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planware/bizplan. htm

Government Initiatives for Small/Medium businesses

An independent newspaper and website specifically to help business owners grow their businesses and create jobs. Regional supplements are published in Gauteng and the Western Cape.

capegateway. gov. za Awesome user friendly government site for all information you need in Cape Town regarding everything. Who ever initiated this deserves a big vote.

Feasability Study

Usually you need a plan to start a business if you want to approach people for funding or help or partnership.

Venture Capital in South Africa

America seems to have quite a few of these type of angels who put money into companies. I must admit, some of the things they invest in look really bad. But I guess they have to put the money somewhere .

In South Africa, there are some organizations that help entrepreneurs and so on.

vconline. co. za/ Venture Capital South Africa.

endeavor. co. za Endeavor is not a fund. Were talent scouts, part non-profit accelerators, part real-time business school.