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Goddchen-s blogEVE Online In-Station Trading Guide

this guide is written in english so that everyone can understand it and profit from it

Why Ive written this guide

I found some guides (in fact i found 2 or 3 guides multiple times on many many pages ). But all those guides didnt give me what i wanted to know. All of them just told parts of the truth After 1 or 2 days of trial and error I found the correct way to the this kind of trading in EVE Online. Now, since I figured out the way how it works, i decided to share it with the rest of the world.

Step1: Find good trade stuff

Ok, lets start with the first thing you have to do to trade some stuff without leaving the station. First you open the market window. Switch to the regional market by setting the filter to Region. Now you see all the orders from the whole region you currently are in.

Now we have to find something which is worth trading. The window / view of choise here is the Price history screen and there the table view (not the diagram view).

What we have to do here is find a good which will give you a big amount of profit PLUS which is traded in high enough amounts. So we are searching for a good which has something about 20 or more traded units per day and where those 20 units give us the most profit.

An example: Lets have a look at Heave Armor Maintenance Bot ll. We can buy it for 1,006 Mio and sell it for 1,950 Mio per unit. That gives a profit of 944.000 ISK per traded unit. Looking at the price history we see that there are about 50 units sold per day. So this is a dayly traded profit of 944.000 * 50 = 47,2 Mio. Why not get a piece of that cake?

Step2: Buying

So we found a good which is worth trading (meaning that we can put a buy order at a low price and a sell order at a high price). Lets put a buy order on the market which is slightly higher then the highest existing one for this good. So people will sell their item to us instead of the other guy.

Step3: Selling

When some of our buy orders are fulfilled, we can sell the items we own now. Look at the market page of this item again, this time the sell order screen. We put our items on the market at a slightly lower price than the cheapest existing sell order.


Some items doesnt give you much profit on the same regional market. But shipping them to another region can be very very profitable. I once bought a item in The Forge. In The Forges market it gave me about 50% profit. In a neighbored market it gave me about 3000% profit So, check your prices in other regions, its worth it!

General Tips Tricks

It will happen very fast that your prices both on sell orders and buy orders will be over - or underbidden by other traders. So check your orders prices 2 or 3 times per day and adjust them. To do so, see the price of your current order, right click it and select View market info to see if you are still the one with the best order. If not, right click your order again and select Modify order to adjust your price.

There are some skills that are very useful for a trading character.

For example the skill Broker Relations lowers the base broker fee you have to pay for each buy order you place. When trading high priced goods increasing this skill will save you millions!

Trade lets you add 4 more sell orders per skill level. Retail raises the number of active orders by 8 per level. Tycoon is the big brother of Retail and raises the number of active orders by 32 per level. Between those two there is Wholesale which raises the number of active order by 16.

Accounting lowers the transaction tax you have to pay when selling stuff. This, again, will save you millions when trading with high prices goods.

Later on it can become useful to manage your trading orders remotly. Meaning you can change (not place) orders without being in the target solar system. Here the Daytrading skill will help you out.

Marketing and Procurement allow you to place buy and sell orders remotely. At the maximum level you can manage your orders in the whole region.

Another great skill is Margin Trading . It reduces the amount of ISK that you need to deposit when placing buy-orders by 25% per level. For example you place a buy order with 100.000.000 ISK and have Margin Trading at level 3. Now you only have to deposit 25% of the value of your buy order to place it on the market, which is 25.000.000. So you have 75.000.000 left to place other buy orders, isnt that great?


This trading strategy is the best in my opinion. You dont have to leave your station which means that you cant be attacked at any time. Another advantage is that you dont have be online to fly your stuff around or something like that. You just check your prices 2 or 3 times per day and thats it.