Training strategic plan sample

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Training strategic plan sampleSAMPLE STRATEGIC PLAN

After reviewing the sample strategic plan, with this highlighted link you can download our other tools and templates. Also, you must look at the presentation templates, market research, business intelligence, and how to videos links because they offer help that when used with the templates is truly all you need to create an amazing strategic plan.

Strategic Planning Mistakes How to Avoid Them

Here’s a list of the most common strategic planning mistakes. Each is costly. In fact, any one of them could kill your strategic plan. Following the description of each mistake, you’ll find instructions on how to avoid it.

Mistake number 1: Arbitrarily selecting planning team members

Some managers don’t give sufficient consideration to choosing their planning team members. They simply select a few senior people with too little thought about their potential contribution to building a viable strategic plan. Also, they don’t consider whether each team member is positioned to drive the successful implementation of the resultant strategies.

How to avoid this mistake: Consider carefully the selection of each and every member of your planning team. And keep these two criteria in mind:

Willing and capable of strategic thought – to assist in the development of your strategic plan.

Positioned, in the organization, to drive the successful implementation of your resultant strategies.

Mistake number 2: Thinking of strategic planning as an event . rather than a process

Some managers will set aside time to develop their plan. So far, so good. Unfortunately, they’ll then adopt - and communicate - an attitude of “let’s get it done and get back to work.” Clearly, they fail to integrate their plan into the day-to-day operation of their business.

How to avoid this mistake: Adopt the attitude that planning is an integral part of the operation of your business. In fact, your strategies, once detailed, will become a description of work to be performed. So when you and your planning team “get back to work,” you’ll be working at accomplishing your strategies.