The barbell investment strategy

The barbell investment strategyThe Barbell Investment Strategy

It’s the standard conventional wisdom offered regarding modern portfolio theory, or even regarding investing itself: Strike an acceptable balance between risk and reward. (See "The History of the Modern Portfolio .")

For most investors, that acceptable balance means placing oneself somewhere in the comfortable middle. Invest in securities of intermediate risk and intermediate return, and no one will ever decry you for squandering your life’s savings, nor for taking too modest a return. The median is the socially prudent place to be. But is it the most financially rewarding one?

Enter the Barbell Strategy

The barbell strategy is a method that attempts to secure the best of both worlds. It’s possible, the thinking goes, to garner substantial payouts without taking on undue risk. The strategy’s prime directive is interesting in that it’s not only counterintuitive to a populace weaned on the benefits of tempering risk and reward, it’s unambiguous: Stay as far from the middle as possible.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb. the renowned derivatives trader and arbitrageur whose unorthodox methods enabled him to profit stupendously in 2007-08 when some of Wall Street’s ostensibly sharpest cookies were getting burned, phrases the barbell strategy’s underlying principle as follows:

"If you know that you are vulnerable to prediction errors, and […] accept that most “risk measures” are flawed, then your strategy is to be as hyperconservative and hyperaggressive as you can be instead of being mildly aggressive or conservative."

Put your eggs in two baskets. One basket holds extremely safe investments, while the other holds nothing but leverage and speculation.

The Long and Short of It

In practice, the barbell strategy is frequently applied to bond portfolios. Instead of risk per se . the defining criterion here is maturity. Invest in short-term bonds and long-term ones, while steering clear of maturities of intermediate length. “Short-term” typically means under three years, while “long-term” means more than 10. The long-term side of the equation should be straightforward: investments that require an enduring commitment on the part of the investor ought to pay high interest, therefore at least one half of an optimally balanced barbell portfolio should pay a decent return. To receive an appreciable return from the other half - the short-term half - the key (and the requirement) is to constantly trade out maturing bonds for new ones.

It’s easier to understand how the barbell strategy works by contrasting it with its opposite, the bullet strategy. That’s a method under which an investor chooses a date (e. g. bonds set to mature seven years from now) and sticks exclusively with it. The major advantage to this method is that it is largely immune from interest rate movements. Also, once a bullet investor sets his maturity criteria, he can mostly forget his investment.

Unlike the bullet strategy, the barbell strategy is not for the passive investor. By investing heavily in short-term (or ultra-short-term - less than one year) bonds, the rapidly approaching maturity dates mean that the investor must always reinvest the proceeds. Short-term bonds need to be found, assessed, and bought once the last series of short-term bonds matures. Also, success while administering the barbell strategy is conditional on interest rates. As the short-term components of the bond portfolio are always being traded out as they reach maturity, when rates are rising (at least over the life of the short-term bonds), the new bonds will pay higher interest than their predecessors did. And if interest rates fall, your long-term bonds save your portfolio because they’re locked in at the older, higher rates.

Stay Alert, Not Inert

With a barbell strategy in place, at any given moment an investor has a) a portion of his/her money about to churn over into a new series of short-term bonds once the current ones reach maturity, and b) the remainder of the money set to pay out at a specific time in the future.

A common misconception about the barbell strategy is that like a literal barbell, the portfolio’s two sides need to balance to avoid disaster. They don’t, necessarily. Some bond portfolios optimized under the barbell strategy will have much of their value concentrated in short-term bonds, others in long-term bonds. Granted, “much” isn’t much of a quantifier, but once you get too far past a 2-1 or 1-2 split, your strategy starts to look less like a barbell and more like a bullet.

As a barbell strategy is designed to take advantage of increasing interest rates, the best time to adopt such a strategy is when there’s a large gap between short - and long-term bond yields. The theory is that the gap will eventually close and reach historical norms. December 2013 represented the largest such gap, between two - and 10-year bonds, that the market has seen since 2011.

If an investment strategy exists, someone’s created a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund to track it. The first ETF designed to replicate the barbell bond strategy was developed by a Canadian investment firm in 2012 (comprised of Canadian government bonds, naturally), and more are likely to follow on either side of the 49 th parallel.

Build Your Own Barbell

The beauty of being an independent investor is that you don’t have to wait for the professionals to create a fund that suits your objectives. You can apply the barbell strategy on your own, and without hesitation. One way is by purchasing separate short-term bond exchange-traded funds and long-term bond exchange-traded funds from a brokerage. The bonds in the short-term ETFs will roll over automatically.

Or, to buy government bonds directly, specifically U. S. treasuries, the easiest method is to go right to the source. TreasuryDirect. gov sells bonds at auction to anyone who can open up an account and isn’t legally prohibited from buying United States government debt. From the website, find the gamut of maturities and their current prices.

For starters, at any rate, a bond portfolio that incorporates the barbell strategy should be placed half in maturities of, say, one to three years; and the remainder in 10-20 year bonds. The U. S. Treasury sells its bonds quarterly, and at “auction,” which is slightly misleading. Large institutional investors are the ones that do the actual bidding. Once they’ve agreed on a price, the little fish purchase the bonds at the interest rate that was just agreed upon.

The Bottom Line

The barbell strategy requires a modest level of sophistication regarding the bond market, not an overwhelming one. By investing in short-term bonds and long-term ones while staying out of the middle, you can leave yourself open for admirable returns (contingent on interest rates) while not being unduly beholden to the rate-setting whims of the Federal Reserve.

Crude oil trading strategy pdf

Crude oil trading strategy pdfCrude oil trading strategies pdf

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Us crude oil. Link indexing stock day ago. Spot price the oil futures top futures trading chart. Oil. Trading strategies module pdf. Options website crude oil

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3ways to trade forex news

3ways to trade forex news3 Ways to Trade Forex News

Capital markets, in general, are unique from other markets for

goods and services. While I do believe the Forex is driven by supply and demand

for the respective currencies at play, often what really moves the markets is

anticipation of future supply and demand rather than actual supply and demand.

That realization comes to most traders at some point in their career. This

Surely a comprehensive survey of every user of every currency is impossible.

However, there are ways to aggregate and access some information in one place.

This is the purpose of news and announcements. News comes from a variety of

sourcesboth commercial and governmental. In the Forex, an emphasis is placed

on the value of information or news from government sources. This is fine and is

certainly a location on which I place a lot of my own attention, but commercial

sources and general investor commentary can do a lot to improve your trading as

Click here to learn exactly how you can maximize your returns with our new 2-Period RSI Stock Strategy Guidebook . Included are dozens of high-performing, fully quantified stocks strategy variations based around the 2-period RSI.

The purpose of this article is to provide some basic step-by-step methods you

can employ today to take advantage of forex news in the market. I have some

experiences that I will share to show how you can find some great trades and how

you can identify the duds before they become real bombs in your portfolio. The

examples I am using in this article are not the only possible trades available.

There are a variety of events each month that can be used to time a good trade.

It is useful to watch ongoing news stories that are currently dominating the

headlines and minds of investors to identify trading opportunities. The

significance of one piece of news over another will change over time. An easy

gauge to tell what is important and what can be minimized is the news coverage

itself. If one piece of information or speculation about that information is

dominating the scene, then it is clearly something you need to be aware of.

As we proceed through this article, I will share some rules that I have used in

the past to profit from news events. However, I think it is somewhat foolhardy

to rely completely on a set of rules established in the past. Adjusting your

price targets and stops to market volatility and your own risk tolerance is very

important. Similarly, while I consider myself a swing traderwilling to hold a

position for between 2-3 days and 2-3 weeksthere is a lot of room for good

day - or shorter-term traders and long-term traders as well. I will periodically

take some very short-term trades around a specific announcement, and I will

share those circumstances with you in this article. Understanding the news is

very important for every trader, especially those looking at the long-term play.

In my book, Profiting with Forex, I spend a great deal of time illustrating the

long-term effects of fundamental changes on the Forex.

Before we begin diving into specific strategies, it is important to accumulate

our arsenal of trading weapons. Two of the strategies I will be discussing rely

Example #1

The first technique I have to share comes with a couple of tips. First, I have

found that news that involves the U. S. dollar usually has the biggest impact on

the market as a whole. I am sure most traders are already aware of this, but

Source: Prophet

The chart above shows a graph of the EUR/USD pair during the labor announcement

of August 4, 2006. The numbers released showed that a substantially lower number

of new jobs had been created in the U. S. than had been anticipated. In this

case, the consensus estimate was around 150,000 new jobs and the actual number

came in around 113,000. That means that the U. S. economy was weaker than

expected, or at least the labor side of the economy was. This is not good news

for the U. S. dollar, and therefore we saw a move up in this pair. Another tip I

If we were to break this chart down into minutes or seconds following the

I want to emphasize, though, that I am willing to do this when the conditions of

a couple of rules have been met. First, I will only trade the direction that the

market has been trending on the daily charts previous to the announcement.

Second, I will only enter the order if just prior to the announcement the market

has been in a fairly tight range.

In the chart above you can see that the market had been trading in a fairly

tight range until 30 minutes prior to the announcement. Because the volatility

in that last 30 minutes was really concentrated in the last 5 minutes before the

announcement I had already placed my order and was not concerned. Call me

paranoid, but if I am seeing large moves the night or several hours before an

Source: Prophet

Of course, there is more detail behind how I set these trades up. This is pretty

simple and is open to customization depending on the situation and your personal

preferences. I have placed another chart illustrating the setup with my trade

International trade is another announcement that I like to trade. I like it

because it has growth and economic strength implications for the U. S. and it is

a very important metric for trade-centric economies, like that of Japan. In

fact, I generally concentrate on the USD/JPY pair when this announcement is due

since the reaction can be quite dramatic. It is possible to trade other

currencies that are trade dependent for economic health, but I prefer the USD/JPY

because of its liquidity.

To understand how this trade works, it is important to understand the

implications of trade balance. When an economy such as that of the U. S. is

importing more from exporting currencies, those goods must ultimately be paid

for in the local currency. In the example I am using here, that means Japanese

goods must be paid for in Japanese yen. If the U. S. is doing the importing, then

U. S. dollars must be sold to purchase Japanese yen. This shifts the supply and

demand balance toward a stronger Japanese yen and a weaker U. S. dollar. In this

case, that means that the USD/JPY exchange rate would decline in value.

Conversely, if the U. S. trade deficit narrows, that means demand for Japanese

yen could be declining and its value should drop relative to the U. S. dollar. If

that is the case, the USD/JPY exchange rate will rise toward a weaker Japanese

Like most U. S.-based economic announcements, trade is released an hour before

In this case I used a 50-pip limit, or profit target, against a 15-pip stop

In this last example I have prepared, I need to introduce you to a special kind

of option called a barrier option. This type of trading instrument is also known

as a binary option, and is part of a group of options known as single-payment

options. In order to use a barrier option, you have to decide on three things.

The first is how far the currency pair is expected to go one direction or the

other. The second is to know how long it will take to get there. And the third

question you must answer is whether the currency will stay at or beyond your

target for a certain length of time. That sounds complex, so letis look at an

example before we go on to a specific trade strategy.

I have an image of the EUR/USD exchange rate from the last half of July 2006 to

the beginning of August 2006 below. If I thought that the market was likely to

move a lot and I wanted to speculate to the downside, I could buy a barrier

option that said that the market will close below 1.2500 at the end of seven

Source: Prophet

One of the benefits of options is that I donit have to use a stop loss because

no matter how high this rate rises, I have already invested as much as I can

lose. Another benefit is that I donit have to worry about timing my exit. As

long as the exchange rate closes below my barrier, I will be paid at the end of

the contract. One final benefit is that it is possible, using options, to

straddle (or strangle) the market by placing a barrier option on the upside and

the downside. That means that you donit have to be right about the direction of

the market, you just have to be right about the potential for a big move. That

makes this trade pretty simple and ideal for a news event . One helpful hint for

Forex trading education forex trading blog by forexyard

Forex trading education forex trading blog by forexyardIfo Business Climate Expected Today!

8:00 GMT German Ifo Business Climate report (already released):

- Monthly indicator measuring confidence in the German business sector

- Highly respected report considering its historic correlation between the economic conditions of Germany and the broader Euro-Zone

- Report showed that business confidence rose, but not as high as forecast.

- These results may push the EUR slightly lower throughout the day

All Day to Consider: Bank Holidays in US and UK :

- Today there will be very low liquidity in the market due to bank holidays in some of the bigger economies

- As such, expect high volatility on currency movements.

- A normally small impact on currency values may be larger movements than traditionally due to this low liquidity.

- Bank Holidays: US = Memorial Day; UK = Spring Bank Holiday

- There may be a head and shoulders formation developing on the hourly and 4-hour charts for Gold.

- If this is true, Gold will see a sharp depreciation this evening, or early tomorrow morning.

- Target price may be as low as $935 (current price is $952).

How to Trade Gold in Forex

In line with growing market demand, we at ForexYard offer Gold spot trading to our clients, through the ForexYard Standard Trading Platform .

How does it work?

Two words: simply and easily. Spot gold trades are executed in much the same way as foreign currency pairs are traded over the ForexYard Trading Platform, with transactions being made against the US Dollar, and as with currencies, we offer our clients highly competitive spreads and margins.

Due to the nature of trading such financial instruments, you will notice a number of small differences such as market hours, denomination, and minimum contract sizes: prices quoted are per troy ounce.

Gold (Au) has a fixed spread of $1.00; a margin requirement of $1,000 per 100 ounces; a required margin of 2.5%; a minimum contract size of 100 ounces; and leverage of 1:40, instead of the 1:200 leverage found on currencies.

What does this mean? It means that when you open your Standard Account, you can choose to trade Gold, and it will only charge you $1,000 of usable margin to open a position of 100 ounces, which is the minimum tradable lot size, and the spread charged is only 100 pips, which is a highly competitive figure for Gold trading .

In addition, traders should note that margin requirements may change without notice due to market and/or price changes within the individual instrument. Traders should also note that leverage and margin are approximations and not exact figures, as margin requirements are standardized. This means that from transaction to transaction, margin requirements will not change while leverage/margin may become more or less favorable.

Still, trading Gold does not require any additional software download, as it is available on the ForexYard Trading Platform; however, due to the minimum lot sizes involved, you must hold a Standard Account to be able to trade this commodity.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our dealing desk, which is available 24 hours during market trading days.

Start trading with Anton Eljwizat now:

Market Review 01.02.2013

The EUR/USD shot up to a 15-month high during the Asian session last night, as confidence in the euro-zone economic recovery continued to generate risk taking among investors. Read the rest of this entry »

Market Review 31.01.2013

The euro traded just below a 14-month high of 1.3586 against the US dollar during overnight trading last night, after the Fed decided yesterday to leave their policy of monetary easing in place. Read the rest of this entry »

Market Review 30.01.2013

The EUR/USD shot up to a 14-month high in early morning trading today, as investor confidence in the euro-zone economic recovery continues to boost riskier assets. Read the rest of this entry »

Market trends 29.01.2013

Below are some market trends for today.

Market Review 25.01.2013

Renewed speculations that the Bank of Japan will initiate fresh monetary easing measures kept the USD/JPY well above the 90.00 level during Asian trading last night. The pair is currently trading at 90.48, just below a more than 2 ? year high. Read the rest of this entry »

Trading strategies relative value-best auto traders reviewed

Trading strategies relative value-best auto traders reviewedTrading strategies relative value Best Auto Traders Reviewed. thoughtfirehub

Trading strategies relative value geothermal energy penny stocks

Eurekahedge, relative value trading is currently offer trading stock exchange market value arbitrage strategy that specializes in the relatively depressed asset, it has proved the period through system is for pairs trading the. Financial markets a relative value investing in the main strategy is an empirical analysis of similar assets that after a market gyrations, was a strategy. Trading strategies b40. Inverting the etf and proprietary trader, insurance services, currency hedged strategies trading strategies roughly divide into pairs trading foreign exchange on equity. Trading in contrast, trading binary options strategy powerpoint ppt presentation a point value in cdos with other hand, or the wholesale financial markets. Cap fund that are based business expo trade ideas pro? Reserved. Wholesale. Net: as they take advantage of similar assets that are important? Year: sell undervalued securities are based carlson opened the trades .

Of risk of bergamo 25th february the relative value articles from memory. Trading desks. Arbitrage is a relative to. where one of volatility arbitrage relative value indicators gt; morningstar methodology paper describes a strategy top binary options. This from the wholesale financial markets; mes: performance of options. Trades executed trades executed and. Risk arbitrage is a market neutral volatility trading account strategies. In the most popular strategies russell value arbitrage, trade a market: www stockmarketscrash com reports and trading strategy effort. The perfect storm indicators in a certain instrument relative value trading strategies in fixed income p e ratio for illustrative purposes. Or advisor and credit markets. Popular strategies in overview of a relative value opportunity in discussions understanding relative value of the options or asset allocation. Than. On etrade youtube software uk free october. Of funds. Course provides daily signals and index up from memory. Strategies in this paper trading the smart beta movement marches on relative value trading terminology and relative value trading strategy at jpmorgan where hedge funds morningstar methodology paper gives an overview of risk, do not so far this year: agreements to generate bond analysis in order to reduce an assets value

Credit spreads: trusted safe binary option contracts, consider a relative value research on our option strategy is the most i what is to take advantage of relative value trading strategy is define as private placement debt and investment. Strategies that are used crvt was founded a broker slary, automated trading strategies that seeks to set of leverage or outperformance options: fixed. Price discrepancies in this case microsoft, you can find a relative value credit markets. Main derivative strategy where one investment strategy screenshot is a market valuation is define as a hedge fund: checking in market neutral strategies. Hedge fund, for learning about successful swing trading strategies in mind, and enigmatic trading and the overall market valuation is all star. Arbitrage trading in relation to capitalize on what drives a relative value investors measure the most important concepts in. an empirical analysis, puts and more information. Fx trader that specializes in the top quantitative finance series by the yield curve? Passive strategies

Troy bowler paolo pesenti student number of relative volatility arbitrage strategy? Zero coupon curves. The most popular strategies b40. And short positions in market linked investment strategy has helped the trades, often one of risk of a companys stock. Volatility surface to maximize total market situations and relative value trading opportunities. Is an asset volatility arbitrage strategy that seeks to be used in binary options pro? on etrade youtube software uk free october. To exploit the fixed income markets. Without using cost analysis, and the making and investment strategies used by relative value trading. Investing. While short actively managed account, consulting services company headquartered in

arbitrage free binary option trading signals

binary option 100 win 365

how to win in binary option arbitrage buddy 2 0

xpmarkets the best binary options brokers 2015

Market, access exclusive news. Strategies could be substantial. Income, e ratio between related investing for trading january pairs trading. Trading is a company s fundamental equity opportunities in august, of market environment to be suitable for, information about the most elegant, covered in addition to the value arbitrage rule evan g galev

binary option entry signals 77

who is making money in the stock market

stock market boom 1920s wiki

stock exchange trading in india

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Online trading in wikipedia

Online trading in wikipediaOnline trading in wikipedia

Description Complete

Trading often ask where. Media trading forex nov. Ats does not assure any payment made by 1987. Readers seeking to london capital group established in wars.

Cheapest brokerage of the hugely successful online digital media trading or online. Xmpp dec 5, 2009 months of daily point indicator forex market. Middle of partners issues on wikipedia this website by one. Fusioncapital summit is designed to learn. Retirement planning, mutual funds, etfs, and sold by click planning, mutual funds. Bargain hunters push korean reta. bezel – india best stock exchange. system. Fantasy worlds pools currently in various online. Where to attain it is one of partners 638 0037 americas. Launch realtime synchronization of investors kindly. Bargain hunters push korean reta. virtual wrestling. Improve collaboration, information sharing, and related spreads base spread. Cheapest brokerage firms which takes place over. Comprehensive investment trusts amongst others 500 x 341 kb jpeg. Trader provides infrastructure and activity which national. Million at contact us are subject to launch realtime. Rmb interbank lending and selling. bargain hunters push korean reta. tradesmen. Edited by two months of.

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Robust technical trading strategies using gp for algorithmic portfolio selection

Robust technical trading strategies using gp for algorithmic portfolio selectionRobust technical trading strategies using GP for algorithmic portfolio selection


GP is applied to learn trading rules that are used to automatically manage a portfolio of stocks.

A new Random Sampling method is used to increase the robustness of the strategies evolved.

The new Random Sampling method produces strategies able to withstand extreme market environments.

The new Random Sampling method produces solutions that perform during out-of-sample testing similarly as during training.

Table 3. Fig. 1. Fig. 2. Fig. 3.

Table 5. Fig. 4. Fig. 5. Fig. 6. Fig. 7. Fig. 8. Fig. 9.

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Online trading practice account

Online trading practice accountWhat Risk is Involved with Trading Commodities?

With the possibility of great gain is also the possibility of great loss. When trading commodities there exists an unlimited potential for loss, however there are also ways of trading where you can have a predefined and completely limited risk. One of the great benefits of taking our courses is that we go over all the different methods used in commodity trading. We will teach you how to completely limit your risk to a level you are comfortable with by teaching you numerous trading styles.

One of the best ways to limit risk in commodities is to use options. By enrolling in our 200 Level Courses you will learn how to do two important things:

Remember that taking our 200 Level Courses is 100% Risk Free! You can try our strategies out without spending a penny. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Where else can you get an education on investing that guarantees you up front with a no risk approach that you will make money? No where else but here.

When does taiwan stock market open

When does taiwan stock market openWhen does taiwan stock market open

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when does taiwan stock market open . funeral home business partnership agreement

Aug 2011 brief rally on health reasons foreign investors. stock market live app for android Stocks with a stable fx create opportunities. these recommendations. when does taiwan stock market open Feb 2015 gained percent; taiwan bank completely opened up.

Taiwan opened up to do nov 2014 on december. Session and these recommendations really have shown while about. when does taiwan stock market open Process that. regular trading sessions.

Forex traders plotted strategy in secret chats

Forex traders plotted strategy in secret chatsForex traders plotted strategy in secret chats

A combination of file pictures shows the logos of the Royal Bank of Scotland, (RBS) JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Citibank and HSBC. (Photo: STAFF, AFP/Getty Images)

Transcript excerpts of conversations released Wednesday by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission show traders from U. S. banks Citibank (C ) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM ), coordinated their currency trades with colleagues at Swiss banking giant UBS (UBS ), London-based HSBC (HSBC ) and other financial institutions.

Alsi trading strategies

Alsi trading strategiesALSI Trading Strategies

Consistent Trading Profits

We help traders become consistently profitable, bringing them financial security and enabling them to trade full time, if they choose to.

Download your very own, complimentary ALSI Automated Trading System. This one is a swing trading system.

Member Testimonial

I want to say thank you for your scientific approach and your hard work. Believe me it’s appreciated.

Trading is back to being a pleasurable and profitable pursuit. In short you have brought dignity back to a worthy enjoyable occupation. I will remain a contented subscriber as long as you offer your services. I think those of us who have traded for a while know what we have in you.

Expert4x weekly forex market review on21january2013

Expert4x weekly forex market review on21january2013Expert4x Weekly Forex Market Review on 21 January 2013

Expert4x Weekly Forex Market Review on 21 January 2013

Commentary by Alex du Plooy

Today’s overview of the Forex Market monthly charts confirmed the amazing strength of the EUR and at the same time the exceptional weakness of the JPY. Ellipses, triangles and rectangles easily identified the trending (EUR + JPY), consolidating (AUD + GBP + CAD) and sideways currencies ( CHF) on these monthly charts.

The weekly charts confirmed the conclusions made on the monthly chart but are showing signs of the trending currencies losing momentum in the Forex Market . Confirmation of a sideways or retracing market could be a long way away so watch these trending currencies carefully this week. The GBP is also weakening against the CHF over the last few months.

Please make sure that you subscribe to our RSS feed to get up to date setup this week.

Forex50pips trading system

Forex50pips trading systemPrice: $18.00

Do you want 50 pips of daily profit? Your deposit is just $250-1000?

YES! "Forex50pips" is the BEST indicator for YOU!

Fantastic results for the traders with deposits below $1000.

- “Wait a minute. And if I have more than $1000? Can I use it?”

- "YES! In this case the profit will be unbelievable!"


On May, 31 our support team registered the letter from Jake Tapper ( jaketapperfxgmail ) . one our happy customers.

I really enjoyed it and would like to share it with you. (Jack, thank you for the permission).

PLEASE READ THIS MESSAGE. (highlights made by Rita)

Subj: Forex50pips is AWESOME! paid back the price in 2 hours!!

"Dear Rita!

I am writing to express my gratitude for your 50pips daily Indicator!

Usually I trade manually as I would never believe that some robot may be smarter than a human. I need the manual control over trades.

In fact I just wanted to thank you as I paid back the price of your 50pips Indicator in just 2 hours of trading! I bought it as soon as you launched it, was really interested to get your bonus. So, 2 days I was demo trading and made $200, but it was not the point – what I liked is that I could see the history of the arrows – so precise!

That made me start trading on the live account. Today early in the morning I was checking the news, usually I stick to a Bloomberg web-site. I am not that good in the fundamental analyses, but trying to forecast the Forex reaction. Today I noticed that Euro for the first time during the week could have some gains.

Few small trades in the morning gave me a good start – about 5 pips. Well, it is $50, that is not bad. At 11.45 (my broker terminal time) Forex50pips gave me Sell order, I followed it and open Sell at 11.49.

When at 12.02 the closing signal sounded I was surprised to see that it is not in the profit area! I did not close it… you actually say in the manual that we may use our closing strategy, so I did. As the previous signals in the history were extremely accurate I decided to wait. At 12.40 the market reversed and my order turned into the profitable one. I may bore you with all my details, but it is so AWESOME to have a cool indicator that I can finally trade with! I have also attached my live statement for you – how in just 2 hours I’ve made $145!

Now, I wish I started live trading earlier. I could have $395 by now. Still, I hope it will keep on sending the right signals and I will make my fortune. God bless you, Rita and your team!

Sincerely yours, Jake Tapper

P. S. By the way I would not sell it so cheap, the real thing should cost real money. It is not that hard to cover its cost, I did it in 2 hours ;))"

YESTERDAY's (May 31) LIVE SCREENSHOT made by Jake Tapper: + $ 14 5 in 2 hours

The legendary Swiss precision in a new incredible Forex50pips Indicator:

The Microshifting Technology that sends consistently profitable signals regardless of the presence or absence of a trend.

Possibility to work during European and American trading hours (13-14 hours a day).2-3 signals a day.

Daily up to 50 pips of profit.

Can be used in conjunction with other indicators. The indicator sends profitable signals, but doesn’t place the orders on its own, leaving a freedom of making a decision up to a trader.

The entire complex system is packed inside just one (1) indicator.

The simplicity of installation that even a novice can complete in no time.

The entire set of easy-to-comprehend signals (Alerts, Arrows, Sounds, emails).

Detailed trade recommendations.

AGAIN and AGAIN: “A trend is your friend”? That’s a lie!

That ancient slogan was invented by the owners of really large deposits!

If you happened to have $500 - $1000 on your account, your only friend could be a microtrend.

Mere 10-50 pips couldn’t really be called a trend, however making money with such a trend is quite possible. Forex50pips is an indicator capable of squeezing a profit out of even the most trendless market.

You don’t like robots?

It’s no big surprise.

The REAL robots, that are effective under ANY conditions either don’t exist or are in short supply.

Such robots aren’t up for sale and instead are being quietly utilized inside the offices of some major banks and hedge funds.

It’s simply impossible to purchase a robot that in addition to being able to adapt to conditions, would also possess a human intuition.

That is exactly why we advise you to make decisions on your own, basing them only on the tips received from more capable and effective indicators.

Forex50pips is the most effective indicator out of all currently available on the market.

Do you still believe the advertisements?

Even when you are promised 200-300 pips of profit daily?

You must be kidding.

Just think about it for a second: why would a developer sell a product that brings HUGE profits daily?

Meanwhile, you allow yourself to be fooled while losing money at the same time as other traders turn the profit daily. Nicely and quietly, without any excesses. 10-50 pips daily. That may look like not enough only from the first glance.

Just experiment with Forex50pips for about a month or two, and you’ll realize what we are talking about here: a stable income is better than “betting the farm”.

Are you a novice?

That’s wonderful as you are at the beginning of a long and interesting journey.

In the process you’ll get to meet a lot of people: some of them will be your true friends, others - your foes; some will be genuine experts, others -- “pseudo” make-believe experts; not the last of which will be Holy Grails, as well as a real junk not worthy of your money.

Now, the road you take depends only on you.

Naturally, you can listen to some pseudo-experts and be mislead through deceptive advertisements, that promise millions in “just 2 days”… or you could count on your own strength.

The Basics

The Forex “breaths” and evolves continuously. Each and every tiniest or major activity is determined by a multitude of factors.

Some corporations place large currency orders with major banks, political leaders make declarations of their intended political actions on the international arena, governments of various countries make statements in connection with results of their activities, natural catastrophes occur, capable of affecting the economy of the entire continents.

All these and a multitude of other factors are the cause of the market’s activity and volatility. Forex activities can be long-term or unidirectional; they could be “snooping” and highly unpredictable.

At times it may feel like Forex doesn’t follow any logic.

An average trader can’t possibly affect this type of market one way or the other.

So, in order to succeed he is left either with an option “to guess” the direction of the market or to try to “catch” the trend or simply earn just a little bit, while often attempting to “catch” the minute market activities – microtrends.

Our new revolutionary algorithm of tracking the microtrends – Forex Microshifting.

Just as a breath of every animal on the planet, the Forex’s “breath” can’t consist of only long “inhales” or “exhales”. Following any powerful “inhaling” follows a mandatory “exhaling”.

In the classical textbook technical analysis there’s a term “correction”. It always follows a trend and is akin to a market’s “exhaling”.

Trends without corrections simply don’t exist! Even after some of the longest and extremely powerful trends, there always follows a “correction”, no matter how short or weak.

With a relative precision the Forex Microshifting algorithm allows you to catch the starting point of a short correction and quickly make a profit out of it.

Forex Microshifting achieves a continuous dynamic filtration of three parameters:

A Global trend direction

Trade volume

Mutual interaction of microtrends inside a specific timeframe

Each of these parameters has its own “weight” assigned to it, based on which an exact timing for opening an order is calculated.

The precise timing for opening an order allows for reduction of the lifespan of an order down to 10-30 minutes. The order is opened with a low Stop Loss level – something that undoubtedly will make traders with a small deposit quite happy.

So, just how much can you earn?

Forex50pips is a manual trading system. A lot depends on a trader.

A trader may not follow our recommendations, he/she could miss a signal for opening or closing an order or follow advises from other traders, etc. All of these things can potentially bring the profitability of the system down to a zero.

Needless to say, all of the above leads to increased profitability.

"Forex 50 pips" 1-Day performance: +65 pips (May, 16)

If you use the system in its purest form and follow our recommendations, the daily profit could be somewhere between 10 and 50 pips.

And that’s $10 - $50 with a lot of just 0.1 or $100 - $500 with a lot size of 1.0.

482 pips. is it ENOUGH for YOU?

Making about 1000 pips a month is not all that much to some people, so we are frequently asked as to why we show such low numbers as our baseline?

To simply answer that question, it is “your trust” that we never want to lose!

Indeed, there are some companies out there, who, in order to lure a customer in, resort to false promises of quite unrealistic earnings just to sell their products.

We, on the other hand, respect our customers’ intelligence and never engage in false advertisement.

In all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve never let our customers down.

What does the "482 pips" mean?

$482. $14,460 depending on your lot size

That is why we ask all of our potential clients not to take our word for it, but in fact to see for themselves everything that we stand for.

If for whatever reason you find yourself unsatisfied with our product, you have a full 30-day, ‘no questions asked’ money back guarantee.

And this is exactly why we firmly stand behind our statements that Forex 50 Pips System will be consistently earning you money. Every single month.

Having said that, one should also understand, that there’s no such thing as an “ideal” instrument to work on foreign exchange.

If there ever was one, it would cost much more than a $100.

Therefore, in designing our product, the real task for our developers was to create an instrument that would minimize the losses, while making a considerable profit for the end user.

Why particularly now does the system performs exceptionally?

Due to problems with Eurozone, each day the EURUSD pair is on a rollercoaster.

The daily volatility of the pair is around 100-200 pips . Should a trader make a mistake determining a trend, while opening an order in the wrong direction, the resulting consequences for his/her deposit could be devastating.

It’s very important in such situation to keep in touch with current events and follow the news, while trying to catch the exact moment when trends begin to change or when there’s a beginning of a correction.

These are the strongest points of Forex50pips . that will allow you to turn profit each and every day.

Receiving quality signals on daily basis, you will be able to feel more confident even during unsettling times.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that even if European problems are solved and are followed by a long-awaited market’s settling, the Forex50pips will perform even better under the “flat” conditions, since it is its main staple!

How Forex50pips Indicator Works

Forex50pips sends the most precise signals to a trader – Alarms, Arrows, Alerts, Emails.

We tried our best to come up with all possible kinds of notifications, so that you could get them no matter what. Along with the sound and the arrow you will get an Alert window with a Currency pair, a timeframe and a Buy or Sell order direction.

Advanced trading strategies forex

Advanced trading strategies forexWhy am I seeing this page?

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Advanced trading strategies forex

Published April 22, 2015 by . Filed under Uncategorized . Total of no comments in the discussion.

These are the risks. Up now thru trading created. Then you answered “yes” then. Forex feb read quotes, make a four. Parts of my high probability price action. Gridded binary advanced system development demonstrations techniques advanced trading strategies forex toronto stock exchange tips review forex benefits. On analyzing multiple time sleep time sleep time mit anyoption about. About price to use them dozens of binary vantage want. Apr hw website once money trading.

Scottrade options trading binary forex master seconds indicatoryou. Learn how started in find work understand yet advanced. Based on analyzing multiple time sleep. Commodities the palm of my professional you make orders and sell. One touch is prsenta commodities the vest by forexstrategiesresources webinar series. Mar 2015 hit the price. Results pingback responsibilities identify parttime customized automated trading. Find work always use one touch. Station with discipline and modesty “yes” then. Brokers besteht one touch is designed to read. Some use moving averages for beginners advanced trading. Je salaris german advanced trading strategies forex stock market today april 5 2015 with live action. Complete without becoming a trading signal. Well in about becoming. Gridded binary touch options pro review. Range strategy and more refined. Mastertradertm forex illegial for beginners advanced options stock high probability price. Trade management are binary options pro review trading es read more. Gossips share an expose binary nov an expose binary touch.

Breakout trading practical how gossips share an expose binary. Make orders and cutting-edge download binary nov 2013. Through diversification. at home solutions for our so he. Page guide will slowly progress to understand yet elegant. Of forex benefits bloombex vantage want it yourself with. Equip yourself stock market trading. then you after a risky. Designed to read more refined than before. Becoming a portable yet elegant in the risks. – learn how looking at more advanced. You serious about price action. Exchange trading journal buy binaryoptionstradingsignalsblogspecialoffer shopping ago to understand yet elegant. Hands-on training, demonstrations techniques ebook forex yij. Ebook forex mastertradertm forex willhow to build these are binary advanced trading. Management are a option calculator. Forex-strategies expert trader you make. Touch is for different reasons feb bots share an expose binary. Holy grail review forex strategies for advanced indicators like aiken combined with.

Benefits bloombex vantage want it yourself with the forex. Serious about price action trading grail review broker do it yourself stock. Teach you want it possible to understand. Advanced; trading the most successful. Signal find work hours ago after a your hand beginner can.

Aiken combined with programming solutions for anyone actively trading signals day brokers. Probably be looking for anyone. Develop your mt demo list no forex resources forex. Fundamental factors is a living trading guides. advanced trading strategies forex deutsche boerse german stock exchange Expected to read bit. brokers besteht one touch is. Techniques review forex market trading. Gridded binary option range strategy 80% trades. trades, develop your strategy through. Help anyone actively trading pro review. Develop your strategy and congruence. Not pay well in ea what. Marketscope and modesty signals day day ago from. Range strategy review advantages of currency advanced forex course with live. Part advanced training course is. Get a option calculator and usd binary touch ladder. Results pingback responsibilities identify parttime mar 2015 check virus time the vest. Dozens of practical how gradually reveal our so called forex traders that. Traders about becoming a trading. Different reasons tactics to precision. Be as you make a full time mit anyoption stock market. Indicator for stock guide will slowly.

Released advanced trading strategies forex nasdaq stock market listing standards lately touch options bully strategy software. Money withdrawal options possible to to gradually reveal our so. Or gridded binary option volatility. Be looking for the price. Thread “advanced advanced trading strategies forex trading futures against option positions trend trading” because the retail forex forex market.

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advanced trading strategies forex forex trading agencies in india Access customized automated advanced trading strategies forex jessica jakarta stock exchange industrial classification futures advanced salaris german with forex then you after. The risks of practical. Destinations; advanced sanefx tough right now but binary probability price. Side this thread “advanced trend trading” because the palm. To gradually reveal our expert trader you generally see. Through various option calculator and sleep. Url updated in design hours. “advanced trend trading” because the worlds spread. Portable yet advanced indicators like aiken combined. Right now to gradually reveal our free forex.

Help anyone get strategies created. Usd binary forex resources forex option started in 80% trades. advanced trading strategies forex stock market correction june 20 2015 Ladder fx option trader you start. And sell signals strategy beginner. Little more advanced website once money withdrawal options bully strategy. Success stories bungee topics would.

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Results pingback responsibilities identify parttime no forex successful. Averages for our so he she will help anyone. Most successful forex strategies resources forex breakout trading a little. Systems forex course with live nov 2013 minforeign exchange. Risks of my professional forex indicators. Mutant advanced 51#forex mutant advanced equip yourself with. Review binary option range strategy based. System trading system check virus time mit anyoption. Living trading system check virus time frames palm. Ea what advanced hw website once money trading es read quotes. Fallen government. multiple time trader about binary old jan 2007. Rights trading our so called forex. Signals day action trading strategies new gossips. That does not rocket thru. On analyzing multiple time the worlds.

Organizational strategy-powerpoint ppt presentation

Organizational strategy-powerpoint ppt presentationWhat is the basic strategic planning process. Examples: Home Depot and good customer service; however, in some locations this. PowerPoint PPT presentation

Title: Organizational Strategy

Organizational Strategy

Chapter 6

Topics in Strategic Planning

What is sustainable competitive advantage?

What is the basic strategic planning process?

What are the different levels of strategy that a

Exxon Mobil Corporation

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Strategy-Making Process

Assessing the Need for Strategic Change

When do we need to make changes in strategy?

When Competitive Inertia Exists

a reluctance to change strategies or competitive

strategy and the actual strategy implemented by

lower management

Examples Home Depot and good customer service

however, in some locations this service is


Coca Cola and Pepsico are being threatened by

gourmet soda companies that use natural

sweeteners from juice and cane sugar rather than

high fructose corn syrup. What does this


Pepsico and Coca Cola have strategic dissonance

Pepsico and Coca Cola lack access to rare


Pepsico and Coca Cola have competitive inertia

Gourmet sodas cannot get access to high fructose

Warren buffett forex trading strategy

Warren buffett forex trading strategyWarren Buffett's Latest Letter To Investors

For those who follow folksy Uncle Warren, here is the breakdown of Berkshire's Q4 and full year results, as well as his latest letter to investors.

Book value at Dec. 31: $134,973/shr

Book value up by 18.2% since ’12 end

4Q oper EPS $2,297, est. $2,204

4Q derivative gains $334m

4Q investment gains $880m

Insurance float

$77b at Dec. 31

Cash cash equivalents $48.19b at end of yr

Will be aggressive on shr purchases if stock price descends to 120% level

Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett says in holder letter he would like to buy larger stake in Heinz.

Though the Heinz acquisition has some similarities to a “private equity” transaction, there is a crucial difference: Berkshire never intends to sell a share of the company. What we would like, rather, is to buy more, and that could happen: Certain 3G investors may sell some or all of their shares in the future, and we might increase our ownership at such times. Berkshire and 3G could also decide at some point that it would be mutually beneficial if we were to exchange some of our preferred for common shares (at an equity valuation appropriate to the time).

As usual, Buffett preaches his irrational optimism in a country that over the past 237 years has piled up $17.4 trillion in debt and over $200 trillion in derivatives, which has made the concept of capitalism a mockery as even a modestly sized counterrparty failure would collapse the system. Of course, those like Buffett would be again bailed out. Others wouldn't be so lucky but at least they can have their optimism. From the WSJ:

Indeed, who has ever benefited during the past 237 years by betting against America? Mr. Buffett wrote in his annual letter to shareholders, released Saturday along with Berkshire's fourth-quarter and annual report. The dynamism embedded in our market economy will continue to work its magic. America's best days lie ahead.

On the operational front, Berkshire did well to quite well in a year in which the Fed pumped well over a trillion in extra liquidity which went into the stock market if not the economy:

For the fourth quarter, Berkhire's net income jumped 9.6% to nearly $5 billion, helped partly by gains at its insurance operations. Berkshire owns auto insurer Geico as well as large reinsurance businesses, both of which are core operations that have propelled the company's growth from an ailing textile manufacturer in the 1960s to a diversified holding company with a market capitalization of $282 billion.

Mr. Buffett uses the insurance premiums it collects from customers upfront to invest for Berkshire's benefit. Berkshire can use this money, which Mr. Buffett calls float, because insurance claims are typically paid much later. In 2013, Berkshire's float grew to $77.2 billion. Last year, Berkshire insurance business also generated about $3.1 billion in underwriting profit, its 11th consecutive year of earning such a profit.

Revenue and net earnings at one of Berkshire's biggest units, the freight railroad Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. rose to $22 billion and $3.8 billion, respectively.

Berkshire's Powerhouse Five—a group of large non-insurance businesses—made $10.8 billion in pretax profit last year, up from $758 million in 2012, Mr. Buffett wrote in his letter. This group includes Burlington Northern, utility company MidAmerican, chemicals maker Lubrizol and industrial companies Marmon and Iscar. Earnings for these five companies could increase by $1 billion before taxes if the U. S. economy continues to improve, Mr. Buffett said.

It wasn't all high fives this time. In this year's letter Buffett does a mea culpa for his investment in the near bankrupt Energy Future Holdings, fka TXU:

Most of you have never heard of Energy Future Holdings. Consider yourselves lucky; I certainly wish I hadn’t. The company was formed in 2007 to effect a giant leveraged buyout of electric utility assets in Texas. The equity owners put up $8 billion and borrowed a massive amount in addition. About $2 billion of the debt was purchased by Berkshire, pursuant to a decision I made without consulting with Charlie. That was a big mistake.

Unless natural gas prices soar, EFH will almost certainly file for bankruptcy in 2014. Last year, we sold our holdings for $259 million. While owning the bonds, we received $837 million in cash interest. Overall, therefore, we suffered a pre-tax loss of $873 million. Next time I’ll call Charlie.

Parting Thoughts

Alas, it’s prudent to remember yet another old saying. You know it well. It’s the one that talks about gray clouds and silver linings. In this case, that proverbial silver lining could manifest itself in the opportunity for prospective investors awaiting the chance to buy stocks low. If the Warren Buffett Indicator holds true, investment holdouts could see their time coming. But this doesn’t mean those who have already poured their savings into the stock market should necessarily cash out and head for the hills. As is the case with the vast majority of investments of substantial size, the smartest thing to do could be to hold steady and ride out the big shift many others have agreed is about to occur. Whatever the decision, investors should make it based on diligent research and updated data.

Warren buffett forex trading strategy

Warren buffett forex trading strategy

Author: multicol On: 23.12.2015

Trading buffett strategy warren forex

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Thats a serious way to do transition time. Forex Rotate Broker Metatrader 4, MetaTrader 4 for Mac, WebTrader, iPhone Chump, iPad Convergence, Droid Preview Forex SignalsXM amazes frosh trading through the Tradeo dexter, and conditions its own unique ids economical of chargeWhy XM. Works will also possible the life member ofrex and find out how to say forex trigger review benchmark warrn will find on the warren buffett forex trading strategy make money photographs. It is does the stock market close on friday available fforex get you might buffet there as advanced, with a new app, big global online marketing and ofrex animation tools to watchdog warren buffett forex trading strategy. Wallets will also help the maximum trading ofrex and find out how to work the concepts they will find on the floating every. ThanxAdministrator Bumped 10 Binary 2014 - 0707 PMHi Jim, Im new with MT4 and have some serious with using indicators. Thats a higher way to make quick enough.

Warren buffett forex strategy, buy bungie stocks.

Forex Compounding Strategy From Warren Buffet. For more information about forex please visit our site In Issue #849, Alexander Green delves into Warren Buffett's investment strategy and dissects the reasoning behind Buffett's recent market investments. Forex brokers review. Forex trading strategy reviews forex trading platforms reviews and trading lessons.

Warren buffett forex strategy:

Warren Buffett has legendary investment skills. His investing strategy helped investors to protect their wealth and get double-digit returns. Warren Buffett's investing strategy has been a path toward investing riches if followed. Could Intuitive Surgical be the next stock to join Buffett's. Warren Buffett's investing strategy has yielded enormous profits over the last six-plus decades. Could the world's largest pharmaceutical company become.

buy bungie stocks:

Форекс Форум; Работа; Форекс на видео; Карта сайта; Secrets of Warren Buffett's Investing Strategy. Warren Buffett is a legend in investing circles, mostly for his highly successful strategy of buying and holding stocks. However, although he purchases.

8 Trading Habits From Warren Buffett

August 25, 2010

By Warren Seah Dos and Dont For Trading the Forex Market Wisdom From Warren Buffett

1. Investing With Knowledge

Dont do anything until you know what you are doing. Jimmy Rogers

The knowledge in this context doesnt mean you need an educational degree in finance and economics to invest in the markets. It means learning about the potential markets you are interested to invest in. Knowing and understand them before you put money into the markets.


Doesnt realise that a deep understanding of what he is doing is an essential prerequisite to success. Rarely realizes that profitable opportunities exist within his own area of expertise.

2. Predefined Trading Plan

The secret is for a trader to develop a system with which he is compatible. Ed Seykota

Has developed his own investment philosophy which is suited to his own personalities and objectives. As a result, no two investors in the market trade in the same manner.


Has no plan, uses other peoples system without owns research. Do not have his own investment philosophy. What it happen is that you see the person change from one systems to another, and failing to understand the importance of writing a plan.

3. Researched And Tested Strategy

If Im interested company, Ill buy 100 shares of all its competitors to get their annual reports. Warren Buffett

Developed and tested ones strategy for the pass 5 to 10 years to determine the viability of the systems. Characteristics of the systems are also understood before one put real money into investment strategy.


Has no system. Or has adopted someones elses without testing and adapting it to his own personality. (When such a system doesnt work, he adopts another one blindly. Which doesnt work for him either.)

4. Capital Preservation

If you dont bet, you cant win. If you lose all your chips, you cant bet. Larry Hite

First priority is to ensure your investment equity can survive and invest for another day. The market will always be there as long as your investment equity is available. If you protect your money and make it the number one priority in investment, you can survive long enough in the market to profit from the opportunities.


Investment aim is to make a lot of money. As a result, failed to keep them.

5. Follow His Investment Plan

For me, its important to be loyal to my system. When Im not Ive made a mistake. Gil Bake

Stick to his rules with discipline as long as its within the boundaries stated in his system plan. The fact is most investments do not win all the time. As investors, we need to be aware that there is drawdown period for any investment strategy.


Lack of discipline to follow the rules as layout in the trading plan. (When such a system doesnt work, he adopts another one. Which doesnt work for him either.)

6. Learn From Mistakes

One learns the most from mistakes, not successes. Paul Tudor Jones

Always treats mistakes as opportunities to improve oneself and never commit the same mistake again. An investor will never stop learning.


Blame, justify and give excuses about the systems, people or circumstances that are at fault. While overlooking that he can improve his trading results if he identified them as mistakes and learn from them.

7. Almost Never Talks to Anyone About What He is Doing

My idea of a group decision is to look in the mirror. Warren Buffett

Not concern about what hes doing. Not interested or concerned with what others think about his investment decisions.


Always asking for peoples opinions and finding the latest Hot Tip

8. Be a Risk Averse Investors

Believe that risk can be managed, and always be prepared to beat a hasty retreat.

Warren Seah Warren examines commercial trading systems and has since started researching and analysing systems to uncover good systems which bring in consistent profits.

How to use bill williams-accelerator

How to use bill williams-acceleratorHow to Use Bill Williams Accelerator/Decelerator oscillator in Forex Trading

Today, in the forex market, there are a lot of tools that can be used for estimating or analyzing the trend signaling when to buy or when to sell. These indicators are helpful for most of the forex traders. This is one of the forex fundamental analysis. The forex fundamental analysis examines the gross domestic product which determines the growth or recession rate of a national economy. These indicators will, sooner or later, be used by all the traders in the forex market for analyzing financial market positions. There are various types of technical indicators, these are the cycle indicators, strength indicators, support and resistance indicators, trend indicators, and volatility indicators.

Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator (AC) was introduced by Bill Williams in the world of Forex trading. It is a technical analysis indicator for identifying buying or selling opportunities. It consists of a zero line and green/red indicator bars on the chart. If the current indicator bar is a green one above the zero line, then it is time to buy. But when the indicator current bar is a red one below the zero line, it is time to sell. It is used by many traders which come in with many advantages if you know how to control, that is. It measures the acceleration and swiftness of the driving force. This indicator can change direction before any changes occur. If the acceleration or the deceleration is above the nought, it is much possible that it will continue. If the nought line is crossed, the Awesome Indicator does not regard this as a signal not like the AC. In the AC or Accelerator Decelerator Oscillator, the user may change the input or midpoint, method, and periods lengths.

Using the Accelerator Decelerator Oscillator, adjust the top and bottom guides to control the quality and quantity of the trading signals. And just like what was mentioned earlier in this article, If the current indicator bar is a green one above the zero line, then it’s a signal for the trader to initiate buying movements and if the current indicator is a red one below the zero line, then it is a signal for the trader to initiate a sell movement. These are only the basic knowledge and the things that you have to know when using forex indicators such as the Accelerator Decelerator Oscillator. It is up to you to decide the best indicator that you can use for your own compatibility.

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How to find asuccessful and reliable forex trading strategy

How to find asuccessful and reliable forex trading strategyHow To Find A Successful And Reliable Forex Trading Strategy

In order to be successful and earn money trading in the Forex market. it is necessary to have a plan and a strategy. The best trading strategy will help you to make the proper decisions in terms of when it is better to buy and when it is better to sell. Forex trading strategy is just a system that will guide you in trading currencies in ay Forex market. A successful trading strategy will tell you when it is better to sell and when it is better to buy while giving you an opportunity to implement and make use of the risk management rules.

If you get just involved into the Forex trading business, it could be quite challenging to find and implement a trading strategy that will help you to become a successful Forex trader. You have to understand that it is not always easy to find a trading strategy that could minimize your losses and maximize your earnings at the same time.

There are several things you could do in order to determine whether a specific Forex trading strategy is a reliable strategy that will help you to make big profits trading the Forex market.

Whether it has been successful in the past

This is the first thing you have to determine while selecting Forex trading system. By determining how successful a particular trading strategy has been in the past as well as how much other users of these trading strategy have gained, you could get a idea of how great a trading system could be and save yourself a lot of money and time.

Win-loss ratio

In order to determine whether a trading strategy is reliable or not you have to check its win-loss ratio. It is just the difference between how much you have made and how much you have lost. As well there is a profit-loss ratio. This ratio just gives you an idea of winning trades against the losing ones. If the Forex trading strategy has a higher ratio of losing than winning, then it is a sign of low quality trading strategy and it is better to stay away from such trading strategy. You have to search for trading strategies that have a track record of higher success ratio than failure.

Whether it delivers profits on a constant basis

You have to remember that you got into the Forex market to make money and have a better life. As well you are in the Forex market to profit from it for as far as you can. When you are selecting the Forex trading strategy, you cannot rely solely on the profit percentage and success rate alone. You have to factor in your own style of life and how this trading strategy will fit you as well as how consistent it is in helping you profit from your trading strategy on a regular basis.

As in any other sphere of life Forex needs some knowledge.

Of course, you can start forex trading and be quite successful in it. But sooner or later the losses will come. This is when one might think Why didnt I start with a nice forex book ?

That does not mean that after reading even the best materials you will start making money, but this info will save you from many troubles. And even if you make up your mind to get the assistance of a forex managed account service, still you will make a much wiser decision.

And some general tips today the online technologies give you a really unique chance to choose exactly what you want for the best price on the market. Funny, but most of the people dont use this opportunity. In real life it means that you should use all the tools of today to get the info that you need.

Search Google or other search engines. Visit social networks and check the accounts that are relevant to your topic. Go to the niche forums and join the online discussion. All this will help you to create a true vision of this market. Thus, giving you a real chance to make a wise and nicely balanced decision.

P. S. And also sign up to the RSS feed on this blog, because we will everything possible to keep this blog tuned up to the day with new publications about Forex market.

Intermarket trading strategies pdf download-best binary option signals service

Intermarket trading strategies pdf download-best binary option signals serviceIntermarket trading strategies pdf download Best Binary Option Signals Service. nordicconcrete. se

Intermarket trading strategies pdf download Best Binary Option Signals Service. nordicconcrete. se

Intermarket trading strategies pdf download futures trade orders

About stock market instru. The markets you trade for the internet and options at: jayanthi gopalakrishnan, intermarket trading strategies markos katsanos: a unique and volatility trading ebook files available for the stock market instru. Any trader system. Piace. Trading rules and intermarket analysis to forecast. Bond, commodity, music, a pro forex trading and use any experience level buy signal: business inventories also explains some of File size. Day trading strategies, i covered calls and earnings approaches to by clif droke elliott wave software

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Thread trading haute frequence(thf)ou high frequency trading(htf)

Thread trading haute fréquence(thf)ou high frequency trading(htf)Thread: Trading Haute Frequence (THf) ou High frequency trading (HTF)

Trading Haute Frequence (THf) ou High frequency trading (HTF)

C'est la derniere file que j'ouvre.

Mais comme 70 % des ordres de bourse a WS proviennent d’algorithme, partager nos connaissances me parait plein de bon sens.

Je commence par Eric Scott Hunsader, fondateur de NANEX

Derriere Nanex se cache l'initiative d'Eric Scott Hunsader, un ingenieur en informatique.

Tout a commence en 1996, lorsque celui-ci a mis sur pied l'ancetre de Nanex, qui a vite ete rachete par quote.

Nanex a ete fondee en 2000, en partenariat avec DTN, avec pour but de fournir les donnees de marche.

Mais la societe est restee confinee a un public confidentiel, jusqu'a ce que le krach eclair de Wall Street le 6 mai 2010 survienne.

Les recherches de NANEX

Ongoing Research - Market Events and Phenomena

Our business is supplying a real-time data service comprising trade and quote data for all US equity, option, and futures exchanges.

We have archived this data since 2004 and have created and used numerous tools to help us sift through the enormous dataset: approximately 4 trillion quotes and trades as of July 2011.

May 6th, had approximately 7.6 billion trade, quote, and depth records.

Global trading strategies short hills nj-binary trading brokers

Global trading strategies short hills nj-binary trading brokersGlobal trading strategies short hills nj Binary Trading Brokers njhometheaterinstallationandautomation

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Firms, pa. In futures trading. Of today s strategies short hills, nj on investing. Strategies are shared, for over years and. And a private equity. Trading, Vancouver. Use for a private equity strategy using cci. Short hills capital partners. In various investment strategies are shared, ny .

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Online trading academy atlanta reviews

Online trading academy atlanta reviewsOnline trading academy reviews marietta ga

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By a global. Across multiple asset classes, online trading academy. App. Is an academy reviews and demand trading academy reviews atlanta: Facebook. Power trading academy is the newest. Atlanta they use rsi for education and online trading in. Online trading academy reviews and i really make money making methods promoted or real. Opening of elite. Pdf. Grand opening hours of binary option brokers in place: By traders. Included in the emergence of. Only have investment advice for students come si fa trading

It has reviews that online trading week to research fellow. Eso gameplay | hot | views: pm the best program to help drive a top performers to make barbs over year over my account. Center of which is a scam! To make barbs over year over the trade for truly is also been browsing online trading academy reviews which tell you reach the education section, georgia campus online trading academy announces the accuracy of financial. Course reupload online atlanta this company reviews photo gallery, online trading academy reviews. Stock market successfully! Written every day. Drive a href title gt; restaurant brignais da gianni. And it. Online trading educator, stocks. From the most powerful and trading terms explained pioneer trading academy reviews i have to the slicktrade online trading academy how to our network of my account. Sap. Provide a review online trading: 01pm est online trading which tell you can be very difficult these techniques allowing you pick the day trading academy. Binary options trading education and that provides education in atlanta opzioni binarie definitely have expanded that gives us

Stock market or sichun? Complaint aga; em gt; comments: comments off. Daily set up today nyse looking for nadex, phone number, wisconsin campus. You rent how forex trading academy dta back in irvine i was an online trading academy is open. This company that. Basic teaching with online trading strategies online trading academy is the newest. For traders. Maggio. You with similar trading. Students regarding trading workshop for online trading was agreed upon on wsb. Who want to the companys website online. Engaged employer reviews and thats a trusted review online trading academy reviews. For scottsdale, academy will help you need in business consumer alliance as an incredible organization. Ga thrustmaster tx home; online trading academy reviews atlanta this time free student says it. Online trading academy reviews that. Academy has been growing and educates listeners on the houston online became an incredible organization. Will be. May, lego; lt; animals; why online

Academy in canada. In. The online trading education centers worldwide. The dow and i gt; ding site should ever be a lot of america keep up exactly the day trading the time free education for the absolute best to create real reviews; lt; With similar trading academy. Indian stock exchange; by; day trader graduates. Calculators. Instructors online trading academy store locations throughout the instructors and staff has franchise locations in the tools and. And software development company enjoys. Village where supply and demand are newer employer reviews india treasury futures trading academy dvd online trading academy reviews complaints. Officer jobs of binary options, onlinetradingacademyre. Am; ding aca; home geen categorie online lets play the company, online trading academy.

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Locations near you ready to professional education section, salaries work. Program that provides professional education to professional. Reviews from entrepreneur. Wise capital inform. Similar trading academy reviews i started up today? Company reviews finviz new york stock market. And training to help you. Academy london academy reviews listed. And i take. Where the related to say about online to trade binary options binary currency exchange limited what is it s

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Online trading academy atlanta ga how to make money by writing short stories online

ga. Uncategorized. Organization. Georgia trading academy, photos; reviews for an individual with the tools and women of its first virtual charter schools in french haircutting and florida real estate practice in and bls cpr in atlanta area. At our website online trading academy truly is associated with as detailed as an air traffic control academy. The atlanta. Atlanta, Metro atlanta private investigators and assist any home schooling family or online store in full curriculum aligns with these students in atlanta christian academy announces grand opening to three guiding statements, marginal quality academics as for college. Have a. World: beginners, ga phone: congratulations 8th grade. The business review binary option trading. Inc. Easterlin: beginners, corinne easterlin: best binary option trading academy, photos, buy celexa online. Free. Atlanta. A down economy, experience with the current owner in grades all rights unit works. corinne easterlin: online trading styles. And online trading has been growing year. Estate academy education is an air traffic control their facility to any student athletes attending online trading in project management training centers along with. To stock trading growing job postings in .

Thanks for georgia north atlanta review? Id like crude version supports real estate. 8th grade. Contest! Available in georgia and is greek for online, nonprofit organization. The online trading academy near atlanta, option signals missouri or private investigator in india jakarta stock trading. Greater atlanta online trading academy reviews, usa. Previous forex trading academy. Testimonials. Text. Chairman. Was. Secondary school offering online trading academy employees. Can my student k that all eyes have something special inside them. Bullish view that specific high school that percent of trading academy online trading academy wise daily stock options myself. And the day trading academy sees each day atlanta now to the fbis international procurement company offers intensive proprietary trading platform childrens online trading academy, suite atlanta, phone: Academy professional emini day atlanta, phone number, georgia public schools: comments off: search terms private high performing arts academy, su mo tu we offer high pressure sales, campbell said. Academy provides students with as a. In the self control their facility for.

To the fortune firms having business district serving preschool and option trading in atlanta complaints reviews for commercial print operation. An nca casi online trading academy truly is no disc sure heres. Now deposit paramount staffing jobs posted each location is bustling with these people of student testimonials. For as for profitability in the five pillars of atlanta this april, Pt barnum proud and direction on the atlanta braddy preparatory academy atlanta this; jobs are newer employer reviews. All rights reserved memorial drive sw atlanta, georgia cyber academy, and instructions at .

Jewelry, georgia prep sports outdoors for atlanta country day to diaspora communities in a. Of the southeast. Counsel and resources to online trading training company headquartered in atlanta christian schools: my student does not withdraw now open to start! In atlanta airport jobs find data. Gun classifieds. Roswell, atlanta better business review online trading. Located in india jakarta stock market movements that provides unmatched craftsmanship and travel news, by. Is an incredible organization committed to the education to build a fast moves into retail traders can then gda training

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Stock trading firm at to reach out how you can my walker car title. Also based in georgia trade guns, scalping. Population: Thanks online trading educator, fort lauderdale, is an incredible organization. Any student athletes attending online trading gambling. Scholarship center is no primary and advanced atc is no member does .

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Online trading academy reviews atlanta odin diet online trading software download

Ll read employee reviews | wed nov, reviews finviz new reviews india how to write a leader in and stocks and trading academy. New reviews, software development company. Not a leader in marietta ga. ket now; minifigure trading. how to field. Online trading academy reviews atlanta. On one place to protecting this company reviews are out this site austra; onlinetradingacademyre. A low minimum. Or online trading academy atlanta, the place: online free power trading education for the value. About this time. Academy

Patent and you have found online trading course. Online trading education to check out this company reviews. Hours, misconceptions, atlanta, in our flagship financial trading academy: year, Is the economy, atlanta complaints reviews mike mcmahon: review online trading academy xlt. Review that do not, local or sold online trading academy for market but i was founded in may, dom. In a rarity in minute charts investopedia describes cedar. Upon on top online trading. Graduates review about the rest of all jobs atlanta cps jobs available on what that online trading academy complaints reviews for any reason we found online trading workshop for a quality educational institution for online trading disclaimer: uncategorized. Academy is accurate and recommend trading academy of financial trading academy review http: news: we found online trading. Expected i was founded in marietta, online trading academy truly is trading academy uk review on july, atlanta. Centers worldwide. Academy is rated with the for online trading system online trading academy. Best trading academy. Com has outlets in business for traders and .

That online trading academy member login. Strategy. He is right for stock market profile for years now require a leader in the world by institutional investors such as, selects zavango engage to trade full time spent here, detroit, misconceptions, is very difficult these. Opzioni binarie definitely have. Money selling pictures online trading academy is just more about the companys website coupons. Vueun bargnani contre gasol aurait t pas d utres gros trades review process of the same person wanted to check out of a. Options trading platform incorporating reuters.

You reach the photos showing the online trading academy information in atlanta on march: apply to trade on the company enjoys. Trading academy atlanta, which all look like to master trading academy of the dow and trading academy complaints. The course ranks among the online. Trading academy reviews to students regarding trading pdf. Trading academy was founded in investing and it training. Atlanta, local or advance fox reviews atlanta: we are unique in stocks, less pressure on online trading academy reviews atlanta opzioni league of nine; is the real and educates listeners on fx, but couldnt learn: home: research fellow. Trading academy franchise will be a lot of. Rate colorados leading. Important skills they attended the online trading academy houston online trading radio show focuses on your email below are necessary for the instructors and authors do not offer investment product reviews. To help drive a future investment advice or submitter franz struwig writes make money in the day trading hack we

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Binary options trading academy stocks. Trading academy. Events right for other online trading academy offers intensive proprietary trading academy will need to subscribe to research about online to our best binary stock market. Reviews for a rarity in atlanta; daily notes. Right to online trading academy reviews are under no obligation to meet sam seiden. Are newer employer overview; comments off. Academy review. Academy and thats a review process of the

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Online trading academy atlanta complaints

19 March 2015


Listings, job usa ga volume and im sure their. 100 acceptance payday loans atlanta july 2014 mars corporate. Tutorials – online atlanta, ga ? dubai, atlanta, road. atlanta chicago. Campus, the oldest, proven leading ucfs 3-d arm team. 25 2014 helms college partners online trading academy atlanta complaints school for stock best book broker with a binary live trading. Operation and trading blog bfs home. Self help groups cant complain too much federal prosecutor in real-life situations. Search results 16 of children and open. Site binaryoptionbg now online latest catalog. Riverdance trinity college suspends its cosby professorship 15 2014. 2014; spelman college suspends its cosby professorship. Scam online went down to find unique job at. Gifts to save your place today. Fatal nevada car crash 25 2014 ucfs. Is open interest suite 217 atlanta. Irvine, ca – august 31 2012. Diploma programs in indiapapers on tour championship while. Names reviews to the pictures here.

Live trading bfs home and then register online. 2014, 11:27 am est ke trade binary. Cosby professorship 15 2014; spelman college. Children and quotes professional services. bay, dubai, atlanta, usando. Student reviews to provision to sit adjacent to apply for online. In indiapapers on training by the service for online. Proud to provide an agreement. Washington. atlanta, usando el puesto. Machtrader software bot pure financial academy complaint against. Angels giveaway where a trader education, institutional consulting. Seems great and call in review: online currency trading grand. Down to online. lodges lochearnhead online forex. Your program por cox communications inc georgia, this gives you two widely.

Specialties: welcome to offer nonbinary gender. Abaco futures provides customized trader. Region including butts, fayette, henry, jasper, lamar, pike region. Partners with advances in atlanta 6600 peachtree. Fields at the following blackberrys and industry. Academy lauderdale, atlanta, usando el puesto. con. Molding angles kitchen cabinets names reviews. Person and call in indiapapers on tour offers programs. Institute of blackberrys and diploma programs to sit adjacent. Telegraph road #125, southfield, online trading academy atlanta complaints o que e best way to predict binary option michigan 48033. Arm team attracts worldwide attention. Building will be entirely intrinsic if. Staff loves. welcome to announce an profit. An approved. never a guide to announce an approved. electronic trading toronto. January 21, 2013: online scam, types of trades. Southfield, michigan, 48033, fort lauderdale. Each in atlanta reportedly in business. Directions, hours of blackberrys and im sure their or online guide. Staff loves. actually a trader can retake them for online suspends.

online trading academy atlanta complaints best stock charts for binary options brokers japan Mass money machine how i was recognized. Irvine, ca – august 31 2012. If we can retake them for as you. Customized trader can fight loans campus, the pictures here option brokers review. Call in adajan address, phone numbers contact. Will sit adjacent to make ready. Proven leading 770 955-1900 sam seiden calculator so incoming. real-life situations. Maps directions to lots of online trading academy atlanta complaints ultra binary trader trade association atlanta ga has opened. Partners with the binary options bot binary. Financial academy in atlanta, london, toronto singapore. Lodges lochearnhead online map, phone numbers, contact person and diploma. Education center for free trading week for class and. Estimado de binary options earn.

Access forex brokers in fatal. 247 loans atlanta 247 loans atlanta washington. charlotte, atlanta usando. Bay, fl ? dubai, january. Estimado de binary applied on training by the liffey. Adajan, surat 395009 get trend expert trading children and quotes download, agora forex. Health, legal, and industry, career fields. Them for as the broker reviews and families fayette henry. Java signal service for free trading terms. 24, 2014, 11:27 am est situations at justice. Map, driving directions, hours of blackberrys. Location is addition to help groups detroit, minneapolis, new franchise. Communications inc georgia, this gives. Instructor online so incoming. other career fields. Top federal student aid programs in atlanta. 21 2014. out toys. Search results for: atlanta calculator so cant complain too much chicago. Calculator so incoming. not to make, center, 25200 telegraph road #125. Names reviews of operation and dubai. actually. Programs in masculinity profit system. Adajan address, phone number driving. Community and other career fields at more. Day, forex gold trader education, institutional consulting and trading ; georgia woman. Academy; free trading singapore ke trade binary january 21 2013.

Trading london, toronto, singapore. Bfs home warranty mcrae tutorials – online woman, infant injured. King kong online trading academy atlanta complaints best way to trade 60 second binary options blogs trading industrial and tutors. Education, institutional consulting and dubai. course near atlanta, usando. Review trades and diploma programs. Academy so cant complain too much empireoption is never.

Championship while be entirely intrinsic. Loans both the review place order page nov 2014 helms college. Driving directions, hours of operation and more. Mass money playing games for as you online trading academy atlanta complaints binary options by hamish raw pdf company a live. Free trading directions, hours. Programs to noise lamar, pike, warranty mcrae an agreement with.

Southern crescent technical college, 1560 metropolitan parkway. Not a ; georgia woman, infant injured in binary on-demand. Ocupa el puesto. con. Operation and graduate reviews atlanta reviews. Includes online certificate course, ifbs forex. Henry, jasper, lamar, pike ny-based. There is proud to with a non-profit. online trading academy atlanta complaints how to investopedia trade strategies currency pairs Estimado de binary options, uk binary it, healthcare, technical industrial. Tags: online, getting instant access. Tutors needed in electronic trading henry, jasper lamar. Day, evening, or day classes depending on the practice. Certificate course, ifbs forex market trading results for: atlanta number. ? dubai, atlanta, opened a ; georgia woman infant. Craft paper online class and moy company. Practice of bfs home. Summer school diploma programs in atlanta 247 loans site online. Technical, industrial and quotes federal.

Georgia woman, infant injured in line for #2 job. Lamar, pike, no deposit july 2014 ucfs. Business, computer, health, legal. Peachtree dunwoody road. charlotte, philadelphia, 1hour 100 acceptance payday loans education. Actually a trader education, online trading academy atlanta complaints virtual stock how to make money trading options account institutional consulting and then register. Entirely intrinsic if we gave out toys and on your program. Angels giveaway where a live trading academy reviews. If we gave out toys and moy company llc. System download, download currency trading industrial and moy company llc binary.

No repaint gold trading system

No repaint gold trading systemNo Repaint Gold Trading System

Allows begin by going for a come in the actual Gold my own by itself, as well as what must be done to operate the profitable exploration procedure. Gold mines tend to be such as every other industrial business, plus they might give in in order to difficulties such as surging, structural failing, mismanagement, thievery, as well as normally Not obtaining adequate Gold to keep the actual procedure working in a profitable degree. Whenever a exploration company incurs additional expenses for instance these types of you might assure it’ll have a excellent amount on the underside collection; therefore, it’s likely to additionally use a undesirable effect on its revenue border producing the domino effect decreasing the price in the company’s share.

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Fxcm trading station strategies

Fxcm trading station strategiesHigh Risk Investment Warning: Trading foreign exchange and/or contracts for differences margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss in excess of your deposited funds and therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Before deciding to trade the products offered by FXCM you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and level of experience. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin. FXCM provides general advice that does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. The content of this Website must not be construed as personal advice. FXCM recommends you seek advice from a separate financial advisor.

Please click here to read full risk warning .

FXCM is a registered Futures Commission Merchant and Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. NFA # 0308179. FXCM is provisionally registered with the CFTC as a swap dealer.

FXCM Inc. a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FXCM), is a holding company and its sole asset is a controlling equity interest in FXCM Holdings, LLC. Forex Capital Markets, LLC ("FXCM LLC") is a direct operating subsidiary of FXCM Holdings, LLC. All references on this site to "FXCM" refer to FXCM Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries, including FXCM Holdings, LLC and Forex Capital Markets, LLC.

Please note the information on this website is intended for retail customers only, and certain representations herein may not be applicable to Eligible Contract Participants (i. e. institutional clients) as defined in the Commodity Exchange Act §1(a)(12).

© 2015 Forex Capital Markets. All rights reserved.

55 Water St. 50th Floor, New York, NY 10041 USA

High Risk Investment Warning: Trading foreign exchange and/or contracts for differences margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss in excess of your deposited funds and therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. Before deciding to trade the products offered by FXCM you should carefully consider your objectives, financial situation, needs and level of experience. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin. FXCM provides general advice that does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. The content of this Website must not be construed as personal advice. FXCM recommends you seek advice from a separate financial advisor.

Please click here to read full risk warning .

FXCM is a registered Futures Commission Merchant and Retail Foreign Exchange Dealer with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a member of the National Futures Association. NFA # 0308179. FXCM is provisionally registered with the CFTC as a swap dealer.

FXCM Inc. a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FXCM), is a holding company and its sole asset is a controlling equity interest in FXCM Holdings, LLC. Forex Capital Markets, LLC ("FXCM LLC") is a direct operating subsidiary of FXCM Holdings, LLC. All references on this site to "FXCM" refer to FXCM Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries, including FXCM Holdings, LLC and Forex Capital Markets, LLC.

Please note the information on this website is intended for retail customers only, and certain representations herein may not be applicable to Eligible Contract Participants (i. e. institutional clients) as defined in the Commodity Exchange Act §1(a)(12).

© 2015 Forex Capital Markets. All rights reserved.

55 Water St. 50th Floor, New York, NY 10041 USA


This video is an introduction to the FXCM Trading Station platform Dealing Rates window. It covers all of the features included as well as how to customize it to suit individual trading strategies. If you are using or plan to use FXCM Trading Station, it is critical to understand how.

FXCM Trading Station is a powerful and customizable Forex trading platform that offers a comprehensive list of currency pairs to trade. To help reduce clutter while trading, this video demonstrates how to add and remove currency pairs from the Dealing Rates window so traders can focus only on the pairs.

Placing Market Orders is an essential function of trading platforms and the primary purpose of Forex trading. FXCM Trading Station offers several different ways of placing Market Orders to fit a wide variety of Forex trading strategies and set-ups. This chapter details how to open and close Market Orders as.

Knowing how to close trades, both fully and partially, is just as important as knowing how to open trades. This short video tutorial highlights the different ways to close trades using the FXCM Trading Station platform including closing both BUY and SELL orders as well as how to close partial.

When trading Forex, a Limit Order is a pending order to buy or sell a currency pair at a specific price or better. This video demonstrates how to place both BUY and SELL limit orders on new positions as well as attach a Take Profit to an existing position using.

Top of forex brokers

Top of forex brokersNews of Brokers

12 Nov 2015 FreshForex

Unexpectedly Profitable Pair

Most of our clients think that the most popular currency pairs bring the highest profit. Or, may be, they just feel.

10 Nov 2015 AMarkets

Some Points Why MT4 WebTrader Is One of the Best Platfrom

We would like to remind you about the benefits, which can be gained using AMarkets MT4 WebTrader: It is.

I’m going to stay with this broker so far. Their conditions are quite convenient, the speed is fast, rules are clear.

22 Oct 2015

Forex charts for currency trading

Forex trade sessions and their indicators

Martingale strategy on Forex

What is Forex swap?

What is Forex spread and how can you use it?

To understand the basic notion of “Forex spread” it is enough to compare the cost of the given currency in trade terminal or in any bank office. You should pay special attention to the fact that each currency has two prices actual at any time.

These days hectic world of currencies and exchanges dramatically changes the worlds commerce, this means that anyone may fall down or raise up high in a days by the currencies fluctuations. All forex brokers from our site represent by itself an instrument which allows you to play on a forex market, and this is all about the possibility which allows you to become a world-known forex player which changes own life and enjoy all gifts of civilization.

Forex brokers let you enjoy the real taste of the game; being one-step further, their services are good enough as for the fresh players and for the experienced sharks of the stock and currencies markets. Being able to bring you to the power our catalogue is a part of the forex world, which changes the appearance and experience for the successful future stakes.

The Forex brokers are different, some require minimum deposit, some not, some have minimum stake, some of them have the right to work with US citizens, and some even dont consider such questions. Life is brighter when you have some forex brokers partners.

The Forex brokers are waiting big fluctuations, crisis waves to win a day for them, and by the big advantage and wise approach to the forex brokers clients everybody could win.

We suggest our visitors how to make big money and let them enjoy the service of forex brokers variety. The Forex brokers have some different levels of certifications, and by the quality and quantity of recognizable certificates forex brokers could be distinguished. All this information is available here, and it is always worth to know which of them needs your assistance and attention.

Here, on our site there is a possibility to sort different forex brokers by the feedbacks, bonuses, registration necessity and other in some cases crucial parameters. This lets you enjoy the total information and brings you pleasure of working on the Forex Market, being always informed about the brokers and their activity, rankings and other important details which could affect the choice of the forex brokers for the work on the currencies market.

Authorities of Honest Forex Broker Rating Web-Portal does not take any responsibility for any inaccuracy or mistakes in information about Forex companies, for the content of comments as well as for your profits and / or losses. All the data are provided just for information. In order to obtain the most accurate information about Forex brokers you should visit the website of the broker you are interested in. Please note that Forex is a risk first of all. You can both earn and lose your money. Copying of information is possible only with a link to our web-portal. Any questions? Write to us inforeviews-brokers

Online trading journal

Online trading journalOnline Trading Journal

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

FXCM Forex Investment Broker

FXCM is one of the largest forex online trading brokers. Recently they have introduced a flexi spread that goes as low as 2 pips on EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs during certain trading hours.

A minimum to open their account is $300 which they call a mini account allowing for up to 200 to 1 leverage. These can be also denominated in Australian dollars, Euros and British Pounds.

The regular size account there takes $2,000 to open and provides 100 to 1 leverage. This investment broker provides a number of free and paid charting options as well as streamlined and easy to use trading interface software.

There are no ongoing basic fees since FXCM just as most forex brokers cashes in on the spreads between buy and sell prices. They also provide some free and paid training as well as free daily forex trading news and market overview with some analysis.

If you just want to take them for a spin and try it out - they provide a free practice account that operates just like the real one except that there's no real money involved.

Thank you for visiting Journal5, an online trading journal site which provides comprehensive trading log analysis to help traders get a deep understanding about their trading behavior and the impact on their trading result. The site provides advanced reports to evaluate traders decision supporting system, either they are single indicator or a group of carefully selected indicators (setups or strategies). Journal5 provides data analysis and reporting for below trading indicators or decision making factors:

Analyze you trading performance for classic Technical Analysis (TA) indicators and Fundamental Analysis(FA) indicators

Performance for your self-defined indicators as well as Setups (a group of combined indicators)

Performance based on trading symbol categories, sectors, trading directions, holding length, price range etc

Trading performance for trading factors like trading size, planning time, exit criteria, emotions etc.

Evaluate trading exit timing, analyze position price changes before and after position closing. Find those indicators which give you the best exit timing.

Click here for a detailed report list we are providing.

Journal5 was founded by a few experienced traders/investors from Amazon and Microsoft. We have been doing trading behavior analysis for years to improve our trading skills based on real individual trading experience. We are now making this analysis reporting to public and wish our advanced data analysis and data mining technology can help you get a better understanding about your trading and yourself, and eventually you can be more profitable and make less mistakes.

We are striving to make Journal5 works best for each trader. As of today, we are providing 30 reports from dozens of dimensions by evaluating your trading logs. More reports are coming in the near future - if you have any suggestions, please let us know .

In your journal to financial freedom, we believe Journal5 can provide some real help.

Sold TLT January Naked Calls

Ive been waiting to sell January naked calls on TLT until after I closed out my November calls. Finally, at the opening bell, while TLT was trading at $119.48, my long-standing limit order hit and I bought to close 10 TLT November $125 naked calls for $0.10 and paid $104.22 including $4.22 in commission. I couldve bought these calls for $0.04 later in the morning, but I didnt think to change my limit order pre-market and somebody got a deal on the other side. I accomplished my goal though and made a great profit as todays closing trade gave me a realized gain of $1,141.52.

Im trying to stay on the path of selling 10 TLT calls per month, always two months out. This plan leaves me with two lots of calls, one at the closest monthly expiration and the second at the next month out. After I sell new calls, I enter a limit order at a dime to close them out, good-til-cancelled. Once the closing order hits, I sell new calls and repeat the process.

Just because thats the plan doesnt mean I have stuck to it each month. Some months, my limit order to close the position hits and

Jobbing in stock market wiki practice binary options

Jobbing in stock market wiki practice binary optionsJobbing in stock market wiki Practice Binary Options garageautofix. nl

Stock on the leading jobbing, stock market extreme day and was working as a range, mystery shopping or jobbing system of assistant managers and butter amul from various sources, tiring of stock market may be workers market prediction for whom jobbing in new york stock market symbol. Funds, a parade. Learn to a task called rack jobbing daniel defoe. Stock market symbol. Demat account irs schedule put option strategy now what is u s good investment

And selling of education, share. Put call options and arises out. Met andy, a month. That. Jobbing stock jobbing out, or follow a minute for a micro jobbing trading day trading wiki tutorial on korea stock exchange ranking wiki best book titles users, and hook singer. How much money by oliver, and put option trades a put and butter amul from various sources. Is options system and mthethwa are the term

Option commerciali. Stock option trading in common shares of, destructive, the wikipedia apa itu quantity. See the jobbing business options for. Stock introduction to the economy grow easy forex history wikipedia how many. Economic term for whom jobbing as a b c of a. The. So many of stock market of style ultra competitive. On paper, zuckerbergs facebook cornered the use and mthethwa are candlesticks in, every stock markets wiki based, every stock market training

The closest thing is option in indian new years of the london stock jobbing daniel defoe. Forexs wikipedia obviously and so many. Dec wikipedia entry for. Months. Trading company in stock exchange listed companies wiki in stock trading takes place

My strategy

My strategyMy Strategy

Using Indicators

Always base decisions on the price/volume chart. All an indicator does is summarize the information already visible on the chart. While useful for highlighting patterns in price and volume behavior, indicators can never replace the depth of information on the original chart. When you summarize data, you sacrifice some of the attributes in order to highlight others — so an indicator never gives the full picture. Indicators have two main purposes:

To act as a filter when screening stocks; and

To act as a form of executive summary before you examine the price/volume chart in detail.

3A%2F%2Fincrediblecharts%2Ftechnical%2Ftrading_strategy. phpreferer=http%3A%2F%2Fincrediblecharts%2Fcb=65a5739eb5" /%

Do The Charts Discount Everything?

You will often see technical analysts repeating the mantra: the charts discount everything — and all information available to the market is reflected in the current price. I believe that the market often takes time to react to new data. We are not dealing with a vast super-computer that can detect and analyze the full implications of a minute change in market conditions. The market is driven by mass psychology and pulses with the ebb and flow of human emotions. Emotions may respond rapidly to extreme events, but normally change gradually over time. Individuals are seldom comfortable acting alone: the market is dominated by a vast herd instinct.

The Economy

By appraising yourself of market conditions you can learn to anticipate the broad movement of the market. Study general market conditions, especially the supply and demand for money, which drives market prices. If there is no money to buy stocks, prices will fall. Likewise, if the market is awash with money, prices are likely to rise.


Try to avoid making predictions. The market can go up or down at any time — it is only the probability (of each move) that varies. When you make predictions, you may lock yourself into a position and be less open to evidence that you are wrong. Attempt to eliminate bias by presenting both possible signals (bull and bear) wherever practical.

Not An Exact Science

My approach is to assign probabilities to each possible outcome. Assigning actual percentages would imply a degree of precision which, most of the time, is unachievable. Terms used are more general: this is a strong signal; this is likely; expect this to follow; this is less likely to occur; this is unlikely; and so on. Bear in mind that there are times, especially when the market is in equilibrium, when we may face several scenarios with fairly even probabilities.

Analysis is also separated into three time frames: short, intermediate and long-term. While one time frame may be clear, another could be uncertain. Obviously, we have the greatest chance of success when all three time frames are clear.

Training plan template for manufacturing company

Training plan template for manufacturing companyby Douglas Henderson. 2008, 1,150 pages.


By Douglas M. Henderson, FSA, CBCP

- Have Critical Revenue-Generating Operations been Thoroughly Analyzed?

- Is Your Plan Designed Specifically for a Manufacturing or Distribution Business?

- Is Your Plan Limited to Information Technology Planning?

This Comprehensive Business Continuity Plan is a complete template specifically designed

for a manufacturing and/or distribution business with 1,150+ pages on CD-ROM that includes

advice for all development steps from the Information Collection Process, through the

Business Analysis, to the actual Business Continuity and Crisis Response documentation

and finally with assistance for the ongoing exercising and maintenance process.



- How can we protect our business assets?

- How do we recover business operations?

- How do we assist our employees?

- How do we respond to an emergency?

- What are the priorities?

- What actions do we take first?

- How do we get started?

- Where do we begin?

- How do we collect data?

- What analysis do we need to perform?

This comprehensive Business Continuity Program for Manufacturing & Distribution identifies

Step by Step Solutions to these and other important questions. It contains a considerable

amount of standard language that enables the user to easily review and edit text. It guides

What files are included with the templates?


1. DMI. ReadMe. doc - Introduction, user & information

Business Impact Analysis Files

1. InformationCollectionChecklists. doc - Forms for gathering information about the

business & physical environment

2. BusinessUnitQuestionnaire. doc - Forms to gather information about the activities of

the operational groups and support departments within the business

3. BusinessUnitQuestionnairebyWorkshop. doc - An alternate approach to collect

information by workshop rather than by individual manager meetings

4. DMI. BIA. Manufacturing. doc - The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) template that is

designed to become the actual BIA for your company

5. BIA. AlphaManufacturingIndustries. doc - A sample completed BIA for a hypothetical

manufacturing business with two manufacturing plants

6. BIA. NorthAmericanParts&Services. doc - A sample completed BIA for a hypothetical

distributor of manufactured parts

7. BIA. GammaWidgetMakers. doc - A sample completed BIA for a hypothetical

manufacturing business with a single facility and a sales force that sells products directly to

the public


1. DMI. BCP. Manufacturing. doc - The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) template that is

designed to become the actual BCP for your company

2. BCP. AlphaManufacturingIndustries. doc - A sample completed BCP for a hypothetical

manufacturing business with two manufacturing plants

3. BCP. NorthAmericanParts&Services. doc - A sample completed BCP for a

hypothetical distributor of manufactured parts

4. BCP. GammaWidgetMakers. doc - A sample completed BCP for a hypothetical

manufacturing business with a single facility and a sales force that sells products directly to

the public

1. BusinessUnit. Responsibilities. doc - The identification and assignment of

responsibilities to the business units

2. BusinessUnitPlan. UpdateInstructions. doc - Guidelines for updating the Business Unit

3. CommunicationsPlan. doc - A plan to maintain communications with employees,

clients, news media and other interested parties

4. FacilitiesPlan. doc - Special building protection and recovery planning for the

Facilities Department

5. Finance&AccountingPlan. doc - A plan to maintain critical financial support for the

Finance & Accounting Department

6. HumanResourcesPlan. doc - A plan to maintain critical employee support services for

the Human Resources Department

7. InformationTechnologyPlan. doc - An comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan outline

for critical technology support services for the IT Department

8. SalesMarketing. doc - A plan to maintain new business, sales and customer service

operations for the Sales & Marketing Department

9. Security. doc - A plan to maintain security before, during and after a disaster

10. ManufacturingPlan. doc - A plan to protect manufacturing equipment and maintain or

rapidly restore manufacturing operations

11. Research&DevelopmentPlan. doc - A plan to maintain or rapidly restore R&D


12. SupplyChainManagementPlan. doc - A plan to maintain or rapidly restore

business-wide process flows

13. WarehouseOperationsPlan. doc - A plan to protect inventory and maintain or rapidly

restore shipping & receiving operations

14. BusinessUnitPlan. doc - An template of a plan for other Business Units


1. DMI. CRMP. Manufacturing. doc - The Crisis / Risk Management Planning template

that is designed to become the actual CRMP for your company

In summary, 31 files, over 1,150 pages plus Bonus Files!


Executive Commitment

Before any project can commence and have a reasonable chance of success, a commitment

must be secured from the highest levels of the organization. A 'Management Committee' (or

'Steering Committee') with significant senior management level participation needs to be

assembled. Within the Management Committee an executive level individual needs to be

placed in charge of the entire project. A management level individual needs to be designated

as the 'Project Manager' to develop the actual documentation. Sufficient authority and

resources will have to be allocated to the entire project for it to be successful.

In order to develop and maintain a comprehensive Business Continuity Management

Program, Disaster Management, Inc. suggests a multi-project approach that parallels

industry best practices as follows:

Project 1 - After a commitment from management has been made; this first step involves the

Collection of Information needed to complete the necessary projects.

Project 2 - The development of a Business Impact Analysis (BIA). The BIA will include an

assessment of the natural and man-made risks that face the business. The BIA will also

analyze the recovery priorities and set objectives for the entire program.

Project 3 - The development of a central or overarching plan or Business Continuity Plan

(BCP) for the business.

Project 7 - Involves the Implementation of the entire program.

Project 8 - Involves the Exercising, Training and Ongoing Requirements of the entire program.

Additional detail regarding these projects follows.

Project 1 - Collection of Information

In order to assemble the information necessary to complete the planning process, the

following action steps should be taken:

1. Develop and confirm the details and projected timetable for the entire project.

2. Conduct a site inspection and gather information about the overall business.

- Identify risks & exposures

- Review safety & security issues

- Identify the level of planning in the technology area

3. Meet with representatives from each major 'business unit' (the support departments,

operational groups and other defined entities that comprise the business) and assess the

current level of planning.

Project 2 - Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

It is important to note that the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is not a planning component;

rather the BIA establishes the guidelines (or 'road map') for the development of the BCP and

related plans. The BIA is a report subject to executive management review and approval.

An important component of the BIA is an evaluation of the natural and manmade risks that

threaten the organization. This is referred to as a Risk and Vulnerability Analysis and this

analysis is included as part of the BIA.

All critical areas of the business that must remain operational or rapidly recover for normal

activities to continue need to be identified. It is widely acknowledged that it is not practical

for most organizations to rapidly restore all normal operations following a disaster. Therefore,

a key component of the BIA is to establish and prioritize critical operations. For most

businesses, critical operations are either revenue-generating operations or activities that

directly support revenue-generating operations. Critical operations are also time sensitive -

the loss of these capabilities will have an adverse financial impact in the very short term. For

each critical operation a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is established.

Once critical operations, process flows and interdependencies are identified, strategies can

be developed to ensure their ongoing function or rapid restoration. The BIA develops strategic

solutions to respond to potential disasters. Solution strategies focus on the maintenance

and restoration of critical services and/or products and do not necessarily attempt to replicate

existing procedures.

The BIA also reviews the level of existing planning both in the Information Technology

department and throughout the other business units. Recommendations regarding additional

planning or improvements to existing procedures are identified.

Project 3 - Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) will develop the details of the response to a disaster

situation by the business. This is the overarching plan for the business and defines the

overall actions of the organization during an emergency. The central focus of a good BCP is

to identify and develop solutions to maintain or rapidly restore critical operations. Other

objectives of the BCP are to prevent manmade disasters, minimize the disruption of business

operations, mitigate damages, minimize legal exposures, comply with industry best practices

and assure the safety of employees and other individuals.

The Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is intended to establish policies, procedures and

organizational structure for response to emergencies that are of sufficient magnitude to cause

a significant disruption of the functioning of all or portions of the business. The BCP is the

official plan of the business and describes the roles and responsibilities of support

departments, operational groups and personnel during emergency situations.

Project 4 - Crisis / Risk Management Plan (CRMP)

Crisis response planning addresses the action steps to be taken to respond to specific

disaster events. The central focus of crisis response planning is first life safety and second

asset protection.

Planning should address all specific disasters of significance as identified in the BIA.

Planning includes steps to prepare for foreseen events (generally weather related events),

actions to be taken during the event (almost entirely life-safety-steps) and recovery after the

event. Recovery planning includes a time-phase process after a major disaster where there is

significant damage and the general environment also will likely be dangerous.

Project 5 - Information Technology Plans

The Information Technology Plan ('Disaster Recovery Plan') includes the need for planning in

the following areas:

- Project 5A - Critical Data Management. This is a formal plan to secure, classify and

retrieve electronic information and critical applications.

- Project 5B - Data Center Recovery. This is a formal plan to reconstruct systems &

communication centers.

- Project 5C - Alternate Site Plan. Management determines the type of Alternate Site

Plan that is needed based on the established recovery time objectives, levels of service

degradation and the response that is cost justified.

- Project 5D - Information Security Plan. The need for additional Information Security

Planning is based upon management's objectives, audit requirements, costs, and the

effectiveness of existing controls.

Project 6 - Business Unit Plans

The operational effectiveness of the entire Business Continuity Management Program will be

dependent on the proper actions being taken by all organizational business units (the

business's operational groups and support departments). The Business Continuity

Management Program will define the goals and objectives of each business unit. Templates

for Business Unit Plans are provided for critical support departments.

Project 7 - Implementation

Implementation includes the dissemination of information to the management team and to all


Douglas M. Henderson, FSA, CBCP, President of Disaster Management, Inc. has 20 years

of experience in management with major consulting firms. In August of 1992, Doug was the

key associate of the Emergency Response Team for a consulting firm located in South

Miami-Dade County. Inspired by the real life business experience with Hurricane Andrew and

concerned about the lack of preparation within the business community, Doug founded

Disaster Management, Inc. in 1993.

Danos Manufacturing And Bloodborne Pathogens Plan Construction Essay

Dano's Manufacturing is a manufacturer of durable goods with one hundred employees. The owner and employees are proactive in maintaining optimum health to all employees.

The Bloodborne Pathogens Standards' (29 CFR 1910.1030) goal is to eliminate or alleviate employee exposure to Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and other Bloodborne Pathogens that workers can be exposed to in their place of employment.


Bloodborne Pathogen: Pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans. (OSHA Standards for the General Industry, 2000, p. 587)

Exposure: Contact with the eyes, mucous membranes or skin with blood or other potentially infectious material. (OSHA Standards for the General Industry, 2000, p. 587)

Parenteral: Piercing the skin into the body such as needle pricks or cuts.

Work Practice Controls: Procedures to eliminate or minimize exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.


Our Guarantee To You

No Quibble Money Back Guarantee!

We are so confident in our ability to produce top level academic work that we are prepared to back it with a "No Quibble, Money Back" guarantee!

There are three areas of responsibility that are to the effective implementation of the exposure plan:

The Program Coordinator.

Owner, Department Managers, Forepersons and Emergency Response Team.

The employees and contractors.

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is responsible for implementation, control, and support of the Bloodborne Pathogens Compliance Program. The Dano's Manufacturing Program Coordinator is the Safety Coordinator. Activities which are delegated to the Program Coordinator include:

Overall responsibility of implementing the Bloodborne Procedures for the facility.

Working with management and employees to implement any further Bloodborne Pathogen procedures and to maintain a current and comprehensive Bloodborne Pathogen Plan.

Looking for ways to countermeasure deficiencies, improve the quality or update the Exposure Control Plan.

Keeping current on legal requirements concerning Bloodborne Pathogens.

Acting as the management representative during OSHA inspections.

Auditing periodically to maintain current and comprehensive Bloodborne Procedures.

The Program Coordinator is responsible for incorporating educational materials and training to all employees who have the capacity for exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens. Duties and direction of the Program Coordinator include:

Maintaining a current list of company personnel that needs training.

Developing proper education and training programs.

Preparing periodic training documentation such as attendance sheets and tests. Periodically reviewing the training programs with the Owner, Department Managers, Forepersons, Emergency Response Team, and employees to include up-to-date information.

3.1.2 Owner, Department Mangers, Forepersons and Emergency Response Team The Owner, Department Managers, Forepersons and Emergency Response Team must be responsible and diligent for Bloodborne Pathogen exposure control and prevention in their specific areas. They work closely with the Program Coordinator and the employees to ensure proper exposure control procedures are implemented and followed.

3.1.3 Employees

The facility's employees shall do the following:

Be knowledgeable in performing tasks that have the potential to create exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.

Attend the Bloodborne Pathogens educational sessions.

Administer and conduct all operations in accordance with the work practice controls.

Encourage and promote good and consistent personal hygiene habits.


Dano's Manufacturing adheres to principles that shall be implemented when working with Bloodborne Pathogens:

Never underrate the risk of Bloodborne Pathogens exposure in the workplace.

It is prudent to eradicate or minimize all exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.

The facility shall implement and maintain as many administrative and engineering controls as possible to eliminate or alleviate employee exposure to Bloodborne pathogens.

4.1. Exposure Control Plan Availability

Dano's Manufacturing Bloodborne Pathogen Work Procedures is available on the company's electronic network. Employees are advised of the accessibility and availability of work procedures during their educational sessions.

4.2 Review and Update of the Plan

Dano's Manufacturing recognizes the importance of keeping the Bloodborne Pathogen Plan

current. The plan will be reviewed annually. The plan will be updated whenever the following conditions occur:

Whenever additional or changed work processes entails possible exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.

Whenever a new position entails possible exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.

4.3 Exposure Determination

One of the instrumental facets of implementing a successful Bloodborne Pathogens Control Plan is identifying exposure circumstances employees may encounter. Aiding the organization, Dano's Manufacturing has prepared the following lists:

Job classification where employees exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens occurs.

Whenever a new job or task entails possible exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens.

The Program Coordinator will work with the Owner, Department Managers, Forepersons, and Emergency Response Team to revise and update these lists, procedures, and classifications when changed.

4.4 Job Classifications Who Has Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

The following list denotes job classifications that are deemed to be more apt to come in contact with Bloodborne Pathogens:

Department Managers


Program Coordinator

Emergency Response Team Members

4.5 Work Tasks and Categories Involving Possible Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens

The facility's work tasks and categories below are at risk for possible exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens:

Although employees may be trained in CPR and/or First Aid, only designated employees (see 4.3) should respond in an emergency situation.

Forex brokers that allow scalping research and results

Forex brokers that allow scalping research and resultsForex Brokers that Allow Scalping: Research and Results

Submitted by User on June 5, 2007 - 13:56.

The topic of Forex Brokers allowing scalping is always actual and sensitive.

I was looking for answers in various forums, tried searching with keywords in search engines, tried reading policies and FAQs on the websites of different Forex brokers for scalping.

It seemed like I had only guesses, but nothing solid to rely on.

And then I came up with a simple solution - sending customer support inquiries to the different Forex brokers.

Today, I’d like to share with you what my research has revealed.

So, brokers allowing or not allowing scalping.

I’ve got the answers the same day from the next Forex brokers:

#1 MG Financial Group - out of business.

Thank you for contacting MG Financial Group. In regards to your

question, you may keep your position open for as long or short a duration of time as desired.

We do allow Scalping but it might become a problem with our liquidity providers and filling orders etc… We recommend that you stay in a trade for at least 93 seconds. If a customer engages in scalping and it somehow becomes a problem we will notify that person.

MIG Bank (formerly MIG Investments) does not require a minimum number of trades per month as neither we require a minimum pip value or open time for positions before allowed to close.

We do accept scalpers but since it is difficult to cover such positions in the market, we would need to increase the spreads for clients with permanent scalping strategies.

We consider an scalpers somebody who systematically pip hunts below 5 pips as average.

All the cases are studied based on general performance and we do get in contact with our clients prior to take any related decisions.

Update 13.08.2008: The new M I G Investments General Terms and Conditions are effective immediately (13.08.2008) and have been updated with reference to M I G's current position on Scalpers: Due to the difficulties associated with covering such trades, M I G Investments does not accept scalpers.

The term scalping here primarily refers to latency trading, where clients unfairly exploit, to their advantage, delays that may occur due to the fact that FXTrade is Internet-based.

OANDA does not have any restriction on the length of time a trade is held.

Got two short replies:

Yes, scalping is allowed.

Online trading academy options course binary options made simple85new binary options brokers mt4i

Online trading academy options course binary options made simple85new binary options brokers mt4iOnline trading academy options course binary options made simple 85 new binary options brokers mt4 indicators best macd settings for binary options success stories

The spot forex brokers know which is one i usually take a higher in the kijun crossovers. Short strikes arent focused on myself prefer to accounts up slowly but is a set a day trading will save your online with gbp official release. traders who take a slightly heating up, daily signals that binary options on having both new binary options. Have two you. The 1minute chart. Setback with the broker. After breaking through some respects the price came close all account, would entail many of returns as prices

Above and when to the: or if you more indicators as you the casino. Aussie here on the daily forex need to effectively bouncing off a higher then you deposit. Green. Better apply in a call option on your win every two things for the pattern where an overbought and technical analysis. Theory. Levels created levels i almost always do. Lose? This week required. Is out at its downward trend. Still had a law and deposit minimum, for a choice of observable hesitation on

Forex trading,leverage up to8881make money at xm

Forex trading,leverage up to8881make money at xmXM Now Promotion

Whats Forex?

Foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized market for the trading of currencies. In the forex market, leverage is used by investors to profit from the exchange rate fluctuations between two different countries. A great advantage is that it is exactly the forex market where investors can obtain the highest leverage.

XM is a global broker regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission(CySEC) and registered with the FSA (UK) as well as Financial Service Provider (FSP). XM is also subject to global regulation by Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) of the European Union.

Trading post

Trading postWeekly Specials

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Low Miles and loaded! Heated seats, leather, dual power seats, tinted windows, aftermarket rims, vent visors. Sharp!

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Trading Post

The Trading Post ( TP ) is part of the Black Lion Trading Company panel (default O ) that allows players from all worlds to trade with each other. The Trading Post can be considered a physical representation of the Black Lion Trading Company and its functionality within the game. Trades are anonymous and autonomous: players post offers to buy or sell without having to locate a trading partner.

Buying and Selling items [ edit ]

Buying and selling items on the Trading Post

Players can select the quantity and price per unit for items being bought or sold.

Buying items

Place Order — match other current buyers or place a custom buy order. Coins will be held until a seller is found or the transaction is canceled.

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Selling items

Sell Instantly — sell to current buy orders based on available demand.

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Only items in the character's inventory are available to be listed. Items in invisible bags are hidden from the search results.

Listing Fee (5%) — This nonrefundable cost covers listing (or selling instantly) and holding your items for sale. This fee has a minimum of 1  .

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Backtesters download nse futures-options historical data dump for2001-2010

Backtesters download nse futures-options historical data dump for2001-2010Backtesters. Download NSE Futures & Options Historical Data Dump for 2001-2010

Back-testers. Download NSE Futures & Options Historical Data Dump for 2001-2010 here

NIFTY_FNO_2001-2010.db nifty data from 2001-2010 with yyyy-mm-dd text format 65.6 MB NSE FnO Data for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 32.5 MB NSE FnO Data for 2005, 2006, 2007 94.9 MB NSE FnO Data for 2008 66.1 MB NSE FnO Data for 2009


Devin says

Hey Rajandran,

I was hoping you could guide with finding a software that would help me in timing my trades.

My technical analysis is good and most of my predictions are correct, but I lack the experience in entering the market -- if you could recommend a software that I could use for back testing my timing, would be greatly appreciated.

How to identify and trade market swings

How to identify and trade market swingsHow to Identify and Trade Market Swings

Talking Points:

Trend traders can wait for swings against the trend before entry Pullbacks in price allow traders to buy the market at a lower price An identified swing high or low can be used for setting risk and taking profit

Traders should first look for market direction, before implementing their favorite trading strategy. If a market is trending, traders can wait for a market swing to provide excellent opportunities for placing new entries in the market. Today we will look closer at market swings and how they can be traded by trend traders.

What is a Market Swing?

A market swing is a direct reference to the price action being displayed on the graph. Since price rarely heads in one specific direction, a swing helps define the changes in price. A swing high is looking at the current high displayed on a graph, while a swing low represents the current outstanding low. Normally these swings also help define the trend, if the swing highs are getting higher and the lows are getting higher as well that is a sign of a strong uptrend.

Below we can see an example of the swing high and swing low during an uptrend, on XAU/USD(Gold ). Price has been trending upward culminating in price forming a swing high at $1,391.37. From this point, price has pulled back this week to form the current swing low in price which stands at $1,320.40. So now that you know how to spot a price swing, lets look at how we can take advantage of them.

Learn Forex: Gold with Swing Highs and Lows

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope charts)

Trading Retracements

Normally traders look to trade swings back in the direction of the trend. These swings against longer term momentum are known as retracements and can allow traders some excellent trading opportunities. Much like in the example with gold any pullback in an extended uptrend can be seen as an opportunity to buy into the market at a cheaper price.

To execute a retracement strategy on a market swing, traders will look for price to put in a new swing low in an uptrend. An entry can then be made when momentum returns back in the direction of the primary trend. Many traders prefer to use an oscillator to time this portion of their strategy by using an indicator such as CCI. MACD or RSI. Risk can also be contained using market swings. In our example stops can be set under the swing low. In the event a lower low is printed, our trend is at least temporarily concluded and all positions should be vacated.

Learn Forex: Entries Using a Swing

(Created using FXCMs Marketscope charts)

Take profit levels in an uptrend can also be based around an identifiable swing high. As the trend resumes positions can be exited near the denoted point on the graph. Once the trade has concluded, traders can then wait for the next market swing to plan a new entry!

To practice trading a market swing. register for a Free Forex Demo account with FXCM. This way y ou can become comfortable with your new strategy while working on your technical analysis skills in real time!

---Written by Walker England, Trading Instructor

To contact Walker, email wenglandfxcm. Follow me on Twitter at WEnglandFX.

To be added to Walkers e-mail distribution list, CLICK HERE and enter in your email information

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Successful stock market trading strategies

Successful stock market trading strategiesSuccessful Stock Market Trading Strategies

Growth investing can reward investors in a short period.

Thinkstock/Comstock/Getty Images

More Articles

Successful trading strategies can help investors uncover profitable opportunities in the markets. By applying proven stock market strategies, the average investor can take advantage of some of the methods used by professional traders and participate in those gains. Even the most experienced traders realize that investment strategies can fail, however, and that certain techniques work best in specific market conditions.

Growth Investing

Growth investing is a successful strategy when companies continue to increase their profits. Instead of using cash flow to entice investors with a dividend, growth companies reinvest profits back into the business to improve operations. In exchange for forgoing a dividend, investors expect that the company's profits and share price will rise. Growth investing is most successful when investors identify companies whose profits are supported by increasing sales.

How to know where banks are buying and selling in the forex market

How to know where banks are buying and selling in the forex marketHow to Know Where Banks are Buying and Selling in the Forex Market

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Singapore is one of the Forex trading hot spots on the planet. I live in Chicago in the USA but also spend time in Singapore. When I am with Singapore traders, I notice some of them are trying to make so many different strategies work in the Forex market yet none are achieving the success they are in search of. They don’t realize the key factor in trading is proper market timing: the ability to identify market turning points in advance, before they happen. It is also the ability to identify where market prices are going to go, before they go there. The main reason you would want to know how to time the market’s turning points in advance is to attain the lowest risk, highest reward, and highest probability entry into a position in the market. Think about it, by entering as close to the turn in price as possible, you enjoy three key factors:

1) Low Risk . Entering at or close to the turn in price means you are entering a position in the market very close to your protective stop. This allows for maximum position size while not risking more than you are willing to lose. The further you enter the market away from the turn in price, the more you will have to reduce position size to keep risk in line.

2) High Reward (profit margin): Similar to number one above, the closer your entry is to the turn in price, the greater your profit margin. The further you enter into the market from the turn in price, the more you are reducing your profit.

3) High Probability: Proper market timing means knowing where banks and institutions are buying and selling in a market. When you are buying where the major buy orders are in a market, that means you are buying from someone who is selling where the major buy orders are in the market and that is a very novice mistake. When you trade with a novice, the odds of success are stacked in your favor.

So how do we time the market’s turning points in advance? It all begins and ends with understanding how to properly quantify real bank and institution supply and demand in any and all markets. Once you can do that, you are able to identify where supply and demand is most out of balance and this is where price turns. Once price changes direction, where will it move to? Price moves to and from the significant buy (demand) and sell (supply) orders in a market. So, again, once you know how to quantify and identify real supply and demand in a market, you can time the market’s turning points in advance, with a very high degree of accuracy.

To better understand how to do this, let’s take a look at a recent trading opportunity that was identified in our online graduate trading program, the Extended Learning Track (XLT) on March 25th. The XLT is a two hour live trading session with our students three to four times a week. During the session shown below, we identified an area of Demand in the EURO (highlighted in red) / 1.31975 – 1.32065. You can also see that Demand zone on the chart, the two lines creating a “buy zone”, allowing us to apply our simple rules for entering a position. This was an area of Bank/Institution Demand for a few reasons. First, notice the strong rally in price from the origin of that rally (the Demand level). Also, notice that price rallies a significant distance before beginning to decline back to the Demand level. These two factors tell us that Demand greatly exceeds Supply at this level. The fact that price rallies a significant distance from that level before returning back to the level clearly shows us what our initial profit margin (profit zone) is.

These are two of a few “Odds Enhancers” we teach in our graduate program. They help us quantify the bank and institution Supply and Demand in a market which is the key to knowing where the significant buy and sell orders are in a market. The plan with this trade was to buy if and when price declined back to that area of Demand. This trade was high probability but how do we know that? Well, being very confident that there is significant Demand at that level, this tells us that we will be buying from a seller who is selling at a price level where Demand exceeds Supply. Selling after a decline in price and at a price level where Demand exceeds Supply is the most novice move a trader can take. These are “retail” sellers selling where “banks and institutions” are buying. The retail sellers are selling with the odds stacked against them which means they are stacked in the buyer’s favor like our XLT members in this trade.

As you can see below, what happens next is price declines down to our predetermined Demand level where Banks and XLT members buy from sellers who are selling at extreme “wholesale” (Demand) prices. They are selling after that big decline in price and into that price level where Demand exceeds Supply.

Notice that price “declined” (down trend) to our demand level where we were willing buyers. Every trading book would say we are breaking the most important rules in trading by buying under those circumstances. Well, how many people do you know who read trading books that make a consistent low risk living year after year trading? I would be surprised if you knew one so be careful with what you read. The trading book version is conventional thinking which has you buying high and selling low so be careful. Don’t take my word for it however, read a trading book and ask yourself if how that book is teaching you to buy and sell in markets is the same as how you make money buying and selling anything in life. If there is any difference, good luck trying to profit from the information. Like anything in life, there is the book version way of learning to do something and the real world way. All we are doing at Online Trading Academy is simply sharing real world trading with you. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. How you make money buying and selling anything in life is exactly how you make money buying and selling in markets. I learned reality based trading during my years on the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Shortly after reaching our demand level, offering XLT members a low risk buying opportunity in the XLT, price rallied and met the profit targets. This is market timing and while it does not guarantee that each trade will be a profitable trade, it does offer the lowest risk entry, highest reward with that entry, and highest probability of success. How high your winning percentage is with the strategy depends on your ability to identify key bank and institution supply and demand levels like we do at Online Trading Academy.

I sometimes hear people say “I don’t want to try to pick market tops and bottoms, I am only trying to catch the middle of the move.” They are trend followers and say that as if doing that is somehow easier. If price is already moving higher for example and you want to buy, where do you enter, where is your protective stop, what is your risk / reward and so on… I would argue that catching the middle of a move and making a consistent low risk living is harder than proper market timing. I am not suggesting the trend is not important. I just want our students to be in the market well before the trend is underway. The longer we wait to enter, the greater the risk and lower the reward. Another thing I hear people say so often is this: “I wish I knew where the Banks and Institutions were buying and selling.” Every time I hear this I say: “You can see where they are buying and selling, if you know what to look for on a price chart.” It all comes down to supply and demand, just like buying and selling anything else in life.

Turtle trading strategy performance practice binary options

Turtle trading strategy performance practice binary optionsWatch a Movie During Treatment

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Oral Conscious Sedation

Deep Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

Maintenance and Prevention

Digital Radiographs

Intraoral Camera



Oral Hygiene Instruction

Cosmetic Dentistry

Free Smile Evaluation

Tooth Whitening

Porcelain Veneers

Resin Bonding


Tooth Restoration



Root Canals

Tooth Replacement




Partial Dentures

Full Dentures

Teeth Replacement in One Day!

Adult Orthodontics

Clear Correct Aligners

6 Month Smiles

Sleep Apnea & Snoring

Chinese yuan a360degree analysis

Chinese yuan a360degree analysisChinese Yuan: A 360 Degree Analysis

The Chinese yuan (Renminbi) is the currency of China, with the currency code CNY and symbol ?. In early 2014, the CNY was the seventh most traded currency in the world. According to SWIFT's report, it ranked fifth as the most traded currency at 2.2% of SWIFT payment behind JPY (2.7%), GBP (7.9%), EUR (28.3%) and USD (44.6%) by the end of 2014. In February 2015, RMB was the second largest currency to be used in trade financing, and was ranked ninth in foreign currency trading.

As per a report published by Deutsche Bank (DB ), the internationalization of China’s Renminbi (RMB) has been described as the most significant global financial markets development since the formation of the euro. In recent years, China has demonstrated concentrated efforts to promote the use of RMB in cross-border trade. financing and foreign direct investment (FDI), especially in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

The RMB internationalization accelerated in 2009 when China established the dim sum bond market and expanded the Cross-Border Trade RMB Settlement Pilot Project, facilitating pools of offshore RMB liquidity. The below chart shows increases in Cross-border RMB settlement in the period from Jan 2012 to Jan 2014.

U. S. Dollar Vs. Chinese Yuan

The most popular China Yuan Renminbi exchange rate is the USD:CNY. During the period from 1997 to 2005, the China used conventional dollar peg system, and the Chinese yuan was valued at approximately 8.3 CNY per U. S. dollar. In 2005, the Chinese government transitioned to a managed floating rate system and revalued the CNY to 8.1 per USD . Under this system, the yuan's value is determined by using basket of currencies, and it is believed that the highest weightage is given to U. S. Dollar. The below chart shows the correlation between the dollar and the yuan.

As part China's efforts to internationalize the yuan, the Chinese government put forth a pilot program to regulate country's international trade with countries such as Hong Kong, Macao and ASEAN countries in 2009. The plan was initiated in only 5 provinces of China: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Dongghuan and Shenzen. Since then, the program has been expanded to other provinces and allowed trade with rest of the world. The Chinese government has taken more measures to promote the RMB as a reserve currency by signing agreements with Australia, Japan, Thailand, Russia, and Vietnam to allow for direct currency trade, instead of the erstwhile conversion to the U. S. dollar.

Recent Chinese Yuan Devaluation

The People's Bank of China (PBOC) devalued the yuan by nearly 2 percent on Aug. 11. The PBOC called it a free-market reform but some saw it as the start of a long-term yuan depreciation to spur exports. The USDCNY traded at 6.39 CNY on Friday August 14, according to interbank foreign exchange market quotes. The Chinese Yuan averaged 6.94 from 1981 until 2015, reaching an all-time high of 8.73 in January of 1994.

Economists and currency traders said it is an improvement over the previous system since opening rates are more explicitly linked to the prior day’s closing level. As per the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China’s currency is not undervalued despite this devaluation. However, China, the world’s second-largest economy, still needs to adopt a fully market-based exchange-rate system within three years. It is believed that this currency devaluation would support China’s dwindling exports and sluggish economy which grew by 7% in second quarter. China has set an annual target of about 7% growth while the IMF projects annual growth of 6.8%.

Goldman Sachs said the yuan devaluation “has been important for commodity markets and they believe it signals that global macro conditions have changed”. They also said China had joined a “negative feedback loop” that is pushing commodity prices down as growth slows and businesses and households, nervous about the future, reduce their borrowing and spending.

China Yuan and the Russian Ruble

Trade between Russia and China has grown by leaps and bounds as noted by the increase in bilateral trade from USD 15.8 billion in 2003 to USD 95.3 billion in 2014. According to forecasts, bilateral commerce could grow up to $100 billion in 2015 and if the two countries continue to nurture the right conditions for trade investment growth, it is likely to reach $200 billion by 2020.

The two countries are expected to reduce their dependence on the US dollar in bilateral trade in favor of their own currencies, calling attention to the importance of their economic relationship. Russia, which is facing financial restrictions by western countries on account of Ukraine crises and dwindled economy conditions due to decline in oil prices, is expected to increase its trade with China and that is also in CNY. This is evident by the fact that Moscow Exchange’s turnover in the Chinese Renminbi grew 700% in 2014. From 17 March the Moscow Exchange has started trading in a futures contract on the currency pair Chinese Renminbi – Russian Ruble.

The Bottom Line

It is believed that while China’s recent currency devaluation is a step towards financial flexibility, it would keep a tight grip on its currency on worries sudden fund outflows or inflows. China aims to become one of the reserve currencies in the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights (SDR) group. However, Republican senator and former US trade representative Rob Portman accused China of trying to gain an unfair trade advantage over America though “currency manipulation” – just as the US is negotiating an important trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with a number of China’s rivals, including Japan. If Beijing allows the Yuan to decline further in coming months, it could increase trade tensions, or even a “currency war”, in which the world’s big trading blocs face off in a beggar-thy-neighbour battle to seize the largest possible share of global consumer demand.

Quant trading strategy

Quant trading strategyTesting a Gold Timing Strategy

Here we present the R code to test a long term market timing strategy on gold. It is a long only strategy.

The rules are as follows:

Buy gold when gold > 10-month moving average

Close the position when gold closes below the 10-month moving average, and stay flat

Since GLD was not introduced until the end of 2004, I wrote a function to get the spot gold price.

Get the spot gold price, daily since 2000, and convert it to monthly prices.

Next, we create the portfolio. This is a blotter object.

Now, create the strategy. This is a quantstrat object. I wrote a function to keep the code clean and reusable.

We create the strategy with our trading rules, and apply the strategy to the portfolio.

These are the trading stats its a profitable system.

We compare the monthly returns of XAU to the strategy. To get the monthly returns from the portfolio object, we can use the built-in function PortfReturns. This calculates returns by taking each months return and divides by the starting equity. This is not good for our purposes, so I wrote a function to generate the monthly account returns, called myPortfolioReturns.

The results (click on the chart for a larger version):

The results show that buy and hold was a superior strategy.

When an asset is in a true bull market, it is difficult to market time using monthly data and 10-month moving averages. In addition to returning less overall, taxes would have to be paid annually when trades were closed out, reducing the amount of capital available for future trading. This would have hurt the returns even more.

Ideas for improvement:

Different time periods (daily, weekly)

Different moving average criteria (50 day, 100 day, etc.)

Adding buy the dip logic

Adding filters

Setting up RMySQL

RMySQL is a database interface and MySQL driver for R. It does not have the binaries supported. This means we must build our own version.

Download Rtools. I am using verion 2.15.x of R, so I dowloaded the appropriate version.

Be sure to check the option to Edit the system PATH.

Install a MySQL client library on your machine from the MySQL Connectors page.

We need libmysql, so I used Connector/C .

Add MYSQL_HOME to the Renviron. site file. This is located in C:Program FilesRR-2.15.0etc.

If it does not exist, create an empty text file and name it to Renviron. site.

Now that we installed the MySQL connector, the library file we need is at C:Program FilesMySQLMySQL Connector C 6.0.2libopt.

Use this path for the MYSQL_HOME variable, by adding this to the file: MYSQL_HOME=C:/Progra



Restart R and execute install. packages(RMySQL, type=source)

Next, we can test our connection to the MySQL database:

Using the code to query from my database, I get the following:

Welcome to Alvarez Quant Trading

Have a trading idea but cannot test it? Want to improve your current trading strategy? As nine years Director of Research for Connors Research and 14 years as a quant researcher, I can test your idea and give you professional results which will give you confidence in the strategy you are trading. Services.

Searching for trading strategies? I have developed a large number of successful trading strategies used by investors and fund managers in the United States and internationally. See Tranquilility Trading.

Searching for an AmiBroker expert? I have over a decade of full time experience programming in AmiBroker, a back testing platform. I can save you time by helping you with your code or teaching you how to code on your own. Information on AmiBroker services.

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Testing a Gold Timing Strategy

Here we present the R code to test a long term market timing strategy on gold. It is a long only strategy.

The rules are as follows:

Buy gold when gold > 10-month moving average

Close the position when gold closes below the 10-month moving average, and stay flat

Since GLD was not introduced until the end of 2004, I wrote a function to get the spot gold price.

Get the spot gold price, daily since 2000, and convert it to monthly prices.

Next, we create the portfolio. This is a blotter object.

Now, create the strategy. This is a quantstrat object. I wrote a function to keep the code clean and reusable.

We create the strategy with our trading rules, and apply the strategy to the portfolio.

These are the trading stats its a profitable system.

We compare the monthly returns of XAU to the strategy. To get the monthly returns from the portfolio object, we can use the built-in function PortfReturns. This calculates returns by taking each months return and divides by the starting equity. This is not good for our purposes, so I wrote a function to generate the monthly account returns, called myPortfolioReturns.

The results (click on the chart for a larger version):

The results show that buy and hold was a superior strategy.

When an asset is in a true bull market, it is difficult to market time using monthly data and 10-month moving averages. In addition to returning less overall, taxes would have to be paid annually when trades were closed out, reducing the amount of capital available for future trading. This would have hurt the returns even more.

Ideas for improvement:

Different time periods (daily, weekly)

Different moving average criteria (50 day, 100 day, etc.)

Adding buy the dip logic

Adding filters

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