315strategy-a complete analysis for crude oil trading

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315strategy-a complete analysis for crude oil trading315 Strategy - A complete analysis for Crude oil trading

315 Strategy - A complete analysis for Crude oil trading

Eventhough there is some explanation about 315 strategy in other section, There is no sufficient details in the commodity section.

There is more questions behind this strategy.

1. When to enter the trade?

2. How to move the trailing stop loss?

3. How to exit the trade?

4. How to use for intraday?

5. How to use for positional?

6. How to avoid the whipsaws?

7. What filters are required to capture the full trend?

8. Is 315 a good strategy or bad strategy?

9. Can we use this strategy for constant profit every month or not?

10. Why 315 user is not disclosing the wrong trades in traderji?

Still, there is more than 100 questions in a mind. here, we can discuss about one by one on coming days to get the clear picture of 315 strategy and its usage.

Let me explain on coming days. I have detailed backtest for the last four months for intraday and positional also. I will post everything here.

Newbies may use it.

Thanks for all who supports this thread.