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Identifying market conditions with chart tools

Risk management features to develop your portfolio

Decision support and analysis of real-time strategy

Finance management through consolidation of assets

Web tools ensuring browser compatibility

Charles Schwab is one of the most trusted securities companies in the world. It allows customers to manage their finances effectively upon a dynamic online trading platform. With their multiple ranges of investments, Charles Schwab makes it easier for investors of all levels to earn maximized returns on their vested amounts.

Charles Schwab offers competitive rates for executing the trades, and this helps them survive a steep competition. You’ll know what you exactly need to bear since they don’t charge any hidden or extra fees. Trading ETFs offered by Charles Schwab is absolutely free. It is always much better to get in touch with experts and seek advice since it’s natural for you to get confused while picking one out of the several investment types.

Charles Schwab is a leader in the stock-trading market online. Investors of various levels seek their services. They have introduced some advanced tools and tiered structure that enables investors to move their way up.

Commissions Fees

The commission schedule of Charles Schwab is tiered depending on your trades volume or balance each year. When your trades on a particular year go beyond 120, or when your balance goes beyond a million, they’d charge you only $8.95 per trade. They would also offer a pretty competitive rate for online option trades. For this, they’d only charge $8.95 and an additional $0.75 for each contract.

The classification of margin rates would also depend on the balance from base with an additional 2% to base with an additional .50%.

Types of Investments

This online broker allows you to invest money in about everything you choose. The basic investments would come in the form of exchange-traded funds, futures, mutual funds, options and stocks. The fixed income investments that they offer include CDs, treasury issues, bonds and more. Their offers also include margin loans, money market funds, annuities and mutual funds. You’ll also gain a trading entry to Canadian foreign orders, WEBs, ADRs and non-U. S. securities.

Watch lists, streaming news and interactive charts

Mobile apps for iPhone and Android

Desktop application featuring a variety of tools

Accounts without any fees

Investment and trade education materials for free

Schwab expert research and market commentary

The tools that you’ll need for the Charles Schwab trading software are exactly the ones included in this platform. Once you know how to use it, things become a lot easier for you.

Investing Trading Tools

The customizable desktop that Charles Schwab offers bears graphs, charts, watch lists, screeners, option chains, level II quotes, level I quotes, alerts and many other things. A few educational resources that you may need for making wise investments decisions are also provided by them. These resources many include Market Edge® commentary on market, analyst research reports, as well as streaming news. To add more to your investment knowledge, you may attend live workshops online. These workshops are held frequently and cover various topics.

The investment package offered by Charles Schwab suits both the retirement investors who plan for the long run as well as the frequent traders. Charles Schwab has some 300 offices all over the country to cater to the investment needs of their clients. Their fresh client services, existing client services and brokerage services are there for you 24/7. You may get in touch with their reps through email or phone.