Forex entry point indicator

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Forex entry point indicatorForex Entry Point Indicator

Forex Entry Point indicator

We have been trading manually for years before putting our winning strategies conditionautomatic trading. Our indicator has been tested with about 90% winning results both on real account and demo. Whether you are an expert or a beginner in forexinto trading, our indicator win your between 90 to 95% depend on the market .

Higs says

Be carefull! It does repaint the past signals. Open some charts and select the M1 TF. Mark the entries. After a while you see that some of them disappeared. Shame!

It repaints/recalculate and is coming from a scamsite. It would be better to manually use Stochastic (21, 12, 3, 0, 0) and a 14 period WPR as a filter. This is what the indicator use.

JEFF says


Tony says

How about a non-repaint Fisher Indicator, or a Supertrend similar to Xcode. Can you make them available on site, please?

Tony says

Also, whats the best indicator that predicts flat, or choppy trends, please?