Provides high quality forex data to individual traders

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Provides high quality forex data to individual tradersProvides high quality Forex Data to individual traders

OHLC and Tick Data

ForexData provides exclusive patent pending technology to help assure a constant and reliable data feed .

Historical Data

ForexData provides high quality historical forex data to individual traders and investment groups for detailed financial market research.

Quick and easy

Within minutes you can get started receiving ForexData feeds. There is no installation and no setup to slow you down.

API Documentation

Our API uses REST calls and returns a JSON string . The structure of the returning objects is based on which type of request is used. Their are two types of requests


We focus on customer satisfaction and delivering high quality and reliable forex data . Please let us know what you think of ForexData. We'd like to hear from you .

Since I started using ForexData historical data, my market analysis has greatly improved. Thanks.

ForexData calls are simple