Stocks trading room performancefor tick-by-tick details access our market commentary

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Stocks trading room performancefor tick-by-tick details access our market commentaryStocks Trading Room Performance

Stocks Trading Room Performance is based on 100 shares for each stocks trading signal given inside the Stocks Trading Room . Historical tick by tick details, including posted entry price, exit price and profit or loss, available on our Market Commentary page. By accessing Performance Tracking under the Guide to Services section you can view complete details on how Stocks Trading Performance is calculated for stocks trading signals are given inside the Stocks Trading Room. Access Stocks Day Trading Performance each market day during the New York Stock Market session. Access detailed stock performance signals by year and date.

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Stocks Trading Performance

Are you using our service to try to duplicate our Stocks Trading Room Performance? If you can - that is great however, trading signals are given in the live trading room based on trades that have gone through the market a moment before moderators post their first winner alert.

Stocks Day Trading Performance

By the time our Moderators give a trading signal in the Stocks Trading Room - 'Consider Long' or 'Consider Short' - and you the trader decides to execute a trade, the stock has already moved up or down because stocks do not stop moving or wait for you until you enter your position.

Your Internet speed as well as the processor speed of your computer or laptop could effect your trade execution.

Your Broker as well as your experience at Stocks Day Trading will have an effect on your individual trading performance.

Focus on Your Trading Strategy

The reason we post our Stock Performance is simple - so you can see what is going on in the Stocks Trading Rooms and what our Moderators are doing on a daily basis. We do not imply that Traders should focus on duplicating our Performance. Moderators provide Stocks Day Trading signals and it's up to you the trader to make the trades.

To view more about this Premium Service, access the Stocks Trading Room page.