Prepare atraining plan and implement atraining program

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Prepare atraining plan and implement atraining programPrepare a Training Plan and Implement a Training Program

To plan and implement training, you will:

Assess Training Needs

Identify staff roles. Specify what tasks each must know how to do in the EHR. Many organizations use training designed for trainees particular workflow or role-based training. Note that roles may change once EHR is implemented. Refer to Reexamine Workflow to help identify what training each role needs. 

Assess staff computer skill levels. Give basic computer training to those needing more skill. Before you consider paying a vendor for this type of training, see if other staff members can help or consider a local class.

Go over the vendors training plan to see what will be covered. Vendors training is usually technical and focused on how to use the EHR. You will likely find gaps you may want covered, such as working toward achieving Meaningful Use.

Review common training topics. Consider additions needed for your site as your EHR use evolves.

Common EHR Training Topics