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Thread broker in south africaThread: Broker in South Africa

Broker in South Africa

Perhaps I'm being too picky, but this is what I want from a broker

Based in South Africa so I can pay in Rands Must use MetaTrader (I'm extremely comfortable with it) Offers mini/micro accounts Tight Spreads amongst the big 5

I would much rather be able to do EFT instead of credit card payments, I will be running it from a CC. Tight spreads is an obvious one, and micro or mini accounts is because it's my first account from demo trading and I want to start small. Well, that and I don't have a wack of cash just lying around !

MetaTrader must be native, I'm not happy with using API's. My style of trading makes me lose a lot of pips daily from slippage with the extra delay.

If someone can advise or help, please post it here !

Oh, and lastly, if someone is running managed accounts in South Africa, please respond here as well.