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Fxethos-review best forex broker fxethos in malaysiaForex Trading in Indonesia

Ever wondered how a person living and earning in Indonesia pay his client who lives in United States? If the person pays in dollars then would he benefit in the transaction or incur a Similarly, would time and day be factors which will influence the total amount to be paid? There might be numerous questions, but all of them have a common solution through Forex trading. The foreign exchange market or the Forex is a nothing but a form of exchange for the global trading of international currencies. The foreign exchange market helps us in international trade and investment by making possible currency conversion. To put it in simple terms, we can say that a Forex transaction comprises of a party purchasing some quantity of currency by paying some amount of another currency. Hence, the person living in Indonesia will buy some quantity of US currency that is Dollars by paying certain amount of his own currency that is Rupiah. The exchange rate depends on lots of other factors which play an important role in deciding the total amount to be transferred.

The exchange rates are determined in the foreign exchange market or the Forex, where trading takes place 24 hours a day except weekends. The exchange rates are nothing but the rate at which one currency will be exchanged for the other. Considering the above example we can suppose that the person wants to transfer or exchange 7500 Rupiah from his client. If the interbank exchange rate is 7500 Rupiah for US$, then the person has to pay US$1 to make a transfer of 7500 Rupiah. The exchange rate can be divided into spot exchange rate and forward exchange rate. Spot exchange rate is nothing but the current exchange rate while the forward exchange rate is the exchange rate that is quoted and traded today but for future date delivery and payment. Mostly the exchange rate cannot be determined accurately, but some algorithms can be developed to get a close estimation. The exchange rates depend on factors like market psychology, economic conditions and political factors.

The political factors and economic conditions are key factors which one should keep in mind before making a transaction. Also, the leverage and volatility of the Forex market can encourage big losses among the traders. Therefore, proper research and practice should be carried so as to convert the loss due to volatility into greater profits. Hence, forex trading Indonesia is the best way of investing ones money.


Malaysia has continuously improved its economic growth since its independence. It has created various opportunities throughout the world. Being the largest exporter of Palm oil in the world, Malaysia has created various commodity exchanges around the world. Along with the local markets, the forex industry has also seen drastic success in Malaysia. Introduced in early 2000, the forex industry in Malaysia has caught many interested business to arrive and exchange currencies with them. Many foreign brokers were attracted to the growing forex business in Malaysia, and hence established trading relationships directly with the local markets. The $5000 minimum account sizes attracted many brokers to get started with forex trading along with foreign brokers; the local brokers too started participating in the trading activities in the local market. Currently, there are huge marketing channels for the forex brokers in Malaysia. But, there are some cons which are associated with forex trading in Malaysia.

The increase of traders and marketing channels in Malaysia also increased the number of unregulated brokers which were involved in scams in Malaysia. The number of fraud cases and scams increased which forced the government of Malaysia to take strict action against fraudsters. Therefore, the government of Malaysia, the Malaysian central bank, and the bank Negara arrested and raided various individuals accused of fraud cases. The central bank after January 2010 has prevented traders from sending money outside Malaysia and also posted various warnings about forex trading on its official website. This step has drastically decreased the number of foreign brokers present physically in Malaysia. Although the Malaysian government has not regulated the forex trading, hence the local markets are still prospering in Malaysia. Online forums are one of the most used methods by new comers for becoming IB’s. Apart from the traditional online portals, social media are also increasingly used for advertisement. Hence, many new brokers have come who are using the social network as an opportunity to market social based.

The foreign exchange market deals with exchange of Malaysian currency Ringgit with other currencies. The rate of currency prices depend on factors like economic and political factors of Malaysia. Apart from the government and other leading corporates in Malaysia, Maybank is a famous foreign exchange advisory services provider in Malaysia. It has extensive networks in the international market and has good foreign risk management techniques. The currency prices or exchange rate of Malaysian Ringgit constantly keeps on changing as per other currencies.