Trade like ahedge fund

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Trade like ahedge fundTrade Like A Hedge Fund

Using Pairtrade Finder, the world's leading pairs trading software. Free stock data - Backtest 10 years - Real Time Buy/Sell signals

Join thousands of traders and firms who use Pairtrade Finder to make the best trades

Profit regardless of market direction. Take advantage of volatility.

Live entry and exit signals

No more vague technical indicators. Pairtrade finder provides clear cut trading signals telling exactly when to enter and exit trades

Free data on 100,000+ Stocks

No need to pay or manually import stock data. Pairtrade finder software automatically pulls free stock data every 15 minutes

Backtests going back 10 years

How can you trade on theory or over-hyped promises? The answer is you can't, that is why Pairtrade finder has a dedicated backtester built-in to prove the system works