Documentary of paul tudor jones(trader)

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Documentary of paul tudor jones(trader)DOCUMENTARY of PAUL TUDOR JONES (TRADER)

One way to be successful in trading ( or in anything for that matter) iiis to get inspiration from people who made it big in that thing and know what they have done for them to get into there. One great traders documentary that is worth to watch is Paul Tudor Jones.

A video of his life and how he made the prediction in 1987 crash where he tripled his money during that time. The video will show him in action before became a billionaire. Though the video was publicly shown in 1987, it was pulled out by the director in the 1990’s. Their investment capabilities are broad and diverse that includes the global macro trading, venture capital, commodities, event driven strategies in Europe and the US with the emerging markets, venture capital, commodities and event driven strategies and other technical trading systems.

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