Low risk to reward3ema-s forex trading system

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Low risk to reward3ema-s forex trading systemLow Risk To Reward 3 EMAs Forex Trading System

3 EMAs forex system is used to find low risk to reward entry points in a trending currency market.

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Stochastic Oscillator (5,3,3)

Trend confirmation: bullish and bearish candlestick patterns

This indicator identifies the most popular bullish and bearish candlestick reversal patterns for you.

3 EMAs Forex Trending System EUR/USD 5 Min Chart

1. Determine the trend: Are the 3EMAs pointing up, down or flat? DOWN. (we enter no trades in a flat market)

2. As a result, we will only look for possible sell entries in the euro/dollar.

3. We wait for a rally back toward the 3 EMAs for the best possible entry (low risk).

4. Rally back towards the 3EMAs? Check the stoch oscillator (Is it overbought, value +80)? If yes,

5. Now check for a bearish candlestick pattern to pinpoint your short entry in the market.

6. The picture above shows where we entered short the EUR/USD (3EMAs down, Stoch overbought, bearish pattern).

7. Set stop loss above the bearish candlestick pattern and use risk to reward 1.5 or better