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Project management pack software training planSoftware Training Plan

Use this template when designing a complex software project. The Software Training Plan worksheet will help you develop a comprehensive training plan to ensure the project can be managed by your client or other party.

Document Length: 15 Pages

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How to write my Software Training Plan document

Company Software Training Plan THE PROJECT DOCUMENT TITLE Author Title Company CurrentDate Document Version Control Information Document Version History Version

Number Date Author Version Notes 1. Introduction 1 Purpose of this document Objectives Insert the purpose of this document its objectives and its intended audience. Example. The purpose of this document is to formally recognize and codify the policies and procedures the Company wishes to enact in order to organize the Software Training Company provides to employees and vendor. The goals and objectives listed in this plan are meant to allow the Company to achieve consistent training experience. The Company provides its Employees Staff and Vendors this Software Training Plan as an overview of the required steps and policies to be enacted when developing or executing Software Training.

1 Scope of Document Insert description of the scope of this Software Training Plan and whether this covers an entire application or component thereof. Indicate whether this training plan or shall be governed or supersedes other policy documents that may already be in place concerning training or specific process or procedure. 1. 21 Scope Constraints Insert constraints such as schedules costs interactions overview or any other information relevant to the training desired. 1 Goals of this Plan Insert an overview or brief description of the product software or other desired end result that is being achieved by this Software Training Plan. 1 Business Context Insert an overview of the business or organizations impacted by this Software Training Plan. Include the business or organizations critical components and reliance on specific vendors services or other assets.

1 Goals Defined The Overall Goals of the Software Training Plan are to provide easy and accessible outline Company staff or vendors to organize and execute acceptable Training Education Plans. * Insert additional goals or objectives here. * Insert additional goals or objectives here. 1 References and Reference Material Insert list of all reference documents and other materials related to the Software Training Plan. References will often include but are not limited to. * User Guides or Manuals. * Third party Books or Resources * Other Company Software Training Plan

* Any other relevant document or resource. 1 Documentation Items Insert references to documentation or contact lists which may include but are not limited to. * Company Critical Software Services List * Company Critical Software Vendors List * Company Commercial Software Support Phone Numbers and Services * Company Support Logins or Passwords

* Company Software Support or Maintenance Agreements and relevant contacts. 1 Terminology used in this Software Training Plan Insert references and delimitations for terminology used in this plan. Include all acronyms and abbreviations as well. * Insert Terminology definition here. * Insert Terminology definition here. * Insert Terminology definition here. * Insert Terminology definition here. * Insert Terminology definition here. 1 Points of Contact

Insert point of contact contact method and all policies for coordination of such contacts. * Insert points of contact here. * Insert points of contact here. or use the following table structure. Contact Name Contact Phone Contact Email Area of Responsibility 2. Software Training Plan. Current System Summary

2 Background System Objectives Insert an overview of your current system. Include the purpose and business objective of the current system. 2 Hardware Requirements Constraints Insert information concerning hardware required by this plan and whether there are constraints to be considered e. g. Browsers to be used secure location sot access software etc. 2 Known Issues The following are limitations or known issues impacting the Software Training Plan

Insert additional descriptions of the limitations or known issues here. 2 Documentation The following documentation is available for the current system. Insert additional descriptions or lists of the documentation available. 3. Implementation of the Plan Insert the overall objectives for implementation of the Software Training Plan. Your Software Training Plan may contain several different approaches for certain types of training such as individual small group large group department seminar review etc. 3 Training Methods Procedures

Here you will describe the methods and procedures you wish your trainers to follow and to educate staff on. If methods and procedures from an existing system or Training Plan are to be included in this plan you will want to describe these procedures in this section rather than simply reference them. Insert training methods here. 3 Testing Training Retention Evaluation Describe the methods to be used if applicable for administering tests quizzes or other methods for benchmarking the retaining of the training. Make provisions for whether this is to be administered after the completion of the initial training plan after set amount of time or combination thereof. Make sure to set the goals that must be achieved in this section as well. Insert testing methods here. 3 Software Training Plan Time Lines Schedules

Insert any timelines milestones or date sensitive deadlines that must be adhered to for this Software Training Plan. 1. Insert timeline milestone or schedule here. 2. Insert timeline milestone or schedule here. 3. Insert timeline milestone or schedule here. 4. Insert timeline milestone or schedule here. 5. Insert timeline milestone or schedule here.

3 Software Training Plan Objectives vs. Mandates The objectives set forth in Sect. should be considered the overall goals of the Software Training Plan. They may not always be exact mandates. Individual departmental policies and procedures or other Software Training Plans may outline additional instructions to be followed. 3 Software Training Plan Administration. Creating Outline Insert description of the methods that the Company wishes to use for administering the Software Training Plan in an outline format. All plans must contain information detailing the following. E. g. The Company desires that all Software Training Plans include an outline for how the Trainer is to handle the following. a Enrollment of students Learning Management System LMS b Classroom environment to be utilized conference room lecture hall c Equipment required. Visual aids projectors workstations d Learning materials required books manuals etc

e Record keeping requirements certificates tests etc 3 Software Training Plan Performance Testing Insert the objectives and requirements for testing that the plan operates correctly in regards to normal operation response and execution times scalability portability and all other performance requirements within the business environment. 3 Software Training Plan Administration. Follow up Training Insert any information pertaining to whether follow up training is required and under what schedule it must be performed under. If certifications are to be considered then include information on how students are to make sure that they achieve and keep current their third party certifications.

3 Software Training Plan Revisions Alterations Insert the objectives and requirements for how revisions and alterations are to be made to the Software Training Plan. Often new methods begin to be incorporated into established training programs without being represented within Company Plan Document. Insert description of how when this document must be updated when this occurs. 4. Software Training Plan. Materials In this section you will describe and define each of the materials that will be required for the Software Training Plan. This is detailed accounting. You may attach additional exhibits to this section if your Software Training Plan requires them. 5. Software Training Plan Curriculum

Insert the specific descriptions of each section of the Software Training Plan curriculum. This is to be considered your syllabus for this Software Training Plan. syllabus may include but is not limited to the following organizational structure. SECTION COURSE SYLLABUS * Section Description * Section Organization * Section Objectives o Objective o Objective o Objective o Objective

* Section Topics o Topic o Topic o Topic o Topic Section Materials Required Section Grading Criteria

General 6. Software Training Plan Evaluation A description of methodology concerning how evaluations of instructor student and course are to be conducted post training. Determine whether it is immediate or after particular milestone or benchmark is reached testing certification etc 7. Software Testing Plan Hardware and Environmental Requirements List A description of the hardware and environmental requirements for the Software Training Plan. Examples. 7 Hardware Requirement Name Insert description here. 7 Software Requirement Name

Insert description here. 7 Security Resources Requirement Name Insert description here. 7 Specific Tools Requirement Name Insert description here. 7 Specific Documentation Requirement Name Insert description here. 7 Specific Risks and Assumptions

Insert description here. Focus on restraints such as resource availability time constraints staff and developer availability and all other resource dependencies or external factors that can influence the Software Training Plan. 7. 61 Risk and Assumption Contingency Plan Insert description of the contingency plan for each item listed above. E. g. Developer or Support Staff Member is out sick the day of training. 8. Change Request and Management A description of the Software Training Plan change request and change management procedure. Describe the process that must be followed for submission review and authorization for all requests for change to the Software Training Plan or any change to any part of the deliverables. 9. Approval for Software Training Plan A description of the personnel authorized to approve the Software Training Plan. Their Name Title and signature must accompany this document. Approver

Title Date signed. Approver Title Date signed.

Approver Title Date signed. Approver Title Date signed. 10. Appendices

A description of all other supporting information required for the understanding and execution of the Software Training Plan and requirements. All Software Training Plan documents require the following two appendices. 10 Definitions Acronyms Abbreviations A description of the definition of important terms abbreviations and acronyms. This may also include Glossary of terms. 10 References A listing of all citations to all documents and meetings referenced or used in the preparation of this Software Training Plan and testing requirements document. Customer Initials Developer Initials

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