Ninjatrader and kinetick data

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Ninjatrader and kinetick dataNinjaTrader and Kinetick Data

NinjaTrader is our #1 recommended active trader platform. We are pleased to offer NinjaTrader to our clients for many reasons but one great reason is that you can get started with NinjaTrader for Free! Why pay hundreds of dollars per month for products with less functionality when with NinjaTrader all you need is access to a real-time or historical data feed. You can also connect NinjaTrader to Kinetick, our recommended market data service, for free End-of-Day data!

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NinjaTrader is the industry leader in trade management features!

Advanced Trade Management (ATM) is NinjaTrader’s signature order management technology that lets you pre-define personal trade management strategies including; multiple profit targets and stop loss orders, one-cancels-other (OCO) orders, auto-breakeven stops, trailing stops and much more. This feature can significantly enhance trade performance by automatically submitting all entry/exit orders within milliseconds! This feature alone tends to cover the cost of the platform while simultaneously lowering your stress level by eliminating the “deer in the headlights” feeling commonly associated with manually managing multiple exit orders in fast moving markets.

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Easily specify multi-stage exit parameters

Utilize NinjaTrader’s comprehensive market analytics tools to help find trading opportunities!