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Trade bitcoin onlineIf you're keen to trade Bitcoin against the US Dollar, you can choose between the following 2 courses of action:

Buy Bitcoins . You can buy Bitcoins for US Dollars on a Bitcoin exchange such as Mt. Gox .

Trade Bitcoin CFDs . Alternatively, you could trade a CFD (also known as a Contract for Difference) on the Bitcoin / USD exchange rate. Bitcoin CFDs are available from a small number of brokers including AvaTrade (AvaTrade ) or Plus500 ( uk ).

When you own Bitcoins outright, you are "long". In other words, you stand to profit from a rise in Bitcoin's exchange rate against the US Dollar and stand to lose if Bitcoin depreciates against the US Dollar.

A CFD is different in that it allows you to take advantage of falling or rising markets without owning the underlying asset. Go "long" to make money in a rising market or "short" to make money in a falling market. See our guide to Bitcoin CFD brokers for a worked example.