Paul tudor jones trading strategies pdf

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Paul tudor jones trading strategies pdf7 Habits Of The Highly Effective Trader Named Paul Tudor Jones

There is no question that Paul Tudor Jones is legendary in the trading world.

But his most prominent feat is probably predicting the Black Monday stock market crash of 1987, and tripling his fortune in a day by shorting stocks.

There's video proof of him predicting it - on the documentary PBS filmed about him called "Trader: The Documentary." Unfortunately, Jones had a change of heart after the piece was filmed, and wanted it out of circulation (maybe he bought up all the copies?). It's now extremely rare and hard to find - with the VHS going for up to $155 on eBay and hoarded by traders who watch it in hopes of extracting trading tips.

But fortunately for us, we found a highly detailed summary of the documentary at Order Flow Forex, and gleaned some of Jones' quirky and serious habits while he trades.