Football trading strategies

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Football trading strategiesFootball Trading Strategies

Trading football matches is probably the most profitable trading you can do.

Over the next few pages I will run through the best of the football methods we have discussed over the past fifteen months.

But first some general advice. All but the super disciplined player needs to remind themselves of the basics from time to time, myself included.

The golden rule with trading any event is to have an idea of what the outcome of an event is likely to be before you get involved trading it in play.

Will it be a high scoring game or a low scoring game, which team will dominate, will there be lots of corners, will it be a dirty game with lots of cards shown.

If you have a good idea of how a game will end up then you will be able to ascertain the correct odds throughout the match. For example lets say you have studied the past results of the teams in question and expect the match will be a low scoring match. But there is a goal after five minutes. Does that mean that this will now be a high scoring match. The answer is no, it is likely that the total goals for the match will still play to form.

It is a fact that teams will usually play to their pre-match expectation.

For the full research on this factor and others check out the football sections in the Racing Post definitive guides, details here bettingschool/definitive. htm

In the above scenario because many traders will think that the game is now likely to be a high scoring game there will often be an opportunity to get a value price in one of the over/under markets, which you can either hold onto, or more likely trade out of when the market corrects itself.