Trading stategy4h ema

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Trading stategy4h emaTrading Stategy: 4h EMA

Hello traders, my name is Trantula, Im running my own thread on Forex Factory website and I will help you in achieving better results with reviewing and analyzing systems for FX trading.

Indicators: 7, 14 30 EMAs

Entry Position and Stop Loss:

Wait for crossover of 7/14 EMAs . Price must be above 30 EMA for long positions and below for short. Enter at pullback to EMAs, may use PA on 5 or 15M, if not. Place SL below the last swing low below the 30 EMA. Continue to add positions as price enters the 7/14 EMA zone. Continue to move SL as price touches and reverses off of 30 EMA.

Profit Target:

Option 1. Set target profit for all positions to 75-300 pips beyond your first entry.

Option 2. Wait to get stopped out as SL is moved.