Day trading with hma-bollinger bands

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Day trading with hma-bollinger bandsThe Questions You Ask Can Mean Winning or Losing

By Dr. Woody Johnson . Online Trading Academy, Mastering the Mental Game Instructor

What if you were asked, “Why does the market discount all news?” Your mind would begin to search for the answer, rarely stopping to determine the veracity of the underlying premise. Going further, if you are always asking and searching for the answers to questions, why not engage this process to ask yourself empowering questions that will force you to change your thought patterns from negative to positive in order to answer them? Take the statement “I am a flawless trader” to which the mind might reply “yeah, right!” and change it to an empowering question, such as, “Why am I a flawless trader.” Try it, ask out loud, “Why am I a flawless trader?” Immediately, your brain begins to search for an answer to that question.

As always, Dr. Johnson has written this article in his own inimitable manner and a must read for every day trader.

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The Path To Becoming A Master Trader

By Don Dawson, Online Trading Academy Futures Instructor

A question I hear and a situation I face myself on occasion is I had a setup to enter the market and I found it very difficult to pull the trigger, why? I would like to address this issue and then write about simplicity in trading on your way to becoming a Master Trader.