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PAMM Percent allocation management module

1) What is PAMM ?

PAMM is Percent allocation management module for forex traders. There are PAMM manager and PAMM investor in this proccess.

PAMM manager is fund manager. He trades with his own live account. If he can double his account equity than investors can double their accounts too.

PAMM investor is person who invest money. If fund manager increase his account equity and investor will increase too.

Here we can see another example with one fund manager and 2 investors :

Let we see another example with description :

Let we see one example where we have fund manager and 3 investors. Afther few months we have this situation :

Investor 1 invested $34.500

Investor 2 invested $20.000

Investor 3 invested $5500

Top forex brokers which offers PAMM PAMM brokers list :