Forex swing trading strategy#7(200ema trading strategy)

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Forex swing trading strategy#7(200ema trading strategy)Forex Swing Trading Strategy #7:(200 EMA Trading Strategy)

Posted by Mangi Madang 1170 days ago

The 200 EMA Trading Strategy is a very simple and really easy to follow forex trading strategy that you will find really appealing and has the potential to bring your hundreds of pips a month.

With the 200 EMA Trading Strategy you are trading with the trend and effectively buying low and selling high.

You see, one of the biggest issues facing new forex traders is how to identify the main trend - whether the market is going up or going down?

Well, the 200 EMA is one forex indicator which can help you.

Why 200 EMA? Why not use other EMA’s like 100 EMA, or 50 EMA or 20 EMA or 10 EMA?

Because 200 EMA is one very popular forex indicator used by lots of traders and that’s why we use 200ema.

Here’s what you need to know about the 200 ema:

when price is below the 200 ema, that’s a downtrend

when price is above the 200 ema, that’s an uptrend.


The 200ema strategy is a multi-timeframe forex strategy which means you need the daily chart, the 4hr chart and the 1hr chart.

Here are the steps to trading this forex strategy

first, place 200ema on your daily chart. See if its and uptrend or a downtrend. The daily chart determines the main trend.

next you swithc to the 4hr chart and see where the 200ema is relative to the price, is it in the same trend as the daily chart.

if so, next is you switch to the 1hr chart and check if the 1hr chart is in the same trend as the daily and the 4hr charts.

It is in the 1hr chart where your trade entries are executed when the trend in the 1hr chart is the same as the 4hr and the daily charts.

what we want to do here is to “buy the dips” and “sell the rallies” in the 1hr timeframe.