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Social tradingSocial Trading

Putting Social into Trading

Whether you are experienced in trading on the foreign exchange, commodity or index markets, or are just a beginner. Social trading is the place to be. It is taking off as the trading choice of the most serious investor and beginner alike. On eToro's network, servicing millions of members, we make it easy with our CopyTrader and Guru Search tools to learn from the best. See who is following who. Follow up to as many as 20 traders at one time. See who they are following. Write a bio about yourself. Talk about your winning strategies. Get people to follow you and win using your strategies. Karma will pay you back on the virtual trading floor where you can see trades that people make. See when they sell and when they buy. All this information is presented clearly and with our advanced filter.

Follow the Guru

Use OpenBook's Guru Finder to find the gurus that you want to check out to see what they are trading. When are they winning? The information that the eToro platform provides you with, can make you an effective investor quickly. It doesn't matter if you have been trading for 4 months or 4 years. Everyone gets something out of it. Information is power and when you stay informed about what other traders are doing on the world's largest financial trading network, this is very valuable information. Now you have insights into the trends of the market. You are exposed to innovative trading ideas and strategies that you have not had access to. Till now.

Financial Trading Community

eToro takes trading to another level with this social aspect and traders are reaping the rewards. We are sure that this way of trading is the future and we want you to be a part of it. That is why we are always giving you - the investor - the tools to gain personal and financial freedom. We see the unlimited possibilities when people such as yourself are involved in trading as a community. Our ground breaking offerings of CopyTrader, Guru Finder and Copy Me are just examples of the effective tools to come in the future. Remember, when we provide you with the tools to monetize your own potential, we are also monetizing that of your fellow traders that you copy and share with. This way everyone wins. And remember, it doesn't matter what level you are at as a trader, the social aspect we give your trading experience is one that is rich with benefits and opportunities. Hope you can join us and enjoy financial freedom.

Social Trading

Before the days of the internet, traders could learn from newsletters that were released periodically. This had the limitation of providing information on trades that were executed in the past. Thus, traders were left uncertain when it came to the present.

Today, social trading is more timely and accurate than before. It enables clients to evaluate traders statistically according to their profitability and to copy successful trades. The new feature increases transparency by allowing customers to view and learn from the broker's most experienced clients. Traders can examine different strategies without risking their funds.

The new social platform shortens the learning curve by providing traders with access to the company's most experienced clientele. As many traders have already discovered, learning never stops when it comes to forex. When it comes to social trading, NetoTrade is our favorite among our trusted brokers. Please check them out.

Social Trading

Social trading is a relatively recent phenomenon which is rapidly becoming very popular. This is due to the ease with which people without a financial trading background can can make trades without having to engage in lengthy research and learning. Social trading will enable you to copy others commodities, forex trades, and more.

How Does It Work?

There are varying definitions for the term social trading, but in essence all social trading platforms allow the new user to copy the trades of people who have been in the game for a while (known as Gurus).

The most popular method of social trading is whereby you select a trader to copy, assign a level of funds to copying that traders positions, then whenever that trader opens a new position you will have the same position opened.

How this works across different platforms varies; some will allow you to adjust the actual cash amounts applicable to each trade, others may only allow you to allocate a pot to the trader, but not define an amount of cash per trade.

So once youve signed up with a broker you can allocate some funds to a trader with a proven track record, sit back and watch the cash roll in? No you cant, social trading is not a license to print money. You have to look very carefully at the the various factors that are shown on a traders account history to ascertain if they are for example a very lucky risk taker who may be heading for a fall.

The good platforms will have a wide variety of data, but first you will need to know what it all means, so, it may be a good idea to use a demo account while you get to grips with the software, and learn the ropes of choosing traders to copy.

Please remember that even though you will be generally copying experienced traders there is always the potential for you to take losses if they do, so it would be wise not to trade with any money that you cannot afford to lose.

If you do fancy a go at social trading you may want to try the eToro social investment network who claim to be the biggest, and have been making continual improvements to their software to make it more user friendly whilst at the same time giving a good amount of data to enable you to decide which traders to copy. Sign up for a free account here .