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OnLine Academy Charter School will receive its charter from the Palm Beach County School District under the auspices of the Florida Department of Education. All courses and programs will be fully accredited and have been approved by the Florida Department of Education. Anticipated start time is Fall, 2012.

Terrence R. Redding, Ph. D. - President and CEO, OnLine Training Inc.; Chairman, Redding College; Chairman, OnLine Academy Charter School.

Dr. Redding has been designing and teaching education courses since 1968. Terry is a past W. K. Kellogg Fellow and has a doctoral degree in Adult and Higher Education. He has a Masters in the Psychology of Education and is an honors graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. His research has dealt with adult motivation theory and the origins of self-directed learning readiness. He has specialized in cognitive learning models and is the co-developer of the Honeycutt Redding Cognitive Task Analysis Model.

Since 1989 he has been involved in an on going series of research projects associated with the development of high self-directed learning readiness. Of great significance is the finding that children between ages 8 and 15, who become high self-directed learners, typically share a common childhood experience. Redding has labeled this experience the first moment of lasting excitement. High self-directed learners who share this common experience can remember some event that has captured their imagination for life. Typically these individuals find their life long learning endeavors in some way tied to this first moment of lasting excitement.

He studied and conducted research in the area of continuing professional education at the Oklahoma Research Center for Continuing Professional and Higher Education. Later, as a consultant he developed a three volume set for the US Army allowing them to prioritize the selection and funding of strategic technologies which will be required in the 21st century.

Terry also served as Director of Corporate Training and Corporate Computer Training at Palm Beach Atlantic College. He is the author of numerous referred chapters dealing with adult learning theory. He is the founder of OnLine Training Institute.

Dr. Richard E. Durr, Ed. D. - President, OnLine Academy Charter School

Dr. Durr received his Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership form Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL, with a dissertation on Readiness for Self-Directed Learning in Industry. Additionally, he received his Master of Science degree in Management Science and Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences from the State University of New York, Binghamton, NY, and Utica/Rome, NY, respectively.

In 1975, Richard and his wife founded a private Christian school which was an evolution from their homeschooling efforts when their children were in elementary school. The school offered education for children in pre-K through ninth grade.

He then spent 25 years with Motorola University as Director of Learning and Development for the Boynton Beach, FL, facility managing the delivery of learning solutions to 5,000 employees and managing a development team which developed online learning solutions that were accessible to over 100,000 employees worldwide.

From 2006-08 Richard implemented the Wellington, FL, campus for Palm Beach Atlantic University. He now also serves as Vice President for Business Development at OnLine Training, Inc. and is President of Redding College.

Today, Richard and his wife live in Wellington, FL, and have three grown children and four grandchildren.

Joseph Russo, BS in Education - Vice President, OnLine Academy Charter School; President, CHAMPS Charter Schools

Mr. Russo has been a public school teacher in Palm Beach County for several years. Joseph implemented an after-school program called CHAMPS, which resulted in a dramatic increase in the percentage of participating students achieving Honor Roll status.

Taking the CHAMPS concept to the next level, Joseph has incorporated the CHAMPS philosophy into the elementary curriculum of charter schools planned for opening in the Fall of 2012 in Palm Beach County.

For additional information or to register a student, call or email us: