Trading market declines using index put warrants

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Trading market declines using index put warrantsTrading market declines using index put warrants

Are you looking to trade a falling market?

Index warrants provide you with an investment vehicle to trade market direction - whether bullish or bearish. They provide exposure to the broader market with minimal capital outlay and limitation of loss. Index warrants are available over several domestic and international indices such as the SP ASX 200 and the US based SP 500 index. If you are unsure of which stocks to trade in the market due to volatility, index put options allow you the opportunity to trade the direction of the market on a broader scale.

Currently, ASX quotes warrants issued over several leading domestic and overseas indices. A unique 3-letter code identifies each index, for example the SP 200 is XJO.

Example - Trading the SP ASX 200 Index (XJO)

Warrant Description - Purchased an At-the-money put warrant (ASX Code: XJOTMV)

Conclusion - Index declines magnify put warrant returns

During the one month period the SP ASX 200 benchmark index declined by 15.01%. The decline in the SP ASX 200 resulted in a 52.47% return on the XJOTMV index put warrants. Index put warrants provide leveraged exposure with minimum capital outlay and limitation of losses.