Emini futures day trading and options trading strategies

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Emini futures day trading and options trading strategiesEmini Futures Day Trading and Options Trading Strategies

I started trading in 1995 as an oex index options trader. I was selling put and call credit spreads that ideally were outside the range of the oex on expiration day, and would then expire worthless.

By day trading 2 consecutive setups using synthetic option trades, you have the potential of legging into short option spreads with larger credits.

I came to understand that if you could ‘leg’ into your spread, by first buying or selling one option and then completing the position after a move in the intended direction, you could get the biggest option credit.

Since doing this would begin as day trades, I worked on developing a day trading method that would capture directional movement and price continuation.

Along with options trading, I started using the same method for day trading the Swiss Franc and US Bonds. In September 1997 the emini sp contract was made available and emini day trading began.

During this time I had also been managing a trading partnership that traded 2 different commodity systems – and then in November 1997 Tactical Trading was started.

There are many different futures, and stock and ETF options available to trade, but at this time my favorite for day trading are the emini russell future and apple computer stock options. Both of these have the characteristics of relatively wide daily ranges compared to other alternatives, along with multiple tradeable moves inside of these ranges.

Tactical Trading Method Strategies

Have You Ever Traded With Renko Charts?

Renko chart trading is something that I first started with last November and let me also mention that all training videos and updates are now being done on the following website:

My objective for renko charts at the time was to come up with a different and clearer chart style, to replace the faster time charts that I was using for timing, in combination with a 60 minute position trading chart.

What I have found is that the renko chart configuration of fixed price bricks instead of time or tick bars, has removed a lot of the noise from the chart.

And the renko trading indicator and related ‘base’ trade setup being used is one of the clearest trading method strategies to see real time that we have.

I had actually decided to stop with the ‘fast’ chart emini russell day trading that I had done for so many years to focus on stocks and options combination trading.

But now I am doing emini russell futures day trading again, along with the euro currency and crude oil although with a slower and more mechanical style than before.

Emini Russell Day Trading

Using Renko Charts For Emini Russell Day Trading

Emini Russell day trading video discussion about renko trading chart base setups, as well as some guidelines for potentially taking discretionary trades.

Day Trading Renko Chart Base Trade Setups