Plus500forex broker short review

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Plus500forex broker short reviewPlus500 Forex broker short review

Plus500 is an online broker specializing primarily in the forex market. Based in London, UK, Plus500 is also authorized and regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company is registered under the name Plus500UK Ltd with registration #07024970. The FCA registration number for the firm is ID #509909.

Plus500 is one of the largest and most trusted Forex brokers for a number of reasons. Other than being authorized and regulated by FCA, everything at Plus500 is designed with the newbie Forex traders in mind – from the clutter free interface with its clean design to the $25 welcome bonus available to everyone with no deposit or download required.

Please note that Plus500 does not accept Forex customers located in the United States, therefore, if you are located in the U. S. we suggest choosing another Forex broker. As you can see in the customers comments below Plus500 is a very trustworthy and reputable Forex broker that can really be recommended for non US customers.