Ipl cricket attax cricket card trading game india

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Ipl cricket attax cricket card trading game indiaIPL Cricket Attax cricket card trading game India

Topps . the sports & entertainment collectibles company, has launched in India a trading card game called IPL Cricket Attax.

A game of skill & strategic moves, IPL Cricket Attax is the only only official trading card game of the IPL. In this unique game for 2 players, you are the selector! That's right - you select a team of 11 using the cards which you have bought or which you have traded with others. The goal is to score the most runs or lose the least number of wickets.

How to play IPL Cricket Attax Game

Players: 2 / Cards: 200

There are 200 cards for the IPL Cricket Attax trading card game. Out of these, 150 represent 15 players from 10 IPL teams. In addition to these 150 cards, there are 25 silver foil cards and 25 gold foil cards. These silver & gold foil cards each have a sepcific function, which includes: IPL Logo card; Power Play cards; Hat Trick Hero cards; Man of the Match card; Auction Stars cards; Star Players cards.

The cards representing players each have the player's name, position, bowling rating, batting rating and runs scored.

You have to buy a starter pack initially, containing a cardboard pitch, squad box and 5 cards. Price of IPL Cricket Attax game . Rs. 49/-. You can then buy more packs of 5 cards (meaning 5 in each pack) for Rs.15/-.

Step 1 of the game involves selecting your team of 11 by choosing players from your deck of cards. You need to have cards for 1 player each for the position of bowler, batsman, wicket-keeper & all-rounder + 1 Power Play card. A player can appear only once in your team.

Step 2 . Keep your cards face down, so that they are not seen by your opponent. Toss a coin to decide who will bat first/bowl first.

Step 3 . Start the game! To keep the score, you use runs & wickets, the runs representing the scoring batsmen and the wickets representing the losing batsmen. You can download the score card from the website (see link below).

Find out from the official website (link given below) on how to use your power play card, the hat trick hero card, and the other unique cards in the deck.

Where to buy IPL Cricket Attax card game in India :

You can purchase the cards for the IPL Cricket Attax game at the outlets of the following well known stores: