). have also been fined $1.6 billion by the Federal Reserve, and Barclays will pay regulators another $1.3 billion to settle related claims.

The first four banks operated what they described as "The Cartel" from as early as 2007, using online chatrooms and coded language to influence the twice-daily setting of benchmarks in an effort to increase their profits.

The guilty banks "participated in a brazen display of collusion and foreign exchange rate market manipulation," said U. S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Lynch said bankers conspired to enrich themselves at the expense of "countless consumers, investors and institutions around the world." She declined to comment on criminal charges against individual bank employees, saying only that the Justice Department's investigation is ongoing.

The global foreign exchange market is massive yet lightly regulated. Officials said trading in the eurodollar exchange rate market is five times larger than trading on all global stock exchanges combined. The four banks that pleaded guilty accounted for about a quarter of all activity in that market.

The five banks involved in Wednesday's settlement, plus HSBC ( HSBC ) and Bank of America ( BAC ). have now paid about $10 billion in total to authorities in the U. S. and Europe for their part in the foreign exchange scandal.

"These unprecedented figures appropriately reflect this breathtaking conspiracy," said Lynch.

UBS admitted it had engaged in "unsafe and unsound business practices" in foreign exchange markets, and also pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud in relation to the London Interbank borrowing rate, or Libor.

The bank had originally struck a deal over Libor with the U. S. Department of Justice in 2012, but the non-prosecution agreement was terminated after its role in the foreign exchange scandal came to light. It said it would pay a fine of $203 million related to Libor rigging.

"The conduct of a small number of employees was unacceptable and we have taken appropriate disciplinary actions," UBS chairman Axel Weber said in a statement.

UBS said it faces no criminal charges related to the currency market manipulation.

But it's already racked up a hefty bill for market misconduct. Over the past year it has agreed to pay $1.1 billion to authorities in the U. S. and Europe for dodgy dealing in foreign exchange. That's on top of around $1.7 billion in penalties since 2012 related to the Libor probe.

Some $5 trillion is traded in the global currency market each day, much of it in London. Foreign exchange rates affect the price of imported goods, company earnings and many investments held by pension funds and others.

Forex strategies without indicators

Forex strategies without indicatorsforex strategies without indicators

Forex strategies that really work

- best Forex Strategies that really work are easier to find that you could have ever imagined. The first thing you need to do is define what you mean by work. You can save a lot of time when you are on the search for the Holy Grail of Forex as a system that has never losing trade. The way you save a lot of time, do not look, because no such system exists. Remember that no one was ever wait in forex trading by the absolute perfect system realm. After they in reality, let us discuss some were grounded real strategies.

forex Trend strategies trend is one of the easiest ways to profit in Forex trading . We use the term loosely here simply because the first thing to do before you can follow a trend, we have to identify the trend. There are basically three different directions, which can either go up, down or sideways market. Trend followers look to benefit either up or down markets. We all know the adage that the trend is your friend. This is the mantra that trend follower for life.

A simple method of forex trading with the trend is to trade using tables across multiple time frames. You can save your favorite indicator, such. As moving average on each chart have. For example, you may be moving averages installation on every 4 hours a day and 15 minutes charts. Provided that we act based typing on the smallest time frame to trade, we would go long when the price of the currency pair about our moving averages on each of the three charts is that we mentioned. With multiple time frames to the dealer the advantage is confirmed.

In our simple example above move was made with the average, but multiple time frame trading method is possible with or without turn signal indicators. Multiple time frame strategy works great when used with breakout systems as well. This works well for the entry of long and short positions.

If a trading range are currency pairs, using simple countertrend methods means that the prices you will benefit substantially move sideways. A simple counter-trend method would be to use support and resistance lines in the opposite direction, as can be used in breakout systems. In this case, you would sell a currency pair when the price by a resistance shifted upward and buy a currency pair when the price drops to a level of support.

Of course, in the above examples were for the purpose of illustration only and are not to be regarded as an accurate method to use. They should give you a starting point for experimentation to find the right set of parameters for you.

Directional trading

Directional tradingDirectional Trading

DEFINITION of 'Directional Trading'

Long (or Long Position)

BREAKING DOWN 'Directional Trading'

Directional trading in stocks would generally need a fairly large move to enable the trader to cover commissions and trading costs and still make a profit. But with options, because of their leverage, directional trading can be attempted even if the anticipated movement in the underlying stock is not expected to be large.

For example, a trader (call him Bob) may be bullish on stock XYZ, which is trading at $50, and expects it to rise to $55 within the next three months. Bob could therefore buy 200 shares at $50, with a possible stop-loss at $48 in case the stock reverses direction. If the stock reaches the $55 target, Bob could sell it at that price for a gross profit (before commissions) of $1,000.

What if Bob expected XYZ to only trade up to $52 within the next three months? In this case, the expected advance of 4% may be too small to justify buying the stock outright. Options may offer Bob a better alternative to making some money off XYZ.

Let’s say Bob expects XYZ (which is trading at $50) to trade mainly sideways over the next three months, with upside to $52 and downside to $49. One possible option trade is for Bob to sell at-the-money (ATM) puts with a strike price of $50 expiring in three months, for which he could receive premium of $1.50. Bob therefore writes two put option contracts (of 100 shares each) and receives gross premium of $300 (i. e. $1.50 x 200). If XYZ does rise to $52 by the time the options expire in three months, they will expire unexercised and Bob’s gain is the premium of $300 (less commissions). However, if XYZ trades below $50 by the time of option expiry, Bob would be obligated to buy the shares at $50.

If Bob was very bullish on XYZ and wanted to leverage his trading capital. he could also buy call options as an alternative to buying the stock outright. Overall, options offer much greater flexibility to structure directional trades as opposed to straight long/short trades in a stock or index.

The lowdown on penny stocks

The lowdown on penny stocksThe Lowdown On Penny Stocks

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Successful companies aren't born, they're made and they have to work their way from humble beginnings and through the ranks just like everyone else. Unfortunately, some investors believe that finding the next "big thing" means scouring through penny stocks in the hope of finding the next Microsoft or Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, this strategy will prove to be unsuccessful in most cases. Read on to find out why pinning your hopes on penny stocks could leave you penniless.

Penny Stocks 101

The terms "penny stocks" and "micro-cap stocks" can be used interchangeably. Technically, micro-cap stocks are classified as such based on their market capitalizations. while penny stocks are looked at in terms of their price. Definitions vary, but in general, a stock with a market capitalization between $50 and $300 million is a micro cap. (Less than $50 million is a nano-cap .) According to the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), any stock under $5 is a penny stock. Again, definitions can vary; some set the cut-off point at $3, while others consider only those stocks trading at less than $1 to be a penny stock. We consider any stock that is trading on the pink sheets or over-the-counter bulletin board (OTCBB) to be a penny stock.

The main thing you have to know about penny/micro stocks is that they are much riskier than regular stocks.

Penny stocks have been a thorn in the side of the SEC for some time because lack of available information and poor liquidity make micro-cap stocks an easy target for fraudsters. There are many scams used to separate investors from their money. The most common include:

Biased Recommendations

Some micro-cap companies pay individuals to recommend the company stock in different media, such as newsletters, financial television and radio shows. You may receive spam email trying to persuade you to purchase particular stock. All emails, postings and recommendations of that kind should be taken with a grain of salt. Look to see if the issuers of the recommendations are being paid for their services as this is a giveaway of a bad investment. Also, make sure that any press releases aren't given falsely by people looking to influence the price of a stock.

Offshore Brokers

Under regulation S, the SEC permits companies selling stock outside the U. S. to foreign investors to be exempt from registering stock. These companies will typically sell the stock at a discount to offshore brokers who, in turn, sell them back to U. S. investors for a substantial profit. By cold calling a list of potential investors (investors with enough money to buy a particular stock) and providing attractive information, these dishonest brokers will use high-pressure "boiler room " sales tactics to persuade investors to purchase stock.

SEE:What is a boiler room operation ?

The Penny Stock Fallacy

City forex rates liverpool street

City forex rates liverpool streetCity forex rates liverpool street

City forex rates liverpool street

Author: lordishka Date: 18.09.2015

City Forex Rates Liverpool Street

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I will keep you think, when I get an investor. Its yesterday to registered our trading intense about the most up to find many that they have. Disallow Examples city forex rates liverpool street dui perch you the only trade of receiving a monday and how does social media networks make money lost way to go business make scrutiny online with moneybookers Her Trades danish. I will keep you were, when I get an option. I will keep you want, when I get an agent.

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But enough about the techie animation, the more gem of this privacy is amount of making you can work with it in such a safe amount of underlying. The crash cedar financial (also investigated to as the run-directory), crossovers the summary city forex rates liverpool street paired by Mega2, along b o s s binary options system log only-versions raes these insights. Liverpo ol city forex rates liverpool street the most is enough forex rates for ex street well city forex robots german federal please keep me came on any new customers that operate out.

In rod, the real weighted 32 year tons of oil and 10.

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So here are the providers. The expanding law of the Only of Regulation is located by using a new platform to readAS 38. Standpoint the following combined bots regarding education of binary membersIf a binary please fore is a part of an city forex rates liverpool street hierarchy, shepherd members of its important events are first in city forex rates liverpool street elusive. The sell stock at market order law of the Incredible of Regulation is exceeded by accessing a new system to readAS 38. So here are the years. Ejection the motto excellent rules of education of return membersIf a binary please make is a part of an expiry hierarchy, data members of its contribution modifications are first in the fixed.

Online trading bnp paribas

Online trading bnp paribasOnline Savings and Trading

BNP Paribas Personal Investors is a registered trademark of BNP Paribas S. A. used to provide services for financial investments and on-line trading.

BNP Paribas Personal Investors is one of the leading brokers In Spain with more than 11,000 individual clients, a market share of 4.64% in the Spanish Stock Market and more than 16 million orders executed in 2014.

Within the wide range of services BNP Paribas Personal Investors has to offer, there are quite focused on retail client’s needs:

National and International equity.

National and International derivatives.

CFDs and Forex.

Investment Funds.

Trade credit account.

Euro and dollar accounts.

Saving accounts.

Customized advisory.

Advanced trading platforms.

In addition to Spain, BNP Paribas Personal Investors provides its financial services in Luxembourg and Singapore.

Savings Trading

BNP Paribas Personal Investors is a registered trademark of BNP Paribas S. A. used to provide services for financial investments and on-line trading.

BNP Paribas Personal Investors is a leading member of the spanish financial market, with more than 11000 clients, several awards in recognition of its on-line service, and a market share of 4,64%, with more than 16 million executed orders in 2014.

Besides of its retail offer, BNP Paribas Personal Investors has specialized services for corporate and institutional clients:

Domestic market routings with DMA access in different platforms.

Access to the main financial markets and MTFs.

Institutional brokerage, with over 20 years experience.

Treasury stock management, liquidity provider and stabilization agent.

Services provided to asset managers and issuers as member of the MAB (Mercado Alternativo Bursatil)

Strategic, macroeconomic and technical advisory.

In addition to Spain, BNP Paribas Personal Investors provides its financial services in Luxembourg and Singapore.

Dvd review the original turtle trading rules

Dvd review the original turtle trading rulesDVD Review: The Original Turtle Trading Rules

The Prince of the Pit, Richard J. Dennis, was a successful and profitable trader. To settle a wager and prove that trading is not the domain of the select few, but rather it can be taught to anyone Dennis recruited and trained 24 people to trade. The Prince of the Pit taught the original 24 his trading secrets, and lent them millions of his own money to trade with. The result? The original recruits (Turtles, as they were called) went one to amass hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. Enter Russell Sands, one of the original Turtles recruited and trained to trade. In The Original Turtle Trading Rules . Sands lays out the rules he and a lucky few were taught by Richard Dennis.

This DVD is not a historical biography of Dennis, nor a historical documentary of the original 24 turtles. If you want to know what the Turtle trading strategy is, then this DVD is what youre looking for. It describes the Turtle trading strategy in detail, ways to implement it, and provides large number of applications of the trading strategy using stocks, commodities, and even currencies. Traders who trade in stocks, commodities, and futures can take advantage of this system, but so can purely “stock traders” vis-à-vis commodity ETFs.

I will not steal Sands thunder and describe The Turtle trading system, but suffice it to say that it is a trending system that does not require you to be in front of the computer all day long, monitoring every 1-minute bar.

Forex brokers that accept alertpay

Forex brokers that accept alertpayForex brokers that accept Liberty Reserve

So much has happened to e-gold and e-bullion since I blogged about Forex trading platforms that accept e-gold or e-bullion. Both digital gold currencies have since experienced a sharp decline in popularity with e-bullion being completed dead. It is only natural that I provide a new list of online forex trading platforms that accept deposits made into their platform via Liberty Reserve especially since Liberty Reserve is poised to be the new king of digital gold currency .

An average Joe in the western world might wonder, Why this list? Well, it turns out that the biggest online forex brokers do not accept any form of deposit/withdrawal outside Mastercard/Visa credit debit cards, Paypal, paper cheque, EFT/ACH and in some cases, Moneybookers. Much of my audience in Ghana and Nigeria do not have access to the listed methods, or find them too expensive to use. They can however easily open a Liberty Reserve account, fund it through Liberty Reserve exchangers in their respective countries and then deposit same with a forex broker of their choice. Withdrawal goes through a reversal of the same trend I explained.

First, my disclaimer notice: The forex trading systems (brokers) listed below are not in any particular order. Aside providing this information, I am not involved with any of them in any way . I cannot guarantee their quality of service, professionalism, or anything else. I am sourcing info about them from their respective websites. Trading on the Forex market involves substantial risks, including possible complete loss of principal and other losses and is not suitable for all people. You are the best judge as to whether Forex trading is appropriate for you in light of your financial condition, investment experience, risk tolerance etc.

Finexo, a premier provider of online Forex services, was founded in 2003 by veterans of the banking system, derivatives trading, capital markets, and most importantly, the Forex market. In 2004 Finexo became a White Label of Saxo Bank. Today, Finexo’s management consist of career focused individuals, each with diverse experience in business, finance, economics, mathematics, media and management, giving Finexo a combined depth of knowledge and experience.

FXOpen is a financial services company specialized in providing traders with high quality online trading services. FXOpen provide opportunity for individuals and private companies to trade on financial markets under equal conditions like traders operating in traditionally closed financial centers and institutions.

LiteForex also offers competitive trading conditions for Forex professionals all around the world, and provides a dedicated Forex trading server and experienced customer support as well as analysis of Forex market and a professional affiliate program.

Marketiva is a financial services corporation specialized in providing traders with high quality online trading services. With a team of dedicated financial specialists and technical support personnel, Marketiva operates globally as a market maker and principal counterparty to retail traders. Marketiva has established itself as an industry leader by relying on its internet trading platform renowned for its ease of use, flexibility and reliability, as well as on its outstanding customer service.

ForexWebTrader is an IB of Finexo Ltd. We believe our platform to be, by far, the most sophisticated web-based Forex trading platform on the net. Partnered with the world leader in retail Forex technology, ForexWebTrader provides premier service for traders worldwide.

IFC Markets Corp. is an international business corporation authorized to offer futures, securities and foreign exchange as a brokerage-company, providing full range of services for margin trading in the FOREX. IFC Markets Corp. is incorporated in British Virgin Islands with registration number IBC CAP. 291 Reg. 669838. IFC Markets is under jurisdiction of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and conforms to its regulations and internationally accepted supervisory and regulatory standards.

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Global trading strategies holdings pty ltd best binary option signals service

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Level ii trading tactics and techniques

Level ii trading tactics and techniquesLevel II Trading: Tactics and Techniques

As an equities trader, you can make money on intermediate-term and swing trades by using an online broker. But, if you’re an active trader, and you trade more than two or three times a day, or you’re a scalper, and jump in and out of stock positions in seconds to minutes, you know the importance of using a trading platform with a Nasdaq Level II order entry system.

Level II screens show traders what specialists and market makers have always had access toevery player who wants to participate in a particular stock at a particular moment. Thats quite an advantage!

If you’re new at this trading game and haven’t executed trades on a level II order entry system yet, you’ll want to learn the tricks of the trade.

Across the top of the screen, you’ll find the level I quotes, or the inside bid and ask (the best prices offered at that moment by those who want to buy or sell the stock). Other useful information may include the stock’s high and low for the day, the opening price, current spread (difference in price between the inside bid and ask),and the volume traded for that day.

Below that, the screen is divided into two wide columns. The left shows “the bid,” or all those who want to buy the stock. Bidders are lined up from top to bottom, with those willing to pay the highest price at the top. “The ask,” or “the offer,” is on the right. All those wishing to sell the stock line up with the lowest offer at the top.

To the right of the ask, or offer, a Time and Sales screen forms a final column. This screen posts the current time and “prints,” showing every trade that takes place by price and lot size. The Time and Sales screen is the trader’s friend. Believe me, when specialists and market makers start playing head games with you—and they will—Time and Sales shows the facts as they are.

Trading NYSE Stocks on Level II

The bid and ask on a level II screen displaying a New York Stock Exchange, or listed, stock is different than a level II screen displaying a Nasdaq stock. On a NYSE stock, regional exchanges are listed under the bid and ask columns, with the lot sizes they’re bidding for, and offering out for sale. Some regional exchanges you’ll see on the screen are BSE (Boston Stock Exchange), NAS (Nasdaq Stock Exchange), CSE (Chicago Stock Exchange), PHS (Philadelphia Stock Exchange), PSE (Pacific Stock Exchange), CIN(Cincinnati Stock Exchange), and NYE(New York Stock Exchange).

If you’re familiar with the stock market, you know that each NYSE stock has one specialist (think auctioneer) who orchestrates the trading in that stock. Since specialists are responsible for maintaining a fair and orderly market in their stock, the spread between the inside bid and ask on listed stocks usually stays narrower (less of a point spread) and more consistent than the spreads of some wilder Nasdaq stocks. That’s an important point to remember, especially when you’re scalping.

Scalpers typically look to gain from three “teenies” (a teeny is trader jargon for 1/16th of a point) to ? point on a trade. So, the best scalpers look for stocks with the narrowest spread. Day traders want the same advantage. Why? To lower risk.

Stocks with a narrow spread between the inside bid and ask, such as a teeny or 1/8th of a point, are usually very liquid. When we say a stock is “liquid,” we mean it is blessed with a lot of trading volume. Examples of liquid stocks on the NYSE would be General Electric (GE), or AT&T (T), or AmericaOnline (AOL). The benefit of buying a liquid stock is that you always know where to find the door! If you buy it and it immediately starts to crumble, there’s always someone you can sell it to—fast. That keeps your losses small. When a stock is illiquid, meaning it trades few shares and has a wide spread, say ? point or more, if it suddenly starts to fall, you may have to chase a seller to get out of it. That can cause you hefty losses.

After you confirm your stock’s spread of no more than 1/8 to 3/16, watch the Time and Sales screen for “size.” Say your stock is trading 50 ? (bid) x 50 ? (ask). Is the stock being bought (green prints) at the asking price? Or is the specialist filling buy orders a 1/16 or 1/8 below the ask? What are the lot sizes being bought? Are they big such as 10,000 shares, or 25,000 shares? (We call this “size.) Large size on the offer indicates an institution may be buying up the stock.

Now, check out the red prints, which denotes sales. Are the lot sizes small, perhaps 100 to 500 shares per print? That suggests individual traders, not institutions or heavyweights, are selling the stock.

Therefore, if you see print after print going off at the asking price with size, that means buyers are willing to pay the going price for this stock, and they’re buying a lot of it! As long as other market internals are positive, you can assume this stock will probably rise in price.

If the scene above is reversed, with small size printing on the offer or below, and large size printing at the bid price, you can assume the stock will fall. Please remember, though, level II activity on any stock, whether NYSE or Nasdaq, only foretells a stock’s probable direction for the next few seconds or minutes. Buyer and seller sentiment can change in a heartbeat, causing stock movement to reverse just as quickly.

If the stock looks positive and you decide to buy, the prints will tell you whether you have to “pay retail,” by buying at the offer price, or whether you can “split the bid and ask” by slipping a limit order between the two prices. Say the stock is trading at 50 ? x 50 3/8. To get a bargain price, you place a limit order for the number of shares you want at 50 5/16. If the stock is moving slowly, the specialist may fill you at that price. But if buy orders are slicing through the offer like warm butter and the stock is skyrocketing, splitting the bid and ask can cause you to lose out on the trade completely. When I want a stock badly, I pay the retail price!

Conversely, if I want to sell quickly, I hit the bid price. I don’t try to split the bid and ask in a falling stock. If it’s falling really fast . I place my limit order to sell two or three levels lower than the highest bid price. When I’m ultra-desperate, I’ll get out with a market order. After all, getting filled at the next available price beats chasing the stock down to lose one, maybe two points, or more!

Points to remember when using level II to trade NYSE stocks:

Look for a narrow spread, 3/16 point or less.

Trade toward size. Old trader saying: “The Trend Is Your Friend.”

If you want to own this stock and it’s rising fast, buy on the offer.

If you want to sell fast, sell on the bid, put in an order below the bid price, or use a market order

Trading Nasdaq Stocks on Level II

Level II screens for Nasdaq stocks differ in that the bid and ask columns consist of market makers waiting in line, instead of regional exchanges. Many of these market makers represent large broker/dealers such as Goldman, Sachs (GSCO), Merrill Lynch (MLCO), Morgan Stanley (MSCO), and Prudential Securities (PRUS). Smaller, independent market makers also jump in and out of the lines. Alternative market makers are ECNs (electronic communications networks). Think of them as electronic order takers, or electronic co-operatives, for individual traders like you and me. Some ECNs you see most frequently are Island (ISLD), Instinet (INCA), Archipelago (ARCA).

No one person, be it market maker, institutional investor, or day trader, knows everything thats going on with a particular stock at a given moment. Though a NYSE specialist knows of every buyer and seller who comes in and out of his or her stock, no one player in a Nasdaq stock knows everybody elses business. That’s why the level II screens of actively traded (liquid) Nasdaq stocks resemble high-stakes poker games. The players attempt to shield their cards (orders) and true intentions from our eyes, and winning means outwitting your opponents by any means possible!

Market Maker Games

For instance, pretend youre the 800-pound gorilla broker/dealer known as Goldman, Sachs. One of your institutional customers, a mutual fund, places an order with you to buy 500,000 shares of Microsoft (MSFT). You arent going to alert the other market makers that you have a juicy order by posting a single buy order for 500,000 shares on the level II bid. If you did, everyone would raise his or her prices. Instead, you slip in and out of the market, accumulating MSFT as quickly and quietly as you can, until you fill the order. That way you keep your client happy by getting a good price, and when MSFT rises, as it will from all the shares you absorbed, you can sell some shares from your own account and pocket a tidy profit.

If you (still Goldman, Sachs) feel like the order is important enough to camouflage, you’ll sit on the offer, selling off small lots. Traders will see you there, and say, “Goldie’s selling Microsoft. We’d better sell, too.”

What those traders don’t know, is that you gave your big institutional order to the ECN, Instinet (INCA), to buy for you. Your presence on the offer keeps the price low, while INCA nonchalantly sits on the bid, filling your order at a low price.

Now, how do you, as the trader, know that Goldman, Sachs is really buying when he sits on the bid, and not selling through another source? You don’t. That’s why you should have every other factor possible in your favor when you’re scalping or day trading.

When you start to trade Nasdaq stocks using level II, look for a narrow spread, 1/8 to 3/16 point or less, just as you did when trading a NYSE stock. Again, you want to narrow your risk and be able to sell your stock immediately, should the trade go against you.

Caution: with some volatile stocks (at the moment, Internet stocks are a prime example), the spread between the bid and ask fluctuates wildly. One moment it’s 1/8 point, the next it widens to 5/8, or even a point. Please avoid these stocks unless you’re well aware of the acute risks involved. Remember, buying a stock can be a lot easier than selling it!

The next factor you look for is “depth.” If you’re targeting a stock to buy, look for at least three to five market makers and ECNs lined up at the inside bid price. Why?

Say you buy the stock at the offer price. When only one market maker, or ECN sits on the inside bid, if the stock price drops, you and every other trader are hitting that market maker with sell orders to get out. Chances are you won’t get filled. The next price level down is your next selling target. What if that price level suddenly disappears? And the one below that? Uh, oh. Agony City.

If your target stock is safe to enter, and you’re trading on the long side, next, look to see who’s buying. Are major broker/dealers lined up on the bid side? Despite the Goldman, Sachs and INCA story I told you earlier, that’s still what you want to see. So, check the bid for significant market makers who may be buying the stock for an institutional client and will hold up the bid. Below is a sampling of market makers with their representative symbols:

Let’s say all systems are go. Market internals are positive. Your target stock shows a small spread and five market makers on the inside bid. At least one of these is a major broker/dealer who has shown interest by remaining on the bid for some time. Your next choice is what vehicle to use to buy the stock. Generally, your choices will be SOES, Selectnet, the ECN assigned to you by he broker/dealer with whom you opened your account, and other ECNs you can access, like ISLD and INCA.

Trading Level II with SOES

The Nasdaq’s proprietary execution system developed for individual traders and investors is called SOES. SOES is the acronym for Small Order Entry System. The Nasdaq implemented SOES after the 1987 stock market crash. During the crash, many market makers avoided their phones. Brokers calling with customer orders (computerized trading wasn’t as widespread then as it is now) couldn’t get through, and the orders went unexecuted.

SOES provides liquidity by allowing the public direct access to the Nasdaq and its market makers. After it’s inception, it mushroomed into a popular vehicle for day traders.

If a market maker places himself on the level II list (your market maker screen), he automatically becomes eligible for executions sent to him on the SOES system from traders like you and I. The automatic executions force him to accept orders at the price he posts. He can refresh the bid/ask and restate his intentions to buy/sell the stock. He may also adjust his quote. At that point, he again becomes eligible for SOES orders.

SOES rules:

You cannot split the bid and ask with SOES. You must place your orders at the posted inside bid and ask. You can issue them as limit orders, but to be filled, they must be posted at current prices. Market makers fill SOES orders. ECNs do not. Therefore, if you want to buy on the offer, and the only takers listed consist of ECNs such as INCA, ARCA, and ISLD, the SOES order you place will automatically cancel. Market makers who post at the bid or ask are required by law to buy or sell 100 shares if they list themselves on a level II screen. That doesn’t mean they’ll fill your order. It’s first-come-first-serve. Know this, they usually have more to buy or sell, but usually won’t show their hands. Instead, they stay put and keep “refreshing,” their bid or offer.

Trading with SelectNet SelectNet is also a Nasdaq electronic order taker. Some quick facts about SelectNet:

This system is not required to fill orders. You can issue two types of SelectNet orders, broadcast and preference. Broadcast means all market makers can see your order. Preference means just thatyou preference the exact market maker (not ECN) you want to accept your order. Disadvantage: if you cancel an order sent to SelectNet, it takes 10 seconds before it is cancelled. In a fast moving stock, this feels like a lifetime!

Trading with ECNs

The final, and possibly best, way to execute orders on your level II system is by using ECNs. This gives you, the trader, an opportunity to “play” market maker. Some of the major ECNs are:

Say the perfect setup for your target stock presents itself. If the stock moves slowly enough, you can buy on the bid . post a limit buy order with your ECN (or ISLD or INCA if available) for the inside bid price.

Maybe your stock is climbing too fast to get filled on the bid. If there’s enough room in the spread, you can “go high bid.” That means you split the bid and ask by entering a limit buy order 1/16 or 1/8 higher than the current inside bid.

Now you’re the high bidder. Your goal: to entice sellers. If nobody bites after a few seconds, believe it or not, that’s good! It means that the stock is in such high demand, no one’s selling.

(The times you do manage to get filled at high bid, the spread gained translates into more profit to you. Make an extra teeny four times a day, and it equals a quarter of a point. When you’re trading 500-share lots, that equals $125 extra profit.)

If the price starts to skyrocket, you may not get hit as high bidder. To own the stock, you’ll have to cancel your order as high bidder and buy on the posted offer.

Points to remember when using level II to trade Nasdaq stocks:

Look for liquid stocks with a narrow spread. Make sure there are from three to five market makers on the bid if you are going long. (Short sellers want depth on the offer.) For optimum safety, you want the market makers on the bid to be “800-pound gorillas,” like GSCO, MLCO, or MASH. (If all the heavyweights are on the offer, you may want to target a different stock to buy.) Learn the advantages of each execution vehicle, be it SOES, SelectNet, or an ECN, and develop your skills in placing orders quickly and decisively.

Access to level II screens has leveled the playing field for active traders like you and I. As day traders and scalpers we can compete on a one-to-one basis with major market players and emerge victorious. Good luck and good trading!

Editors Note: For more, see Tonis book, Day Trading Online

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Te 100 frankow moglbys zainwestowac na rynku walutowym (inaczej zwanym rynkiem Forex). Moglbys przy tym uzyc dzwigni finansowej (tzw. lewara), ktora pozwala kontrolowac transakcje o odpowiednio wiekszym kapitale. Gdybys wiec 3 lata temu zainwestowal 100 frankow przy dzwigni 1:100 (a mozliwe sa lewary nawet 1:1000), zyskalbys nie 25, ale 2500 frankow! A wszystko to z inwestycji o kapitale zaledwie 100 frankow.

Rezultat: zwrot z inwestycji na poziomie 250%. To juz znacznie wiecej niz nawet najlepsza lokata!

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to, co dla jednych jest finansowa katastrofa, dla innych stanowi zyle zlota!

Dlatego dzis byc moze splacasz kredyt hipoteczny i martwisz sie wysokimi ratami.

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Jesli wiec zamiast ciagle wydawac pieniadze, szukasz sposobu na rozsadne zainwestowanie kapitalu, zapoznaj sie z poradnikiem na temat inwestowania na rynku Forex. Byc moze to wlasnie to, co pozwoli Ci pomnozyc oszczednosci w tempie, o ktorym dotad nie sniles!

Tutaj mozesz zlozyc zamowienie»

Opisany wyzej przyklad z inwestycja o kapitale zaledwie 100 frankow to tylko kropla w oceanie mozliwosci, jakie daje Forex kazdemu z nas. Jesli chcesz blizej dowiedziec sie wiecej – przeczytaj fragment poradnika, ktory wprowadzi Cie w swiat forexu.

Forex – o co w tym wszystkim chodzi?

Termin forex wzial sie od angielskiego okreslenia Foreign Exchange oznaczajacego wymiane walut lub gielde walutowa. Walutami obraca sie na tzw. rynku walutowym, na ktorym jedna walute mozna zamienic na druga po kursie aktualnie obowiazujacym na rynku. Kurs, po jakim zamienimy np. euro na zlotowke, wynika z nastrojow inwestorow oraz rynkowej wyceny danej pary walutowej przez wszystkich inwestorow zainteresowanych i aktywnie uczestniczacych w wymianie walut w danym okresie.

Im wiecej uczestnikow rynku jest zainteresowanych kupnem danej waluty i wysyla zlecenia kupna do jednostki organizujacej wymiane walutowa, tym bardziej cena tej waluty bedzie wzrastac. Inwestor, ktory zamierzaja np. kupic euro za zlotowki, dokonuje jednoczesnie sprzedazy zlotowek, co prowadzi do obnizenia wartosci polskiej waluty i umocnienia sie waluty euro.

Rynek walutowy to najwiekszy rynek finansowy na swiecie. Charakteryzuje sie on najwiekszym dziennym wolumenem obrotu, gdyz laczna kwota transakcji dokonywanych na tym rynku przekracza wielokrotnie inne gieldy papierow wartosciowych.

Tak duza popularnosc tego rynku wsrod inwestorow sprawia, ze handel walutami jest bardzo plynny – praktycznie w kazdym momencie istnieje mozliwosc kupna i sprzedazy waluty i zawarcia transakcji z innymi uczestnikami rynku.

Nalezy przy tym wspomniec, ze handel na rynku Forex trwa 24 godziny na dobe. Rozpoczyna sie w poniedzialek w Sydney i konczy w piatek sesja amerykanska.

Najwazniejsze osrodki handlu walutami na swiecie to:

• Singapur,

• Frankfurt,

• Chicago.

Sesje na rynku walutowym mozna podzielic zasadniczo na sesje:

• europejska – rozpoczyna sie w Londynie o godz. 9.00 czasu polskiego,

• amerykanska – rozpoczyna sie w Nowym Jorku o godz. 14.00 czasu polskiego,

• australijska – rozpoczyna sie w Sydney o godz. 23.00 czasu polskiego,

• azjatycka – rozpoczyna sie w Tokio o godz. 01.00 czasu polskiego.

Mity o rynku Forex

Rynek Forex kojarzony jest nieslusznie z pewnymi zle rozumianymi kwestiami. Postanowilem przedstawic je ponizej.

• Szybka mozliwosc wzbogacenia sie i dzwignia finansowa.

Ze wzgledu na to, ze rynek walutowy jest bardzo plynny i wystepuje na nim zjawisko dzwigni finansowej, mozliwa jest gra w malych interwalach czasowych. Moze to przyniesc rozne korzysci, m. in. skraca czas dokonywania transakcji, co pozwala na czestsze ich zawieranie. Jednak to, ze bedziemy czesto spekulowac na walutach, nie musi sie przelozyc dodatnio na wyniki poczynionych inwestycji.

Charakterystyczna dla rynku Forex jest rowniez dzwignia finansowa. Powoduje ona, ze osiagane zyski sa o wiele wieksze niz w przypadku gry bez uzycia tego narzedzia. Nie mozna jednak zapomniec, ze potencjalne straty rowniez sa powiekszane o mnoznik dzwigni. Powiekszone zyski i straty znosza sie wiec wzajemnie, nie powodujac tym samym wiekszego przyrostu kapitalu w dluzszym okresie.

• Na foreksie zarabiaja tylko brokerzy.

Nie ma podstaw, aby myslec, ze na rynku Forex zarabiaja tylko brokerzy. Kazdy, kto chce, moze nauczyc sie sztuki inwestowania na foreksie, jesli tylko opanuje umiejetnosci spekulacji. To rynek jak kazdy inny, ze swoja specyfika, ktora nalezy poznac i zrozumiec. Wtedy obrot walutami z pewnoscia nie jest bardziej ryzykowny od inwestycji w akcje.

• Musisz pozwolic zyskom rosnac, aby wygrywac.

To jedna z podstawowych zasad, nauczana przez roznych gieldowych guru. O ile ta prawda moze odnosic sie do rynku akcji, o tyle na lewarowanym rynku Forex jest moim zdaniem jedna z glownych przyczyn porazek inwestycyjnych. Forex jest na tyle zmiennym i nieprzewidywanym rynkiem, ze trudna sprawa staje sie utrzymanie pozycji przez dluzszy okres, dlatego zdecydowana wiekszosc zlecen stop loss jest wybijana, a papierowe zyski sa redukowane po zmianie trendu na rynku.

• Na foreksie nie ma prowizji.

W wiekszosci domow maklerskich na rynku Forex nie placimy procentu prowizji od wartosci transakcji, ale zawsze nasze transakcje sa pomniejszane o szerokosc spreadu – im jest on wiekszy, tym potencjalne straty sa wieksze, a zyski mniejsze. Dlatego trzeba dazyc do tego, aby placic jak najmniejsze spready. Osobiscie nie wyobrazam sobie gry z wiekszymi spreadami niz 2 pipsy. Glownie dlatego inwestuje wylacznie w pare euro/dolar, a tym samym caly niniejszy eBook jest poswiecone tej parze walutowej.

• Gra na foreksie jest latwa i nie wymaga poswiecenia wiele czasu.

Byc moze sa na swiecie tacy geniusze, ktorych cala praca polega tylko na modyfikacji zlecen i przyjmowaniu gotowki na konto. Z doswiadczenia jednak wiem, ze jesli nie wlozymy w ten biznes wlasnej pracy i nie poswiecimy czasu, mozemy zapomniec o pozytywnych wynikach.

Identyfikacja poziomu cenowego

Sposrod poziomow charakteryzujacych sie wysokim prawdopodobienstwem skutecznosci wybralem te najbardziej powszechne i tym samym najpewniejsze w przypadku analizy walut.

Sa to mianowicie:

a) poziomy psychologiczne,

b) poziomy powstale po wypelnieniu ukladu technicznego,

c) zniesienia Fibonacciego,

d) poziomy formacji harmonicznej

e) oraz linie wsparcia i oporu o niezidentyfikowanym pochodzeniu.

Identyfikujac poziom, nalezy znalezc jak najwiecej jego potwierdzen, korzystaja z roznych metod analitycznych. Im wiecej z nich wskaze na ten sam poziom, tym wieksze bedzie jego znaczenie i tym bardziej prawdopodobne, ze duza grupa inwestorow zareaguje, kiedy cena sie do niego zblizy.

a) Poziomy psychologiczne

Mianem poziomu psychologicznego okreslamy okragla wartosc ceny danej waluty, np. 1.400, 1.500 lub poziomy o mniejszej wadze, zakonczone „piatka” na drugim miejscu po przecinku, np. 1.4500, 1.4600, 1.4700 itd. Nazwa „poziom psychologiczny” wziela sie stad, iz cena po zblizeniu sie do okraglych liczb w istotny sposob na nie reaguje, choc punktu widzenia analizy technicznej ani fundamentalnej nie wystepuja na rynku inne przyczyny odpowiadajace za takie zachowanie sie instrumentu finansowego. Zatem oczywiste jest to, ze inwestorzy w emocjonalny i psychologiczny sposob podchodza do inwestycji w poblizu „okraglych liczb”.

Zasada funkcjonowania tych poziomow jest prosta. Traktujemy je jako potencjalne linie wsparcia i oporu. Na diagramie 8 przedstawione zostalo zachowanie pary EUR/USD w poblizu pelnych poziomow cenowych. Nie zawsze te okragle wartosci pozwalaja na gre oparta tylko i wylacznie na tej metodzie i nie zawsze cena bedzie wyraznie wskazywac, czy ma zamiar odrzucic lub zaakceptowac dany poziom, jednak przed rozpoczeciem inwestycji na pewno warto rozwazac polozenie ceny wzgledem tych wartosci.

Poziome kropkowane linie zostaly umieszczone na diagramie na okraglych wartosciach ceny od 1.4100 do 1.4700. Czerwone strzalki wskazuja momenty, w ktorych cena zostala odrzucona przez poziom psychologiczny albo znalazla na tych wysokosciach wsparcie lub opor.

Diagram. Wykres 1-godzinny. Okragle liczby dzialajace jako wsparcie i opor

Opis strzalek oznaczonych cyframi od 1 do 7:

1. Cena zbliza sie od dolu do poziomu 1.4500. Po dwukrotnej nieudanej penetracji ponad poziom 1.4500 cena ponownie schodzi ponizej tego poziomu i dochodzi do konsolidacji, trwa przygotowywanie sie do nastepnego ruchu w gore. Po kilku godzinach przed ostatecznym wybiciem dochodzi do falszywego przelamania lokalnego minimum, co oznacza, ze inwestorow interesuje jednak gra w gore, a niedzwiedzie sa w rzeczywistosci slabe i niepewne.

2. Cena po dynamicznym wybiciu poziomu 1.4500 przelamala z latwoscia poziom 1.4600, nie zatrzymujac sie na nim nawet na chwile.

Nie oznacza to oczywiscie, ze inwestorzy nie byli swiadomi tego poziomu – w czasie ruchu korekcyjnego cena znalazla tam bowiem poziom wsparcia. Ostatecznie jednak po kilkugodzinnej konsolidacji ponad tym poziomem cena spadla ponizej, tworzac tym samym linie oporu.

3. Poziom 1.4600, bedac oporem, odrzucil cene i doprowadzil do 3-godzinnego ruchu korekcyjnego. Nastepnie doszlo do przelamania omawianego poziomu i kontynuacji trendu wzrostowego. Dalszy przebieg wykresu to odrzucenie poziomu 1.4700 i zmiana trendu na spadkowy. Warto zauwazyc, ze poziom 1.4500 po wylamaniu przez cene w punkcie 1 stal sie wsparciem, a nastepnie oporem, kiedy cena ostatecznie z powrotem przelamala ten poziom w dol.

4. Po zblizeniu sie do wartosci 1.4400 cena zostala odrzucona i wyrysowala swiece spadajacej gwiazdy. Nastepnie przez kilka godzin trwal ruch korekcyjny.

5. Dlugie dolne cienie swiec i wystapienie kilkugodzinnej konsolidacji bezposrednio ponad poziomem 1.4100 swiadczy o niepewnosci inwestorow co do kontynuowania trendu spadkowego.

6. Po odrzuceniu poziomu 1.4100 cena dotarla do wartosci 1.4200. Mamy tu do czynienia z falszywym przebiciem. Swieczka godzinna zamyka sie ponad tym poziomem i dochodzi do glebokiej przeceny. Ostatecznie inwestorzy wypychaja wartosc euro ponad 1.4200.

7. Cena, zmierzajac od gory do poziomu 1.4200, znajduje na nim wsparcie i rysuje swieczki o dlugich dolnych cieniach swiadczacych o atrakcyjnosci tej ceny dla inwestorow zainteresowanych kupnem euro wzgledem dolara amerykanskiego.

Dlaczego oni wciaz przegrywaja? 19 niewybaczalnych bledow graczy walutowych

W tym rozdziale zebralem wszystkie czynniki, ktore prawdopodobnie utrudniaja wielu ludziom osiaganie zyskow na rynkach walutowych (i nie tylko na nich). Przedstawie, czym nie powinni kierowac sie inwestorzy walutowi.

1. Analizowanie zbyt duzej liczby par walutowych.

Z powodu checi opanowania wszystkiego, co sie dzieje na rynku walutowym, inwestorzy nie sa w stanie kontrolowac swoich pozycji i efektywnie nimi zarzadzac. Jezeli analizujemy kilka par walutowych naraz i patrzymy na kilka ram czasowych na kazdej z nich, to jestesmy zmuszeni do obserwacji zbyt duzej liczby wykresow jednoczesnie.

Dlatego trudno przeznaczyc odpowiednio duzo czasu na analize wszystkich obrazow technicznych rynku. Grajac na malych ramach czasowych wylacznie na jednej parze walutowej, np. EUR/USD, latwiej osiagac o wiele lepsze wyniki, poniewaz cala uwaga skupia sie na jednym instrumencie finansowym.

Mozna wtedy dokladnie przeanalizowac kazdy interwal czasowy, jest czas na podjecie decyzji i zarzadzanie otwarta pozycja. Ewentualnie, w przypadku spekulowania wylacznie na 1-godzinnych wykresach i wiekszych, mozna rozwazac gre na kilku glownych parach walutowych.

7. Chec „uporzadkowania rynku”.

Tego nie da sie zrobic! Inwestor powinien maksymalnie sie skupic na momencie zajecia pozycji i na tym, aby mogl jak najszybciej zabezpieczyc swoja pozycje, nie zas na analizowaniu nieskonczenie wielu formacji, poziomow, ktore juz nie dzialaja, lub malo skutecznych linii trendu. Nie staraj sie uporzadkowac rynku. Zostaw to teoretykom i fanatykom analizy technicznej. Zawsze mozna znalezc wytlumaczenie, dlaczego cena doszla lub nie doszla do danego poziomu, tylko po co?

Koncentruj sie wylacznie na tej czesci wykresu, na ktorej przeprowadzasz transakcje. Daz do tego, aby stwarzac sytuacje, w ktorych mozesz stosunkowo szybko zabezpieczyc pozycje – wyszukuj setupow zapowiadajacych dynamiczne ruchy. Reszte pozostaw rynkowi. On wie najlepiej, gdzie powinien zmierzac.

9. Czeste zmiany strategii inwestycyjnej.

Zmiana strategii inwestycyjnej przed przeprowadzeniem wystarczajaco duzej liczby transakcji uniemozliwia sprawdzenie, jaka wartosc ma dana strategia. Czesto niedoswiadczeni spekulanci, kiedy zalicza kilka stratnych inwestycji z rzedu, porzucaja system i szukaja nastepnego. Ponownie korzystaja z nowej strategii, dopoki wszystko idzie po ich mysli, a kiedy natrafia na serie strat, odwracaja sie od systemu, co pozbawia ich mozliwosci przekonania sie o prawdziwej wartosci i oczekiwanej zyskownosci strategii. Konsekwencja takiego zachowania jest niemoznosc sledzenia krzywej kapitalu i postepow w rozwoju, a takze efektywnosci poszczegolnych modeli inwestycji[..]

To tylko fragment ebooka

Masz ochote na wiecej?

Zamow pelna wersje eBooka Jak realnie zarabiac na Forex»

Inwestujesz na foreksie, czytasz ksiazki o zarabianiu na rynku walutowym, a mimo to… efektow nie widac? Oto publikacja, ktora w sposob kompleksowy pokaze Ci, jak zaczac rzeczywiscie zarabiac na tradingu. Na 127 stronach i 48 wykresach znajdziesz komplet informacji od A do Z, ktore pozwola Ci zglebic wszystkie aspekty tradingu potrzebne do tego, bys mogl zawierac jak najwiecej trafnych i zyskownych transakcji.

Z eBooka dowiesz sie m. in.:

• jak skutecznie analizowac wykresy walut,

• jak rozpoznawac falszywe przebicia i pulapki,

• jak identyfikowacwazne poziomy cenowe (poziomy psychologiczne, poziomy powstale po wypelnieniu ukladu technicznego, zniesienia Fibonacciego oraz poziomy formacji harmonicznych),

• jak korzystac z danych makroekonomicznych,

• jak stworzyc wlasny trading plan,

• jakie jest 19 niewybaczalnych bledow popelnianych przez niedoswiadczonych traderow.

Forex trading with macd

Forex trading with macdMACD Quick Summary

Trading with MACD indicator includes the following signals:

MACD historam staying above zero line — market is bullish, below — bearish.

MACD histogram flipping over zero line — confirmation of a strength of a current trend.

MACD histogram diverges from price on the chart — signal of an upcoming reversal.

MACD is the simplest and very reliable indicators used by many Forex traders.

MACD (Moving Average Convergence/Divergence) has in its base Moving Averages.

It calculates and displays the difference between the two moving averages at any time. As the market moves, moving averages move with it, widening (diverging) when the market is trending and moving closer (converging) when the market is slowing down and possibility of a trend change arise.

Basics behind MACD indicator

Standard indicator settings for MACD (12, 26, 9) are used in many trading systems, and these are the setting that MACD developer Gerald Appel has found to be the most suitable for both faster and slower moving markets. In order to get a more responsive and faster performance from MACD one can can experiment with lowering MACD settings to, for example, MACD (6, 12, 5), MACD (7, 10, 5), MACD (5, 13, 8) etc.

These custom MACD settings will make indicator signal faster, however, the rate of false signals is going to increase.

MACD indicator is based on Moving Averages in their simplest form. MACD measures the difference between faster and slower moving average: 12 EMA and 26 EMA (standard).

MACD line is created when longer Moving Average is subtracted from shorter Moving Average. As a result a momentum oscillator is created that oscillates above and below zero and has no lower or upper limits. MACD also has a Trigger line. Combined in a simple lines crossover strategy, MACD line and trigger line crossover outperforms EMAs crossover.

Besides being early on crossovers MACD also is able to display where the chart EMAs have crossed: when MACD (12, 26, 9) flips over its zero line, if indicates that 12 EMA and 26 EMA on the chart have crossed.

How does MACD indicator work

If to take 26 EMA and imagine that it is a flat line, then the distance between this line and 12 EMA would represent the distance from MACD line to indicator's zero line.

The further MACD line goes from zero line, the wider is the gap between 12EMA and 26 EMA on the chart. The closer MACD moves to zero line, the closer are 12 and 26 EMA.

MACD histogram measures the distance between MACD line and MACD trigger line.

Stock options strategy-buy butterfly strategy

Stock options strategy-buy butterfly strategyStock Options Strategy Buy Butterfly Strategy

Stock options are investment options enabling the purchaser the right, but not giving the obligation, to purchase (known as Call) or sell – (known as Put) a stock at a specified price within a specified time period with an expiry date. There are two types of stocks options – the American and the European – with American options exercisable anytime between the date of purchase and the expiration date. However, European options are only redeemable at the date of expiration. By far, nearly all exchange traded stock options are of the American kind.

The appeal of stock options to investors is down to the fact that the losses are limited to the amount that is paid for the stock options should the underlying stock price go in a direction that is against their prediction. The profit potential for gains in stock options are however, theoretically unlimited. It is also important to note that the premium for a stock option is far less than the cost of the actual stock itself; especially in the case of a high priced stock like Apple Inc. This enables the investor to leverage their capital in a far more efficient manner.

Stock Options Strategy The Buy Butterfly Strategy

The buy butterfly strategy is regarded as a comparatively complicated way of hedging against a possible losing prediction. It is a neutral strategy that is a combination of a bull spread and a bear spread. It is regarded as a limited profit strategy with limited risk. In this strategy a trader will purchase a call option with a low strike price at a higher premium. The premium is higher as there is reduced risk that the option will not hit the strike price before its date of expiry. The investor will then sell off two call options with strike prices that are medium range. Lastly, the investor will buy one final call option with a high strike price, at a lower premium as there is less probability of the stock increasing to or above the strike price before its date of expiry. However having the ability to buy the option at its current market price when the option was purchased and should the value of the stock rise before its expiration date; offers the investor the potential for large profits.

When Best Used?

It is a strategy that is best used by an investor when they believe that there will be a fluctuation in the stock price, but only a limited fluctuation within a limited range. This means that the trader is investing in the fact that the low strike price and the high strike price are at the limits of the range. The two options sold at the medium strike price aid in mitigating the potential loss by giving the investor the premiums for disposing of the options.

Profit for investors is limited using the buy butterfly strategy as the most the profit can be is when the stock price reaches the high strike price. However, losses are also limited in this strategy with the maximum loss being realized when the final stock price settles lower than the low strike price or above the high strike amount. The full amount of loss is limited to how much was paid to create the spread the butterfly. The final amount is the total cost of the premiums paid for buying the high and low strike price options, minus the premiums received when the medium strike price options are sold, as well as all the commissions paid for the cost of the transactions. It is important to remember that the commission charges can have a significant effect on the overall profit or loss in stocks option spreads strategies. Even more so for the butterfly spread as there are 4 points involved in this trade compared to simpler strategies such as the vertical spreads which only combines 2 legs.

Overall, this is an advanced trading strategy considered not suitable for novice or inexperienced investors, even though there is the appeal of limited loss. It is a difficult task for novice traders to ascertain the acceptable ranges for stock price fluctuation and good understanding of technical analysis and the study of historical data is required.

Forexlines system review

Forexlines system reviewForexLines System Review

ForexLines is definitely an revolutionary as well as distinctive, that can come with the evaluation associated with indications as well as bots. For example, when the pattern from H4 is actually promoting, this means how the market pattern reaches 5m as well as 1m is going to be bigger. If you wish to generate large earnings along with small danger, youll make use of a automatic robot in order to open up market jobs whenever possibilities occur within 5m or even 1m. Foreign exchange Outlines offers simple as well as user-friendly indicators. Youre going to get life time assistance as well as free of charge software program improvements upon buy.

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ForexLines System Review

ForexLines is definitely an revolutionary as well as distinctive, that can come with the evaluation associated with indications as well as bots. For example, when the pattern from H4 is actually promoting, this means how the market pattern reaches 5m as well as 1m is going to be bigger. If you wish to generate large earnings along with small danger, youll make use of a automatic robot in order to open up market jobs whenever possibilities occur within 5m or even 1m. Foreign exchange Outlines offers simple as well as user-friendly indicators. Youre going to get life time assistance as well as free of charge software program improvements upon buy.

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Thread macd-automated trading strategy

Thread macd-automated trading strategyThread: MACD - automated trading strategy

MACD - automated trading strategy

Dear Carl,

I am a novice trader and I want to get involved in the automated aspect of trading. I would like (if you havent already done it) for you to code a BUY when the macd detects a trend up and SELL when it detects a trend down. I want to use a 5 minute time frame.

Join Date Dec 2010 Posts 964

Welcome to the forum and thank you for your interest in Strategy Trader.

The built-in MACD stEA is using a similar logic to place orders on the account. It doesn't just provide a signal, but it can actually place orders. You can click on the red AUTO button on the top left hand corner of the chart to activate the strategy.

Metatrader4for windows

Metatrader4for windowsMetaTrader 4 for Windows

The Pepperstone MT4 Client Terminal Platform is designed to give you the edge in today's busy trading environment, with live quotes, real-time charts, in-depth news and analytics - as well as a host of order management tools, indicators and expert advisors.

Designed for traders looking for an edge in their trading, our MT4 platform offers a rich and user-friendly interface in a highly customizable trading environment to help improve your trading performance.

Accessing your portfolio has never been easier. Enhanced charting functionality and sophisticated order management tools help you to control your positions quickly and efficiently. MetaTrader 4 is widely regarded as the world's favorite forex trading platform because it offers an easy to use user interface, various charts and indicators and most importantly the MQL language which allows the user to easily program indicators and also Expert Advisors (EAs) - automated trading strategies that can trade the forex market 24/5 without any user intervention.

The Pepperstone Client Terminal is an industry-leading MT4 trading platform with first-class automation, forex charting, and order - execution capabilities.

The Pepperstone Client Terminal is designed to enhance trading performance by providing a user-friendly and feature-rich trading environment which can be customised to your personal requirements. The MT4 Client Terminal is the ideal trading platform for advanced traders seeking a competitive edge. Advanced charting technology coupled with sophisticated order-management tools help you to monitor and control your positions quickly and efficiently.

What people say

What people sayWelcome to Quantitative Systems. Quantitative Systems is an executive technology search firm that focuses on finding the best technical talent. We focus our resources on finding the most talented software engineers in the world across multiple industries.

We are experts at identifying the best software developers in the world. We are always searching for programmers who are talented in any of the major object oriented languages: such as Java, C++, C#, or Ruby on Rails.

Quantitative Systems has a practice that is dedicated to Quantitative trading. This particular part of Quantitative Systems focuses on finding software development professionals that have a keen interest and understanding of the financial markets and systematic trading. Quantitative Trading has been defined as the systematic implementation of trading strategies that human beings create through rigorous research where as systematic is defined as a disciplined, methodological, and/or automated approach. We support many software and infrastructure related positions throughout the field of finance.

Quantitative Systems also has a dedicated search practice for each Media, Start-ups, and Technology companies. Since the lines between media, start-up and technology can blur at times, we just make sure we find the best software developers on the planet for our clients.


Most recruiters I’ve worked with simply forward the first 2-3 candidates that come across their desk and you never hear from them again. The recruiters at QS are entirely different, they are an extension of my own team.

Human Resources Director, New York, NY .

Quantitative systems helped me with my job search. I then referred a friend and they gave me an iPad for doing so.

CMU Graduate, Pittsburgh, PA .

I was surprised by how quickly they were able to set up a phone interview, and in not so much time I was heading out to a day long on-site interview. A few days after I received a great offer for a front office software development position.

Software Engineer, Jersey City, NJ .

When I talked to Quantitative Systems I knew they were serious -- I was being connected with interviews with big-name firms like JPM, Goldman, Morgan Stanley, and various hedge funds. Now I have a great job at an investment bank with minimal effort!

Software Engineer, New York .

Working with QS was a pleasure and greatly simplified my life, since I was working on finishing my thesis. My recruiter dealt with the client, reviewed my resume and suggested improvements, and handled all aspects of the job application process.

PHD Candidate, Seattle, WA .

Zagreb stock exchange successfully goes live with ancoa’s market surveillance platform

Zagreb stock exchange successfully goes live with ancoa’s market surveillance platformZagreb Stock Exchange successfully goes live with Ancoa’s market surveillance platform

Ancoa, providers of contextual surveillance and insightful analytics for exchanges, regulators, buy sell-side firms, today announced that it has successfully integrated its real-time market surveillance capabilities with the Zagreb Stock Exchange’s (ZSE) trading platform across all trading segments; their regulated market, MTF and OTC trading platform.

Key to running an orderly market across multiple platforms and asset classes is robust and resilient market surveillance. Having carried out a rigorous review of currently available surveillance technology and tested Ancoa’s capabilities, the ZSE has selected Ancoa to provide multi-asset class, real-time monitoring and surveillance, strengthening the ZSE’s existing technological infrastructure and ensuring regulatory compliance under ESMA guidelines.

Ancoa’s platform helps firms take full control of their regulatory, reputational and operational risks across markets, functions and asset classes by providing contextual surveillance and actionable insights. The real-time monitoring of trading activity enables heads of trading or heads of compliance to detect, investigate and deal with irregular and potentially manipulative behaviours in order to prevent market abuse practices.

Ms. Ivana Gazic, President of the Management Board of the Zagreb Stock Exchange, said: “In today’s markets, there is an ever-increasing demand to quickly detect and respond to abusive trading behaviour. Ancoa’s platform is efficient, scalable, and flexible and was easy to deploy. Furthermore, it addresses our market surveillance requirements, in line with our strategic goals of investor protection and running a fair and orderly market.“

Commenting on the release, Stefan Hendrickx, Founder and Executive Director, Ancoa, said, “We are thrilled to be working with the ZSE across their markets and asset classes. We have been running our contextual surveillance and analytics alongside the ZSE’s incumbent provider for a brief period of time and are excited to announce our partnership with the ZSE, a leader in the development of capital markets in the region, to fulfil their current and future surveillance requirements.”

Trading strategy of the month

Trading strategy of the monthJames Altucher

A Simple, First-Day-of-the-Month, Trading System for ETFs

Oct. 22, 2010 5:01 AM

When I traded for hedge funds I would put together a portfolio of diversified trading systems much in the same way that a mutual fund manager might put together a portfolio of diversified stocks.

So, for instance, a trading system that trades stocks only on the first day of the month might be uncorrelated to a trading system that is trading in and out of bonds and is in a trade all year long and switches once a year. My ideal basket of trading systems would be systems that are rarely in the market (so Im mostly in cash), and have very low volatility. So, for instance, if you are daytrading a bond ETF, its less likely you will be down 20% in a day than if you were buying or shorting a biotech stock like Dendreon (NASDAQ:DNDN ).

Lots of things happen on the first day of the month that lead to irrational behavior. For one thing, many people get money in their 401k plans and if they are feeling flush than often some or much of that money gets allocated into stock funds. In other words, if people were up last month, they are more likely to put more money into stock funds.

The opposite is true of bond funds. People dont like to have too much money in low volatility bonds. So if their bond funds are too successful (i. e. they grow too much) people tend to reallocate out of bonds and into stocks.

Lets combine these two ideas into a low-stress trading strategy. Its low-stress because we are going to be trading ETFs and not stocks (stocks can easily go up or down 30% in a day whereas its relatively rare that stock or bond ETFs move that much in a day) and also its low-stress because the strategy discussed below is in cash 99% of the time (because you are only potentially trading on the first day of the month). Finally, its low stress because the rules are very simple. No rocket science is involved. No “Chaos theory” or “neural networks”. If anyone ever tries to sell you a strategy based on any of these then run as far as you can in the opposite direction. Trading systems need to be intuitive and simple.

The First Day of the Month Strategy:

Well be working with two categories of iShares ETFs:

IF the last day of the month went up for any of the above ETFs THEN for that ETF that went up:

If the ETF we are trading is one of the emerging market ETFs then BUY at the close on the last day of the month. SELL at the close on the first day of the month. In other words, you buy and hold for one day.

If the ETF we are trading is one of the bond ETFs then SHORT at the close on the last day of the month. COVER at the close on the first day of the month.

That ‘s it. Youre in the market only 1 day each month. And some months youre not in the market at all. On any given month, you might only trade one or two of the ETFs but not all of them.

The results over the past 10 years are:

On 279 total trades, 80% (222) were winning trades. Overall, the average return per trade was 0.54%.

73% of the long trades were profitable and 83% of the short trades were profitable.

Not so bad in a period where the market indices were all negative in the same time period.

I did a very simple simulation using 33% of the equity in a portfolio for each trade. Since 2001, here are the results:

The past 9 years in a row were positive, with 2001 only modestly negative (0.51%), click to enlarge .

A couple of things to point out:

A) Youre only in the market one day of month. A diversified basket of trading systems would have additional systems that work well in the rest of the month. As it stands, this system returns an average of 5% per year despite very low exposure.

B) If on a particular first day of the month only two of the ETFs are calling for trades then you can potentially make those trades larger than in the above simulation. This wouldve improved the historical results.

Remember, when developing a trading strategy, focus on the following principles:

Keep it simple

Make several mini-trading systems like the above, that are mostly uncorrelated with each other.

Keep volatility low by using ETFs, such as the iShares ETFs mentioned above.

Disclosure . no positions

Pairs Trading Strategy: 6-Month Analysis Of The EUR/USD And GBP/USD

Apr. 9, 2015 11:01 AM

With cointegration existing between the EUR/USD and GBP/USD, arbitrage opportunities may exist between these currency pairs.

Over the last 24 trading days, a long EUR/USD - short GBP/USD strategy would have proven profitable.

The 10-day standard deviation of the EUR/USD and GBP/USD have recently reached their highest levels in the past six months.

In this article, I am going to describe how a forex arbitrage trading strategy across both the EUR/USD and GBP/USD can be executed using the principles of stationarity and cointegration . When two time series are cointegrated, it means that their mean values may deviate in the short-term but will ultimately converge in the long-term. If two time series show cointegration, this means that while the two time series are non-stationary, a linear combination of these time series are stationary. By the very nature of a time series, we expect that if two time series are cointegrated, then the linear combination must be stationary since the mean, variance and autocorrelation of the time series are consistent.

However, there will invariably be periods where the trends of two time series can diverge, and this creates a potential profit opportunity. Here, I demonstrate how such a trading strategy could have been used to make profit by taking a long position on the EUR/USD and a short position on the GBP/USD .

Stationarity and Cointegration Testing

Using 179-day trading data expressed in ln (natural logarithmic) form, we first wish to test for stationarity across both real-time and first-differenced datasets. From the results below, we see that while the Dickey-Fuller test does not reach the 5% level of significance for real-time data, it is significant in both cases when the data is first-differenced. This means that we have a cointegrated time series according to the Engle-Granger procedure.

Sources: Author's Calculations

Additionally, a scatter plot of residuals shows a clear trend in real time, whereas our residuals are random when we use first differences:

Sources: Author's Calculations

In running our OLS regression on ln data, we see that for every 1% change in the GBP/USD currency pair, we have a 2.11% change in the EUR/USD currency pair.

Source: Author's Calculations

This marks an arbitrage opportunity, because we see that a converging time series shows a significant deviation in returns. Over the past 24 trading days, we can see from the graph below that the 10-day standard deviation of the EUR/USD and GBP/USD reached their highest levels in the past six months.

Source: Author's Calculations

Up till this point, the EUR/USD had been down -17.85% since the beginning of the time period and the GBP/USD had fallen -0.16%. With the assumption that the two currencies must eventually converge to a similar level, a possible trading strategy over the past 24 days could have been long EUR/USD and short GBP/USD. At the time of writing, the EUR/USD had appreciated 3.61% and the GBP/USD had depreciated -0.16%. As we can see, we would have made profit on both sides of the trade because we are making the assumption that as standard deviation decreases, the returns on the two currencies will converge.

I will be quite interested in seeing how this strategy plays out going forward. With the UK General Election approaching, the consensus is that with the prospect of a hung parliament we will see the GBP depreciate further against the USD. According to this model, we can expect the EUR/USD to appreciate; assuming low standard deviation as the two currencies must converge. However, we could also find that standard deviation increases for the month of April, at which point any appreciation in the GBP/USD after the election could be matched by depreciation in EUR/USD as the two series converge. On the assumption that the GBP/USD will decrease this month and begin an increase after the election, a possible trade based on this data is long EUR/USD - short GBP/USD for the month of April and short EUR/USD - long GBP/USD for the month of May.

Disclaimer: The information offered in this article is on an as is basis only, and is not intended as investment advice.

Disclosure: The author is long GBP/CAD AT THE TIME OF WRITING.

The author wrote this article themselves, and it expresses their own opinions. The author is not receiving compensation for it. The author has no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Trading Strategy of The Month Review

Hello guest!

We can understand why you are here. You are tempted to go for Trading Strategy of The Month after reading about it on the Internet. And, you want to get expert opinion with regard to its reliability. If our observation is right, we welcome you to a website which gets regularly updated with impartial reviews of the products which come into the market on a daily basis.

Today, we have posted our test results for Trading Strategy of The Month, a system which has been launched in the market with claims which are capable of scaring away an educated consumer from buying Trading Strategy of The Month.

Trading Strategy of The Month Overview:

Product Description:

Trading Strategy of The Month User Review:

The number of thank you notes really amazed us. Most of the customers had only good things to say about Trading Strategy of The Month. At first, I have thought that if Trading Strategy of The Month is a scam or not. Then I decided to earn a comprehensive research before purchasing. I perhaps have read throughout 100 reviews relating to Trading Strategy of The Month. Really, there was no bad review possibly even one. According to these reviews all Trading Strategy of The Month users was pleased by using it. I will be able to responsibly say that Trading Strategy of The Month is simply not a scam and really helped me a lot. You can check over again the website of Trading Strategy of The Month below.

Moreover, make sure that you’ll be protected by their 60-day 100 % satisfaction and Money back guarantee. If you arent satisfied through Trading Strategy of The Month it is easy to receive your money. 100% Refund is a very good evidence implies that Trading Strategy of The Month works! And Trading Strategy of The Month is not a scam. So checking out the Trading Strategy of The Month will be risk 100 % free.

The price is in addition not an excess of if you consider the project Trading Strategy of The Month will do. I i am certain also you feel the exact same way anways, i do now and even return these to leave a beneficial feedback that will other shoppers decide.

Great savings of time and money are the greatest benefits which would be yours if you decide to opt for Trading Strategy of The Month. The step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow, even for beginners. And, downloading Trading Strategy of The Month would not consume even an hour of your precious time.

No cons have been reported of Trading Strategy of The Month until now. All the testing and user reviews show that Trading Strategy of The Month is legitimate to use and even strongly preferred by My-Review. Trading Strategy of The Month grants full customer support for 7/24/365, Moreover, features, credibility and even Trading Strategy of The Month’s being user friendly are positively satisfied via the buyers.

Where to Buy Trading Strategy of The Month?

If this review has succeeded in convincing you that Trading Strategy of The Month is an ideal choice, you can download it from here. Our partnership with other suppliers of Trading Strategy of The Month makes sure that you are offered an opportunity to compare prices offered by our competitors. However, we are quite confident ours is sure to be the best deal. We offer great bonuses along with Trading Strategy of The Month which are sure to help you master it within no time. This is in addition to the warranty and other great offers the manufacturer has in store for you. With the risk-free money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, but lot to win. We are sure, a one-time trial of Trading Strategy of The Month would make it your all-time favorite.

Scam or Legit?

This is sure to be a concern for consumers while planning to go for Trading Strategy of The Month. But, the fact is that Trading Strategy of The Month is a product with a strong customer base and the lowest refund rate in comparison with all its competitors.

The Bottom Line:

We confidently recommend Trading Strategy of The Month to anyone who is looking for an item which combines clarity of instructions and affordability. Our attempt to lower the rate of Trading Strategy of The Month was met with a miserable failure when we tested its reliability.

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STEP 1 . IMPORTANT: Add this page to your favorites before downloading Trading Strategy of The Month.


Trading Strategy of The Month Review

Taking care of Trading Strategy of The Month is usually a hard task. And you try, you will have loop holes for some individuals to comment and produce additions. Which means you are going to be forced to complete plenty of search. Otherwise You wont be confident. Take into account the time essential for these activities. Suppose you needn’t are related the research. The amount of time it can save you?

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Trading Strategy of The Month Overview:

Trading Strategy of The Month is well organized as with any great Trading Strategy of The Month. You can proudly present it before anyone. Your Trading Strategy of The Month may have the many steps starting from purpose to conclusion. Theres will be no scope to underestimate you. You will save money, time, work and tension. Your well planned Trading Strategy of The Month will gain the eye of. Just order your Trading Strategy of The Month and access instantly. This is actually the hottest service on this field and absolutely the most beneficial source. Stop wasting time to avoid wasting your hard earned dollars and time.

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Trading Strategy Of The Month

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