Best forex trading hours

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Best forex trading hoursBest Forex Trading Hours

By John Russell. Forex Trading Expert

The forex markets are great because they are open almost all of the time and there are a wide range of currencies to choose from. This brings up an important question.

What are the most active forex trading hours ?

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These are the hours that are the most liquid or when the most traders are in the markets making trades. If your intention is to do daytrading. these are key hours!

What are the major sessions for forex trading?

There are 3 major sessions each day in the forex markets. They are the London session, the US session. and the Asian Session .

The London Session

The London session starts around 8:00 GMT and winds down around 1600 GMT. The currencies that are the most active during these hours are EUR. GBP, and USD.

The US Session

The US session starts around 1300 GMT and winds down around 22:00 GMT. The currencies that are the most active during these hours are AUD, EUR, GBP, JPY. and USD.